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Oil Filter Suppressor – Cheap, Legal, Effective | Second Amendment Check
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First off, if you just got here you’re also going to want to read our other posts about the dual use muzzle adapters, the wix fuel filter suppressors and the Maglite suppressors.  You also might want to have a look at some Books on How to Make a Silencer. Also, many of our visitors also want to know about how to make their own Tannerite exploding targets

We do our best to provide working links for your convenience.  However, Amazon frequently removes these listings.  Don’t be discouraged, the products are still out there, but they may be listed on Amazon under a new/different description to get around Amazon’s censors.


Buy an oil filter to rifle barrel adapter here:



Here’s an adapter that will work:


This one will work as well:

Read about the complete Muzzle Break Adapter Kits HERE

Buy complete muzzle break adapter kits here:

Hydraulic Scrubber Oiler: STOP PIPE NOISE: 7 1/2” Cylinder, 2 Ends, Pistons, Springs, Fast Free Shipping!


Read about Maglite Suppressors HERE

Buy Maglite suppressor parts here:

Maglite D Cell End Cap Anodized Black Center Marked

Maglite C Cell End Caps Combo Set (Anodized Black)

qty 24, 34.3mm 1.350 Modified freeze plug


Read about Wix Fuel Filter Suppressors HERE

Buy Fuel Filter suppressor parts here:

Wix 24003 Fuel Filter

Wix 24004 Fuel Filter Cartidge

THREE (3) 3/4 NPT Plug Cap End – Black Nylon Threaded Plug Fits 4003

unthreaded barrel adapter

Use this adapter to convert your 22LR barrel from unthreaded to threaded.

Don’t forget to buy a filter with the matching threads.

Here is a filter that would have the 13/16 – 16 threading:

Fram PH373 Passenger Car Oil Filter

Here is another filter with the 3/4 – 16 threading:

Fram PH3569 Extra Guard Passenger Car Spin-On Oil Filter (Pack of 2)

There are many more than you can choose from, just make sure you match the threads.

Some people like to use a Solvent Trap Washer:

2″ Solvent Trap Washer – Stainless Steel for Solvent Trap Adapter


And now to our story…

It’s not an urban (or is it “rural legend” in this case) legend, and you can see for yourself in the videos.  The thing not only suppresses sound, but it also allows the shooter to accurately and reliably fire his gun and hit the intended target.

Hickok45 demonstrates oil filter suppressor

“Econo-Can Oil filter Suppressor (Adapter) Demonstration

Of course, you will need to pay the $200 tax stamp if you want to be legal.

Some people don’t believe the Second Amendment permits federal regulation of suppressors and will never pay $200 for a tax stamp.  Those people may be at risk of violating the law if they attempt to suppress their firearms without the proper paperwork, etc.

However, much like the idea behind the 3-D printer plastic gun blueprints (recently banned by the US State department,) anyone with a blueprint and a machine can make a part regardless of the law.  Just like a car is capable of breaking the speed limit, the law doesn’t change the reality that the law may be broken. It is obviously possible to make a cheap and simple adapter that fits a threaded barrel to an oil filter.  In fact there are a few of them available on Amazon for use as adapters for oil filter “solvent traps.”  When combined with an oil filter this solvent trap is not intended to be used as a suppressor, but as a trap to catch cleaning solvents that may otherwise leak out of the barrel during cleaning and harm the environment.

So practically speaking, anyone with the right machine can make and sell this adapter legally, as you can see on the Amazon links above.  Of course different threads require different adapters and filters.  For example, it appears from our research that the AR-15 uses a 13/16 – 16 thread, while the .22LR models use a 3/4-16 thread.  Although this can vary depending on how the adapter was manufactured, so if you want to buy one to use as a solvent trap make sure you match your threads or it won’t work. Also, some adapter designs reportedly work better than others.  Since they are so cheap, you may want to buy a few and try each one out.  If one works better than others at creating a tight seal, we’d love to hear about it.  Some reviewers on other pages suggest using these adapters with a washer and gasket to make the perfect seal.  They last thing you would want is to have a leak and let some solvent out that could have been contained.

In addition to the oil filter suppressor, many fans of The Walking Dead will recognize the Maglite Flashlight being employed as a silencer.  There are now options for this available as well.  We’re not sure if there are options the include a serial number for legitimate use as a NFA item, but we know the adapters are available on Amazon for use as a “Maglite solvent trap.”  The Maglite, with a narrower diameter, would allow better visibility of your target than an oil filter so consider as well.

User Feedback – We’ve heard from a fan, who will remain anonymous, that these “solvent traps” do in fact work as you would imagine.  He submitted a review of several different filters to use and even gave us pictures, which we will post along with his reviews. We have no way to verify his comments and so we consider this all to be fiction/fantasy/for entertainment purposes only.  We recommend you clean your firearms unloaded to avoid any accidental discharges.  His words:

I have taken some pictures of the long list(good enough) and short
list(best) oil filters for the two most popular solvent traps.

While getting ready to clean I have had NUMEROUS accidental discharges and I
can tell you that the tiniest filter is sufficient for any .22 lr. Fram is
my favorite brand due to metal body and interior, but plastic bottom. The
Fram PH4967 is the smallest and lightest filter that I have found to be
compatible and sounds about like a textbook falling over.

The best 5.56 filters I have found are Fram PH16 & Purolator L20195. So far
I have only tested from the $3.77 shelf and do not expect the fancy filters
to do any better.

Here’s what he sent along with his pictures:

The motorcycle filters are all metal and come in some pretty slick chromes and blacks.

The muzzle break pictured is an American Specialty Ammo 1/2 x 28 tpi that looks perfectly at home on my AR.

The plain adapter is a no-name Amazon special that locks it self on TIGHT. After firing, you WILL NOT be able to remove it W/O a wrench or multi-tool.

The smallest filter pictured runs perfectly on my Chiappa Little Badger and does not obscure the iron sights.

P.S. My wife asked why I was in the backyard “pretending” to shoot my Little Badger. She heard nothing through a picture window.
Here’s a list of all the filters pictured.  It’s up to you to make sure you get the appropriate filter for your application and threaded adapter.
IMG_20150106_191327_261 IMG_20150106_191431_065 IMG_20150106_192240_994 IMG_20150106_193956_881











We do not offer legal advice other than to say that it is never wise to break the law.  It’s even less wise to record or document yourself breaking the law.  Hickok45 had his legal paperwork in order, you can bet.

Anyway, the oil filter suppressor does appear to work as a low-cost alternative to the $1000 suppressors in the market today.  If you do decide to get an “econo-can” we’d like to hear about your experience with it.  We’d especially like to hear how it and the oil filter hold up after a few hundred rounds of 5.56.

Another option to consider are the “Wix fuel filters.”  READ ABOUT THEM HERE.  They serve a similar function as the oil filter and the Maglite.  We’d love to hear from some of you who have experience with these, and make some recommendations.  It would appear that while these may be more expensive alternatives, they also have what appears to be a replaceable cartridge design and a much smaller profile.  This smaller profile has a benefit of allowing you to see your sights while the filter is fixed on your barrel, should you want to.

Here are a some we found on Amazon.  Make sure you read the reviews and comments and get the right filter for your threaded adapter.

Buy a Wix Fuel Filter here:

Wix 24003 Fuel Filter

Wix 24004 Fuel Filter Cartidge

We’ve found a few videos on YouTube that may also help with your understanding of how these products can help you recycle your cleaning solvents.


Make SURE you get the correct adapter.  The NAPA 4003 needs a 3/4 NPT thread.


  1. William Nicholson

    Where can I find an adapter for the Mossburg 22lr Plinkster?


  2. brandon harris

    for a .22lr is a thread count of only 16 vs the standard 28 safe?


  3. I tried this oil filter suppressor idea years ago on my AR 15, I used a Fram filter with the adapter and a washer to cover the ring of holes on the back of the filter…4 shots and my AR jammed, looked in the action and it was full of the cardboard filter material from inside the oil filter..?? I can’t find anyone else saying this happened to them..? Any ideas why the action on my AR pulled the material back down the barrel into the action??


    • I would imagine it is because the oil can has nowhere to vent the gases properly. The only two places the gases can exit the can are the exit hole and the entrance hole. As the can fills with combustion gas, some of it will escape through the exit hole, while the rest of the gas escapes through the entrance hole.
      How much gas is forced backwards into the barrel is likely dependant on which action your AR utilizes. Is it the Direct Impingement action or the Gas Piston action? If I had to wager a guess, I would imagine that the Gas Piston model is more likely to be prone to drawing gas and debris back into the action than a Direct Impingement model simply due to their mode of action – the Gas Piston likely creates a vacuum in the barrel that would pull the gases and debris trapped in the oil can back into the action as the gases are simultaneously being ejected from the can, whereas the Direct Impingement model would not because it is routing the combustion gases back through a separate tube, creating a “closed loop” of a sort.
      I don’t own an AR-15 and am really only familiar with the M16A2 version I used in the Army years ago, and I have never shot a suppressed weapon, let alone one using an oil can, but my best guess for limiting the problem would be to drill a couple additional small holes on the exit side of the oil can to prevent quite as much backwards pressure, OR, after firing the first shot or two through the can, remove it from the barrel and try to use some compressed air to blow out the cardboard that was torn loose from the round creating a channel through the filter, and also clean out the barrel and breech to make certain that any debris that might have been drawn into the firearm on the first shot or two is removed and not sticking around to cause misfeeds. I would imagine that cardboard becoming lodged in the bore could make for some rather stuck brass casings and some nasty failure-to-extract scenarios.
      Again, I’m no expert by any means, so I could be way off base, but based on my understanding of the mechanics of the AR platform, this is my best guess as to what may be happening. Despite this, I don’t think you can go wrong by at the very least trying to remove loose debris from the oil can after the initial channel-tunneling shot creates the debris to begin with. I’d do that and see if it makes a difference before worrying about drilling additional holes for gas release, as the additional holes may adversely affect the suppressing capabilities of the oil can.


      • Nope, my WW AR15 is DI with a 16″ barrel and I believe that when the bolt is being cycled back it draws from the barrel and pulled the piece of paper filter back into the action. I am surprised though that I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue. I am going to buy another filter, cut it apart and remove all the paper filter material and TIG weld it back together,that should eliminate that problem. Thanks for the reply!


    • It’s all about pressure. The high pressure gasses are held in the silencer and exit rather slowly (compared to how they exit a bare barrel), that’s why the muzzle blast is tamed. Once the action unlocks (in any semi-auto gun), the pressure there very quickly comes down, but because there is still high pressure gas inside the can, you get more gas blowing back into the (now low pressure) action. With a conventional silencer, you get more carbon fouling and sometimes get the gasses blowing back into your face. With a paper filter can, you get those gasses and carbon plus the shredded bits of paper.


    • Same problem. 16″ barrel trash in the action. No vent for trapped glass forces paper back up the barrel. I quit using the filter after that.


  4. So I finally set up my 10/22 with a new barrel with 1/2 28. Got a long Fram oil filter and everything fit great. Fired and damn…noisy. Could barely tell much of a difference.


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  6. Replacing the paper element with brass scrubber wire will absorb shoot heat, better if you pour a water tea spoon inside.


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  8. Tbh, as neat of an idea as all this is, with the OP dancing around specific advice and informative writing so as to avoid potential liabilities, this seems like a dangerous resource for the uninformed. 5.56 barrel threading is 1/2-28, matching the receiver side of the adapter, which would mate with the filter end of 13/16-16. Either post clearly definitive info, or don’t post it. You’ll get someone maimed/killed. “Let the bullet punch the hole”?!? Wtf is wrong with you people?


  9. a Nagant revolver is as far as I know, the ONLY revolver built to be silenced.


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  11. Do you need to close off the filter holes on the outer thread end of the filter, will you get blow back to your hand on a pistol?


    • Hi there Harley. We can’t give technical guidance about this, but we encourage you to research on YouTube and other sources. You will see we have a few links above to things like end caps that some people buy for various reasons…


  12. The oil filter seems to work great with 22lr subsonic shells. Mine are 1050 fps. The regular 22lr (1200fps) are another story. Hardly any difference with the oil filter on or off. Am I missing something, or are all the videos done with subsonic shells?


    • high speed rounds always break the sound barrier and create a lot of noise. You have to choose projectiles that stay under the speed of sound, 1125.33 fps otherwise you will only muffle the sound from the barrel, not the sound of the projectile that can still be very noisy. if you projectile is travelling at 1120fps it can still be lethal at short range with small game. or if you just plinking, simply buy subs and plink away


  13. Can this setup be used on a 20 ga. Shotgun ?


  14. Do you have the adapter for a model 60 marlin


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  16. My question is, do I have to thread my barrel to put a oil filter on it? Or is there any other way to do it?


  17. how can i purchases adapter made by you for American Savage model 64 thanks in advance.


  18. I can’t own one of these because of my state. But I’m curious to know, do you drill a hole in the other end of the filter or just let the bullet make the hole for you?


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  21. You can get any adapter at http://www.gearupsupply.com
    They even allow you to reattach your original flash hider to is with the oil can.


  22. I’ve a .920 bull barrel ~ which adapter would I need?


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  24. What would I use for a pa90


  25. Is it legal just to own the adapter it’s self with (hopefully) no intentions of ever using it?


  26. My question is.. If I buy this and do the legal paperwork, could I build my own suppressor using this as the end cap? That way you could have one registered suppressor that can be used with multiple calibers, just like a full-auto AR receiver? Or is that a no-go with the ATF?


    • If you file the paperwork, it is legal to buil one for your personal use. Nfa tax stamp will apply however. They will get their “tax” money and registration info.


  27. Hello All, I need some help! I am looking for a adapter for my Savage 62 .22LR . I am in the process of setting up my Gun Trust to by my suppressor but do not want to thread the barrel nor by a new one. I am looking for to be 1/2-28. I found them on line for Ruger 10/22 and seem lots of photo but do not seem to find one that states it is or will fit that Savage 62 .22LR. Any one have some advise or know where I can purchase one in the USA.


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  29. Well, lookit, in states where suppressors are legal, you can order and possess the adapter, but you’d better fill out the Form 1 (to “manufacture” the suppressor), send it in with your $200, and wait the 8 months to get your tax stamp back, before screwing said adapter to the filter, and *certainly* before screwing that assembly (the manufactured suppressor) onto your firearm. Still, $20 for adapter+can, and $200 for stamp, for a total of $220, is an economy suppression route to take, any way you slice it. Wonder if there’s a 5/8-24 to 13/16-16 adapter as well…


  30. 22 savage mark 2 what size should I get would like to have one with The set screw any ideas


  31. The question here is. “Is $200 plus some paperwork worth several years in prison, and feel like a ….female,+ lots of fines?” I’d have to say Naaa. Be smart people!


  32. I want to do this to my nagant revolver but I need to thread the barrel 1st. what I need to know is which die to use. Is the adapter linked to above reversed threaded (for the thread connecting to the barrel)?


    • if you try on a revolver you will be wasting your time. most of the sound will and does come between the cylinder and barrel on a revolver…It dose not work except on the movies. A auto or other closed type action allows the pressure escape out to the end of the barrel. which in turn allows the sound to be some what trapped in a suppressor. If you try and suppress a revolver it may and on some dose make even more pressure escape between the cylinder and barrel. that may reduce some out front but will cause more pressure to the rear and sides . You will basically get a larger crack or report on your self and others around you . I hope this helps you /.


      • Negative simple. Do your research. The Nagant revolver is one of the few revolvers that can be effectively suppressed due to its unique forward rotating cylinder. Alex, stand by for a website to come, I will give you a link to a company that will thread the Nagant revolver for you.


  33. Besides threading the filter onto the barrel is there anything else you would need to do to suppress a gun? Dose there need to be oil in it? Dose there have to be a washer on the back side of the filter between the gun and filter? Thank you for the info !


  34. Where can I find an adapter for a 300 win mag and a 270


    • Your best bet is to search on Ebay, as they seem to have a wider selection than Amazon. Amazon tends to remove these listings while Ebay couldn’t care less.


      • Unless it’s changed its policies, eBay is a major maggot gun-hater and gun-control fanatic. Years ago it banned the sale of once-fired brass and shotshell hulls in an absurdly gross overreaction to the Chink who shot some people at Virginia Tech simply because he’d once ordered a few magazines along with a case of yellow rubber duckies — yeah, you read that right, yellow effing rubber duckies!

        I stopped doing any business at all with those scumbags years ago. Ditto for PayPal, another pack of gun-hating maggots.


  35. For $200, it’s worth the peace of mind… IMO, it’s a form of control and taxation.


    • And the added beauty (for the government) in filing the paperwork and paying for the $200 Tax Stamp is that Big Brother now knows who you are and where you are so that when (they) decide to confiscate all weapons, it’ll make things a little easier for them. After all, you wouldn’t go to all that problem and expense, if you didn’t own a weapon now, would you?
      Of course, if you’re wanting to use your “Solvent Trap” out in a public arena, you better have a Tax Stamp (which must be more specific of a FFL Class 3 device than “oil filter barrel adapter), or you are committing a Felony.


  36. question-would this work on a bigger caliber rifle?


  37. I’m sorry, I miss spelled mossberg 22 lr. And it’s the 702 not a 705.


  38. Where can I buy one to fit my mossier 702 22lr?


  39. dumb ass dildo breath

    Dude, check your facts. How the hell can anyone who is trying to be an authority on this say that the AR-15 uses a 13/16-16 thread? Wow. That’s painful.


    • The reference is not to the thread on the barrel of the AR-15, but to the thread on the oil filter/adapter that goes on the AR’s threads.


    • dumb ass dildo breath … the 13/16-16 thread is the OTHER END of the adapter that threads into the filter. Damn! Get your parent’s permission before you use the Internet!


    • Go to the nearest LIBERAL and turn in ALL of your firearms. YOU definitley do NOT need to be in posession of firearms.


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  41. Thank you for all that you guys do we appreciate you very much!


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