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Costco – Bans guns in all stores.  Until last year they would intentionally and unethically deceive their members by not disclosing their policy in the membership agreement.  In 2014 they added their no guns policy to the membership agreement.

Boycott Costco






We recommend you boycott Costco and shop at BJ’s Wholesale or Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club as more suitable gun-friendly warehouse stores. Also, Kroger has been very firm in their opposition to the gun control movement, and we encourage you to support them whenever possible as well.

Most about Costco below:

Below are two documents that appear to be sourced from within Costco.  We can’t validate their authenticity but we believe them to be genuine.

One appears to be a Costco internal memo from Eric Harris, “Assistant Vice President at Costco Wholesale” to employees about their gun policy.  Note that they specifically instruct the employees not to make their gun policy public.

The other document appears to be the form letter they use to respond to customer comments about their firearm policy.

Let’s make Costco’s anti-gun policy so well-known to the public that they will have to publicly acknowledge or remove it.  Help us by sharing this page on pro-gun forums, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and others. (UPDATE: In 2014 Costco publicly acknowledged their status as a gun-free-zone thanks to pressure applied by unhappy gun owners.)

Costco Form Letter Costco Internal Gun Policy Memo






Below is the audio of a customer being told his rights are not respected on Costco property in May of 2013.  He describes how he was lied to by Costco when he joined, and tells them he is going to return all the stuff he bought and close his membership.

They used to intentionally hide the fact that they have a policy that bans guns.  They made it prohibitively difficult to learn about that policy unless you go through a number of steps on their corporate website.  They used to hide their firearm policy on a third party website HERE.

Sometime during 2014 they decided to include this policy in their Member Privileges and Conditions.  So there you have it.  Costco is anti-gun, and unless you are on-duty law enforcement you are not welcome there with a firearm.

An anti-gun group advises it’s anti-gun followers to shop at Costco.

Contact them:

PO Box 34331

Seattle, WA 98124 Customer Service: 1-800-955-2292

General Member Service: 1-800-774-2678


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  3. I conceal carry in there all the time, if they ever say something they can escort me to the membership desk for my refund.


  4. This is a ‘feel good’ protest.

    Costco stock value has more than doubled in the last 5 years.

    I don’t think they miss you!

    If you have a 401K or a mutual fund, it is very possible you own some of their stock.


  5. Most concealed carriers have some training and skills a above the typical person who only keeps a gun at home or doesn’t have guns at all. It is entirely possible a concealed carrier or an off duty police officer *may* be able to draw their weapon and neutralize an active shooter before people are murdered. In the case of CostCo, the only certainty is that nobody has a chance to save their own lives because they are rendered helpless by the “feel good” gun free zone.

    Perhaps a review of mass murders in gun free zones and also another of legally armed citizens saving lives. Let’s start with other murders in “gun free zones”, where the victims are rendered totally helpless by either law or policy of the property owner.

    June 2016: 49 people killed in an Orlando nightclub by an Islamic terrorist (mass shooting). Florida is a state where it’s easy for any responsible citizen to get their carry license. In a state like Florida, odds are *some* people in the nightclub actually had a license to carry. Unfortunately, they were all rendered helpless by Florida law which forbids carry in a location where alcohol is served. Before you reply that is probably a good idea, I beg to differ. It is legal in Nevada and there are no issues with it because concealed carriers tend to be the most responsible people in our society. In any case, at least they would have had a chance to save their own lives.

    December 2015: 14 killed by a terrorist attack in San Bernardino (mass shooting). Once again, the victims were rendered helpless by a “gun free zone”. Ironically, this shooting resulted in the California Legislature passing “gunmageddon” which no doubt will render more good law-abiding citizens less safe.

    July 2012: 12 people killed inside a movie theater in Aurora Colorado. Although Colorado issues carry permits to its residents, the theater policy rendered everyone inside a helpless victim.

    December 2012: 20 children murdered in their elementary school. Of course teachers, who we trust to keep our children safe, were not permitted to carry concealed weapons. Just one of them could have prevented children from dying. I should add the California Legislature passed SB707, which forbids licensed concealed carry in a school without additional advance written permission from the district.

    April 2007: 32 people murdered in two separate attacks approximately two hours apart by a single gunman. Once again, all murdered were rendered helpless by a “gun free zone”. Incidentally, this one I am aware the gunman used 10 round magazines.

    January 2017: Five people killed inside a gun free zone in a Florida airport by a mentally unstable person.

    This tragic list can go on and on and these are only the ones that major news. What you rarely hear about is how a law abiding citizen with a concealed carry prevented murders. Here are just a few:

    June 2016: A man began firing into a crowd of people outside the Playffz nightclub in South Carolina. Three people were shot, none fatally. One of the people shot returned fire with his own handgun and effectively ended the shooting. The shooter survived and is facing four counts of attempted murder. One of the victims is a mother with three children.

    October 1997: A student fatally stabs his mother at home before opening fire at his high school, killing two students and injuring 7 others. The killer was stopped when the assistant principal confronted him with his own .45 and held him until police arrived.

    December 2007: 2 parishioners murdered and 3 wounded by a gunman with a rifle at New Hope Church. He was ultimately stopped by a lady with her own concealed carry firearm.

    May 2010: AT&T store in New York man carrying a .357 and a list of employees he planned to kill. One person heard the distinctive “bang” and drew his own personal weapon, killing the gunman before he could complete his plan.

    March 2012: Aaron Guyton was inside the recreation building of his grandfather’s and church saw a member of the congregation pulling a shotgun from his vehicle. Guyton immediately locked the doors to the church where services were going on. The would be murderer kicked in the door and pointed the shotgun at many people inside. Guyton drew his own concealed handgun and held the gunman at gunpoint while two members of the church took him to the ground – no doubt saving many lives.

    December 2012: Two people killed and a third seriously wounded in a busy food court at a mall Oregon by a gunman with a rifle. After the gunman saw a shopper draw his own concealed firearm, the gunman retreated and killed himself. The concealed carrier did not fire his weapon because he did not have a clear shot and feared striking a bystander. Authorities credited the concealed carrier with causing the gunman to cease his attack and end his own life.

    There are so many more examples I can literally be typing all day. If you need more evidence to prove the point that “gun free zones” render people inside less safe than I encourage you to google it. Right now, I am going to take my kids out for breakfast where they will be responsibly protected by a law abiding citizen carrying a concealed handgun.


  6. Personally I am for the right to bare arms and to carry if someone has a permit to do so. But what I don’t understand is how do you expect someone to respect your right if you don’t respect their right to ask you not to bring your gun onto their property? So are you pissed that Canada won’t allow you to bring your gun into their country, their property?


    • They do have that choice to ask not to carry in their stores. We also have that same choice as to do business with Costco or take that business elsewhere. What this is for is to have responsible CCW owners write to Costco and ask that they cancel this policy and until they do Costco will loose business from people that carry.


      • The blog you have written is precise. For some reason I found great interest in reading it and I would like to share it as well.


      • used to carry concealed in Costco routinely and do have a Concealed Weapon Permit. I happened to notice the company listed as being anti-gun on some web page and at first did not believe it. But I was due to renew my card and made a point to check the signs by the doors, which I’d never even thought to glance at. Sure enough there was a sign mixed in with the other signs (lots of signage at the entrance, too much to read) banning dood firearms.


        • A gun “free” zone is actually a kill free zone. Make sure when you shop Costco that you have your head on a swivel.


          • A gun “free” zone is actually a kill free zone. Make sure when you shop Costco that you have your head on a swivel…………….

          • Awesome work you have done here, I am very happy to read this nice post. You are a great writer and give us much information.

  7. Personally, I am for the right to bear arms but it is the property owners right to request no arms allowed on their property . If you expect people to respect your right to carry if you have a permit, then why do you not respect someone’s right to ask you not to carry on their property ?


  8. Just FYI, it is illegal to record on private property without consent of the owner.


  9. 30 Sept 2016, Sandy Springs GA: I was stopped at the door today by a Costco employee in Atlanta GA because she was saw the tip of my conceal carry under my t shirt. I noticed she was looking down at my waistline as I walked in, I think they are looking for them. She told me the policy was they didn’t allow guns, I asked for a manager, when she showed up, and asked her for them to tell me where the policy was, she told me they didn’t have to do that, it was private property. She then called big black guy over (as if that was going to intimidate me). I told him not to touch my phone or me as I was recording. He walked away, I assume the camera and the fact that I WAS ARMED convinced him his ghetto thug tactics were of no use.

    I will no longer be shopping at Costco, after 15 years and probably $125,000+ being spent there with my wife and kids, we will now shop at Krogers. Your loss Costco, I hope your blind, liberal, gun-hating, anti-constitutional world view suits you well and your shareholders. God Bless America


    • I feel safer already knowing you won’t be in any Costco stores…..


    • Churches, banks, hospitals, government offices and many other places don’t permit concealed carry. If your going too ban Costco, ban your doctor, your bank, any government service you may receive such as social security, any emergency services building you may need services from and anywhere else that bans guns on their property which are way too numerous to list. The fact that you people think you have the right to do whatever you frkng please because you carry a license really should be bothersome to anyone reading these post. Yes there are many attacks in no gun zone areas but there are a lot of attacks in places without bans on guns, such as public streets. Maybe all of you should really be asking yourselves why you think you should be allowed to do whatever you want because you care a license that allows you certain rights. It isn’t a license to violate other rules, GET OVER IT! Most of you bone heads probably would be the first to mistakenly shoot an innocent citizen, I’m sorry I don’t want someone with an attitude that says I can do what the fck I want because I carry a piece of paper running around in a store I’m shopping in, I believe all of you need psychiatric services, we have rules in this country, I am very thankful for those rules and I don’t want a nutcase with a gun making their own rules. It’s obvious to this reader that all of you grew up thinking rules only applied to some or you grew up in a home that had no rules and no discipline, GET SOME HELP! Hunting isn’t allowed in cities, Do you also have a problem with that? Maybe try thinking of rules that are made for protection of others when it comes to gun laws in other instances. Your ask wack jobs!


  10. This happed to me yesterday. I was told by the employee I was not to enter with my concealed weapon unless i was a police officer. I asked him why there was no sign at the door and asked to speak to the manager. This is the store in Fredericksburg va. When the manager came over he proceeded to tell me costco policy. I said well why is it not posted out side the door for us to see. He said it is posted at the customer service desk. So I said I actually have to go in the store do my shopping pay at the checkout and walked in front of the customer service desk to find this post it up on the wall and it is so small you don’t even know what it is the lady took it down and highlighted it and put it back up for me to say. Unbelievable. I am very disappointed with costco. We spend a lot of money in costco every year. I will not only stop shopping there but I will make it known to all legal concealed carry permit holders in my commonwealth. I think it’s bull shit to single me out when I can easily see others carrying who are not police officers.


  11. I agree Paul Mother Jones is complete GARBAGE. Nothing but liberal propaganda.


  12. I used to carry concealed in Costco routinely and do have a Concealed Weapon Permit. I happened to notice the company listed as being anti-gun on some web page and at first did not believe it. But I was due to renew my card and made a point to check the signs by the doors, which I’d never even thought to glance at. Sure enough there was a sign mixed in with the other signs (lots of signage at the entrance, too much to read) banning firearms.

    I cut my membership card in half and mailed it to them with a short note explaining why. I imagine all these huge corporations are too big to care about any of this anyway, but I had to point out the state police and the FBI have my fingerprints, have checked me out and think I am a good enough person to trust with a firearm. If Costco disagrees, well they simply do not need my money.

    Now I use Sam’s Club and include Walmart in my shopping too, which I did not used to do.

    Since Sam’s Club started taking all credit cards I have yet another reason to steer clear of Costco.


    • The sign at the Costco I go to in Houston only bans the Open Carry of guns. I carry my gun in there every time I shop. In Houston you never know when you might need your weapon to protect you, yourself, family, or club members. Most of companies on the list of 53 are the same way. They ban only the open carry NOT the concealed carry…but that may only be here in Houston or just individual stores.
      The library I go to has a sign on the front door that says, “No guns allowed.” I asked the librarian about that and did she know it wasn’t a legally binding sign and she said she knew and that it was there only because they had a number of people that wanted to ban handguns and the sign made them happy and those that carried handguns knew the sign wasn’t a legal sign and would therefore continue carrying their handguns into the library – making them happy as well. Perfect solution.


    • Instead of just cutting up your Costco card and returning it to them, you should have demanded a refund of your membership cost.


  13. All people and corporations that are pro 2nd AMENDMENT should start a movement by DIS
    ASSOCIATION of all companies that want to restrict our 1st and 2nd AMENDMENT rights. The first
    step is by contacting people and companies that oppose FACE BOOK, COST CO, GOOGLE and
    INSTAGRAM POLICIES put in place in early 2016. The second step is to take ACTION by using
    of choice being TWITTER, FACE BOOK, E-MAIL and even personal letters from the US POSTAL SERVICE. This way we can all directly and indirectly CONTRIBUTE the DEMISE of the companies
    within the USA and the WORLD by ECONOMIC MEANS. THIS is the QUICKEST WAY to DEFEAT
    the ENEMIES of FREEDOM within the WHITE HOUSE, CONGRESS and AMERICA. The people


  14. Concealed is just that concealed! In Nevada the signs are a waist, they do not cary the weight of the law!




  16. Why do inadequate men feel so strongly about carrying a gun? Perhaps the question is the answer.


    • Laughing my ass off at your insane comments. Does that make you feel good to associate your pervertness with guns. Grow up idiot.

      With your asinine statements cops don’t need guns either.

      I guess no one needs a fire extinguisher either.

      Do you always have a condom or are you never prepared? Please do not procreate America is dumb enough already and you are proving that. tenfold.


      • Wow! I think I saw a statement on this sight that said ‘be respectful and polite’. I respect your right to own a gun. I am not in favor of people who react like this, to carrying a gun.

        Scenario: In a mall, Bad guy fires his gun, Civilian A sees him fire and returns fire. Civilian B hears the first shot and turns and sees Civilian A as he returns fire, but did not see the bad guy that fired first.

        Decision Point: Does Civilian B assume that the person he sees shooting is the bad guy and shoot Civilian A because he is shooting at someone?

        The average person carrying a gun is not trained to make that decision in a slit second.

        Some day this type of scenario is going to happen, and an innocent person is going to die, and it will be a person who thought that carrying a gun was going to make him safe.

        Okay – take your shots, but remember, ‘be respectful and polite’.


        • Hey Joe, you should read the law and perhaps go to a CHL class. People that carry concealed are not cops and the only time they will or should return fire is if someone pulls a gun or fires at them or those they must protect (wife, kids, ect). We don’t look for fights and we just don’t start shooting at anything.Guns sound different and it’s easy to tell if there is 1, 2 or more guns being fired…if you own and fie guns you know this. I’m sure you’d would rather only bad guys have guns anyway so you know for sure whose shooting you.


          • Thanks for your comment James.

            I am just curious why you decided that I am anti-gun, and that I ‘would rather only bad guys have guns’? I stated in my original comment that ‘I respect your right to own a gun’.

            I have read many laws concerning guns, which one are you referring to? If you are referring to the 2nd Amendment – Yes, I have read it closely several times as well as many research studies on the amendment.

            I chose not to own a gun, however I am ex-military and I am familiar with and have fired weapons many times (Marksman).

            A 2013 article on the website Mother Jones, reported that a study in Philadelphia found that the odds of an assault victim being shot were 4.5 times greater if he was carrying a gun than if he were unarmed. The victim’s odds of being killed were 4.2 times greater if he was carrying a gun.

            Also, in the last 33 years, there have been no mass shooting stopped by an armed civilian.

            If you are a fire arms expert (and I concede I am not), I respect your knowledge, but I still stand by the scenario I described.

        • For some reason, I can’t reply to your reply to James T Doe below, so I’m replying here. I’m a firearms safety and self defense instructor, and I regularly tell my clients that, in the situation you described above, if they’re “Civilian B,” they should refrain from shooting “Civilian A” until they’ve verified what the situation is. I tell them that, if they’re “Civilian A,” they should realize that they may well be mistaken for the Bad Guy and get shot, so be careful when drawing their weapon and be aware of their surroundings. That’s what training is for, and it’s why I spend my time training civilians who carry weapons.

          As to what you wrote below in response to James T Doe, Mother Jones is a notoriously liberal, untrustworthy web site. Also, just off the top of my head, I recall an incident a few years ago at Clackamas Mall in Oregon ( where an armed civilian may have stopped a mass murderer. I’m sure I could find others if I took the time.


        • A man tried taking my 5 month old son out of the basket at Walmart


        • For some reason your May 3 comment doesn’t have a “reply” option. Addressing your statement that in 33 years no mass shooting has ever been stopped by a civilian is a ridiculous claim that only shows that you are voluntarily ignorant of facts. There are a few instances listed in a post above by Barry on January 8, 2017 at 5:22 PM. There are many more instances that are easy to find with an Internet search. Guns are used by good guys for self defense of themselves and others. You can easily find links to local news stories at
          as well as many other sites.
          The information is easily found if one wishes to cure their ignorance.


      • I think the idiots are the ones banning places they can’t carry in, I’m sure Costco won’t be suffering from the loss of the wackos that will no longer be shopping there. Ban the banks, hospitals, government offices when you go to apply for social security also and while your at it ban yourself from going to work because I’m sure your employer doesn’t allow you to carry unless you have a position which requires you to carry a weapon.


    • Are you claiming that our forefathers when they wrote the Constitution were inadequate? You? Who are you to tell me I don’t have the right to abide by the Constitution? I served in the military honorably to protect the very freedoms that you now take for granted. You are pitiful.


    • It makes their tiny dicks feel bigger.


      • Why do stupid idiots like Marie confuse firearms ownership with sex? Sounds to me like Marie has problem and gets confused about guns and sex. Marie let me assure you I am by no way inadequate so your stupid idiotic thoughts are not relevant here. Marie when are you going to GROW up?


    • So when a bad guy pulls a gun on you and is ready to kill you perhaps you should ask him to show you his dick first as a parting memory!


    • I do not carry to impose my will on anyone. I carry to keep anyone else from imposing their will on me.


    • Why do stupid idiots like Kersey confuse firearms ownership with sex? Sounds to me like Kersey has problem and gets confused about guns and sex. Kersey let me assure you I am by no way inadequate so your stupid idiotic thoughts are not relevant here. Kersey when are you going to GROW up?


    • You clearly have never been in a situation where one is needed. When I started carrying I felt like a bigger man. When I had to use it, it was different. A man tried taking my 5 month old son out of the basket at Walmart. I drew my side arm and told him I will shoot if you don’t let go. He put my son down and walked away. When the police caught up to him they found needles and a knife on him and a very long record. Without violence I ended a bad situation. Any one who has come close to this can see it is better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it.
      I also carry one in Costco due to the sole fact that I signed the contract without anti gun policy. I’ll not be shopping there again.


    • Inadequate men carrying guns? OK, next time a criminal pulls a gun on you ask to see his penis! Asshole!


    • Repeat. So when a bad guy pulls a gun on you and is ready to kill you perhaps you should ask him to show you his dick first as a parting memory!


    • Its about safety and freedom, why do you resort to name calling? Is it because you don’t have the ability to articulate your position with confidence?


    • and the next time a BAD GUY points a GUN at you, ask to see his penis! Idiot!


  17. Funny I am going to get a membership tomorrow for these exact same reasons.


  18. On the sign posted at our Costco store it so states that it is Unlawful to carry an unlicensed firearm into the store doing so would be a 2,000 fine in the state of Texas the penal code is 30.06 for a concealed carry firearm the penal code will be 30.07 in January 2016 The carry unlicensed fire arm pertains to concealed carry in the state of Texas. People carrying know your rights like I do. I was told by a manager at the costco in Cedar Park, TX 2 weeks ago to remove my concealed handgun from the store I did not to give him any grief but keep in mind I was not breaking any law either. I am licensed and trained and my CHL is current. I could have saved a life that day if someone else had bad intentions you know what I mean.


    • How did he know you where carrying in a Texas Costco? Where you imprinting? Or did it become exposed to him when reaching for an item?


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