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Boycott Paragon Theaters

Paragon Entertainment Group, LLC is a smaller movie theater chain with a handful of locations in Florida, Minnesota and Virginia.

Paragon Jupiter – Jupiter, FL. 561-747-7333
Paragon Chateau 14 – Rochester, MN. 507-282-2020
Paragon Deerfield 8 – Deerfield Beach, FL. 954-571-2445
Paragon Grove 13 – Coconut Grove, FL. 305-446-6843
Paragon Ocean Walk 10 – Daytona, FL. 386-238-5252
Paragon Odyssey 15 – Burnsville, MN. 952-892-3456
Paragon Village 12 – Fredericksburg, VA. 540-785-7328
Paragon Pavilion – Naples, FL. 954-320-7112

They ban guns in every location.

Hi <2ACheck>,

Thank you for your email.  We do ban firearms in all of our theaters.
Please let me know if you have further questions. Have a great day.
Laura Lansburgh

Director of Marketing & PR
Paragon Entertainment Group, LLC
3984 West Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
Phone (954) 320-7112 Ext. 2565

Here is what we posted to their Facebook page:
It is unfortunate that you have chosen to prohibit law abiding citizens from responsibly carrying their firearms in your theaters. We will respect your wishes and take our business elsewhere. Now the only people with guns in your theaters will be the bad guys. Good luck.”

Contact them:



  1. Too bad the 5 of you boycotting isn’t going to make a difference. It’s a private establishment, they are allowed to prohibit those items. They do employ both dressed and street clothes officers, especially during high volume traffic. Now, say something unfortunate were to happen, one of you open carry guys could either A. Mistake one of the casual clothed officers as the threat and shoot them or B. Be mistaken as the threat and shot yourself.

    How about instead of whining about none of your rights being infringed upon by a private establishment on their private property and just let people do their jobs (especially those who’s job it is to protect you!)


  2. We’re missing the point a little here. I’m not carrying a weapon to save you. I’m carrying a weapon to protect myself and my family. It’s not my responsibility to protect you – that’s a decision you must make for yourself. I am not a police officer. I agree with those who worry about shooting an undercover cop, and disagree with those who say it doesn’t deter an active shooter situation. There are plenty of cases proving that it does (let’s exclude ISIS here, that’s another case altogether). Bottom line: Concealed carriers are not to engage offensively, but defensively – that’s what the training teaches. I am to assess, seek an escape, and engage only in defense of my life. If in defending myself/family I help to save others, no one will be happier than me.


  3. I’d be for armed security. Citizens with arms may be well trained in use and safety but discretion on when it could escalate a situation or that the citizen is acting with a grounded mindset is unknown. I’d hate for a self proclaimed ‘hero’ to raise the body count or exercise poor judgement shooting an undercover cop.

    My opinion is they don’t make you safer but creates an illusion that conseal and carry folks might control some form of payback. An unstable or person wanting to kill people is unlikely to back down seeing someone else with a gun that could be drawn on them. Strategically it’s pushed who they might feel more threat from first and that they need to act faster.

    I’m not going to thank someone for vigilante justice. I’m more likely to mourn a death of someone trying to do the right thing that just ended in more violence due to poor judgement and supply evidence to cases casing harm to trained individuals in managing these situations.


  4. That’s the point of “concealed” carry, no one knows you have the gun until some idiot starts shooting patrons. Given the number of attacks in movie theaters, don’t you think you should remove your “no gun” policy? It just might save YOUR life!
    To tell the truth, I’m never without my firearm, even in your theaters. It hasn’t jumped out shooting anyone yet! But if some fool does start shooting, I will accept thanks for saving your stupid butt


    • I think you nailed it Judy with your comment on “given the number of attacks in movie theatres” . I’m 60 years old, go to the theaters once a week….for many, many years. Never had one single attack. Never even heard of ONE in my entire state. Ever. That being said…yes I have taken gun safety and permit to carry classes. I’ll be the first to admit there are people in that class that should not have passed and are carrying. Makes me a little nervous.


  5. Id hate to be a sitting duck while watching a movie here
    So you should provide on site armed security.


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