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Chili’s – Publicly asked gun owners not to openly carry in their restaurants.  This company is also part of Brinker International, which includes Maggiano’s Little Italy.  Their “request” appears to include all of their restaurants and our boycott may need to as well.


Read about it here.

“We recognize that the open carry of firearms in restaurants creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and is not permitted under many local liquor laws,” Chili’s Dallas-based parent said in statement. “So, we kindly ask that guests refrain from openly carrying firearms into our restaurants and we will continue to follow state and local laws on this issue.”

This emerging trend of corporations bowing to demands of the gun control groups can no longer be tolerated.  If you are offended enough by our guns, or scared enough of the anti’s, to put out a statement that casts law abiding gun owners in a bad light, then you have already chosen sides against us.  You can’t have it both ways.


  1. Anyone who openly carries is just asking for it……

    I am an ex-military/ex-police officer and I conceal-carry all the time where it is legal. As long as these companies don’t take that away we are good to go.

    Anyone who is openly carrying will be the 1st person shot in a hostile situation, anyone with 1/2 a brain cell knows that. The “right” to openly carry is another thing, but I could care less either way on that right as it has nothing to do with the 2A.


  2. As a retired military veteran, retired Airport DPS/Security Officer, trained and licensed to carry in the Great State of Texas and hopefully smarter and safer than the average pilgrim, I have a gun on me every time I leave the house.

    I obey the law where it says you can, and cannot, open or conceal carry. I always conceal my handgun and no one, including law enforcement has ever noticed and gotten upset with me about it.

    I go to Chili’s all the time and when I do, I’m armed and until the signs are posted or the socialist party takes over the country I will continue to be armed. If Chili’s doesn’t want guns openly carried in their establishments then they need to post the, in Texas 30.07 law signs, and in accordance with each state law on the “open” and “concealed” carry of firearms. I will continue to go to Chili’s and it will be with a concealed handgun, as it should be with every gun owner licesened to carry.


  3. Cornelius Washington-Meeks

    Anyone or any business that is against any lawful form of carry is anti gun and definitely not pro gun rights. It’s really sad and pathetic to see gun owners siding with the anti gun idiots.


  4. Thank you Chili’s and Sonic for the courage to stand up for American lives! There are more people than you can imagine that support your position and wish all public places would take a stand against firearms, lack of gun control, automatic weapons and weapons of war. This is an issue of GUNS and people, not guns or people.


    • Just another gungrabber wanna be talking out her ass. Chili’s DOES NOT BAN concealed carry in Texas. Havn’t even seen a sign that would ban open carry. And Sonic? I’m in my car WITH my gunz. Again no indication of a “gun ban”.


    • What an ignorant position. No concealed or licensed open carry person has ever committed a mass shooting offense to date. In fact, you are more likely to be hit by a meteor while at Chili’s than being shot by a licensed firearm carrier. You are at greater risk of being shot by a police officer in fact. But having armed people on site CAN save your life. You my dear are a grossly misinformed ostrich that thinks if you can not see it, it does not exist. Well, they DO exist and Bad guns walk around you daily, you just do not see them and like the ostrich, you falsely think you are safe while foolishly condemning the honest people.


  5. Won’t use your “list” as it is inaccurate. If a place bans or “disapproves” of open carry, I have no issue with it. Many places on your list, not updated since 2014, allow concealed carry. I WILL NOT BOYCOTT THEM.


    • I agree. There is no problem with a company that simply wants to have people conceal their weapons, since having them open tends to change the conversation in the room. That is not a declaration opposing guns on the property. Still, unfortunate for people who can’t get a CCL in so many radical blue states.


  6. I clearly see the issue. We are guaranteed the right to keep and BARE arms. OK, Hiding it makes it go away, right? Americans, carry your arms in pain view and stop caving in to liberal socialists.


  7. am probably the most fervent supporter of the second amendment as there is and I rarely go anywhere unarmed…..but a bit of discretion can be a good thing. Wimpy people are afraid of just about anything, spiders, snakes mice etc. Some people whose familiarity with guns is limited to the movies are terrified. That is their problem. Also open carry opens you up to someone grabbing your gun from behind. Cover it up and they won’t know what hit them when you need it.


  8. Dustin Conner

    Sorry, but I do not see the issue here. They are asking patrons to refrain from OPENLY carrying, not to refrain from carrying at all. Some people are uncomfortable around firearms- that is there perogative, regardless of mine or anyone else’s feelings on the matter.

    The bottom line is, from a business standpoint, their policy is a good middle ground. At the end of the day, they would stand to lose a lot more business ALLOWING open carry. For every customer they stand to lose because of this policy, there are probably quite a few more who will continue to patronising their chain BECAUSE of it. It is a financial decision.

    I CCW DAILY, and regularly avoid places where management’s policy is to ban firearms (I am in Florida, I have no legal compulsion to do so- I COULD go anyway, I am simply required to leave if asked, I just choose to spend my money elsewhere). This policy, however, does not warrant a boycott. They aren’t asking for a gun-free zone, they are asking for out of sight, out of mind. I can understand that.


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