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2ACheck Rating: “B” – Darden Restaurants are gun friendly.

Darden Restaurants is a major American restaurant chain that includes well known brands such as Red Lobster and The Olive Garden.  In fact, it is the world’s largest full-service restaurant company according to wikipedia.  Below is a list of Darden brands:

Status as of June 18, 2013:

The entire family of Darden Restaurants respects the customers’ right to bear arms.  We received confirmation from their very responsive and helpful Guest Relations people that their policies are applied uniformly from corporate across their entire portfolio of companies (listed above.)  In addition, no manager may post a “no guns” sign in a location where it is legal to carry a firearm.  We have been given a phone number to call if we see an inappropriately posted sign. (1-800-562-7837)

On the down side, they do prohibit employees from carrying a firearm while on the job, so their 2ACheck rating is limited to a “B.”  Employees are allowed to keep firearms in their vehicle, if legal, which is decent.  That means employees may travel to and from work with their firearm and be protected while on the road and leaving/arriving at home.  They may also have access to their firearm in the vehicle if needed in an emergency, it’s just going to take them that time to run out to the parking lot to retrieve it.

We acknowledge that most large companies prohibit employees from carrying firearms on the job, probably for liability reasons, so this policy is not a surprise and we do not see it as a major offense to our rights as customers.  In fact, many companies we rate “A” would most likely be rated a “B” if they were to disclose their employee policy to us.  The bottom line is that our recommendation is the same for companies rated “A+” through “B” and that is to support them because they support us.

Below is one of several emails we received confirming their policy:

Dear (2ACheck):

Our guests’ safety is our number one priority and we are committed to delighting all of our guests with an outstanding dining experience.

If a state or local government allows or does not specifically ban weapons (concealed and/or open) in restaurants that serve alcohol, we don’t ban them either. Even if businesses are allowed to “opt out” by posting signage indicating weapons are not allowed, we don’t believe in implementing procedures that conflict with what the state or local government intends. Our company has faced this situation in several cities and there haven’t been any issues from not posting an “opt out” sign.

We do not allow employees to carry weapons while working. However, if state or local laws allow employees to keep a weapon in their personal vehicle while on the job, we follow the law as written.

These policies are the same for all the brands in Darden Restaurants’ portfolio, and as with all of our company policies they are not subject to an individual manager’s discretion. If you were to see a “no guns” sign in a Darden restaurant where concealed and/or open-carry weapons are legally allowed, please contact our Guest Relations Department at 1-800-562-7837 and we will follow up with that restaurant management team.

 I hope this answers your questions, (2ACheck), and we hope to see you in one of our restaurants soon!

We appreciate the time you took to contact us.

Red Lobster Guest Relations

This is one of the most gun friendly company policies we have seen, especially for such a large, publicly traded company that serves alcohol. Contrast this with companies like Bloomin’ Brands, T.G.I.Friday’s, Hooters, and Buffalo Wild Wings, which all believe you are too irresponsible and dangerous to possess a firearm in their establishments.

We believe Darden is as supportive of our right to keep and bear arms as we can hope for and we are proud to support them.

If you would like to contact them to thank them for respecting our rights and tell them you will be rewarding them with your business here is their contact info:



  1. Ezekiel Johnson

    I am a Red Lobster employee and sometimes I take the bus to and from work. I have been a licensed ccw holder for six years. I’d like to feel safe walking home after a long shift. But sometimes I don’t have my car to hold my firearm in while I’m at work.
    What are my options? Who can I talk to?


  2. Alexander Redditt

    Called Bahama Breeze in Memphis, TN near the mall and they said no firearms. I showed up and there was not a sign. I carried in openly the location with no problem.


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  6. Gun police in independence mo put the whole chain off limits for me KC & independent lees summit and metro area stupidity abounds!


    • Michael Kenmore

      Too many other options to continue to patronize this company. Sorry, but I vote with my feet/wallet. They should have “Immediately” announced the termination of this employee. In my area, there are a number of their restaurants. None will get my business. This is becoming epidemic with restaurants lately. An equal response by action is all they can understand. Hopefully, other chains will see the downside and not make these mistakes and become part of the list of 2A unfriendly business’s. They’d get my business back “IF” they ran an ad campaign touting support of 2A and police.


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  8. I won’t spend my money at any establishment that doesn’t allow concealed carry! !!!


  9. Yard House DOES NOT follow Darren policy at this time. (2/13/2014). I spoke to their regional manager for the Southwest USA. He stated that Darden has given them an exception and they currently DO NOT ALLOW LEGAL CARRY OF ANY KIND. Their restaurants are posted no firearms.


    • That is very unfortunate. We may have to contact corporate about that…


      • Sadly, He (Yard House regional manager) was given my # by their (Darden) aka Red lobster consumer line # posted here. Let’s hope that Darden reconsiders this wishy-washy policy of allowing some restaurants under their control to deviate from their normal policy of following state law? It can only lead to confusion amongst the law-abiding public who may assume that all Darden restaurant’s will follow state law and allow carry where legal.

        In the case of the Yard House, they do not allow carry period. :(
        Oh well, they just lost my business, that of my friends and family, and possibly the same will apply in regards to the 10,000+ members and their friends & family of the Arizona Citizens Defense League. Maybe enough complaints will bring the Yard House inline with their peers at Darden?


    • I went to the Yard House in Addison, TX, and the only signage I saw was the expected sign warning that it is illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. So you’re good to go there.


    • If that is the case then, in my opinion, ALL Darden establishments are OFF the patronize list. You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.


  10. By the way Planned Parenthood will never support support the gun rights . Darden gives more money to Planned Parenthood than any corporation including Wells Fargo .


  11. Darden HUGE supporter of Planned Parenthood started by creepy Margaret Sanger her quotes speak volumes . Pick your poison . I don’t respect Darden .


    • It is up to you to decide what disqualifies a business from earning your money. We just try to provide the Second Amendment aspect of their policy. If they upset you in other areas, feel free to avoid them.


  12. They will always have my business. What more can you ask for…great food and pro second amendment! A++++ in my book!


  13. good to know some one is thinking about “WE THE PEOPLE”. i will let everyone know why i eat at Darden establishments. Thank You.


  14. Making plans for dinner at Red lobster soon.


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