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From Wikipedia:

Personal armor (also known as body armor) is the whole of protective clothing, designed to absorb and/or deflect slashing, bludgeoning, and penetrating attacks. They were historically used to protect soldiers, whereas today, they are also used to protect various types of police (riot police in particular), private citizens, private security guards or bodyguards. Two types exist: regular non-plated personal armor (used by the people mentioned above, except combat soldiers) and hard-plate reinforced personal armor, which is used by combat soldiers, police tactical units and hostage rescue teams.

Many people think that body armor like “bullet proof vests” are only for cops and soldiers.  In fact, many people might not even know that it is perfectly legal for a citizen to own just about any kind of body armor.  Yes, there may be some laws in some states prohibiting citizens from buying some body armor, and felons may also be prohibited.  However, for the vast majority of us, body armor is very accessible and legal to own…for now.  Yes, you can buy body armor.  That may be about to change, however.

The same group of people (statist Democrats) who want to weaken our right to bear arms are now also eying our right to protect ourselves from bullets with body armor.  Read about this effort to ban body armor HERE.  Note that there is an exception for people who own armor PRIOR TO the ban.  Exceptions include: “enhanced body armor that was lawfully possessed by any person at any time before the date this section takes effect.”

We recommend that no matter what your view of the future, or the actual odds of this kind of legislation passing, you buy yourself some body armor, now.  Even if a nationwide ban doesn’t pass, if you live in a state like Maryland, California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, etc. you know they have to votes to ban it at the state level because they already used their votes to ban your guns.

So, what to buy?  In my very unprofessional opinion, you will want to have two sets of armor.  One, an “every day carry” type of pistol threat protection (level II or III-A), the other, more of a “SHTF” rifle threat protection (level III or IV).   Depending on what you buy, you could easily have one of each for less than $600 total.  I do.  They sit safely at home 99% of the time, because I don’t feel a threat that warrants their use.  However, the same may not be true in the future, just as I might not be able to buy the protection I need in the future if the control freaks have their way.

Pistol Protection

I have one manufacturer refurbished level II vest that is lightweight and comfortable and can be worn under a shirt without standing out much at all.  Below are a few similar examples that are available right now on Amazon:

External Vest


VIP Concealable Level III-A Vest, Black

VIP Concealable Level III-A Vest, White

External Level III-A Armor (pictured left)


In addition to the level II vest I have had for a couple of years, I recently bought multiple sets of level III armor for rifle threat protection, mostly to store in my SHTF collection.  I went with the Line-x coated AR500 steel armor and plate carrier packages.  A quick Google search can point you to dozens of authorized dealers.  Now as you can imagine, unlike lightweight Kevlar or Dyneema used in level II armor, steel plate armor is just too heavy and uncomfortable to warrant wearing in anywhere other than a combat zone, in my unprofessional opinion.  The carrier and steel plates together weigh about 20 lbs – without a pistol and spare magazines loaded in it.  There are also lightweight composite inserts that tend to cost more, and be more fragile than steel.  Steel will protect you from dozens of impacts, composites may only be rated for a single impact.  Either way, if your neighborhood, state or country becomes a war zone where rifles are being used, you must have at least level III protection if you plan to survive an impact.  Level II won’t protect you from an AR or an AK, level III will.

Rifle Protection

Vest with inserts

Level III Vest with multi-curve panels (pictured left)

Level IV Ballistic Inserts

Rifle Plate Carrier Vest

So for those of you anticipating a scenario, however unlikely, that you may end up getting shot at by a rifle, perhaps because of a societal collapse, martial law, civil war, terrorism, etc. you will want to acquire some body armor sooner rather than later.  For the price of 1000 rounds of 5.56 you can buy a nice (steel) level III rig and put it away for safe keeping.  It will not go bad, weaken over time, crack if you drop it, lose value over time, etc.


The other thing to consider is family members.  Would you want your wife and kids protected if things got ugly?  Will you be able to legally or anonymously buy body armor in the future?  While I pray for a change in direction for this country, it seems like America is heading the direction of either banning or registering guns, ammo and now body armor.  That is why I am thinking of my family when I buy those items.  I buy enough for my kids to be able to use when they reach an appropriate age.

So that’s one man’s take on body armor.  In addition to body armor, there are many other forms of portable ballistic protection to look at. I didn’t even touch on helmets, groin protection, backpack inserts and the rest, but those options are also out there.  I just am not sure that kind of protection is for me.  I’m not a SWAT operator or a soldier.  If the shit hits the fan, (whatever that means to you) my job is to protect my wife and kids, not fight a war.

Other Ballistic Protection:Bullet proof briefcase

Full Body Bulletproof Briefcase

Bullet proof inserts for backpacks, briefcases

Bulletproof Backpack inserts

Bulletproof backpack panels

Bulletproof Clipboard

If you have any experience you would like to share, please comment below.  Thanks, and stay safe.


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Here is a great article that does an excellent job of summarizing the frustration the vast majority of “normal” Second Amendment supporters feel toward the radicalized rifle carry folks.  They may mean to help our cause, but they couldn’t be more counter-productive.

We respect the right of private businesses to request that they be allowed to conduct their business without being made a battleground for a political issue they want nothing to do with.  Forcing a business to choose a side in the gun rights debate will inevitably lead to more restrictions on our right to carry, not fewer.  And if we alienate enough neutral Americans with in-your-face rifle carry, we can also get ready for new gun legislation.

Bottom line: Don’t force businesses choose between your guns and their profits.  Stop making political statements with your rifles.  Legally and responsibly carry your handgun, and be respectful of businesses and their customers.  Make friends, not enemies for the cause of gun rights.

Please, Open Carriers, Stop “Defending My Rights”


I’m not sure what’s going on with the gun rights movement lately. We faced a serious threat after Newtown, but at the grass roots level, America showed that it does not want more gun control. Most major gun control efforts failed miserably. Gun sales have soared. More and more good, decent citizens are getting concealed carry permits. The public is slowly learning that despite the incessant media focus on guns, actual gun crimes have plummeted. A few prominent liberals like Anthony Bourdain have tried to convince other liberals to stop demonizing gun owners. By most measures, we on the pro-2nd Amendment side have won.

But then open carriers go and screw things up.

Chipotle Rifle Carrying Dipshits

At last count several large corporations including Starbucks, Sonic, Chipotle and now Target have at least asked OCers to stop open carrying at their businesses. I’d guess they did this because OCers were driving customers away. The businesses’ request, of course, drove some pro-2A people nuts. These businesses have all been accused of being “anti-gun”. In reality, they just want to sell stuff. On their private property. You know, in accordance with their right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They aren’t required to take sides in a fight they never wanted to be involved in. They should be left out of this.

But instead of leaving the uninterested out of the debate, open carriers have apparently adopted a policy of forcing people to take sides. They do this by flaunting their right to open carry, carrying specifically to provoke a reaction, carrying for no logical reason in really stupid places, and basically making asses of themselves. Then they take pictures of themselves proudly “defending our gun rights”…..

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While driving my six year old daughter to school yesterday a commercial for PNC Bank came on the radio.  Out of the blue she said “PNC Bank daddy…we don’t like them because they don’t let us bring our gun into the bank.” I corrected her, and told her “we DO like PNC because they DO allow us to protect ourselves from bad guys in the bank.”

For background, I almost never speak about gun policy with my kids, it’s hard enough to get them to pay attention as it is, let alone bore them with this stuff.  So I focus on teaching them gun safety (don’t touch it!) at this age. 

I then said that some banks and stores have rules that do not let good people carry their gun for protection.  They even display a sign that says ‘no guns’ so that good guys can’t carry their guns there.

To my astonishment, my SIX YEAR OLD then said, “But daddy the bad guys don’t care about the rules, and they will bring their guns in anyway.”

Bank Robbers

I was AMAZED!  I told her she is smarter than half the grown-ups in this country.  I then told her that she was right, and that in those places the good guys will be disarmed and only the bad guys will have guns – which is why we don’t go to places that do not let us protect ourselves.

This display of wisdom was not because of any prompting from me.  This statement of the obvious is just how easy it is to understand why gun control and gun free zones fail.

The amazing part of all of this is that as a kindergartener she is able to use logic and reason to understand why gun free zones are stupid and dangerous, yet major corporations and politicians apparently do not.

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Dom Raso






Here is a great video that clearly explains why businesses should not ban firearms.

Thanks to NRA News for the video:

As Dom Raso explains, by banning firearms a business has told the good guys to stay away, and simultaneously told the bad guys that they will face no resistance.  This is why “Gun Free Zones” are very dangerous.

Smart citizens should always avoid “Gun Free Zones” for their own safety.   Call it a “boycott” or just plain common sense, but act in your own self interest and take your money to a business that will allow you to protect yourself and your family.

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Gun Free Zone Sticker

They just made it easy for crooks in Seattle.  In a move they claim “protects patrons from gun violence” a group of anti’s known as  has enrolled more than 100 businesses in a gun ban.  We offer that list without further comment, other than to say that FRANCHISES are run by individual owners, and just because a Baskin Robbins in Seattle bans guns, doesn’t mean they all do.

If you would like to thank these clowns for telling you which businesses to avoid, here you go:

PHONE: (206) 972-1952
MAIL: PO Box 20216  Seattle, WA 98102
MEDIA CONTACTS: Ralph Fascitelli (206) 972-1952 or


The following businesses are already signed on to participate (boycott these businesses):

  • 2K metal Works, LLC
  • 5 Point Cafe
  • 74th Street Alehouse
  • 95 Slide
  • A-Pizza Mart (both locations)
  • Alchemy Goods
  • Alive and Well
  • Alta Bicycle Share
  • Alta Planning + Design
  • Atlantic Crossing
  • Babeland
  • Bar Fred’nand
  • Bar Sajor
  • Barboza
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Big Mario’s Pizza
  • Big Picture Theater
  • Bluebird Ice Cream (3 locations)
  • Brenthaven
  • Bulldog News
  • Burgundian
  • Bus Stop Espresso
  • Cafe Flora
  • Cafe Paloma
  • Cafe Racer
  • Caffe Vita (6 locations)
  • Central Cinema
  • Century Ballroom
  • Cherry Street Cafe
  • Chocolati (Wallingford)
  • Columbia City Bakery
  • CommuniChi Acupuncture
  • Crisp Harvest Market
  • Cupcake Royale
  • Derby Salon
  • Die Bierstube
  • Elliott Bay Books
  • Erich Ginder Studio
  • FabCab
  • Fancy
  • Fat Ducks Bakery
  • First United Methodist Church
  • Fish Fry
  • Freddy’s Junior
  • Fremont Brewing
  • Ha! Restaurant
  • Havana
  • Jewish Transcript Media
  • Kaffeeklatsch
  • Latona Pub
  • Law Offices of Holmes & Witchley, PLLC
  • Lifelong AIDS Alliance
  • Lindas
  • Lost Lake Cafe & Lounge
  • Ltd. Art Gallery
  • Manhattan Seattle
  • Mars Bar
  • Maya’s Restaurant
  • Media Agents Inc
  • Merkel Services Auto Detailing
  • Mill Creek OB/GYN
  • Moe Bar
  • Molly Moons (all 6 locations)
  • Montlake Mousse
  • Muy Phake Noodle Shop
  • Neumo’s
  • New Seattle Massage
  • Nube Green
  • Oddfellows
  • Office Nomads
  • Pacific Inn Pub
  • Parent Map
  • Platinum Records
  • Portage Bay
  • Quinn’s
  • Rain City Burgers
  • Reel Grrls
  • Revolutions Coffee
  • Royal Bar & Patio
  • Ruby Pear Woodworks
  • Salvatore
  • Satay
  • Savvy Enterprises
  • Seattle’s Hempfest Central
  • Shirley Marvin Extended-Stay Hotel
  • Sitka & Spruce Restaurant
  • Spud’s Fish and Chips
  • Seattle Antique Market
  • Smith
  • Southern Street Kids
  • SpeakerLab
  • Stone Turtle Health
  • Subway Green Lake
  • Sugarcomb Salon
  • Sugar on Top Salon
  • Sutra LLC
  • Sweatbox Yoga
  • Tacos Guaymas Green Lake
  • Tangletown Elysian Brewery
  • The Blue Glass
  • The Harvest Vine
  • The Hillside Bar
  • The Saint
  • Tiny Tots Development Center
  • Totokaelo
  • Trabant Coffee
  • Tuta Bella Neapolitan Restaurant
  • UPS Store – Roosevelt
  • Urban Rest Stop
  • Veranda Montessori LLC
  • Voltaire, LLC
  • Wallingford Chocolati
  • Wildlife Cycles
  • Wildrose
  • Zoe


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Support Chief Mark Kessler

Gun grabbers are coming after our rights from every direction.  Whether it is gun bans in stores, revisionist textbooks, local ordinances, state restrictions, discrimination by banking, financial and insurance companies, “Executive Orders” or even United Nations mandates, they continue the push to strip us of our natural, God given, constitutionally protected rights.

Through all of this the one thing we must remember is that it is We The People who must stand up and demand that our rights be respected.  We can’t rely on the “wisdom” of elected or appointed government officials.  They are corrupt cowards who will bow to pressure from outside influences when push comes to shove  However, when we do see someone stand up and defend our rights, like Chief Mark Kessler has done (in the video below), we have to get behind them right away and show our support.

We’re not advocating you participate in, threaten or encourage any violence.  We are saying that you need to get off of your couch, and as an individual, go out there and do something to speak on behalf of our rights and protect yourself.  Tell your elected officials that your rights can’t be taken away by their decree.

Also, it is important to prepare yourself and your family for what may be coming in the future.  While unlikely right now, in the future we may be facing an economic crisis that may make the Great Depression look like a picnic.  The US national debt may eventually topple the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world.  Some terror attack or false flag event may result in martial law being declared, banks being closed, rationing at stores, shortages for food and gas, etc.  With tens of millions of Americans dependent on government assistance to survive, it would not take very long for our country to implode into chaos should those people find themselves having to fend for themselves.

So do not wait for your elected politicians to save you, they won’t.  Get out there as an individual and take action on your own.  Join with other individuals and take responsibility for protecting your own rights.

Chief Mark Kessler

As Chris Duane says in this video, do not beg our government for power.  We give them the power.  Go demand that they use that power to protect your rights.  Support Chief Mark Kessler.