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Tannerite_explosion_2 That’s right; home made exploding targets (Binary Explosives) for half the price of brand name stuff. We think these types of targets are awesome, and so do lots of Americans just like you based on the number of visitors this page gets every day, and the scores of YouTube videos on the subject.  “Binary explosive”, meaning combines a mixture of two substances.  In one example it consists of a generic mixture of 95% ammonium nitrate and 5% aluminum power, commonly known as ”ammonal”

The bottom line up front (BLUF) is, you can make an exploding target from the same materials as major brand products yourself for about half the cost of buying the brand name stuff.   It’s just two very cheap, safe and legal materials you mix together and shoot.  There is no magic.  In fact, even if you buy their product you still have to mix the same two chemicals together anyway.  It is all the same stuff!!! 

Now, where were we? A binary explosive target is a target that consists of two chemicals mixed together that goes “boom” when you shoot it.  It is legal and fun to shoot in the right settings and we’re going to tell you how to make it.  Do not take anything on this page as legal or scientific advice – we’re just sharing information for entertainment purposes only.  We advise you do not do this, but if you must, do your homework before you start.  Read and watch videos, and be careful.  Use at your own risk and don’t blow up anything you shouldn’t!  (Have fun, but don’t sue us – we have no money anyway.) Do not be this guy!!!


Watch this guy mix his own from a cold pack.

Home made exploding target 1








…and this guy…

Home made exploding target 2









MAKE YOUR OWN EXPLOSIVE TARGETS!!! The two key ingredients are (CLICK TO BUY): 95% ammonium nitrate 5% aluminum powder For “boom,” just impact with one high velocity rifle round. cold pack ammonium nitrate Some pointers we’ve discovered along the way: Dynarex Instant Cold Pack, 5 Inches x 9 Inches, 24-Count (Health and Beauty)

  • For those of you purchasing this with Aluminum Powder – 5 micron – 2 Pounds you may find it interesting to know that there is about 6.5 lbs of the active ingredient in this 24 pack.
  • Catalog # 4512 contains ammonium nitrate.
  • If you buy the case of 24 cold packs you should buy about 1lb of aluminum powder. The 1lb should do a lot more than the 24 cold packs.






aluminum powder








Below is a “how to” post on the subject from


So you want to know how to make an exploding targetThey are made from a binary compound that can be legally manufactured in the United States, and is commonly used down range with high velocity rifles. Preppers and Survivalists will find this legal mixture useful in a SHTF situation, and more pleased to find out that this can be bought premade through the patented version with no need to mix. [Visit that company's website.] Basically, when you shoot – it explodes.

This compound is so stable it requires high impact to detonate the mixture. Can-o-rice could be used on your property engaging a confirmed threat to your life or property would be it’s most practical use, disabling I.E.D.’s (Improvised Explosive Device), or disabling vehicles in Charlie Foxtrot situations. High-velocity firearm cartridges will detonate the mixture, low-velocity will not detonate the mixture.

Note: their are no federal laws for this mixture, always be in compliance with your local and state laws (Illegal in some places) . Be well informed.

How to make binary exploding targets at home (at the range)

The mixture itself is simple

For example: 100g AN mixed with 5g AL

  1. 95% Ammonium Nitrate  will have to be made into a fine powder. 
  2. Use blender to ground to the consistency of salt granules.
  3. Mix in well ventilated area with no open flames.
  4. Ignition Point 840 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Store in sealed container after grounded.
  6. After storage – If clumping occurs break the clumps apart and ground.
  1. 5% Aluminum Powder 300-600 mesh.
  2. Use different blender to avoid contamination.
  3. Blend into fine powder.
  4. Mix in well ventilated area with no open flames.
  5. Store in sealed container after grounded.
  6. After storage – If clumping occurs break the clumps apart and ground.

How to make it – The mix AN/AL

Pour the amounts into the container and shake them up until they are mixed together mixed accordingly to their weight 95/5 in any desired amount. Remember once you mix them together you must use them at the site. You cannot drive or store the stuff mixed together. (May violate federal law.)

A Federal explosives license or permit would be required to obtain any explosive device, such as detonators, used to initiate the mixed binary explosives. In addition, transportation of any explosive material, including mixed binary explosives, without a Federal license or permit is prohibited. [27 CFR 555.11: Definition of “manufacturer”; 27 CFR 555.26, 555.41(b)] Again do not drive with these compounds mixed.

As with any of the usCrow guides and manuals it is strictly advised that you practice caution and be well informed. Prepper and Survival weapons and devices like these require skill, character, and responsibility.

Of course, you can take a look at this: Army Improvised Munitions handbook

BUT – Before you start playing with forces you may not fully understand…DO NOT BE THIS GUY!!!  


Anyway, if after learning what you can here and elsewhere you decide you would like to just buy a binary explosive product online instead of making your own from compounds you will buy yourself and mix, you could try a product called Sure Shot.  They are a veteran owned small business and sell a centerfire sensitive exploding target for about $8/lb.  They also carry a 22LR sensitive target for about $14 for 1/2 lb.   If you care to learn more about Sure Shot, check out their website and/or video below:


  1. Can the Goliath targets be put next to regular tannerite to make a bigger explosion and still set off with a 22?


  2. Haing tannerite with intent to explode the targets in California is a felony California that can get you 3 years in prison. Transporting the mixed parts in a vehicle is a Federal offense.


    • Im not a lawyer but the law states that by having and keeping the chemicals seperate stays completely legal. It is only when transporting the two mixed that it is illegal and intent can be brought up. The burden of proof for intent is on the state otherwise, meaning it would be damn hard to prove anything keeping or transporting them seperately.


  3. Shoot me an email if you want to buy 34-0-0 without having to cut open cold packs. I have it for sale in all different sizes and in both prill and powder form.


  4. andrew cornelius

    Can this mixture be set off with a 12 ga?


  5. This is a great little how-to guide. Thanks for sharing.
    *** As a general FYI: more and more cold-pack manufacturers are switching to urea instead of ammonium nitrate. When made with urea, the prills (little pellets/balls) are light grey instead of white; and, if dissolved in distilled water, the urea solution will be neutral (as opposed to acidic solution of ammonium nitrate in water). ***


    • Just to clarify, the ammonium nitrate + Al is what gives you the ‘boom’. Urea will leave you disappointed. Buy a single cold-pack and check (via color & solution pH) for which they use before wasting $ on a big box of cold-packs only good for sore muscles.


  6. Only redneck assholes would take pleasure in making/using this stuff. Jerks like these fools are surely going to lose our 2nd Amendment rights.


    • Yoni beaver huh? Isn’t beaver slang for VAGINA????


    • If you believe someone at some point in time can write on a piece of paper what your rights are; and you are not signatory to it? You definitely had no rights to begin with.


    • Wendell Hardegree

      Committing on something that a dumbass said is risky at best. …..but I find it impossible to resist. Yoni, or pussy, however you put it ……same smell. Watch what you say about or directed toward rednecks. So of us are REDNECK enough to make you think twice about slighting us or thinking of us as stupid.


    • This guy is a weekend paintball warrior, that or he has one of those $3000.00 air rifles for competition shooting with 177 pellets. You know the type that walks around nose held high in the air, if he met a Marine with that shitty attitude toward IED’s he’d get a quick lesson in self motivation, via placing ones own foot up ones own ass rapidly over and over In other words he’s a big mouthed Asshole with a small pecker..


    • guess again asshole, some people enjoy this a great deal, an when done in a controlled an safe environment, by people who take the time to both train and understand this stuff, can be great fun… after all anything worth doing is worth doing right…. and as far as my 2nd amendment rights go , we got TRUMP, no worries there, had it been killery, then well just glad it wasn’t…


  7. I certainly don’t trust advice on explosives from someone that doesn’t even understand basic grammar. What else do you suppose he is missing and doesn’t understand.


    • It is a pretty accurate formula. I used to dabble in explosives; until I got caught and sent to prison for not doing “exploding targets”. Many high explosives can be detonated by a high velocity bullet. The bullet takes the place of a blasting cap; which provides heat and shock. The elements of heat and shock are essential for detonation; but bullets do not work for super stable mixtures like c-4. My grammar is good; and I can assure you the recipe is accurate.


  8. more aluminum power will make it 22 sensitive. ive set it off with a 177 pellet gun


  9. I found some 33-0-0 ammonia nitrate will it work


  10. SO, if you order Tannerite from the manufacture, it’s delivered to my residence, I am not allowed to transport it to the range ??


    • You can transport to the range that allows it, but you are not allowed to mix it prior to transport. If you mix it at the house and transport, that is illegal. If you mix at the range, you need to shoot it all so you don’t transport it. Transportation of this is just fine, as long as it stays 2 separate materials until ready to fire.


    • It is okay to transport the two ingredients as long as they are not mixed…!!!


  11. What is used to make 22sensitive


    • Samuel, look up “Goliath Targets”. Lots of videos out there. Not sure what the ingredients are for it yet.


      • What can be mixed to make it in to a manageable. Putty and not make mix. Become less explosive


      • Something to think about BEFORE mixing…..

        Do NOT mix binary explosives in containers that do NOT have a good container lip-to-lid seal(side sealing lids are BAD!!) … like the goof in the video above.

        This is because when you open the container, the contents(the EXPLOSIVE) can get into the lid area, and then spill out when opened – or worse yet, get into the threading of the lid and the container …. which can cause friction and heat, which could cause a reaction(think BOOOM!).

        If you think I’m being an anal-retentive ass, fine. Playing with explosives requires attention to detail and near OCD levels of care. One mistake, at any point can cause the explosive to have Premature Explosive Reaction. Just think of PER as what happens to nearly every male during their first time …. just with slightly more permanent results.


    • So you can set it off with a .22lr round instead of a higher powered (I.e. more expensive) round which is normally required.


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