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CVS Pharmacy -  2ACheck Rating: “D” – CVS stated policy is to ban guns from all stores but it is not usually posted or enforced.

Below is a written statement CVS provided in the spring of 2013:

“Thank you for your email. I am happy to respond. As a matter of company policy, CVS/pharmacy does not allow handguns in its stores. The safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority, and we believe prohibiting handguns at our pharmacies furthers this priority. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us at 1-800-746-7287. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-7pm ET.”

We received confirmation in an email and we also followed up with a phone call.  We called because we were surprised about their policy.  They do not post any signage alerting the public to their policy, and we have Open Carried there before.  Many people have reported open carrying in CVS without incident, while others have been asked to leave.

The phone representative did not have any information about the policy such as when or why it was enacted.

Please, do not encourage them to post the signs.  We would rather be able to carry concealed with a “don’t ask don’t tell” type of scenario than be forced to disarm because of a sign.  Instead, politely ask them to reconsider their policy because you like shopping there and would hate to have to go to a competitor.

An anti-gun group lists CVS as a place for anti-gun people to shop.

We are putting CVS on the BOYCOTT list because they have a no gun policy.  However, you would not be alone if you must use CVS to get your meds and you have never had a problem carrying there before.  As always, you must decide for yourself whether a company has violated your rights and whether they deserve your business.

Contact CVS:

Mail all inquiries to:
CVS Corporation
Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895



  1. I cannot believe you are advocating pro guns at CVS. I was in a CVS last week and an 80+ frail old man was open carrying. I reported him. Thank God because minutes later a young man robbed the store. That old man would have killed me if he tried to take down the robber.


    • “That old man would have killed me if he tried to take down the robber.”
      Why do you say this? Did the robber grab you and hold you between himself and the man who was open carrying? Were you an accomplice of the robber and helped him rob the store?

      Your comments show a decided lack of understanding about conceal carriers and shows a bit of.unreasonable fear of firearms. You were in much more danger from the robber than the man carrying.


    • What a retared. Just let all the criminals take your money and rape you. The police aren’t everywhere that’s why it’s our duty as a United militia to protect ourself from harm and harm to others. If you think the only people to be able to openly carry a firearm Is a police officer then ur pretty Damn stupid. Because when someone breaks into your house or robs your store the first thing you will do is call someone with a gun and hope they get there in time.


  2. don’t understand how they can supersede the Constitution and the law


  3. Rusty Shackelford

    I would say as an employee there it would depend on the ppl working there and the clientele that shop there. As a gun supporter I would have no problem, however members of my staff and some of my customers would. Seeing as how the bank across from us has been robbed three times in the 2 months I’ve been at this particular location, my staff wouldn’t be too thrilled by it. I have a concealed carry, but I carry on the DL because company policy forbids me to do so. My District Manager has told me in the past that he doesn’t want to know I’m carrying and it wouldn’t be wise to because even if I’m in the right, he’ll be forced to terminate. I’m not allowed to have it on the property at all. As far as customers coming in, I’ve not heard of any official policy on it. We do have signs posted, but it’s mostly refers to the unlawful carrying of firearms. I work in a pretty Liberal party of Austin/ Round Rock, so I would be more concerned about the customers calling the law the moment you step out of a vehicle. TX doesn’t allow open carry of handguns, so you’re definitely going to draw some attention carrying your rifle into the store, Lol. So as long as you’re cool and not causing me any headaches while I’m working, I could care less if you’re carrying. lol. If you’re carrying something noteworthy, I may even want to chat with you.


  4. Take them off the list. They allow conceal carry.


  5. Unless CVS starts posting signs, I would like to see them off the list. I have never seen any signs at the local CVS store and open carry is not allowed in Texas. I believe it is safer for customers & employees if those with permits are allowed to carry concealed. I feel safer in those situations.


    • Yes.. criminals also feel safer if they cannot see that you are armed and may not think twice about robbing the store with you in it. While on the other hand open carry would generally make him think long and hard…


  6. Go in my local CVS quite regularly and no one says a word to me. I’ve talked with the manager and the pharmacist several times without incident.


  7. Just wanted to state, that I for one, do not have a problem with open carry in my CVS, I am a store manager, and follow the law of the state first and foremost.


    • To be honest I did not ask, unless I am specifically told ( which I have not been ), I will continue to allow OC in my store. Personally, I am pro gun, and OC when I am not at work, and would much rather have the good guys OC, than a bad guy surprise me with concealed.


    • Thank You


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