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BB&T Bank – They ban guns in all branches.  We visited a branch and photographed the signage on their door.

Boycott BB&T Montage

Here is the statement we received from BB&T:

“Dear <2ACheck>:

Thank you for contacting BB&T E-Mail Support regarding our policy on firearms.

BB&T does not allow entry into branches with firearms. Regional and branch managers are not authorized to change this policy.

Thank you for banking with BB&T.  We appreciate your business!

BB&T E-Mail Support”

People need a gun in a bank for the same reason the bank has bullet proof glass, security cameras and armed guards. Banks are targets. People with money are targets. A bank is one place you absolutely should be able to protect your life and property.

Second Amendment Check recommends BB&T customers consider PNC Bank as a 2A friendly alternative.  PNC Bank is gun friendly.  Unfortunately, they only cover the eastern part of the country.

Contact them:

200 W. 2nd St.

Winston-Salem, NC 27101




  1. I have 4 accounts there and will be CLOSING ALL and moving elsewhere…


  2. I Had bbt, just recently switched to a credit union. Bbt lacks all respect for me and my rights and the rights of my fellow countrymen.


  3. My account is with BB&T now, but I will be changing banks. I and all my family are totally pro-gun and I will not support any business that is not for all our rights as Americans citizens.


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