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Papa John’s Pizza is a major pizza chain.  They have been put in the spotlight after a female delivery driver in Georgia risked her job and brought a handgun with her to make her deliveries…a decision that saved her life when she was attacked by two armed gunman this week.  Read about this story below

It turns out Papa John’s has a policy forbidding weapons, and this driver is now afraid she’ll lose her job.  We are calling on Papa John’s specifically, but all pizza delivery companies as well, to reverse their selfish (they don’t want to get sued if a driver shoots a robber) and dangerous policies prohibiting drivers from carrying protection.  They value their own bottom line more than the lives of their employees.

This guy bans guns

This guy bans guns

It’s time to put the spotlight on these companies and make an example of Papa John’s.  We request that you contact Papa John’s by telephone and email and demand that 1) they not terminate their Georgia driver for protecting herself and 2) reverse their policy of making helpless victims of their drivers.

Anything less will result in Papa John’s being fired by gun owners.  Remind them that there are endless alternatives to Papa John’s out there, and they will not be missed when we switch.

We called them today.  They will tell you they “haven’t released a statement on this yet” and can’t comment on it.  That’s okay, just light up their phones, be smart and polite, but firm.

They did say that the decision to prohibit firearms is left to the individual franchise owners, which means the targeting local shops could be more difficult.

Below is a copy of the employee handbook from one franchise location.  See page 10, #28.


Call them!

1 (877) 547-7272, when the automated system answers, press 6

Email them:



  1. LOL this was solved years ago around 2007 in Florida they changed the law allowing employees to have weapons in there personally owned vehicles , most PJ delivery Vech, are privately owned and registered to an individual employee or his/her family or spouse so that car isn’t there’s either on legally standing grounds.. and they can’t say they rented or leased your privately owned car either.. because this would put them in violation of the USDOT / CMV laws too since they aren’t providing commercial insurance for those private leased cars

    Florida law 790.251 is called the “parking lot law.” It basically protects you from being fired if you keep a lawful firearm in your car while at work. Businesses are not allow to fire you for having a gun in your car while in their parking lot.

    Unless PJ’s owns the place where “he/she” delivered to they have no legal standing grounds in fla, and can also be sued in court too regardless of what the unemployment office decided in his/her favor or in favor of the company.. since PJ’s doesn’t own the place were the shooting took place.


  2. Papa john did not fired her she was place in another position but C Johnson is right these major companies like Walmart home depot would rather get robbed than protect their employees and fired them. these companies are afraid to get sued.


  3. I’ll never order from them again if they fire her. The ones that allow weapons will have to post that sign.


  4. Its not just Papa Johns… its almost all companies we all work for. Their money is not to be messed with, but employees can be replaced.


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