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With the left-wingers in an uproar about the State of Indiana’s law to protect business owners religious freedoms, it looks like we’ve found a logical hole in their argument.  Of course we did, there always is one because logic doesn’t apply to these people, only an anti-freedom dictatorial agenda charged with emotional rhetoric pounded out by the media 24/7.

We don’t dabble in “gay rights” on this page.  For the most part, if you leave us alone, we leave you alone.  As long as your sex life doesn’t cross paths with our freedoms, have at it.  Just don’t expect me to recognize something I choose not to acknowledge or legitimize.  Freedom of association is a principle we believe in.  If you don’t want our business, you won’t get it.

That being said, we see this as an opportunity to point out some more liberal hypocrisy.  You see, the left gets mad when religious freedoms (of Christians and conservatives) are protected.  In the case of this law (which was actually enacted nationwide by Bill Clinton in 1993) they say it would allow businesses to “discriminate” against gays.  Whatever.

Meanwhile, these same childish hypocrisy malcontents find it perfectly acceptable, even desirable, for businesses to discriminate against us in violation of our Second Amendment rights by refusing the business of law abiding gun owners.  If they had their way, the government would step in and mandate that nobody can carry a gun in any business, despite it being a Constitutionally protected right.  When they find a business like Kroger that will not bow to their demands to disarm their customers, they  lash out like petulant children.  They have the nerve to demand that a company discriminate against a certain, law abiding, segment of the population.

Hypocrisy much?

You see, either it is a private business to run as the management sees fit, with voluntary association and free market principles being applied…or we live in a totalitarian nightmare where the government can force businesses (people) to provide services to people despite their own conscientious objections.

You can’t have it both ways, comrades.

If a business doesn’t want to serve gun owners, gun owners walk away.  Why can’t the same simple philosophy be applied to everyone else?  If you want to have a gay wedding cake made and your local baker won’t make it, find another baker.  It is the way the freedom works.  If I want to have a wedding cake shaped like my favorite modern rifle, and my local baker won’t make it, I’ll find another baker.

gun cake

Can’t we just agree to let people choose what work they want to do, and with whom they conduct business?  Or is it the policy of the militant left in this country to treat every American as a slave, obligated to work at the demands on anyone who walks in the door, no matter how objectionable the merchant finds their business proposition?

You see America, the left doesn’t believe in “fairness.”  They HAVE TO have their way.  They HAVE TO win.  They MUST advance their agenda, regardless of the blatant hypocrisy and childishness it requires.  That is the logic of the left.  Victory at all costs.  They don’t care whose rights they trample.  The Democrat Party is the party of tyranny and lies.  It is on display right now.  This is not about “equal rights” for gays.  It is just another hypocritical attack on traditional American values.  It is an attack on freedom.

This was never about gays, cakes, equality or anything else.  It is about the mobs of control freaks on the left being able to dictate who must do what for whom.  It is about justifying tyranny and control.

Rant over.  Carry on.


  1. I’m a liberal, and the number of hypocrites who say they’re for freedom but deny it to everyone who’s not a member of a minority really pisses me off. Businesses should have a right to decide who they want to provide goods and services to. Taking control of people’s businesses like this isn’t liberalism, it’s communism. The way the USA is going Republicans seem to be ending up more liberal than Democrats…


  2. Hope you get better. Take my guns and come on down. See what happens.


  3. Dude, seriously, learn how to actually write, not rant. I find it quite humorous that you go on and on about the Left being “childish” when your whole post is nothing but one long diatribe which reads as though it was written by a petulant child.


    • “Dude, seriously, learn how to actually write, not rant.” …I’m guessing you didn’t finish the article? Specifically, this part: “Rant over. Carry on.”

      What part of “For the most part, if you leave us alone, we leave you alone. As long as your sex life doesn’t cross paths with our freedoms, have at it.” came off as the “diatribe” of a “petulant child”?

      I mean the article was clearly commentary. You don’t agree with it? Okay, no skin off of my back. Why read it then? You just look for stuff on the Internet that you disagree with as a hobby? If so, I would suggest some sort of therapy; possibly even medication.

      Anyway, I’ll wrap this up. Word of advice: the truth doesn’t cease to be true just because you don’t agree with it or refuse/fail to recognize it.


    • Dude, everything he wrote was true, dude. The only choice the left believe in is abortion. In case you’re an insane leftist, abortion in the killing of a baby in the womb. There is a difference between a liberal and a insane, violent, deranged, lying leftist.



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