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kenya-mall-attackAs the Kenyan mall massacre and standoff continues into its 4th day, we have to reflect upon this situation and how it may translate into American terms.

As we have seen already, shopping malls are potential death-traps.  These kind of attacks may come to America one day in malls, schools, churches and daycare centers.  The only practical solution is to allow the people to arm themselves against murderous savages and psychopaths.

Have a look at these images and imagine this happening at your local shopping mall.  Don’t be so naive as to assume it’s not possible.  The best course of action is always to avoid dangerous areas, including gun free zones.  We believe shopping malls are among the most dangerous places in the country because they are “soft targets” that present hundreds of defenseless victims to potential killers.

KENYA-ATTACK Kenya_mall_attack_women_run_to_safety_Reuters_295 Kenya_Mall_Attack.JPEG-04d5_t640

In America the overwhelming majority of shopping malls prohibit firearms.  This takes guns from the hands of good guys and leaves them defenseless.  We know it is naive and dangerous to assume that a “no guns allowed” policy will stop a determined killer from carrying out his plan. This is why we boycott every shopping mall with this policy.  To educate yourself on which malls don’t want you to be able to defend yourself, see the list below.

Below are the mall companies we have confirmed as having a policy to render customers defenseless.  They make up the vast majority of American malls, BOYCOTT THESE MALLS:

  1. CBL & Associates Properties
  2. Forest City Enterprises
  3. General Growth Properties
  4. Howard Hughes Corporation
  5. Macerich
  6. Simon Properties

One mall group allows their customers to lawfully possess firearms: Taubman Centers (NYSETCO)

THESE MALLS MAY ALLOW FIREARMS (Simon group does not and since some below are affiliated with them, check those for yourself)

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In a disappointing turn of events, Starbucks has kindly asked us not to bring our guns to their stores any more.  This is a shocking but understandable reversal from a company that many of us considered to be one of the most staunchly “neutral” or even 2A friendly.

Lenny and PuppyWhy the change of heart?  What happened?  Did we (the 2A community as a whole) love our “Guns and Coffee” too much?  Unfortunately, yes, we did.  We loved it so much we killed it.

In some respects we played the role of Lenny Small with a new puppy.  Much like some people’s affection for Starbucks, Lenny’s affection for his new puppy was so great that he smothered it with love, until he killed it, unaware of how powerful his grip really was.

A similar analogy is the one of a salesman who doesn’t know how to shut up once he’s made the sale, as presented by Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy.”

Were we like “Jo-Jo The Idiot Circus Boy” – killing our sale after it had already been made?

We screwed this up, folks.  We blew it.  The sale had been made.  We had the high ground.  It was ours to lose. The anti’s were being repeatedly stiff-armed by Starbucks, but somewhere along the way we started obsessing and turning their stores into a venue to wage a political battle. We made it about gratifying & promoting ourselves, instead of about the supporting business itself. In our delight with a company that let us carry any and every firearm we wanted to, some well-meaning 2A supporters went overboard and pushed Starbucks into territory it was uncomfortable with.  We alienated Starbucks and the public; driving them into the arms of the gun-grabbers, who now get to claim a victory in the war against our rights.

We can and do praise and patronize companies for respecting our rights, but we CAN NOT abuse their respect and turn their places of business into a circus or a political arena.  If a company says they desire to remain neutral, we MUST respect that.  We can legally exercise our rights and show our gratitude without becoming a nuisance to the company and the public, and making the job of our detractors that much easier.

We played right into the hand of the anti’s by abusing the favorable policy of a company the simply wanted to be neutral, and in so doing became easy targets for unfavorable reporting from an already biased media

starbucks AR carry

Good ambassadors of gun rights?

Some people took their observation of Starbucks’ policy too far, bringing long guns, staging events at their stores, and profiteering from sales of crap like coffee mugs, buttons and T-shirts bearing a rendition of the Starbucks logo.guns and coffee  This after Starbucks repeatedly told the world that they just wanted to sell coffee and stay out of politics.

Starbucks was becoming a political football for a national spotlight issue they wanted nothing to do with.  Both sides pushed, but our pushing offended the public and the corporation more than the gun-grabbers did.  We lost, and we will lose again if we continue to alienate neutral parties.  That is the lesson here.

Second Amendment Check’s goal is not to see an AR-15 in every coffee shop in America.  We want to REWARD businesses that do not discriminate against us and punish those that do.  To be a reward, the business must enjoy and welcome our patronage. Let’s make businesses HAPPY to have us, not resentful of us.  Let’s make the public feel COMFORTABLE with us, not afraid of us or alienated by us.

To protect our rights we need to win over the hearts and minds of the more than 80% of people who would never think of carrying a gun in public, but don’t mind if we do.  If we can do that, we will have the support of the public and the businesses, not the gun-grabbers.

The point of exercising our rights isn’t to publicly carry everything we can just to show everyone we can.  It is to 1) provide for our own protection and 2) to be GOOD AMBASSADORS of gun rights to the undecided, neutral public that may one day join our fight, or oppose us, depending on how they perceive us.

Let’s hope we never make the mistakes we made with Starbucks by dragging a company into a fight they’ve already told us they want no part of.

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577337While browsing yesterday, I stumbled upon something interesting. PMAGs are in stock for pre-Newtown prices.  At Primary Arms this MAGPUL PMAG .223/5.56 with window is in stock for $17.  I instinctively snapped up a bunch without hesitation.  There may be others available elsewhere for even less.

My mind was racing:  “Are these the very same PMAGs that were going for $60, $80, even $100 at places like Cheaper Than Dirt (one reason not to give them your business) during the peak of the feeding frenzy?  Are these the very same PMAGs that were supposedly in a million+ unit backorder from the factory?  Was all of that just hype and hysteria?  Is the panic/shortage finally over?  What happened?”

The odds are that the shortages were cause by people who sensed that they may not be able to buy them ever again, and just HAD to buy them at any price, RIGHT NOW.  Well, as many had warned, it was only temporary.  Prices have now come back to reality, and items like PMAGs are in-stock once again.

Now what about ammo?  What about stripped lower receivers?  What about complete rifles in .223 and .308 caliber?

We have heard reports that the ammo supply may be starting to come back, but from what we’ve seen there is still a long way to go.  One of our favorite places to buy bulk ammo is  Have a look at how much .223 they have to offer HERE.  Another favorite, does offer a bit moreNatchezss has a small selection as well.  It appears the prices are starting to come down, and the supply is starting to come back.  However, we are nowhere near the supply once available to us, at the prices once available to us.


We have seen stripped lower receivers going for about $180.

We have also seen rifles starting to come back into supply, and prices come back toward MSRP at least.  For example, the Sig 516 can be found on Bud’s Guns for about $1600.  That is a bit more than they were selling for prior to the Newtown, CT shooting in December, 2012, but far less than the $2700 they were fetching in January/February, 2013.

The Panic of 2013 seems to have past, and the markets are now returning to some sort of “new normal” which we hope will once again allow all Americans to purchase firearms, ammunition and accessories they need for years to come.

Before we move on with our lives as if nothing happened, let us not forget the actions of those who tried to selfishly benefit by gouging their customers during the shortages we experienced.  As a student of economics I understand “Supply and Demand” pretty well.  However, there are some times when principles should come before profits.  I am not implying that any governmental action be taken to reduce price gouging.  I am asserting that personal action, on our parts is necessary to bring justice to those offending companies.  We all should remember those who put padding their profits ahead of the needs of their customers.  Those who attempted to price gouge us for products that had not gotten any more expensive for them should be avoided.  It is one thing to pass on an increase in price from the factory.  It is another to quadruple the price of an item simply to increase profit during a temporary panic.  Cheaper Than Dirt, we are looking at you.

Let’s remember how we were treated by the businesses we rely on for our 2A supplies, and shop accordingly going forward.



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This is what we need more of in America.

In what appears to be an intelligent and rational response to an accidental shooting of a 13 year old by his friend, Pinecrest Academy in Henderson, NV is considering a move to train its students how to safely use guns.  This class would include time at a shooting range handling real guns and firing live ammunition.

As a public charter school, parents and staff are free to make choices that other public schools must leave to the Clark County School District.

We applaud the wise and courageous parents and staff of Pinecrest Academy, and encourage others around the country to follow their lead.  Gun safety doesn’t come through ignorance, but through training.

Here is the story as reported in the local Henderson, NV media.



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Different holsters are made to serve different purposes.  The most distinct different that comes to mind is whether the holster is intended to provide open carry or concealed carry.

Each of us must choose this key piece of equipment for ourselves.  For open carry, I chose to go with the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 2.  It provides very secure retention, that can only be released by a deliberate operation of a button.  There is complete coverage of the trigger area as well.  This rigid design will stay put on your belt.  What these features mean to me is that since it is in the open people will know I have it, thus I need protection from being disarmed.  That retention device provides that protection.  It also prevents the gun from moving around or falling out of the holster during normal wear, activity, or even wrestling with a bad guy.  This design makes it damn near impossible for this gun to be removed or fired unless done so intentionally by ME.

Accidents Happen

We opened up an interesting discussion on our Facebook Page about holsters after posting a link and images to a story about a guy who shot himself in the leg after his firearm accidentally discharged because of a POS holster.  Fortunately for him, he had a minor flesh wound based on the pictures (below.)  However, the point has been made; without a solid holster your gun may be more of a liability than an asset.

oops1 oops2 oops3

Here’s the commentary from the victim of this accidental discharge:

“What the hell was that? It took me a half a second to realize that my gun had just gone off on my hip in its holster. My wife and I had just finished breakfast at our favorite cafe and got into the car. Me being the passenger, I rotated my torso to the left to fasten my seatbelt like I always do. When I straightened again, my Glock 19 discharged, blowing a 9mm hole through my pants, underwear, the leather seat and bottom of the car’s door frame.” ~Rob, Virginia

The point isn’t to berate this guy.  He probably thought he had his firearm safely holstered, and he may have.  However, it appears in the picture that the leather has been broken-in, stretched, fatigued, abused or otherwise worn to a point that it no longer provides the secure and safe carry for which it was designed.

Another key feature you will want to consider is how likely the holster design is to prevent an accidental discharge that may result in an injury. Have a look at this video called “I Just Shot Myself”:

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bullet hole glass door

Our wives and daughters need to be trained in the use of firearms as well.  Most attacks and home invasions are premeditated.  Criminals often choose what they believe are vulnerable targets.

These men waited for their would-be victim’s husband to leave her at home alone, and apparently chose their moment to attack based on the assumption that they would face little to no resistance.  They were sorely mistaken.  This woman was skilled with her firearm, and when in fear for her life, she did not hesitate to protect herself using the tool that she had been practicing with.  She put a bullet into the chest of a man preparing to kick her door open.  The three attackers immediately fled, while returning fire with their own gun.

The fact that these men had gloves to conceal their fingerprints, and a gun, and had waited for her husband to leave meant they were definitely planning to do something very bad to their would-be victim, up to and including rape and murder.  She saved her own life using a firearm.  Good for her and her husband.

Check out the video.  Three things stand out:

  1. The height of the bullet hole in the door; center of mass.
  2. The expression on the husband’s face as her explains that he will have to have the glass replaced.  He seems almost happy to have to replace the glass and not his wife.  He is probably very relieved and proud that his wife protected herself and that he has that glass as a trophy of their victory over evil that day.  Better to replace glass than to bury his wife.
  3. The police officer they interviewed that clearly exclaimed that they definitely want people to protect themselves if they fear for their life.

Men, do not neglect to train your wives and children.  There is a reasonable chance that you may not be with them at the moment they need you most.

Women, do not blow off your husband’s insistence that you train in the use of firearms.  He loves you.  He wants you to be safe even when he is not there to protect you.  As you can see in this case, predators choose vulnerable targets.  They would rather face an unarmed woman than an armed man.  They will wait for you to be alone, distracted, or with your hands full.

This is why we train.