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2ACheck Rating: “B” – is mostly gun-friendly. is mostly gun-friendly for an online retailer not directly involved in gun-related business.  They sell everything a gun owner could want, except guns and ammo.  They sell books, holsters, scopes, clothing, part, accessories and just about every other item you could imagine. Their Amazon Local listings offer firearms training classes, unlike Groupon which stopped listing all gun related deals after being pressured by anti-gun forces.

Here is an excert from their prohibited items list:

“Firearms and Weapons – includes ammunition, guns, rifles, shotguns, pistols, other firearms, knives (automatic, spring-loaded knives, throwing, etc.), brass knuckles, or other weapons.”

While we really appreciate being able to shop for most of our shooting and hunting products at we do have concerns about Amazon’s intentions when we read accounts like this of Amazon demanding vendors remove items.

We are also concerned that Amazon may be donating money to causes such as gun buybacks like this in which Amazon reportedly donated $30,000 in gift cards to be used to finance a gun buyback.

Amazon is not perfect, but when you compare them to the competition they look great.  There are plenty of online/tech companies that refuse to be associated with guns at all.  To their credit, selling to the gun community has probably helped their bottom line significantly.

In full disclosure, Second Amendment Check, LLC ( is an Amazon Associate and receives a commission from sales generated from clicks on our website links to

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  1. Ok, I should have done my homework.

    Three weeks ago, I purchased $890 worth of UPC’s and listed Single Point Magpul Gun Slings.

    After a week, my products were pulled because of the use of the work “Single Point”.

    Being given no opportunity to realist/reword the product, I am now “Under Review” for my desired listing.

    Now under review for three weeks. Takes long time.

    I am told that if they Dissapprove of my listing (in any way) that I will LOOSE ACCESS to the UPCs ($890) and cannot ever use them again on Amazon.

    Ok, I should have done some homework, but because they pulled and refused an opportunity to Review/Retitle the listing, I will LOOSE my UPCs’.

    Loose them I will, because they are doing the appeal as assumed that I wish to KEEP the “Single Point” verbiage. This will be disapproved and I will loose my UPCs.

    Watch for those Prohibited words. Be careful



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