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Body armor, be it a softer Kevlar-type material, ceramic or steel plate is a must-have if you expect to survive a gunfight.  All law enforcement and military wear them and if our society continues to break down not only will you have to carry a firearm everywhere, you will also need to be prepared to survive a gunshot or two.  Unfortunately, the cost of rated, commercial body armor is just too high for many people.  There is also talk of Democrat legislators attempting to ban law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.  Don’t despair, it is entirely possible to make your own body armor from commonly available items.

First things first: We are not experts on body armor.  We are not lawyers, or scientists or cops…We just want to help share information with members of the public who may be curious.  We do not suggest that you ever assume anything we tell you or share with you is actually going to be as good as a rated commercial body armor you could buy.  Do not ever do something as foolish as attempting to test body armor by wearing it while you shoot it.  Don’t sue us we’re just sharing information, use it are your own risk.  If you agree, please continue…

Before you decide what type of armor you need to have, you need to decide what kind of threat you want to defend against.  Handgun or rifle?  A 9mm is much easier to stop the a 5.56 green tip.  If you want to stop anything that could be shot at you, assume you need rifle armor.

Before you make the plates yourself, you might want to shop around for armor plate carriers.  Those of the vest-like pouches that will carry your armor plates.  CLICK HERE to see some plate carriers.  Once you know what size plate the plate carrier of your choice will accommodate you can begin planning to build your armor plates.

Below are a couple of examples of videos where guys make their own armor plates.


Some basic materials you’ll need for your armor plate is some kind of fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin with hardener and possibly ceramic tile, depending on your design objectives.


  1. WOW! Do not use any old saran-wrap but it must be ordinary saran-wrap


  2. Wow this dude doesn’t even know the difference between the circumference, radius, and diameter of a circle. I damn sure wouldn’t trust my life to anything this dipshit thinks up!


  3. Hazel, the drug gangs and the muslims will have real body armor and fully-automatic weapons, many of them supplied by Holder and Obama. The most-legally-owned rifle in America today is the AR-15/M-4/M-16 platform, which fires a small, fast projectile, while the most available tactical rifle in the world is the AK-47, which fires a much larger projectile, some of which is available with a steel core. I fire the same round in my rifle (non-steel core), and on several occasions the people at the range have asked to cut a round to verify that it’s all copper jacketed lead. Any advantage a citizen can give himself and his family is a good thing, because from a hardware standpoint, we’re at a disadvantage. We’re at an extreme disadvantage from an organizational standpoint, also. And the biggest disadvantage we have is that we won’t be starting anything. We’ll already be hit.


  4. This is horrible. We don’t need to be making body armor. We need to be stopping this and fighting this. The SHOOTERS will look at this. The SHOOTERS will be more prepared because of this. Is that what you want?


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