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Optics King Muzzle Adapter Kit



First off, if you just found this post, you will also be interested in our other posts on the Oil Filter Suppressor, the Wix Suppressor and the Maglite Suppressor.

Please note: The Amazon product links here are mostly dead now because Amazon has delisted these products.  You may still be able to find them if you search Amazon, but we can’t.  We continue to show you this information so you know what might be available on the market.  However, as of September 2016, the item below is still available on Amazon

Buy complete muzzle break adapter kits here:

Hydraulic Scrubber Oiler: STOP PIPE NOISE: 7 1/2” Cylinder, 2 Ends, Pistons, Springs, Fast Free Shipping!


You may also want to read our page, Books on How to Make a Silencer.

And now let’s talk about the latest development in the barrel-to-oil filter thread adapter business; the integrated muzzle adapters that bring a complete “dual use” system that makes their use even more convenient.  Some of these systems allow you to use your own muzzle device, and some include a muzzle break.  The key point here is that with this system you will never have to remove your muzzle break to attach your solvent trap ever again. Here we finally have what appears to be the industry’s first complete and semi-permanent solution for all your “solvent-trapping” needs.

This may end up being the be-all-and-end all of solvent trap systems, and is by far the best we’ve ever seen.  There are already a few variants of these on the market.  Below we’ll provide the manufacturer’s description of one of them (The “IMACS”) to give you an idea of what they can do.  Since Amazon will pull any listings with “too much” detail about these adapters and solvent traps, most listings there won’t tell you what these things are really capable of. Use your imagination.

dual purpose muzzle adapter










Here are links to a few of these products:

Muzzle Brake Cleaning System Adapter

GRG 1/2×28 for 223/556 Competition Muzzle Brake with 3/4-16 threaded Sound Forwarder and Thread Protector and Crush Washer

OpticsKing .308/7.62 Muzzle Brake with Sound Redirect 5/8 X 24 Brake with Sleeve Muzzle brake

Model 4/15 .223 5.56 1/2×28 Dual Purpose Muzzle Brake & Aluminum Adapter to 3/4 x16 Outer Size Thread


We’d love to hear a review in our comments if you have experience with this type of system.

Below is the IMACS manufacturers description and images.  You won’t see all of this on his Amazon listing, but here’s everything you need to know about the IMACS.

**Update, this product has been pulled from Amazon, but we think the information is still helpful to you.  There are lots of products for sale on Amazon just like it.

Buy the IMACS – Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling System


This system seems like it could work with either the Oil Filter solution or the Fuel Filter solution.  It doesn’t mention whether it would work with a Maglite, but with the right threaded adapter, anything is possible. We asked the manufacturer of the IMACS about his system not including a muzzle break/flash hider and his response made good sense; “Regarding the devices with fixed muzzle breaks, The advantage of the IMACS device is that it allows the user to use any kind of muzzle break they prefer instead of being limited to the one permanently fixed on the other adapters.”

Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling System (IMACS)


-Made in the USA

-Works with any 1″-14 (SAE) or 3/4″ (NPT) Oil/Fuel/Hydraulic Filter, solvent catch, jug, etc.

-ALL 1″- 14 (SAE) or 3/4″ (NPT) Oil/Fuel Filters fit over Conventional Bird Cage A2 Style Muzzle Brakes allowing for Quick and Easy Use.

-1″-14 (SAE) Filter choice examples include WIX-33528, 33674, 33640 (cross to your preference).

-3/4″ (NPT) filter choice includes the popular WIX-24003 Fuel Filter (same as NAPA-4003 Gold Fuel Filter)

-Available in three sizes, 1/2-28 (AR-15), 5/8-24 (AR-10) or 14M-1 LH (AK47) threaded barrels and allows the muzzle brake to re-attach for an Integrated Installation

-No need to keep re-installing the adapter for each use. Install once and leave in place. The filter-catch threads are protected with the included knurled thread protector sleeve. If a 1″ Nut fits over your muzzle brake the IMACS will work for your setup (.93″ clearance)

This Patent Pending Coupling System ….

is designed to remain on the barrel for convenience and quicker weapon cleaning – in the field, while camping, on the gun range, around the house, etc.

Enhances the ease of barrel and gas tube cleaning by allowing oil and fuel filters (or other solvent catch devices) to attach by sliding over existing flash suppressors or muzzle devices

permits the attachment of Class 3 suppressors without the removal of existing flash suppressors allowing for quick deployment of Class 3 suppressors across multiple IMACS provisioned weapons while re-indexing to a constant position for repeatable accuracy

provides an indexed attachment location for additional gun accessories freeing the use and real estate of the quad rail.



  1. Is there any updated news on this stuff, r were 2 purchase? I live n the country and can’t even shoot my AR with out sum1 bitching r acting like I’m a killer, r very odd 4 having my awsome AR.


  2. I have a browning 7mm mag with Boss will this adaptor work with my rifle


  3. Wait till after the election gentlemen




  5. You can’t get a tax stamp without a serial code number The Econo can has one I think but even with those it’s still borderline illegal even with the tax stamp or a trust in the U.S.A. Idk about other countries though. These ideologies about making oil can suppressors Maglite suppressors and just your own built suppressor are usually for when t.s.h.t.f. and zombies or crazy North Korean dudes want to kick down your door and when that happens all lefty fist laws are out.


    • Yes you can, you make one up.


    • Surly Old Gunner

      You get the tax stamp by submitting a BATF Form 1 and $200, just like you do when you make a suppressor from tubing or — with a BATF Form 4 and $200 — when you buy a suppressor from a dealer.

      If you don’t know what you’re talking about you should either educate yourself or just shut the hell up. Making up crap isn’t impressing anyone.


  6. I have the Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake Twisted Port with Sound Redirect 1/2 X 28 threads with 13/16 – 16 Threaded sleeve. If I take off the large can, will an oil filter screw on in it’s place? I’ve also cut off the ported piece, as I didn’t think it was/is necessary to have the gun blast go against the sides of the can, and then out the front. Will my having done that, be a problem? I can’t see as how it could be, since everything will still be within the filter. And now, what kind/brand of oil filter do I buy? Will I still be required to get that ridiculous $200 tax stamp? Those oil filters don’t really quite an AR that much, do they? And how many rounds will an oil filter be good for, b4 replacement? Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Jay Andre


    • The penalty for possessing a suppressor without the BATF permit and the tax stamp is 5 years in prison an upto $50,000.00 fine. It does not matter how you get it, possessing it with th tax stamp is a crime in itself.

      A felony conviction is also a life time barrier to the possession of firearms.


      • That is “without”


      • ‘A felony conviction is also a life time barrier to the possession of firearms.’ not every time, don’t spread bullshit around like you’re educated.


        • You’re technically right. If you’re convicted of Felony Anti-Trust violations, or certain other Trade law violations, and business practices, then no, you won’t lose your firearms ownership rights.

          Other wise, yes, according to Federal law, you loose the ability to own firearms. Since I’m pretty sure no one here is a Rockefeller or Vanderbilt, and he was not talking about creating a monopoly or illegally restricting trade in some way, you seem like the one who’s spreading some bullshit around.


          • Thomas A. Paretti IV

            There are also certain states that allow previously convicted felons to own firearms after a restricted period, like here in Louisiana as I recall it’s a 10 years period before a felon can own firearms again.

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