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hhgregg – “…does not believe firearms are appropriate in (their) stores.”

No hhgregg


2ACheck Inquiry:

“Does hhgregg prohibit firearms in its stores?”

Like many others, this is a company that answered our question with a bit of philosophy:

Thank you for your e-mail. Our company respects an individual’s right to bear arms, but does not believe firearms are appropriate in our stores.”

In a nifty little bob-and-weave, they never really answered our very simple question, merely eluded to a “belief.”  So they don’t believe firearms are appropriate, but what is their POLICY?  They say they respect your right to bear arms, just as long as THEY don’t have to actually respect it with their actions?

WTF?  Do you prohibit firearms or not?

We asked a follow-up to put them on the spot and make them own their policy.

2ACheck follow up:

“Oh.  Will a customer be asked to leave if they are seen to be in lawful possession of a holstered firearm inside your store?

That seemed like an even easier question for them to answer, and here’s what we received in response:


We regret we have no further comment.”

We interpret their statements to be a cowardly admission that they ban guns but don’t want to draw negative attention for it. BOYCOTT on! As always, you must ultimately decide for yourself if a company deserves your business or not.

Contact them:

Phone: 1-800-284-7344

Corporate Office Address:
4151 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Fax: (317) 848-8723
Phone: (317) 848-8710


  1. Let me understand when you get robbed at gun point you call the police. And guess what I show up 4th generation law man with 30 plus years and your policy is no guns in your stores. And when I’m off duty I carry a gun my Dept policy and you don’t want guns in your stores. I got it, I will never do business with you again. The 2nd ammendment is very precious and every citizen that has been trained, not convicted felon and never deemed by the courts as being mentally incompent should be able to carry a gun.


  2. Brad-so you expect legal carriers to unholster their weapon and leave it in their vehicle? I’m a veteran of active duty, and will never leave my weapon in my vehicle. If the business doesn’t want me as who I am in their store, I’ll go to Best Buy or somewhere else.


  3. Why are you making this such a big scene? if you are not a police officer you should NOT bring a firearm into an electronics store. What if you felt the need to get something you couldn’t afford and used your firearm on an associate? Then what? Why do you need to walk with a firearm anyway? Is there an apocalypse that we don’t know about?


    • In response to Brad Ramphal…..

      What makes the life of a police officer any better than mine or yours? Why is their life superior to normal citizens that it needs protected more than another?

      Next time you go out to a movie with your family and you’re going to your car in the dark, think about if a few gangbangers approach you to rob, rape, whatever to your family. Walking with a firearm wouldn’t have been a bad idea huh? I’m sure the gangbangers left theirs at home because maybe the property everybody is on is a gun free zone.

      Just call the police and wait on them to save you.


    • Brad, sir, do you honestly believe that someone who has taken the time to evaluate the risk/reward of carrying a weapon, taken the responsibility to go through a state background check and most likely taken the time to become proficient with the weapon is likely going to shop at a store, any store, and shoot a clerk because they cannot afford a wireless speaker/cell phone or pack of AA batteries? Come now, sir. Live in reality. These so called “gun-free” zones leave the law abiding defenseless and at the mercy of evil. The fact is that crime happens at any time, in any situation, anywhere and one must be prepared for such instances not dissimilar to one having insurance on their car, home or self. It may interest you to know that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled repeatedly that the police have no duty whatsoever to protect individual citizens but rather the community as a whole so someone has to take responsibility for protecting my family. Who do you think that should be? It is me because I am a man and that’s what men do and a firearm is the most efficient way to achieve that end. Remember, when seconds count the police are only minutes away, God bless them.


    • I have no idea why an honest citizen would feel the need to carry a concealed weapon into an electronics store.

      I’ll just leave this here


      • Your included story is counter productive as the armed people in this story were clearly not honest citizen’s. But if perhaps one of the honest citizen’s was carrying a concealed weapon these horrible events may have been stopped before serious injury or the death of an honest citizen had occurred.


      • Your link/story is a perfect example of why we carry for our own personal defense.

        Criminals love gun free zones. You do know that the police are not required to defend you….right? They have plenty of yellow tape and chalk though.


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