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2013.04.03 2A Check Ratings Guide

This page is available while it is under construction.  Please excuse the mess.

Details for companies we currently boycott can be found on out Boycott List page.

Details for companies we do not boycott:

  1. Academy
  2. Aldi
  4. Cheaper Than Dirt
  5. CVS
  6. Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, The Capital Grille, LongHorn Steakhouse, others)
  7. Disney
  8. Dunkin Brands
  9. Lowe’s Home Improvement
  10. MillerCoors
  11. Taubman Centers
  12. The Home Depot
  13. Tractor Supply Company
  14. Wawa


  1. NRA and the 2nd amendment are allowing the killing of innocent Americans, over 320,000 in 10 years, and keeping the USA from joining the CIVILIZED part of the world.

    NRA and the 2nd amendment has found a way to get American citizens exterminated that are are 100 times more effective than ISIS and Al Qaeda combined.

    USA has one(1) mass shooting per day, civilized countries with strict gun laws has on an average one(1) mass shooting per decade.

    USA has 10 times as many gun related death than the average civilized country with strict gun laws.

    Only uncivilized, unintelligent, uncaring, uninformed, uneducated, un……… individuals can not make the connection between the insane number of killings and the proliferation of guns/weapons.


  2. Thank you for letting me know where to shop. I have posted this only Facebook so all my 3000 liberal friends know where to shop! Good job. :)


  3. We have to stop founding the gun grabbers. If you see a name of company is being boycotted here do not spend any money there no matter if they do not have signs at their local stores. We all must send a strong message to them!


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