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UPDATE!  The US State Department has shut them down and demanded they pull all the drawings down immediately.

The ability for each free human being to “print” their own firearm may soon be widely available.  This will be unstoppable and untraceable, assuming we can get access to the required designs online.  We recommend everyone download a copy of any and all of the designs as soon as they are made available online.  Pretty soon the government will probably try to legislate the 3-D models and drawings of firearms illegal because once that cat is out of the bag there is no going back.  No gun ban in the world will make these any harder to come by.  As with drugs and prostitution, if people want something the government can’t stop people from making a market in it.  That doesn’t mean control freaks like New York Democrat Steve Israel won’t try to ban it anyway.

The article and images below are from Forbes

This Is The World’s First Entirely 3D-Printed Gun (Photos)

Eight months ago, Cody Wilson set out to create the world’s first entirely 3D-printable handgun.

Now he has.

Early next week, Wilson, a 25-year-old University of Texas law student and founder of the non-profit group Defense Distributed, plans to release the 3D-printable CAD files for a gun he calls “the Liberator,” pictured in its initial form above. He’s agreed to let me document the process of the gun’s creation, so long as I don’t publish details of its mechanics or its testing until it’s been proven to work reliably and the file has been uploaded to Defense Distributed’s online collection of printable gun blueprints at Defcad.org.

Update: Here’s my full account of Defense Distributed’s first test-firings of the Liberator, including firing it by hand.

All sixteen pieces of the Liberator prototype were printed in ABS plastic with a Dimension SST printer from 3D printing company Stratasys, with the exception of a single nail that’s used as a firing pin. The gun is designed to fire standard handgun rounds, using interchangeable barrels for different calibers of ammunition.

Technically, Defense Distributed’s gun has one other non-printed component: the group added a six ounce chunk of steel into the body to make it detectable by metal detectors in order to comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act. In March, the group also obtained a federal firearms license, making it a legal gun manufacturer.

Of course, Defcad’s users may not adhere to so many rules. Once the file is online, anyone will be able to download and print the gun in the privacy of their garage, legally or not, with no serial number, background check, or other regulatory hurdles. “You can print a lethal device,” Wilson told me last summer. “It’s kind of scary, but that’s what we’re aiming to show.”

Since it was founded last August, Wilson’s group has sought to make as many components of a gun as possible into printable blueprints and to host those controversial files online, thwarting gun laws and blurring the lines between the regulation of firearms and information censorship. So far those pieces have included high capacity ammunition magazines for AR-15s and AK-47s, as well as an AR lower receiver, the body of that semi-automatic rifle to which off-the-shelf components like a stock and barrel can be attached.

Those early experiments have made Cody Wilson into one of the most controversial figures in the 3D printing community. In October of last year, Stratasys seized a printer it had rented to Defense Distributed after the company learned how its machine was being used. New York congressman Steve Israel has responded to Defense Distributed’s work by introducing a bill that would renew the Undetectable Firearms Act with new provisions aimed specifically at 3D printed components. In January, personal 3D printing firm Makerbot removed all gun components from Thingiverse, its popular site for hosting users’ printable designs.

All of that opposition has only made Wilson more eager to prove the possibility of a 3D printed firearm. “Everyone talks about the 3D printing revolution. Well, what did you think would happen when everyone has the means of production?” Wilson asked when we spoke earlier in the week. “I’m interested to see what the potential for this tool really is. Can it print a gun?”

It seems that it can.

Stay tuned for more. In the mean time, here’s another photo of Defense Distributed’s prototype.

Update: Defense Distributed’s political opponents aren’t waiting around for its printable gun to be finished and uploaded before calling for it to be banned. Congressman Steve Israel issued a press release Friday responding to this story: “Security checkpoints, background checks, and gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print plastic firearms at home and bring those firearms through metal detectors with no one the wiser,” his statement reads. “When I started talking about the issue of plastic firearms months ago, I was told the idea of a plastic gun is science-fiction. Now that this technology is proven, we need to act now to extend the ban [on] plastic firearms.”


  1. Quinapalus
    I have to say I am but one way by your cavalier attitude and you were designed post to paint any person who has a gun being just steps away from creating an offensive move which does happen, sadly, and the difference between offense and defense is very clearly identified by your rhetoric which is offensive to most people and Your defensiveness proves the merits of my argument that you are offensive.

    I suspect you have never been shot where as I have, and the perpetrator was a law-enforcement officer in uniform engaged in supposed law enforcement and protecting of the community. As a winner of millions of dollars I can tell you he apparently my shooting was wrong , and yet the officer and many other officers who have shot people in the wrong in the back even, as in my case, yet still continue operating… That, to me, sir is stupid and that is a matter of only a another offense happening again. You offense defenseive prickle bush!! You!!!

    Simply saying something as stupid does not make you correct and repeating stupid over and over again only makes you stupid. I truly would like to know how you came to believe these things as truth.

    I also hope, for your sake, and sake , safety of the people who love you and you love, or your community your country your home your church whatever, never need you to step up and do the right thing with with a gun. I wish you no ill will and anyway, while many others probably want to tell you to have Red ants infest your colon and fleas infest your ear canals!!! I have no such wish for you I simply wish that you never live in the land of America and walk the streets of reality … In your dream world no one needs guns, AND why? According to you it is because gun control works so well… And the police will be there in one minute before anything goes wrong yeah, yeah OK, & radiation for cancer is a great idea too!!!! Just as water being fluoridated & chlorinated is also a great idea..
    I have been law nor cement, search and rescue, Firefighter, medic, military, pastor hypnotherapist mixed martial arts instructor, firearms instructor to law-enforcement hand to hand combat instructor, father, husband and not one time and in no way do I feel as though I should do anything but be responsible with my gun carry my ability to hit my target my duty to stay calm as possible to situation hopefully D escalate the situation !!! Having shot someone already in self-defense I can tell you in no way did I offensively do that, that other person is offensive moves against me and my loved one left me no option but to firing round into that individual. I in no way ever wish to do that again, however however I will not hesitate to defend myself my family my house my city my county state and country my church. So I wish you the best in life and I do hope you never ever ever need a gun or better yet I hope you will go to study how much guns DETER rapes, murders, break-ins home invasions stick ups and of course shootings, if people were armed in situations were many people died they could’ve gotten that death count much lower and ended said situation before anyone else was injured or law-enforcement had to make rational decisions in irrational environment and perhaps shoot innocent people.. Please reflect before responding….
    I thank you for your opinion even if I don’t like what you shared
    best regards Sgt. Matthew-H:Tartaglia “Sarge”


  2. Quinapalus is a blind fool plain and simple. I feel sorry for him should someone with no problems killing good, innocent people to get something they want decide to invade his home…. Or maybe carjack him since he believes guns are not average for average people. Good luck with that, hope it works out for you,,,, well, not really because I believe anyone who thinks it’s ok to strip people of their rights DESERVE TO be shot.


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  4. Quinapalus, isn’t from this country, just so you know. Who says “petrol” and spells the word “offense” with a “c” (i.e. ‘offence’) — not Americans.

    Quinapalus makes some good arguments, but the problem is statistics can be also be called upon to show that guns in the hands of a law-abiding people are a good thing.

    In addition, I would venture to say that the reason the colonists broke away from England, is because of the most contentious issue: “Taxation without Representation”.

    Seeing as how our national debt is rising to unprecedented levels under the “leadership” (if you want to use that word to describe Barack Obama’s two terms as President) we have now, I’d say that my kids, are in the same position (they are already being taxed and do not have representation).

    The 2nd Amendment is about more than just “the right to defend oneself” — the right is designed to make it so that the “militia” (law-abiding Americans), can defend against enemies of the state, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC.


  5. This is utterly ridiculous! As well as exacerbating the unregulated supply of firearms in the US, it could also begin to undermine gun control in countries where sensible gun control has been successfully reducing the number of deaths caused by shooting for years. When are people going to grasp the fact that more guns in circulation will mean that more people will get shot. There is no logical reason why any average person would need to own a gun; the “Defence protection” argument is so flimsy you can see through it…. 1. Guns are an OFFENCIVE weapon. 2. Offence as a means of defence is a strategy that only works given opportunity through forewarning (n.b. Burglars generally don’t call ahead to let you know when they’ll be coming round). 3. If you are too dumb to know the difference between offence and defence then strategy probably isn’t your strong point… There is no positive light in which irresponsibility of this nature can be presented. If more people are given access to guns, it follows that more stupid people will have access to guns. More stupid people with guns means that more people will get shot for stupid reasons (accidentally, in a fit of rage, drunken misjudgement, left a gun somewhere a child was able to find it…..) How many more people need to die before gun control will be accepted as the good thing that it is? Stop clinging to the feeble excuse that second amendment provides and start living in the 21st century. The world will be a better place with fewer guns. FACT!!!


    • Thanks for your opinions, but your are incorrect on all points. In fact, gun crime is way down over the last 20 years in America, while the number of guns “in circulation” has been way up. http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-gun-crimes-pew-report-20130507,0,3022693.story

      Guns in the hands of good people are a good thing.


      • The source you quote also states that less than 1% of victims of violent crime have used a gun to defend themselves which, given that there are more guns in circulation than ever before, seems to support the view that guns offer little as a means of protection for the average person. Additionally, your view is incredibly simplistic; there are many factors to which the drop in the cause of crime over the last 20 years can be attributed – the fall in demand for crack cocaine, smarter policing, the Roe vs Wade abortion ruling, reduced lead in petrol, a shift in demographic…. If new causes of crime arise, the figures will change again, and with more guns in circulation, more people will get shot.

        Guns are dangerous instruments of death, and are a world away from the single-shot, front loading musketts that the term “Arms” referred to at the time when the second amendment was put in place. Furthermore, this overwhelming fascination with big shiny boom-sticks is absolutely infantile. There absolutely no need for people to own/carry guns in todays society, so no need to be so precious and protective about the right to bear arms.


        • Only an clueless elitist snob or a control freak would want to disarm good people. My gun is my property, and none of your concern. Your comments reveal how irrational you are when it comes to respecting peoples natural right to self defense. Your words are an insult to our country’s founding, but are typical of the idiocy that seems to be prevalent in our country, as evidenced by the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama. Free people are armed. Slaves are not.


    • Even if the Stats were true, (they are not, in fact the true stats are the reverse, countries with the strictest gun control laws have higher per rates of gun violence than those with fewer restrictions) our rights to own, carry, and use firearms for whatever reason we choose “Shall Not Be Infringed”, it’s not up for debate and no one has the authority to deny me that Right. When our elected representatives attempt to diminish or out right strip us of those Rights, they commit Treason and should be held accountable.


  6. harold c. griffin sr.

    prisoners in jail have been making zip guns from wood for decades, so what is the big deal now.


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