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While driving my six year old daughter to school yesterday a commercial for PNC Bank came on the radio.  Out of the blue she said “PNC Bank daddy…we don’t like them because they don’t let us bring our gun into the bank.” I corrected her, and told her “we DO like PNC because they DO allow us to protect ourselves from bad guys in the bank.”

For background, I almost never speak about gun policy with my kids, it’s hard enough to get them to pay attention as it is, let alone bore them with this stuff.  So I focus on teaching them gun safety (don’t touch it!) at this age. 

I then said that some banks and stores have rules that do not let good people carry their gun for protection.  They even display a sign that says ‘no guns’ so that good guys can’t carry their guns there.

To my astonishment, my SIX YEAR OLD then said, “But daddy the bad guys don’t care about the rules, and they will bring their guns in anyway.”

Bank Robbers

I was AMAZED!  I told her she is smarter than half the grown-ups in this country.  I then told her that she was right, and that in those places the good guys will be disarmed and only the bad guys will have guns – which is why we don’t go to places that do not let us protect ourselves.

This display of wisdom was not because of any prompting from me.  This statement of the obvious is just how easy it is to understand why gun control and gun free zones fail.

The amazing part of all of this is that as a kindergartener she is able to use logic and reason to understand why gun free zones are stupid and dangerous, yet major corporations and politicians apparently do not.


  1. I believe all federal installations have a “no weapons” policy, so that would include the VA.


  2. The VA Hospital in Indianapolis has a “NO WEAPONS” sign on the door…where could you find MORE qualified people to be responsible with “weapons”…!!


    • I can’t say it is the law in EVERY state, but typically it is not the policy of the hospitals but it is listed in the locations that are not legal to carry according to the concealed carry regulations. VA hospitals are off limits because they are federal property. If you have a license to carry, you should be aware of this.


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