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Sterling Jewelers – Bans Guns.

Boycott Kay Jewelers

Sterling is the largest specialty fine jewelry company in the United States by sales and number of stores.  They have many store brands that operate under their corporate umbrella.  We recommend you BOYCOTT every one of them.

  • Kay Jewelers
  • Jared: The Galleria of Jewelry
  • J.B. Robinson Jewelers
  • Osterman Jewelers
  • Belden Jewelers
  • Friedlander Jewelers
  • Goodman Jewelers
  • LeRoys Jewelers
  • Marks & Morgan Jewelers
  • Rogers Jewelers
  • Shaws Jewelers
  • Weisfield Jewelers
  • Ultra Diamonds

Our inquiry went to Kay Jewelers, which has over 900 locations of the 1300+ locations operated by Sterling Jewelers. Kay’s response was clear:

“Even though many states have laws permitting residents to carry concealed weapons and firearms, private employers have the right to ban weapons and prohibit persons with weapons from entering the premises. For the safety and security of our customers and store employees Kay has made the decision to ban weapons and anyone possessing them from entering the store.”

We believe jewelery stores are a proven target for criminals and to disarm law abiding customers is irresponsible, offensive and dangerous.

But don’t take our word for it…just google it:

Here’s a 2013 “smash and grab” robbery of a “gun free” Kay Jewelers in a “gun free” Tyson’s Corner shopping mall in suburban Washington DC.

Contact them:


Kay Jewelers, a division of Sterling Jewelers, Inc.

375 Ghent Road, Akron, OH 44333


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  1. While I agree the company policy is definitely not in our favor, I was in a Kay Jewelers last week. I was OC’ing, and the manager of the store came over to me. Initially, I was concerned this was going to be a bad encounter, but it turned out nicely. He thanked me for my business and for supporting the 2nd Ammendment. We had a great conversation (which resulted in a nice discount on my purchase as well). It seems the Kay Jewelers in Tuscaloosa, AL, is either unaware of this policy or simply ignores it. Either way, this particular location gained my business rather than lost it.


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