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Carmike Cinemas – No Guns Allowed

No Carmike Cinemas


Here is their response to our inquiry:

“Thank you for your inquiry concerning Carmike’s policy on the possession of firearms within our theatres. The events in Aurora, Colorado have placed a renewed emphasis on safety and emergency protocols at all of our theatre locations. Like many movie exhibitors and other retail businesses, Carmike does not allow weapons of any kind, including firearms, into our theatres, except for weapons carried by law enforcement and other security personnel. This policy was in effect prior the recent events in Colorado and remains our policy going forward.”

Contact them:

Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
1301 First Avenue
P.O. Box 391 (31902-0391)
Columbus, GA 31901
(706) 576-3400


  1. Wait… Did they REALLY say “This policy was in effect prior the recent events in Colorado and remains our policy going forward.”… REALLY?? So, we had this policy, this horrible event occurred and our policy did NOTHING to stop it, but because of this event, we e have renewed our emphasis on safety… And keep the SAME policy??? Oh, it must be so blissful to be a Lin we tall and not have to THINK!



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  6. More people die from hammer attacks than guns also…..


  7. The gunman didnt get the memo………..odd that they NEVER get the memo or follow the guideline you put in place to protect the dead people. Prayers to their families.


  8. Gun free zones are “feel good” zones that don’t do a damn thing towards stopping crime.

    Dumbass move Carmike Cinemas. Wait till you get sued out of existence by the victims and their families for denying people the ability to defend themselves, while not providing any alternate security to protect those people. . .


  9. >>Many flaws with your arguments:

    Actually not since that trend seems to hold nation wide for the most part. . .


  10. Wonder how happy they are going to be now that the dead shooter in Antioch TN disregarded their signs.


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  12. There is one huge flaw in their “thinking”: a killer does NOT respect whether or not firearms are allowed in the theater, and can easily come in and kill anyway… -BUT- If there were a high likelihood that a few patrons could shoot back, that changes things a lot. Look at Arizona: crime is way down because of people (like my former room mates) who carry fire arms almost everywhere they go. Too bad Carmike Cinemas can’t figure that out. At a time when theaters are hemoraging money (it’s been over a decade since I went to a theater), you would think they would try not to alienate even more people. Between this, and them pulling “The Interview”, Carmike Cinemas is DEAD TO ME. They may as well throw in the towel.


    • Couldn’t agree more!


    • Many flaws with your arguments: 1. Arizona crime levels because of people who carry firearms (correlation does not imply causation – there are a number of other factors contributing to low crime rates). 2. “easily come in and kill” is relative – effort to inflict fatal injuries is comparative to the actions and events that occur, the success rate of fatality with a gun wound is calculatively higher than with any other weapon.


      • “The success rate of fatality with a gun wound … higher than any other weapon”

        Mike, more people die from motor vehicle accidents than guns. Should Carmike and other establishments get rid of their parking lots?

        It’s obvious you’re trying to come across with a sense of philosophical reasoning; I’ll reply with the same using the scenario of motor vehicles since this is where more people lose their lives.

        Imagine a self centered evil person looking to lash out on society because they were a loner or picked on (not mentally ill because that is rarely the case with gun violence), and they choose to drive a car down two city streets and plow through two crowds of kids on a field trip.

        On one street, there are no cars allowed, foot traffic only by parent and child. On the other street, cars are allowed but curb side parking only and the parent has to stay with the car running.

        Here comes the lunatic heading for the crowds. Who has the better chance of saving those on the field trip? Those screaming into their phones? Or the soccer mom driving her Chevy Tahoe, colliding into the death mobile before it gets further toward the crowd?

        What side would you want those who you care about to be on?


      • Mike, WHAT??? Are you serious? The success rate of fatality with a gun is higher… Any other weapon? Than a knife wound to the heart?, or lung? An ace or hammer to the head? A gun df utes 6, or 10, or 15 (or more) rounds… And stops. Tell me just when a knife stabbing into a chest stops… 3 wounds? 35? 167? @ies being an anti gun non thinking liberal hurt? Or is it just a feeling of peace… Like a cow, that eats hay and does its trained…


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