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customer-service-failWe have contacted all of the companies listed below and asked them about their policy as it relates to firearm carry in their establishments.  Most of them have never responded.  Others have provided little to no useful information with their response and did not respond to our follow-up question.

We can not endorse any of these companies, even though some may be gun friendly, because they haven’t confirmed their policy.

If you are able to pin them down in writing, please contact us.

This list is current as of May 6, 2013


Advance Auto Parts

American Signature


Baskin Robbin’s

Ben and Jerry’s

Burger King Holdings

Burlington Coat Factory


Chuck E Cheese


Citizen’s Bank


Cracker Barrell


Dollar General

Dollar Tree

Dunkin’ Donuts

Family Dollar

Famous Dave’s


Five Guys

Fry’s Electronics




Hu Hot Mongolia Grill

Huntington National Bank


Intercontinental Hotels Group

J.C. Penney


Krispy Kreme


Lumber Liquidators




Moe’s Southwest Grill

Morton’s Steakhouse

NBT Bank

Neiman Marcus




Office Depot


O’Reilly Automotive

Pennstar Bank








Rite Aid

Ross Stores

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse




Simon Malls



Sun Trust Bank

TD Bank

The Melting Pot

The Sports Authority

TJ Maxx

Trader Joe’s

US Bank

Value City

Waffle House



Wells Fargo Bank



Winn-Dixie Stores



  1. Ryan H. Jackson

    Grammar! Proper English! Literacy! I am pro-gun 100% just as I am anti-headache. The vast majority of you commenting on here have my head bumpin’ just shy of JFK. I’m not trying to tear anyone down by saying this either. On the contrary. I am merely requesting that you use correct diction and punctuation when writing upon something of opinion. Our founding fathers believed grammar to be our ultimate weapon, and they were 100% correct. If you cannot communicate effectively, you are a liability. Not only to your colleagues, but to yourselves which endangers us all. It is obvious that all of you can spell, but spelling is not writing, nor is it communicating. If anyone is to take you seriously, it’s not the gun that you’re carrying, but your intellect. Those without intellect, should be without firearms. It follows the platinum rule of leadership, or the natural law of the land. For example, a woman cannot do everything a man can do plain and simple. Nor should she have to with it being a mans responsibility to provide for the woman. If the woman must attempt to provide on her own, she will fail. Maybe not as fast as a man attempting to give birth, but in comparison to a man, there is no comparison. So, when your vocabulary is on display, a sense of pride behind it reveals to the reader that you are a trustworthy source, much like all gun owners should be. I learned to read and write just before I dropped out of school. That’s when the real education began, and when I began to enjoy learning. I am headed to CVS for some Aleve whilst open carry here in San Antonio, Texas. I do believe they are anti-gun and have a sign posted “no open carry” in the window in front. This is the perfect time to pretend illiteracy. Not when writing.

    Thank you kindly.


  2. Dollar General’s employee policy: “As set forth in the Company’s policy on “Weapons on Company Property,” no weapons of any type are permitted on Company property,”


    • This only pertains to employees while on the clock. DG is very firearm friendly, even to employees when not on the clock.


  3. I am a Walmart employee. I open carry a Taurus 9mm Slim everyday, everywhere else I go as long as it is lawful . I am not interested in open carrying while I work ( but it would be nice but i understand). For the first few weeks when I started open carrying, I did so on my time off, such as after work (out of uniform) and on my days of when i visited walmart as a customer. One day I was informed that I was not allowed to do that as a employee. I ignored it and carried a few more times until i was threatened with being fired. I did not sign anything about it when starting work there. Any suggestions on how to fight it? And yes my store is a open carry friendly store (in Virginia btw) with alot of customers doing so.


  4. NRA and the 2nd amendment are allowing the killing of innocent Americans, over 320,000 in 10 years, and keeping the USA from joining the CIVILIZED part of the world.

    NRA and the 2nd amendment has found a way to get American citizens exterminated that are are 100 times more effective than ISIS and Al Qaeda combined.

    USA has one(1) mass shooting per day, civilized countries with strict gun laws has on an average one(1) mass shooting per decade.

    USA has 10 times as many gun related death than the average civilized country with strict gun laws.

    Only uncivilized, unintelligent, uncaring, uninformed, uneducated, un……… individuals can not make the connection between the insane number of killings and the proliferation of guns/weapons.


    • You're a fucking retard

      We should just make murder illegal and make it illegal for felons to carry a weapon. We should also make drugs illegal. That’ll work right? Or we can have a civil war. Wonder which side will win… the one who wants to ban guns, or the one with guns…


    • lol what an idiot, your numbers are not even close to correct. stop pushing anti gun propaganda.


    • You are a douchebag criminals don’t give a shit about gun laws or any other law for that matter quit being such a whiney douche it’s not law abiding citizens you gotta worry about


    • And in these places that you’re talking about that have one shooting every decade how many rapes and murders and robberies and people just beaten in their home happens in these areas and if people would have had a gun they could have defended himself and stop that rape or that murder or those people getting beat to death and raped in their home I’ll bet if somebody broke into your home and was raping your daughter you be willing to hear them wouldn’t you


    • And you oppose abortions too I bet. 950,000 aborted in the good old USA. Mothers and abortionists vote democrat and progressive an socialist as you and other countries do.


    • And the devil is a liar. Shame on you devil


  5. This whole article really does not make sense….Maybe it varies by where you live. But in Wisconsin the absence of a no weapons sign means you can carry concealed into that building. (Except for in schools where the law actually prohibits it).
    So there is no need to get clarification on their policy, because no sign=ok.


  6. I am a commercial customer of Advance Auto Parts in Ohio. The management I have interacted with (including some higher ups) had no issue with my carrying concealed in their stores. Like almost ANY large company, they do bar their employees from carrying. This does not make them anti-gun, just anti-liability. The moment they permitted any employee to carry a firearm, they would be liable for anything that employee did with that firearm on company premises. I speak as a person who was in management for years before being an owner.


  7. the Wal-mart in Wilmington and Burgaw, North Carolina are also gun friendly. Have also carried concealed in Wendy’s in Wilmington, with no problems. Normally if there is no sign posted, I carry.


  8. Christie Kaplan

    In Missouri you can carry despite a sign in the window. They must first ask you to leave and only if you refuse to comply can they have you charged with trespass

    As for Ruth Chris I’ll find out this weekend


  9. Why does it matter if they have a sign don’t carry if they don’t then do what I do and carry until someone says otherwise you can only get in trouble if there is a sign prohibiting you from carrying and also you know your gun laws of your state.


  10. Jacksonville and Wallace, North Carolina Walmart s are gun friendly.


  11. In Beulaville NC, Dollar General seems to be pro gun. Family dollar has a sign posted not to carry.


  12. Walmart is NOT 2nd amendment friendly.. they have had people escorted out by police for OC here in Pgh, PA.. I will not shop let alone purchase ammo from there. Boggles my mind when a company will make money selling ammunition but go against constitutional rights when the very product they sell is brought back into the store after purchase.


  13. I work at a Dollar General in Ky and we welcome all open carry or concealed carry. Im not allowed to carry while clocked in but when I shop I always have my 1911 strapped to my side, and many costomers do as well.


  14. Texas Roadhouse allows patrons to have their firearms and they follow the local ordinance. I don’t know about their employee policy however. But I open carry in there all the time (Va Law) and have never had any sort of issue.


  15. I heard somewhere that the WalMart here in Westminster, CO will not let you carry in their stores. But I can’t remember who told me this, and haven’t check up on it as of yet.


  16. I know the local Rite Aid…PetSmart and Dollar General doesn’t have any “Gun Free Zone” on their doors here in Grand Blanc Michigan. I carry in all three regularly concealed. Don’t know about the corporate opinions is though.


  17. I have been given several reports from known friends who have had issues at Waffle House locations. I was also unable to get a response from them regarding the issue even after I was told on the phone that someone would provide me with the answer. I’m only assuming that they don’t have a policy and are a bit afraid to stand on wither side by written policy or are not 2A friendly but don’t want to lose business over it.


  18. Jose esteban De Cardinale

    Wow. I thought these were companies that were anti gun. Come to find out they are companies that did not wish to be interrogated by an internet group. There is a big difference there.


    • Yes, Jose, there is a big difference between ignoring a consumer question and being anti-gun. Not sure how you were confused by that. Is there something misleading?

      We ask companies if they have a firearms policy. We do not “interrogate” anyone and in most cases ask the question as a consumer, not an “internet group.” Hopefully that clears up any confusion.


  19. Chuck-E-Cheese is not 2A friendly. The store in Monroeville PA has a sign on the second front door that clearly indicates that firearms are not permitted and anyone carrying one will be charged with criminal trespass and asked to leave the premises.


    • Seconded on Chuck-e-Cheese’s. Almost all of the stores here in Texas have 30.06 (the only legal way to bar CCW in a place that doesn’t serve alcohol, those are other stories) signs posted, most of them are correct. They outstrip AMC, another F rated company, nearly by double.


  20. Stan Addison

    … give Champps Americana an “F” as well…. they replied very cordially but negatively to my inquiry regarding any weapons whatsoever in any of their locations…


  21. Stan Addison

    … for those of you with smart phones, there is an app available at Amazon app store that is free and after installing it and updating, it wil let you program your own additions into a file to keep you updated on gun free zones in your area etc…. it’s called “Gun Free Zone”, and it’s quite handy… also maps out the area with symbols to make navigation easier…


  22. Jennifer Bowman

    Wal-Mart corporate told me at one point that they follow the local/state laws regarding guns. I open carry in Wal-Mart sometimes (legal in TN) and have only had one issue when some crazy liberal thought I was going on a shooting spree and called the police on myself and my husband.


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  24. John Van Haecke

    Give Advance Auto Parts an “F”. They fired an employee who broke up a robbery of one of their stores with the gun he kept in his car.


  25. These companies are not going to commit to anything until they figure out how to profit.



    Autozone, advance, and oreilly are second amendment friendly. I use these companys to buy parts for my repair shop I run and have contacted there H.R. departments and have been told all three companys allow customers to carry firearms they prefer ccw.


    • your wrong about autozone i work for them,it’s zero tolerance for weapon of any type for their employees on any of their property


      • Jose esteban De Cardinale

        Thats not rue Mike. autozone does not have a “Zero” tolerance policy. I was in autozone a week ago and they saw my gun. They were happy I was there and thanked me for coming.


        • Mike may have been referring to the employee policy. Most companies prohibit employee carry. Auto Zone did not respond to our question.


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