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Jack in the Box / Qdoba Mexican Grill – Parent company Jack in the Box confirmed their “no guns” policy on the phone very clearly.  They also own Qdoba.  Boycott them both.

No Jack in the box simple

Jack in the Box told us the do not require every location to post a “no gun” sign, but many/most do.  They confirmed that this policy is in place at Qdoba as well. That is why we are adding Qdoba to the BOYCOTT as well.  They told us if an employee sees your carrying they will ask you to leave, or leave the gun outside.

No Qdoba


Contact them:

Jack in the Box Inc.
Attn: Guest Relations
9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123-1516


Qdoba Mexican Grill

1-888-49-QDOBA (7-3622)
4865 Ward Road
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-1902
Tel: (720) 898-2300
Fax: (720) 898-2396


  1. OC’D in a Jack in the Box today in south Texas, not one sign posted nor any complaints.


  2. I was just kicked out of the qdoba where my brother works. I contacted their HQ and asked them to email me a legal print of their “no guns” policy. They would not do it. So yes its a real post qdoba will be dealing with many friends of mine in a peaceful protest in the next few days. They are rude and and disrespectful even after informing them that I am a former US Marine grunt who served two tours and got shot. They will be hearing from my lawyers because of the harrassment I received over the past two years from my brothers boss. I’m personally offended and believe that if you can’t abide by all rights of all people protected under our US constitution and bill of rights written right here in my home, Philadelphia then you need to get out of our country.


  3. Qdoba policy does not ban guns in the restaurants. I spoke with the customer service team today. This is a false post!


  4. I believe this is incorrect for Qdoba. I frequently eat there, in multiple locations (while carrying) and have never seen a sign. In addition, checked the Posted! app w/ 10,000 anti-gun locations listed, and not a single Qdoba.

    BTW, cool site!


  5. My wife is currently a Q’Doba General Manager and this is totally false. Q’Doba does not post signs and has no such policies regarding firearms. She has never been informed of anything like this. Yes she does work for a corporate owned location not a franchise.


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