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A rating of “A+” is reserved for only the most outspoken of gun-friendly companies, most of them local sole-proprietorships.  To receive an “A+” from Second Amendment Check a company must be in good legal standing, treat their customers well, and allow all lawful forms of firearm carry.  In addition, they must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Offer exclusive benefits to gun owners or Second Amendment Check fans.
  2. Offer special recognition of the right to keep and bear arms, such as an “guns welcome” sign or an “open carry night.”
  3. Provide substantial and verifiable support, funding or sponsorship to pro-gun organizations such as Second Amendment Check or The National Rifle Association.
They Want And Deserve Gun Owners' Business!

They Want And Deserve Gun Owners’ Business!


One example of an “A+” rated company that recently received press attention is All Around Pizza in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  They proudly offer a significant discount for gun owners and in addition they support liberty candidates like Ron Paul, a staunch defender of gun rights.  Companies like this need to be rewarded with our business.  We go out of our way to make sure they know that their support of our rights is appreciated.



If you own or know of a company that may qualify for a rating of “A+”, please contact us.

Below is the short list we have.  We would like to have hundreds of companies on this list by the end of the 2013.  This list is intended for companies that are not in the gun industry.

Pet Castle, Hayes, Virginia

Cajun Experience, Leesburg, VA

All Around Pizza, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Langtry Café, Brownsdale, Minnesota

Farr’s Fresh Ice Cream Shop – location at 4013 Riverdale Road, South Ogden, Utah

Akron Vet Clinic, Akron, Indiana

Dentist – Donald Tabor, Norfolk, VA

Our friends at Lehigh Valley Open Carry have some PA gun friendly businesses they have vetted and have shared with us:

*Alazays-Member of LVOC
*Doodie Calls- Supplied donation to our upcoming carwas in return for promotion/ Member of LVOC
*Emmaus Smoke Shop- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/donated to our carwash in return for promotion
*Express Sign Outlet- LVOC member/ Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/Makes all of our signs and stickers
*Fat Freddies-Displays our sticker/Open Carry Friendly
*Fully involved Tech Services- Member of LVOC/ Displays our sticker/Open Carry Friendly/Possible discount
*Joe’s Pizza II- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly
*McKeever Custom Choppers- Displays our sticker/ Open Carry Friendly/ Supporting our upcoming car wash
*Meineke- Displays our sticker/ Hosting our car wash/ Open Carry Friendly/ Giving Discounts day of carwash
*Piece of mind Home Pet Care- Member of LVOC
*Primal Paracord Specialties- Member of LVOC/ displays our sticker/possible discounts/ Open carry friendly/ helping with car wash/ huge supporter of ours
*Prince Law Offices/ Firearm Consulting Industry- Best in the business! Open Carry Friendly/ member of LVOC/ works closely with us.
*Red Dot Studios- Open Carry Friendly/ displays our sticker/ member of LVOC
*Restaurant Associated Maintenance- Displays our sticker/ carries on the job/ open carry friendly/ member of LVOC
*Valley Smoke Shop- Open carry friendly/ displays our sticker/
*X-treme Hunting Products- Displays our sticker/ member of LVOC/ Open Carry Friendly


  1. William M Collins

    In the Philippines gun ownership is at 4.7 guns per 100 people while in the United States it is at 101 per 100 people. Gun homicides in the Philippines for 2014 was 7,349, or 8.9 cases per 100,000. While in the US, for 2014, there were 8,124 homicides in which firearms were used, or 2.55 cases per 100,000. So, while US firearms ownership is 21.49 times that of the Philippines the homicide rate by firearms is 3.49 times higher than the US. Suicides are estimated to be 10 – 15 per hundred thousand people in the US while countries with tighter gun ownership, such as France, Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Poland, New Zealand, and a few others have similar suicide rates. Then there are countries with tight gun ownership rates with higher suicide rates, such as China, Russia, Japan, India, and a few others. Then, according to the FBI, the murder rate in the US in 1963 was 4.6 while in 2014 the murder rate was 4.5. The main difference is that there were almost 3 times the number of guns in private hands as compared to the 1960′s. While gun ownership has increased accidents from firearms have gone down substantially. According to CBS News “More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year [2015]— the most ever,” but many of those who attack the 2nd Amendment are promoting the drug culture.


  2. The leading cause of death in the 20th Century was Democide; Citizens being killed by their own government. There were over 100 Million deaths (look it up for yourself) worldwide attributed to this, and our 2A prevents this from ever happening here. This is more than all wars combined in the 20th century.

    There will never be an occupying force allowed to overpower our homeland. Imagine 800 million loaded weapons pointing at you, and then slowly and respectfully back away.

    Never make the mistake of confusing our kindness with weakness. Some have, it did not end well for them.

    God Bless the USA.


  3. NRA and the 2nd amendment are allowing the killing of innocent Americans, over 320,000 in 10 years, and keeping the USA from joining the CIVILIZED part of the world.

    NRA and the 2nd amendment has found a way to get American citizens exterminated that are are 100 times more effective than ISIS and Al Qaeda combined.

    USA has one(1) mass shooting per day, civilized countries with strict gun laws has on an average one(1) mass shooting per decade.

    USA has 10 times as many gun related death than the average civilized country with strict gun laws.

    Only uncivilized, unintelligent, uncaring, uninformed, uneducated, un……… individuals can not make the connection between the insane number of killings and the proliferation of guns/weapons.


    • “NRA and the 2nd amendment are allowing the killing of innocent Americans, over 320,000 in 10 years) – THAT has got to win an award for curveball reasoning; first – you are ignoring the fact that 60% of these deaths are suicides: granted, a gun may make suicide faster, or perceived to be more painless by the victim/perpetrator, but people killed themselves for thousands of years before the invention of guns, and suicide is illegal. Therefore those that commit suicide are not innocent. Okay, now we’re down to 128,000.

      Secondly – You ignore the fact that 3% of these deaths are accidental; and while one may consider these accidental deaths innocent, have you compared them to deaths from auto accident? (363,213 deaths from 2004 – 2014, or 8.8% MORE deaths). Are you also working feverishly to outlaw motor vehicles? How about preventable deaths due to negligent medical practice in hospitals? (Estimated to be between 210,000 and 440,000 deaths each year.) Gee, that’s 2,100,00 to 4,400,000 deaths in ten years, or between 218.75 and 458.33 times more deaths each year. I can only assume you are lobbying to eliminate hospitals? Doctors? Or all medicine?

      The remainder of these deaths are classified as homicides by the FBI. As you apparently don’t know, homicides include justifiable homicides, and these include cops killing dangerous fleeing felons, (do you try to talk the cops into just letting a fella go who is wanted for the rape and killing of 3 children and their grandmother who was caring for them, or the cop that happens upon a bank robbery, the perpetrator of which sees the cop and starts shooting wildly while running the other way, inadvertently killing 3 people who happened to be walking along the sidewalk near the cop?) Justifiable homicides also include people shooting and killing home intruders, since, if the perpetrators are either brazen enough or drugged, drunk, or crazy enough to invade an occupied dwelling, who knows what they are capable of once inside? (I imagine if you and your boyfriend are home, sharing a bowl of popcorn on the couch watching a movie, and 4 or 5 thugs kick through you screen sliding door to the patio, you’re gonna jump up and yell at your boyfriend, “Do them no harm! I will gladly give them all we have, even if I have to lay down and endure 24 or more hours of rape and sodomy, and watch them kill you in the process! Far be it from me to contribute to the much hated gun statistics!”) How about the licensed concealed carry civilian who, while in a restaurant eating breakfast, watches as a gunman comes in, robs the cashier, and proceeds to herd all the patrons and workers into the kitchen, (I’m certain you’ve never heard of the bad guys doing this, so I’ll explain it to you: this is a precursor to everyone laying down on the floor to get shot in the back of the head, execution style.) As has happened in the past, a licensed citizen has pulled his pistol and shot the bad guy dead. But for some twisted reason that only a rabid anti-gunner could understand, it is much preferred to have 25 dead people on the kitchen floor than 1 bad guy at the counter.

      “NRA and the 2nd amendment has found a way to get American citizens exterminated that are are (sic) 100 times more effective than ISIS and Al Qaeda combined” So ISIS and Al Qaeda combined have killed a total of 3,200 people in ten years? You do realize that’s only 320 people/year right?
      I guess you haven’t learned to read yet, can’t hear, and don’t know how to work the TV.

      “USA has one(1) mass shooting per day, civilized countries with strict gun laws has (sic) on an (sic) average one(1) mass shooting per decade.” Okay, I’m gonna guess; USA is an acronym for ‘Unreasoning Shills of America’? Am I right? No? Okay, one more guess: ‘Unabashed Schmoosers of Absurdity’? GOTTA be one or the other. You are not paying attention.

      “USA has 10 times as many gun related death (sic) than the average civilized country with strict gun laws.” Okay, while it would be unfair, (you would reason), to compare homicide rates by guns with, say, that of The Middle East, (“But there’s constant war there!” [I can hear you squeak],) or South-East Asia, (“They have indigenous separatist groups there!”); or South-East Europe, (“There’s a huge influx of Middle-Easterners that bring their warring ways with them!”); let’s compare our rate to that of other countries in the Americas. The US has 10.54 gun related deaths per 100,000 population; Venezuela’s is 59.13 per 100,000; Brazil is 19.72/100M; Colombia 25.94; El Salvador 26.77; Honduras 67.18; Guatemala 34.10; Jamaica 30.72; Panama 15.11; Uruguay 11.52. I believe that even YOU should know that none of those countries has populations equal to that of the US; the closest, I believe, is Brazil, which, as of the 2016 census, recorded 206,394,000. “But most of those countries have gangs fighting for control of turf!” Exactly; that is the major problem in the US, gangs of thugs fighting over drug turf. So it’s an ‘apples to apples’ comparison. Unless, of course, you prefer to label all of them “uncivilized” because their first language is Spanish, or Portuguese, as opposed to English.

      “Only uncivilized, unintelligent, uncaring, uninformed, uneducated, un……… individuals can not (sic) make the connection between the insane number of killings and the proliferation of guns/weapons.” So, if guns kill people, all of mine are broken? I would agree with you if you had said “Only ignorant, brainwashed, hoplophobes incapable of independent thought and who never learned HOW to think, but instead were taught WHAT to think, as they went through public schools or underwent continuing indoctrination in the halls of ‘higher learning’, (also known as Colleges and Universities), could possibly regurgitate misinformation without attempting to verify the facts or fallacies of this information.”

      Do yourself a favor: LEARN how to think; take a couple od courses on Linear Logic. THEN look at the situation.


      • And I neglected to mention; all of the countries in South America have extremely strict gun laws. Personal firearm ownership is almost non-existent, ESPECIALLY when it comes to hand guns. You almost have to be married to the local police chief to get a permit.


        • Once again, not true. Panama has a very open and easy to obtain firearm ownership. So does Costa Rica and they both have more freedom and lower crime rates than other Latin American Nations. Mexico is another great example of strict gun laws and their relationship to crime, and so is that “progressive anti US Constitution” paradise Venezuela.


      • William M Collins

        In the Philippines, where they have much tighter laws on guns their murder rate is much higher than ours. Law abiding citizens are easier to shoot when the government disarms them.


    • William M Collins

      Blah Blah Blah. Please put down your anti Bill of Rights talking guide and think for yourself. There are many benefits from being an armed nation but your puppet handlers only want you to speak the points of hate and despotism.


    • Planned Parenthood murders over 360,000 unborn children PER YEAR with Federal tax dollars. Where is your outrage about that? Only a “progressive utopidiot” who knows nothing of history can askew reality and facts (one “mass”murder per day in the US?…CBS would be all over that, if true. French gun control has been a total failure with a higher population percentage murdered by guns than the US, 2015). The murder rates in England since the confication of firearms have increased so much that the Government there is now feels the need to outlaw knifes. Strange how the cities in the US,like Chicago, Baltimore, DC, whom have the strictest gun laws also have the highest homicide rates, why is that? Notice how none of these “mass shooters” have never been members of the NRA? Remember it was a Comrade Sanders fanatic that shot up the Republican baseball team and Nancy P said it was the Republicans fault…..huh, how so?
      Please read your Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Washington, Monroe, Adams…………..


  4. #singleissuevoter here will never go to any of these business. Can’t wait to tell everyone I know to avoid Meineke!


  5. That’s an impressive list of retailers you’ve got there. I think I recognize one national chain. But thanks for the info as I’ll be sure to continue to not get any car work done at Meineke.


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