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2ACheck Rating: “D” – Cheaper Than Dirt has committed significant offenses, AVOID them. – They have repeatedly betrayed their customers and the principles of the Second Amendment.

Update, August 30, 2013 – Second Amendment Check has removed CTD from our boycott list, but we still don’t like them.  While they have made offensive actions in the past, we do not believe their intent is to be “anti-gun.”  We will still recommend Second Amendment supporters find alternate sources when possible, but we do not believe it is appropriate to place CTD in the same category as companies that actively seek to violate our gun rights. 

Below is the justification we had laid out in April of 2013 for adding them to our boycott:

  1. When they stopped selling certain “politically incorrect” items after the Newtown, CT shooting, we took offense.
  2. When they jacked up their prices after the ensuing shortages, we took offense.
  3. They have crossed the line.  In an attempt to persuade customers to support a gun control bill CTD employee Dave Dolbee wrote an article entitled “I Support Toomey-Manchin and You Should Too!” and posted it on their website.  (Read here about why the bill is actually bad for our rights)

We tried to give slack to a company that makes a living selling gun related products to us, but that ends today (April 15, 2013).  There are too many gun friendly alternatives to support this company.

As we mentioned above, Cheaper Than Dirt posted an article on their own website that blatantly attempts to persuade readers to support the Toomey-Manchin GUN CONTROL bill.  They claim that the bill has the backing and authorship of the “Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms” – whoever they are.  However, CCRKBA has since pulled their support for the bill and unfortunately, they have proven to be useful idiots for the gun grabbers, as has Cheaper Than Dirt.  That is the final nail in the coffin for them.

Since posting that endorsement of the Toomey-Manchin bill they have received a lot of grief from their customers, and have subsequently hedged their endorsement and tried to spin it as just trying to objectively “present both sides” of the debate.  That was NOT the original post or intent; that is an attempt to pander to what’s left of their customer base.

CTD may not be anti-gun, but they certainly put profits above principles every chance they get.  They have repeatedly proven that.  So, if you want to pay them to treat you like a moron, go ahead.  We suggest trying somewhere else like Midway.

Back in 2008 – 2010 people were angry with CTD for their jacking up prices after Obama was elected.

This is a well-established pattern of behavior for them.  They do not stand with us, they stand for profit.  When called out by their customers for their practices they often back-peddle and make token gestures such as writing a check to a pro-gun organization, or jumping on some other 2A bandwagon and they always make a grand spectacle of it.  They back-peddle to cover their behind and are always playing the game, walking the line between appeasing the anti-gun crowd and taking advantage of their customers.  The fact is CTD plays politics and plays their customers for suckers.  If you choose to give them your business, you’re rewarding their behavior.

Contact them:

Cheaper Than Dirt!
P.O. Box 162087
Fort Worth, TX 76161

(Monday-Friday 8am to 7pm, Central time)
1-800-596-5655 (fax)


As you can see by the collection of images below, we are not alone or off-base in our criticism of CTD.

CTD_ACR Cheaper Than Dirt magazine prices 2013-02-05 2 Screen-Shot-2013-06-03-at-6.31.37-PM hqdefault Thumbs-Down ctd Cheaper than Dirt Mags January 16 AK post-1726-0-51385800-1358375311 CTD_Mag fail5198 0outlooka6m5zeromsncom 0 cheaperthandirt Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-Dirt courtesy-northeastshooters.com_ SmithMeme_CheaperThanDirt


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  3. The only thing I take issue with is this:

    “Cheaper Than Dirt posted an article on their own website that blatantly attempts to persuade readers to support the Toomey-Manchin GUN CONTROL bill. They claim that the bill has the backing and authorship of the “Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms” – whoever they are.”

    WHOEVER THEY ARE?!!! I can’t believe that you don’t know. They are the political arm of the Second Amendment Foundation – the number two or number three gun rights groups in the country. THEY HAVE WON MORE LEGAL VICTORIES FOR US THAN ANYONE. MORE THAN THE NRA AND GOA COMBINED. The are also behind the pro-gun rights initiative in WA state. Think what you will, disagree with them, but anyone who portrays them as anti-gun is either ignorant, or less than honest.

    Let’s look back on that time. The NRA, GOA, and every other group was opposing the bill. None were involved in trying to undermine the bill from within. That’s the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) did. When the bill was originally written, it would have been horrible. It was a back door registration bill. It would have required a background check on every transfer – even between family members. Even though creating a registry is, and would have been banned – that law had (and has) no teeth. CCRKBA went to work suggesting changes – many of which ended up in the final bill. Here’s just a few:

    1) No background checks for transfer between family members
    2) Added clear definition of what a transfer actually is and is not
    3) The retention of information on approved transfers (creating an underground registry of gun owners) would be a federal felony punishable by 15 years in prison.
    4) Anyone with a valid CCW permit could purchase a gun without a background check

    Eventually, they went beyond just making the background checks less threatening to getting provisions we have wanted for a long time:

    1) Any citizen or legal resident would have been permitted to buy a gun in any other state. No more bordering states if both allow it crap. You could buy a gun anywhere, in any state,

    2) The 1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act states that if you are traveling through a state and your gun is legal where you start and legal where you end up and it’s empty and in a locked case you are allowed to transport that gun through the state. The problem is the law has no teeth. Had the final version of Toomey-Manchin passed arresting someone and forcing them to hire a lawyer, make bail, loose work, and then have the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing – as is frequently done in NYC (i.e. when connections are missed at an airport) or Illinois – would carry huge mandated civil penalties. High enough to get anti-gun city and state governments to back off.

    3) Veteran gun rights restoration – right now the VA or military can revoke a veteran’s gun rights for life and they have nowhere to appeal. This would have not only set up an appeals process so that, as is the case in the civilian mental health such rulings can be appealed.

    4) Anyone legally selling a firearm (with a background check or to an exempted person such as a C&R FFL, 01 FFL, or CCW holder) would not only be exempted from criminal liability, but from civil liability as well.


    We had the NRA, GOA, and all the other groups opposing the bill while CCRKBA was busy knocking out the worst provisions and inserting lots of things we wanted in the bill. Overall, this was a great strategy. Here’s why:

    1) We had all the firepower we need in opposition add the CCRKBA would not have changed things.

    2) However, had the bill passed – perhaps because there was another Newtown just before the vote – we all would have been VERY GLAD that CCRKBA had worked to get the bill modified as noted above AND to kill the Schumer bill which was much, much worse.

    3) Let’s think for a moment what happened behind the scenes. They kept coming up short on votes – and you can bet your life that ever time that happened CCRKBA was quick to suggest another pro-gun provision. Eventually, they were probably suggesting things that the other side wasn’t willing to give – like a federal preemption of all gun laws or nationwide shall issue CCW permits. It was at that point that the anti-gun forces quit – but the ground work has been laid. Any future background check bills will have to start where Toomey-Manchin left off – with a lot of pro-gun concessions and the potential for many more.

    In the end, it was a tails I win, heads you loose situation and the other side quit…….. and that’s a good thing.


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  5. The fact that they immediately stopped selling firearms after Sandy Hook, yet had them prominently featured in every one of their catalogs, was a bit frustrating. Seeing the exorbitant price-gouging on ammo, magazines, and other items as well was pretty infuriating – particularly when other online and local retailers kept their prices reasonable (if not the exact same) and did their best to handle a shortage of supply.

    I honestly feel that by their actions, they have demonstrated that their only reason for staying in business is to cash in on a panic whenever “The Big One” strikes. For a few years, they were my go-to spot for the lowest price on decent quality merchandise, but I’ll never order from them again after what they did last year. I’m also not cancelling my catalogs, because I now get a wee bit of joy when I take them from the mailbox straight to the trash can.

    Individual opinions or experiences may vary.


  6. Considering they changed their official stance shouldn’t we cut them a break?


    • Yeah but they are boycotting because they gauge the prices, not because of their anti-gun stances.

      It’s my understanding is that this site is trying to encourage people to not partake in business that are anti-gun, not businesses that have have aggressive price policies.


    • I just bought 150 rounds of 9mm ammo at a very reasonable price and am getting 3 day delivery. It is amazing to me that you would boycott a firearms dealer. As long as I get good prices and delivery I will NOT boycott them. You are wrong about this company and have overeacted. You are full of BS. I support the 2nd Amendment and so do they. They would have to be incredibly stupid not to considering the business they are in. Obviously you don’t support freedom of speech so I call you out to your face as being a bunch of hypocrites.


      • I’ve boycotted them since they took their firearms page down following Sandy-Hook. That was the wrong action at the time. It was either politically or economically motivated and had little thought applied to it as to how they were alienating the firearms community. The price gouging that occurred once they put their firearms page back up made it seem like the only reason they took it down in the first place was to re-price all of their existing inventory, thereby charging post Sandy Hook prices for guns bought at pre Sandy Hook wholesale. I understand economics 101 supply-and-demand, but they went too far in my opinion. Even passive support of additional firearms legislation is inexcusable, especially for a company whose bread and butter comes from the shooting sports industry. I won’t buy a single pair of earplugs from them again. If for no other reason than to show them actions have consequences.


      • To Hell With CTD

        So you’re a whore. Big whoop.


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