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2ACheck Rating: “B” – Lowe’s is mostly gun-friendly.

August 8, 2013: Lowe’s Home Improvement allows lawful firearm carry by the public.  However, we have just received confirmation that Lowe’s HR policy prohibits possession of any weapons by employees. For this we have dropped their rating from an “A” to a “B.”  We believe Lowe’s policies are still generally supportive of gun rights, just not for their employees.

It is unfortunate, but employee restrictions on weapon possession in the workplace are commonplace in America and many companies that allow customer carry prohibit employee carry.   Those companies are typically rated “B” by Second Amendment Check.

Most companies will not disclose employee polices to us, but we suspect many with an “A” rating would have a “B” rating if they did.  If you see a company that we rate an “A” that you know bans firearms for employees and can provide evidence, please contact us:

We recently came into possession of the page of the Lowe’s HR Policies and Procedures that covers “weapons.”  Have a look:



  1. I agree that the norm in America seems to be that employees are prohibited from carrying weapons on company property. With that in mind, it seems that companies would not be granted benefit of the doubt – that an “A” rating be reserved for companies in which deservedness can be confirmed. Just a thought.


  2. I am a current Lowe’s employee. I feel if a Lowe’s employee has a CHL license they have gone through a background check and should be able defend themselves and others in the event of a threat from an armed criminal.


    • But they are probably looking at it from a liability standpoint. If they have a employee that’s legally armed and ends up having to use it and either misses or is a Barney fife shit they will have to assume the liability.
      If they allow a armed customer and the same thing happens they will not be directly
      Liable. Either way it’s a plus that it’s not gun free. And with that they will continue to get my business!


  3. Sadly, it is going to take the loss of a major lawsuit where someone or lots of someones die because they did not have access to a defensive firearm due to a company policy before companies (and their insurance carriers) start seeing legal carry as the safest option. Consider that lawful and common concealed carry has only been around about 20-25 years. Given enough time, and enough data, some smart lawyer is going to sue and win. When that happens, expect a lot of “no guns allowed” signs to come down. If we get really lucky some of these anti-gun groups will be included because they told the company that this was the safest option when the facts were clearly otherwise.


  4. MAYBE — it might have to do with the liability that could be on “Lowes” if one of their employees shoots and kills or causes bodily harm to another subject. Imagine the lawsuit they would be under by family in either scenario


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