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Boycott Forest City Enterprises






“Forest City Enterprises, Inc., is an NYSE-listed national real estate company with $10.6 billion in total assets. The Company is principally engaged in the ownership, development, management and acquisition of commercial and residential real estate and land throughout the United States.” (Quoted from their website.)

We decided to investigate them because we saw firsthand a “Code of Conduct” sign on display at the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington, Virginia.  The sign was very clear about the “no firearms” policy, so we contacted the manager of the mall, Mr. John Moore.  We asked if the sign was unique to his mall, or if all Forest City properties had the same policy.  Here is his response:


The policy to which you refer is a long-standing corporate policy. It exists at all of our properties throughout the country.

John Moore

Forest City is rated an “F” by Second Amendment Check, LLC because they ban firearms in all of their properties throughout the country.  We suggest you boycott them all for your own safety. 

We have tried to provide a comprehensive list of their retail shopping properties below.  You’ll probably notice some overlap on a few of the locations, this is the way Forest City chose to list their properties, and we followed suit.  You may want to visit their website to see the entire portfolio of properties under their ownership.  This is an enormous company.

Urban Retail Locations

Regional Lifestyle Centers

Big-Box Retail

Residential Retail

Regional Enclosed Centers

Neighborhood Centers

Entertainment Retail


  1. Doyl L Watson II

    Hear Hear!


  2. I wouldn’t shop at any of these places as knowing this era of time certainly is showing the criminals and how they carry their guns and create terrible terrible offenses. I certainly feel threatened when I don’t have my protection on me.


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