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Cookie Disclosure Statement
Notice: Please read this statement regarding this site’s use of cookies. It contains important information.

This site uses cookies in order to collect certain information and in order to assist you, the viewer, in having the easiest possible experience in navigating and accessing all of the features of this site.
Below is some information about our use of cookie technology, which we employ on the site, and on some of its affiliated and referenced sites to allow you to move quickly through our site to more easily find the information which you are seeking.

Below you’ll find information describing our most common uses of cookies, which are an inherent part of our production process and enable us to better serve you.

What’s a cookie?
A cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer by a site’s server. A cookie can be a record of your visit to a site, including information such as your User Name, registration information, time of last visit, pages viewed, etc. A cookie created by one site’s servers can be retrieved only by that site’s servers. Thus, information gathered in cookies through this site is not accessible to other sites.

Using this site.
In order to best access the material on this site, your browser should be set to “accept all cookies.”

If you set your browser to “not accept” any cookies, you may not be able to use this site. We also do not suggest that you navigate our site with your browser’s “cookie alert” feature enabled.

While you certainly could set your browser to alert you each time a cookie is passed to your machine, you most likely will find the experience of having to respond to frequent cookie alerts quite frustrating while trying to enjoy your internet experience. We suggest that you turn the “cookie alert” feature off, or perhaps use the site for a short time with it on, once you’ve seen firsthand how we use the technology, and become more familiarized and comfortable with it.

Why do we use cookies?
We use cookies to allow you to access and  quickly navigate your way through our site. We may accomplish this in many ways, using several different cookies. When you first enter the site, for example, we may use a test cookie to confirm your browser’s ability to retain cookies.

Next, we may check our database to verify your subscription, membership or other criteria so that you may gain access. A cookie is then temporarily “set” within your browser to allow you to proceed without having to confirm your identity with each subsequent page you request to view.

Without cookie technology, we would not be able to offer you convenient features such as the ability to store your User Name and Password and save personalized news or portfolio settings.

Other cookies that you will receive during your sessions here are from third-party service providers and some on-site advertisers such as, Chitika and AvantLink. These network advertisers may use their own cookies in order to serve ads on our Web sites, ensuring you won’t see the same ads over and over again. Each service provider and advertiser has its own policy and disclosure requiring its use of cookies, just as we do, right here.

When you view an ad for or link to this site on other sites, our third-party advertising company may place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. This site and its advertising companies also may use Web beacons (invisible images often referred to as pixel tags or clear GIFs) to note which of the site’s pages you visit after viewing our ads. The information that is collected through the use of these images is not personally identifiable and is used only to track response to our advertising efforts.
So what’s in it for me — the viewer or visitor?
Here’s a quick synopsis of what we see as the biggest advantages of cookies:

  • Faster, more convenient access. We won’t have to ask you to identify yourself with each new page requested. We can also deliver to you customized information and store your settings more efficiently.
  • Better information. We want to give you features and services in which you’re interested. Through the use of cookies, we can determine which features are most popular with subscribers on an aggregate basis and thus better serve your needs by developing new features and services in response to our analysis of subscribers’ usage.
  • More efficient ad processing. Cookies enable us to streamline our ad presentations.

Will the cookies you send me go away?

Some of our cookies are long term. If they weren’t, we’d need to ask you for certain information with each new session, such as your User Name. Some cookies do expire after a short period of time. Remember, cookies are small files and won’t pose any significant disk-space concerns on your computer. In fact, most of this site’s cookies expire after 12 hours from their time of issue. Others, such as those required to retain settings you elect (User Name, Password, Personalization preferences, etc.) will continue to reside on your hard drive for subsequent use by your browser, but are quite small and should not pose any significant disk capacity concern.

You are, of course, free to clear any and all cookies from your hard drive any time you wish; simply search your system for any files named cookie*.* (or similar) and delete these at your discretion. To remove the cookies issued by this site, or any other cookies, for that matter, you may use certain software (quite a number of these software utilities are available for free).

Thank you very much for reading this notice, and we hope that you will enjoy your viewing experience at this site.

Second Amendment Check, LLC