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SquareThey prohibit “Sales of (i) firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or (ii) weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury.”

Boycott Square








Their policy means they will refuse to do any business with any gun company, FFL dealer/transfer, or any other law abiding citizen who wants to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

if you would like to contact Square:


***As an alternative, we would suggest you contact Payment Alliance.  We asked them if they support transactions having to do with firearms related businesses and below is a copy & paste of their response:



“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”  Thomas Jefferson

Thank you for the inquiry through the web-site and the short answer is absolutely we handle firearms sales.  If you are an FFL holder we can handle firearms, accessories and ammunition.  If you do not have an FFL, then we set you up for selling accessories and ammo.  Here is a list of all of our services.  Through the NRA Business Alliance & NSSF you are eligible for exclusive benefits that will enable you to save money, increase effectiveness, and build greater customer satisfaction.  And of course we ARE the PREFERRED MERCHANT for the firearms industry.   We have no application fees, no monthly minimums and no early termination fees.

Here is  a recent video produced for the industry:

Your benefits include:

  • Guaranteed Low Rates for credit and check card processing

·         Web-site integration/gunauction integration and credit card processing – we utilize EProcessing Network as our gateway company, and they handle all of our gunbroker, gunauction as well as any web-site related to firearms

·         Mobile processing at shows and other off-site

·         Cash advance – see flyer attached


Let me know if you have any questions.


Gina Meyerson

National Account Executive

Payment Alliance International

Direct Phone Number – 561-899-1696

Fax Number  866-472-4457

**Know someone who could use my help? Refer them to me and I’ll send you $50 when they sign up!** |



  1. My Dad opened up a small gun shop last year, I help to get setup for Square not catching the fine print that firearms and ammunition are not allowed. Why would we have ever thought that a legal product regulated by the federal govt would be banned by them or any card processor? Paypal is the same way I have found out. Frankly I’m outraged, this is nothing but political in my opinion. What’s more upsetting is they just sent us an email stating they were suspending our account. No phone call, not letter, and it was a “noreply” email. That’s unprofessional and insulting. I realize, shame on us for not reading the fine print closer, but again. We follow the law, and are regulated by the ATF how’d of thought. Unconstitutional gun control will sneak up on us with small restrictions or costs that will add up and make it prohibitive for dealer to sell and consumer to purchase if we don’t keep these things in check. Not only will I be boycotting Square, I’ll be doing the same with paypal. And I’ll be sharing this information with everyone I know that would care.


  2. I just was directed to the 2ACheck website where they indicated that Square had received a failing grade regarding 2nd Amendment “rights” and asking that folks boycott Square. I am emailing you to let you know that I fully support your policy and will NOT be boycotting Square.


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  4. “viable alternative” is stating it’ll work, when it in-fact it does not work. Saying that something that is viable, but you haven’t looked into them is very contradictory.

    Just look on Payment Alliance’s website, they specifically state they deal with the gun industry. Payment Alliance will donate a portion of what they bring in to the NRA, but will withhold your amount if you want you don’t want to donate to the NRA. Paying a monthly fee, usually around $25-$35, is well worth it compared to having your funds being frozen for violating a payment processor’s vague prohibited business list (e.g. Paypal).

    There are several other payment processors that will allow you to sell firearm parts and accessories if it doesn’t require an FFL. You have to remember that most of these payment processors consider firearm sales a high-risk business, even before Operation Choke Point.


  5. Intuit GoPayment? Are you kidding me? Why would you recommend these payment providers without knowing their history? Intuit has a history of rejecting gun dealers, and freezing their accounts. If you did a quick search it would reveal that.

    Always make sure to read a processing company’s policy on various businesses. Make sure to also ask, in email, if they accept your firearms related business before processing with that company. If the payment processing company is not sure, move on to another company who does. You do not want to have your accounts frozen after-the-fact.

    There are companies, like Payment Alliance, that specifically deal with firearm dealers. Even if you don’t sell firearms but sell firearm accessories, I would still use a payment processor that accepts firearm dealers due to the risk of having your payment process freeze your funds. Paypal is a perfect example of how their policy prohibits the sale of firearm parts.


  6. I own a processing company, have gun shops, and can offer best rates and service, free terminal and no contract.


  7. Another option for small businesses is to use PayPal. Has best rates & no contracts!


  8. Cancelled my account today. Free market will prevail and unconstitutional positions will not.


  9. This is just plain stupid. Square is hoplophobic.


  10. No worries here, never heard of em


  11. Jebediah Springfield

    I have used this service several times to accept payment. As of today I’m canceling my account and will not use them again! #2a #2ndamendment #gungrabbersareignorantpiecesofcrap


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