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A rating of “A+” is reserved for only the most outspoken of gun-friendly companies, most of them local sole-proprietorships.  To receive an “A+” from Second Amendment Check a company must be in good legal standing, treat their customers well, and allow all lawful forms of firearm carry.  In addition, they must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Offer exclusive benefits to gun owners or Second Amendment Check fans.
  2. Offer special recognition of the right to keep and bear arms, such as an “guns welcome” sign or an “open carry night.”
  3. Provide substantial and verifiable support, funding or sponsorship to pro-gun organizations such as Second Amendment Check or The National Rifle Association.
They Want And Deserve Gun Owners' Business!

They Want And Deserve Gun Owners’ Business!


One example of an “A+” rated company that recently received press attention is All Around Pizza in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  They proudly offer a significant discount for gun owners and in addition they support liberty candidates like Ron Paul, a staunch defender of gun rights.  Companies like this need to be rewarded with our business.  We go out of our way to make sure they know that their support of our rights is appreciated.



If you own or know of a company that may qualify for a rating of “A+”, please contact us.

Below is the short list we have.  We would like to have hundreds of companies on this list by the end of the 2013.  This list is intended for companies that are not in the gun industry.

Pet Castle, Hayes, Virginia

Cajun Experience, Leesburg, VA

All Around Pizza, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Langtry Café, Brownsdale, Minnesota

Farr’s Fresh Ice Cream Shop – location at 4013 Riverdale Road, South Ogden, Utah

Akron Vet Clinic, Akron, Indiana

Dentist – Donald Tabor, Norfolk, VA

Our friends at Lehigh Valley Open Carry have some PA gun friendly businesses they have vetted and have shared with us:

*Alazays-Member of LVOC
*Doodie Calls- Supplied donation to our upcoming carwas in return for promotion/ Member of LVOC
*Emmaus Smoke Shop- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/donated to our carwash in return for promotion
*Express Sign Outlet- LVOC member/ Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/Makes all of our signs and stickers
*Fat Freddies-Displays our sticker/Open Carry Friendly
*Fully involved Tech Services- Member of LVOC/ Displays our sticker/Open Carry Friendly/Possible discount
*Joe’s Pizza II- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly
*McKeever Custom Choppers- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/ Supporting our upcoming car wash
*Meineke- Displays our sticker/ Hosting our car wash/ Open Carry Friendly/ Giving Discounts day of carwash
*Piece of mind Home Pet Care- Member of LVOC
*Primal Paracord Specialties- Member of LVOC/ displays our sticker/possible discounts/ Open carry friendly/ helping with car wash/ huge supporter of ours
*Prince Law Offices/ Firearm Consulting Industry- Best in the business! Open Carry Friendly/ member of LVOC/ works closely with us.
*Red Dot Studios- Open Carry Friendly/ displays our sticker/ member of LVOC
*Restaurant Associated Maintenance- Displays our sticker/ carries on the job/ open carry friendly/ member of LVOC
*Valley Smoke Shop- Open carry friendly/ displays our sticker/
*X-treme Hunting Products- Displays our sticker/ member of LVOC/ Open Carry Friendly


  1. #singleissuevoter here will never go to any of these business. Can’t wait to tell everyone I know to avoid Meineke!


  2. That’s an impressive list of retailers you’ve got there. I think I recognize one national chain. But thanks for the info as I’ll be sure to continue to not get any car work done at Meineke.


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