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Boycott US Bank

US Bank has sent a threatening letter to a customer that says they will “take action” against any customer who enters a US Bank with a firearm.  Threatening customers is one way to lose them.

They have a “no guns” policy, but do not display any signage advertising that policy.  Why?  Because they may hate guns, but they’re not complete fools.  They know that advertising any location as “gun free” gives aid and comfort to criminals.  It also offends and alienates away their own customers.

See the news story and video HERE.

We suggest you boycott US Bank and any other dangerous “gun free zones.”  Find a gun friendly alternative such as PNC Bank.

US Bank is anti-gun.  PNC Bank is gun-friendly.  You decide who deserves your business.

Contact them:

U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Bancorp Center
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402

800-US BANKS (872-2657)



  1. I got a phone call today that I should not return to my local bank with my firearm again …. I told them if they were not going to post a sign that I will keep coming back and if it continues I will find another bank


  2. US Bank just informed Acusport that they will no longer be doing business with them or any other businesses in the gun industry. Bowing to the liberal left right along with Bank of America & others. It all stems from Holders operation choke point.


  3. Stop Railing U.S. Bank because of one idiot with two prior warnings, who doesn’t live in an open carry state and doesn’t know the meaning of the word “CONCEALED” and I doubt has more than $50.00 in that bank! I have a copy of The Letter and spoke to the woman who wrote it. It’s idiots like guy who received the letter and like guys who feel the need to walk around malls or sit out in front of Starbucks with an AR or AK that generate such policies and make trouble for the rest of us! They do more to force the display of “No Firearms Allowed Sticker” than Bloomberg!


  4. How many times do I have to see this erroneous story about US Bank by knee jerk reactionary dullards who only give a sense of legitimacy to whether certain individuals are bright enough to carry a firearm. I have a copy of the letter dated July 8, 2013 sent to the individual in question from Kelly King Us Bank Corp/Corporate Security with her phone # so I called her. She informed me in careful terms (much like Target Stores) they would prefer people left them at home. However, this particular individual should get a dictionary and look up the word “concealed!” On three occasions customers complained triggering her letter to this idiot! There are no prohibitive signage on any US Banks in Illinois Branches. The Big 1rst Grader question is, “How does anyone know if someone is even in possession if a firearm is concealed?” Duh! Don’t force institutions who are otherwise ambivalent to joining the other side with a 2 year piece of Misinformation. When they put the dreaded sticker on the door, I’ll reconsider. I’d give out Kelly Kings number, but after two years of phone calls of explaining the actions of an idiot. Just ask yourself the simple question, ‘how did on two previous occasions anyone know the dullard was carrying if was concealed triggering the letter after the third?”


  5. I have a home mortgage with US Bank but I never have to go to their offices and just do all online BUT here in MN, the law about barring weapons is pretty clear….and states:

    Like employers, business owners may also restrict individuals from carrying guns on-site if the operator of the establishment makes a “reasonable request that firearms not be brought into the establishment.” To satisfy the “reasonable request” requirement, the private establishment must:

    1) have a conspicuous sign posted at every entrance to the establishment that states, “[name of the company] bans guns in these premises.” The sign(s) must be in black Arial typeface at lease 11/2 inches in height against a bright contrasting background that is at least 187 square inches in area (which translates to an 11×17 sign). The sign(s) must be readily visible and within four feet laterally of each entrance with the bottom of each sign at a height of four to six feet above the floor;

    AND if they do not have the sign, they are hard pressed to stop carry on premises. That includes banks!!!


  6. To be fair. I saw this before and and spoke with the actual woman who authored the letter to the customer. According to her, the customer had been informed on a previous occasion that his firearm was partially exposed in a CCW only State and could he be more circumspect. However, the customer was not interested in friendly discourse on either occasion and rather than comply he repeated the incident. She did say it’s U.S. Bank Policy “No Firearms” and neither she or U.S. Bank had any intention of legal action. Only that “Concealed means Concealed!” I’m the first one to vote with my wallet when it comes to a displayed “No Firearms” sticker. The author of the letter to the irate customer is Kelly King U.S. Bank (414) 765-4896 (Direct) Corporate Security. No one is a more staunch supporter than I. But even The NRA doesn’t recommend people sit out on the street in front of Starbucks sipping a latte or walking around the mall with a loaded AR-15 in an “Open Carry State.” Many businesses are under a great deal of well financed and organized efforts by Anti’s (Target). They will tell you Shusssssss! “Please Keep it Concealed!”


  7. US bank offers a visa credit card with the SPORTSMANS WHAREHOUSE logo so they are trying to fool the public


  8. It is my understanding, at least in Texas, that if the proper signage is not displayed their policy doesn’t mean diddly squat.


  9. I called the phone number at the bottom of letter in question and spoke with K.K (author). There is no reversal of the stated policy in the letter. Her statement (to paraphrase) was, you can do it. But don’t get caught. She reaffirmed, “The policy of U.S. Bank is “NO firearms on U.S Bank Premises!” When asked about the absence of signage, she admitted is was not to lose 2A customers.


  10. Thanks for providing this information. Just sent US Bank a check to close out my auto loan, no more interest from me. Just wish I had known this before buying a car.


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