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These are encouraging developments in troubling times.  The war for our rights has many fronts, and it seems the good guys have just opened up a new front.  Private industry is starting to tell oppressive government to pound sand.

Facing hostile anti-gun legislation in their home states, some high profile arms companies are threatening to leave their home states for greener, 2A friendlier, pastures elsewhere.  This can’t be an easy decision for a company to make, and would be very costly and disruptive. However, when faced with an existential threat, they are left with few options.  We applaud the courage of these companies, and hope to welcome them to a more gun friendly state like Virginia soon.

Remington Arms is threatening to leave the State of New York and take 1000 jobs with it.

Magpul considers leaving Colorado, potentially taking hundreds of jobs with it.

There are other companies that are refusing to sell to governments that violate the Second Amendment.  This “turnabout is fair play” approach shows the determination and principles that make the freedom movement great.

Midway USA has refused to sell high capacity magazines to governments that deny the people the right to own them.

These may seem like small gestures to the casual observer.  However, think about the guts it must take to stand up to any government in this day and age.  You know, that nameless faceless collection of goons with a monopoly on violence and endless resources to enforce endless regulation.  So not only are these companies losing revenue, they are facing potential government action.

A couple of examples from the financial world. Rating agency Standard and Poor’s downgraded the US debt rating and is now being sued.  Egan Jones downgraded the US government debt rating and was sued and can no longer issue debt ratings. This is obvious payback for daring to declare that the emperor has no clothes by reporting what they believe to be the truth.  Government doesn’t like it when someone points out that they may be less than perfect.

Governments have the power to ruin your business.  So when we see companies taking a principled stand against tyranny on our behalf, we have to stand up and applaud them.  When we are done applauding, we need to encourage others to put principles ahead of profits and follow suit.

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