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Carmike Cinemas – No Guns Allowed

No Carmike Cinemas


Here is their response to our inquiry:

“Thank you for your inquiry concerning Carmike’s policy on the possession of firearms within our theatres. The events in Aurora, Colorado have placed a renewed emphasis on safety and emergency protocols at all of our theatre locations. Like many movie exhibitors and other retail businesses, Carmike does not allow weapons of any kind, including firearms, into our theatres, except for weapons carried by law enforcement and other security personnel. This policy was in effect prior the recent events in Colorado and remains our policy going forward.”

Contact them:

Carmike Cinemas, Inc.
1301 First Avenue
P.O. Box 391 (31902-0391)
Columbus, GA 31901
(706) 576-3400

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  1. There is one huge flaw in their “thinking”: a killer does NOT respect whether or not firearms are allowed in the theater, and can easily come in and kill anyway… -BUT- If there were a high likelihood that a few patrons could shoot back, that changes things a lot. Look at Arizona: crime is way down because of people (like my former room mates) who carry fire arms almost everywhere they go. Too bad Carmike Cinemas can’t figure that out. At a time when theaters are hemoraging money (it’s been over a decade since I went to a theater), you would think they would try not to alienate even more people. Between this, and them pulling “The Interview”, Carmike Cinemas is DEAD TO ME. They may as well throw in the towel.


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