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MillerCoors copy2ACheck Rating: “C” – MillerCoors is inconsistent.

MillerCoors prohibits firearms on their property.  This policy applies to employees and visitors, including the general public who may come to take a tour of the plant.

As you can see in the pictures below, taken in September 2013 at a facility in Colorado, no firearms are allowed.




Below is a statement on gun rights we received from MillerCoors a few months ago, prior to discovering their policy to prohibit firearms.  At that time we interpreted this to be very gun-friendly, especially considering the statement about never supporting gun control legislation.  We still believe the Coors family are gun friendly and support gun rights.  However, their prohibition on their property stands in contradiction of those principles.

“MillerCoors advocates the responsible use of guns for legitimate sporting activities and believes it is up the individual to make responsible decisions regarding guns and their proper use.  We have never supported, nor do we now support any gun control legislation.  We hope we have adequately explained our position on the gun control issue.  However, we never forget that first and foremost we are in the business of brewing great beer.”

Having re-read their statement, they are abundantly cautious and only advocate “the responsible use of guns for legitimate sporting activities.“  This is NOT the purpose of the Second Amendment, and is probably little more than giving lip service to pander to us while also not offending gun control advocates.

We see inconsistency here that can not be ignored.

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  1. I would like to know the truth. Just between them and me. I could understand no guns on their property. Thats their right and safety right for employers. But i do think conceal to carry if not left in your vehicle should mean ‘conceal to carry’. Thats besides the point though. I can let that slide on none on their premises. No need to have them in the plant. All i wanna know and i think what most want also is ‘Does any amount of Coors’ profits fund any anti gun groups, programs, activities, etc. A straight answer is yes or no. If so, what or which ones. If no, then ill enjoy a cold one out of a silver can. But i will not risk supporting this possibility when i am unsure.


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