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In a disappointing turn of events, Starbucks has kindly asked us not to bring our guns to their stores any more.  This is a shocking but understandable reversal from a company that many of us considered to be one of the most staunchly “neutral” or even 2A friendly.

Lenny and PuppyWhy the change of heart?  What happened?  Did we (the 2A community as a whole) love our “Guns and Coffee” too much?  Unfortunately, yes, we did.  We loved it so much we killed it.

In some respects we played the role of Lenny Small with a new puppy.  Much like some people’s affection for Starbucks, Lenny’s affection for his new puppy was so great that he smothered it with love, until he killed it, unaware of how powerful his grip really was.

A similar analogy is the one of a salesman who doesn’t know how to shut up once he’s made the sale, as presented by Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy.”

Were we like “Jo-Jo The Idiot Circus Boy” – killing our sale after it had already been made?

We screwed this up, folks.  We blew it.  The sale had been made.  We had the high ground.  It was ours to lose. The anti’s were being repeatedly stiff-armed by Starbucks, but somewhere along the way we started obsessing and turning their stores into a venue to wage a political battle. We made it about gratifying & promoting ourselves, instead of about the supporting business itself. In our delight with a company that let us carry any and every firearm we wanted to, some well-meaning 2A supporters went overboard and pushed Starbucks into territory it was uncomfortable with.  We alienated Starbucks and the public; driving them into the arms of the gun-grabbers, who now get to claim a victory in the war against our rights.

We can and do praise and patronize companies for respecting our rights, but we CAN NOT abuse their respect and turn their places of business into a circus or a political arena.  If a company says they desire to remain neutral, we MUST respect that.  We can legally exercise our rights and show our gratitude without becoming a nuisance to the company and the public, and making the job of our detractors that much easier.

We played right into the hand of the anti’s by abusing the favorable policy of a company the simply wanted to be neutral, and in so doing became easy targets for unfavorable reporting from an already biased media

starbucks AR carry

Good ambassadors of gun rights?

Some people took their observation of Starbucks’ policy too far, bringing long guns, staging events at their stores, and profiteering from sales of crap like coffee mugs, buttons and T-shirts bearing a rendition of the Starbucks logo.guns and coffee  This after Starbucks repeatedly told the world that they just wanted to sell coffee and stay out of politics.

Starbucks was becoming a political football for a national spotlight issue they wanted nothing to do with.  Both sides pushed, but our pushing offended the public and the corporation more than the gun-grabbers did.  We lost, and we will lose again if we continue to alienate neutral parties.  That is the lesson here.

Second Amendment Check’s goal is not to see an AR-15 in every coffee shop in America.  We want to REWARD businesses that do not discriminate against us and punish those that do.  To be a reward, the business must enjoy and welcome our patronage. Let’s make businesses HAPPY to have us, not resentful of us.  Let’s make the public feel COMFORTABLE with us, not afraid of us or alienated by us.

To protect our rights we need to win over the hearts and minds of the more than 80% of people who would never think of carrying a gun in public, but don’t mind if we do.  If we can do that, we will have the support of the public and the businesses, not the gun-grabbers.

The point of exercising our rights isn’t to publicly carry everything we can just to show everyone we can.  It is to 1) provide for our own protection and 2) to be GOOD AMBASSADORS of gun rights to the undecided, neutral public that may one day join our fight, or oppose us, depending on how they perceive us.

Let’s hope we never make the mistakes we made with Starbucks by dragging a company into a fight they’ve already told us they want no part of.


  1. Nothing I love more then to read a sane article about this. You made my day.


    • True, I have a feeling that some of the 2nd amendment supporters are going to act stupid time and time again and this will be a fight we will lose! This was a extremely good article and if it is read and taken to heart we might find more support.


      • It’s really encouraging to read that some of you liked this so much. That feedback made my day. Don’t forget to share it with your friends so we can get everyone on the same page to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.



  2. Are there in-bred redneck white trash scum bags who support The 2A? Sure. Of course. Do these people take away from the message? Yes. What shall we do then? Can we have a vote amongst us to remove all those who offend our sensibilities? Of course not.

    I am active within Connecticut regarding our gun rights being assaulted by hoplophobes and the like. I know a great many pro-gunners who are honorable and solid and knowledgeable and who can turn any debate into an ideological bloodbath without even raising their voices. I also know freakshow conspiracy theorists who are convinced Obama has poisoned the water with a brain-control drug, and that Adam Lanza was an actor as were all the people whose children he killed (oh, but he didn’t…it was all staged!). *sigh*

    The solution? I tell people, after meting them, if they are who I want to align with or if they are who I want to avoid. Simple. Have I been cussed out and mocked and called “pussy”? Sure. Big deal. It’s best to be upfront and honest about the integrity you wish to walk in and not just sign-on with any person who has a Gadsden Flag on their vehicle. We need to be cautious. Infiltration has occurred, and you know it.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. I’ll put money on, McDonald’s is next


    • Let’s hope we don’t see a domino effect from this. The best thing that can happen is this quickly goes away, and we hear no more news coverage of guns at Starbucks. Learn the lesson; companies can change their mind about their gun friendly policy if we make them regret allowing us to carry firearms on their property.


  4. First off, I’d like to say that I fully agree with what is written here…very true and well stated!!

    Secondly, in my opinion, it is idiots like the guys in the video who give law biding gun owners, exercising their 2A rights a very bad name!!!!! If I were an employee of Starbucks, I would be VERY bothered by their actions. Carrying a a holstered sidearm for your own defense and the defense of others, is a HUGE difference from sitting in front of the place with a freaking assault riffle!!!! These guys are idiots!!!!
    The didn’t get the names of the people they spoke to?? They called a police substation in another city!!??? How freaking stupid can you be….they he tries to blame calling the wrong PD Station a freaking Google Maps???!???!!! WTF???? As a gun owner, and defender of the 2A, I am embarrassed by them!!!!!


  5. A hand gun in a good carry holster was just to easy for this pair of Douche Nozzles. With all of the contraversy over the “Black Rifle” given the current events, these two should get the “Morons of the Year” award. This is what happens when we try too hard.


  6. I wholeheartedly agree. Very well stated….


    • Yep. We were fine having our various overpriced drinks, but the antis called for boycotts so we used those days to show our appreciation… which apparently wasn’t appreciated by SBX.
      The anti’s picketted stores, pestered customers to sign petitions, etc. We stood up to the bullies and have been villified.


  7. Uhm, no, fuck you. Stop being a whinny apologetic bitch for people that were legally carrying weapons.

    It is LEGAL to carry a pistol, shotgun or rifle openly in many states (It follows the American Constitution), why shouldn’t we? For you to apologize for other people is disrespectful to them. For you to accuse them of doing something wrong while following both The Constitution and the laws makes you as bad as HCI.

    You are either FOR The United States Constitution or you are AGAINST it. If you don’t like guns in public or think they belong at home, then contact The Brady Campaign and give them your money; all over their web site they are saying guns don’t belong in coffee stores just like you are……


    • Don in soaking Colo.

      Learn the difference between “can” and “Should”. Using a right to bully others and try to push them into a position of seeming to support your position when they’ve already stated it’s not their fight is just plain stupid, as noted above. I can yell at people, so long as I’m not issuing threats, and be as vulgar as I want. It isn’t going to somehow persuade them to support my First Amendment right to free speech is it? This isn’t about the right nearly as much as it about jerks showing their @$$es in public in a stupid, counter-productive, way while claiming a right as license to push on others. Reminds me of the stupid Code Pink or whoever they were dressing as female body parts and parading around in public.

      I don’t mind guns in public and I think everyone who hasn’t been convicted of a felony or *been proven* to be mentally unfit (burden of proof on those trying to take away the right) through a history of other violence and such should be allowed to own firearms. That doesn’t mean they should deliberately make people uncomfortable with them.


      • Don is right. We need to remember that our 2A rights are protected by the voting public. Many of the voters are not gun owners but yet they believe we have a right to bear arms. If we start acting foolishly with our guns, they might change their minds. To protect and promote our rights we need to win the hearts and minds of the neutrals, not intimidate or annoy them.

        Our (2ACheck) agenda isn’t to force companies to tolerate us, or politicize them when they’d rather stay neutral. It is to earn their respect, and the respect of the unarmed masses as well as law enforcement. A few gun owners went too far. The “Guns and Coffee” thing went too far. 2ACheck will not endorse carrying a long gun into a private business that wants nothing to do with the politics of gun rights. Politicizing neutrals is a recipe for disaster and the sooner we learn that the better. We brought this on ourselves. Let’s learn this lesson and give Starbucks some breathing room. Let’s not make the same mistakes with other neutrals. Let’s hope we don’t see a domino effect from the Starbucks policy change. The best thing that can happen now is that we let this whole Starbucks thing die down quietly. DO NOT go there open carrying to prove a point. That will just bring more bad press.

        Buy your coffee at Dunkin Donuts, but leave your AR at home and don’t make them regret allowing you to carry there.


      • Well said Don. Although I hate to say it, because I know many LEO’s use it as a default charge when someone it lawfully carrying, but I feel the LEO’s in the video were properly justified in sighting them for “disturbing the peace.” I carry my firearm everywhere I go, sometimes conceled, and sometimes open (either is legal in CT, though the fact that open carry is legal, it is discouraged by the LEO’s) and I have to say I would really be concerned if I was at my local mall and a bunch of guys were sitting drinking coffee in that kind of environment with one of then having an assault riffle propped between his legs!! Although he may be within his legal rights, you are completely correct in saying he “should” have used more common sense and not done that! People like this only give more ammunition to the gun haters and simply damage the political battle gun owners are in. Now the “haters” have one more example of irresponsible gun owners to point to!!! Anyway, all I really wanted to say is that your statement right on!! Well said!!!


    • Yeah,
      and you are either a dbag or you aren’t. Grow up and be respectful.


  8. It is the Idiots that push an agenda like this are the one’s that hurt the whole movement. These are the people that should not breed


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