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California Pizza Kitchen – They ban guns.  It is not clear whether they ban all carry or just open carry and they have not responded to repeated attempts to clarify that.

Boycott CPK






Our original message to them:

“Is it true that your company has a policy that bans guns at every location?  If this is not accurate, please provide the correct information regarding any policy CPK has with respect to firearms.  The following statement can be found on the internet, allegedly from a CPK spokesman:

“CPK does not allow guests other than uniformed officers to display firearms in our restaurants. CPK is a family oriented restaurant and the comfort and well being of our guests is a top priority. We are concerned that the open display of firearms would be particularly disturbing to children and their parents.”


Here is their response, posted exactly as received March 5, 2013:

“Thank you for contacting California Pizza Kitchen.

We do not allow firearms in our restaurant with the exception of Police Officers and the statement provided below is correct and is the official statement from California Pizza Kitchen in regards to firearms.

Thank you for your interest in California Pizza Kitchen.



California Pizza Kitchen –MARKETING

12181 Bluff Creek Drive| 5th Floor |  Playa Vista, CA 90094

(o) 310.342.4732 | (f) 866.491.7169 |

Despite multiple attempts to clarify whether this policy allows lawful concealed carry, they have not clarified that.  We believe they are openly anti-gun enough to boycott either way.  However, if we can get them on record stating that they do allow concealed carry they could be removed from the boycott list.  If you would like to try to get an answer out of them, contact info is below.

Contact them:

6053 W. Century Blvd.,11th Fl.
Los Angeles CA 90045
(310) 342-5000
(800) 91-WECARE (919-3227)


  1. All of you morons are nothing but puppets of the gun manufacturers. Think bottom line.


  2. It is unclear precisely what CPK’s policy in regard handguns actually is. But to give a company a failing grade and advocate a boycott simply because the company failed to clarify their stated policy is rather capricious.

    I just was directed to the 2ACheck website where they indicated that CPK had received a failing grade regarding 2nd Amendment “rights” and asking that folks boycott CPK. I am emailing you to let you know that I fully support your policy and will NOT be boycotting CPK.


  3. Clearly, you didn’t read the original message, in which you actually quoted “…does not allow guests other than uniformed officers to display firearms in our restaurants…” TO “DISPLAY”…they are fine with concealed carry, but not open carry….Is this really that difficult to understand? If you don’t like it here in CA, find a way to get a CCW, or go to a nicer CPK in a better part of town.


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