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Peet’s Coffee and Tea – They ban guns at every location.  We strongly recommend that you instead go to either Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s if you want coffee.

Here is a link to a 2010 article that quotes a company spokesman describing Peet’s policy.  There are many other references to this policy all over the internet, and nothing to refute it.  They did not respond to multiple attempts to contact them regarding their policy.

No Peet's


Contact them:

Peets Coffee,
P.O. Box 12509,
Berkeley, CA 94712-3509



  1. HaHa. You guys are a dying breed. The train has left the station! Gun control is just starting in the USA. Ban all guns in commercial shopping centers and stores.


  2. Good, more for the rest of us.


  3. I know Winco Foods stores allow Open Carry and Concealed Carry i been in there stores in North Las Vegas and in Henderson never had a problem never been ask to leave. Had customer come up to me and ask me about the laws i would tell them what i know and i would also tell them to check out Nevada open carry on Facebook which will explain everything that they need to know about carrying a firearm in Nevada.


  4. David – not welcome but not prohibited. Their CEO Schultz also said no one who was carrying would be refused service or asked to leave.

    Big difference.


  5. Starbucks is “A” Rated??? The CEO came out and said open carry was no longer welcome in their coffee stores.


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