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CBS – Blatantly anti-gun, and we believe they have an agenda to sway public opinion against the lawful ownership of guns.  This is the worst kind of assault on our rights.  It is one thing for a private business to decide they don’t want guns on their property.  However, to abuse their privileged position as a major media outlet to promote an agenda that violates our rights is criminal.

Boycott CBS






CBS works hand-in-hand with the gun control advocates to promote the violation of our basic human right to keep and bear arms. They provide free airtime to promote the opinions of those who would disarm us while providing no such opportunities to defenders of gun rights.

Most recently (Sep 4, 2014) they have given free airtime to the Bloomberg funded anti-gun ads attacking Kroger.  Read about it HERE.  By the way, Kroger has to this point refused to ban guns, despite the shameless attacks by gun control nutjobs.  We have rewarded them by rating them an “A” on our Ratings List.

HERE is another article describing CBS’s biased anti-gun news coverage.

Some key points:

“CBS This Morning ran 25 segments that overall pushed for more gun control, to just 1 pro-gun story, with 17 neutral pieces.”

“CBS’s Evening News was the most biased  in favor of gun control, airing 19 anti-gun stories to only 1 pro-gun segment, with 20 neutral stories. Anti-gun talking heads (42) outnumbered pro-gun talking heads (21) by a 2 to 1 ratio, with 17 neutral soundbites.”

HERE is another article about CBS advocating gun control.  CBS doesn’t report both sides of the issue, it simply pushes the gun control narrative.

In addition to its anti-gun bias, CBS is generally seen by Second Amendment Check as anti-American.  Examples below:



  1. What can you say about CBS. Hmmmmmm nothing good just another flaming liberal station.


    • I agree, boycott CBS and their obvious liberal bias! Also their evening shows that are so nasty I can’t let the kids channel surf because they might accidently see their filthy crap shows.


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