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kenya-mall-attackAs the Kenyan mall massacre and standoff continues into its 4th day, we have to reflect upon this situation and how it may translate into American terms.

As we have seen already, shopping malls are potential death-traps.  These kind of attacks may come to America one day in malls, schools, churches and daycare centers.  The only practical solution is to allow the people to arm themselves against murderous savages and psychopaths.

Have a look at these images and imagine this happening at your local shopping mall.  Don’t be so naive as to assume it’s not possible.  The best course of action is always to avoid dangerous areas, including gun free zones.  We believe shopping malls are among the most dangerous places in the country because they are “soft targets” that present hundreds of defenseless victims to potential killers.

KENYA-ATTACK Kenya_mall_attack_women_run_to_safety_Reuters_295 Kenya_Mall_Attack.JPEG-04d5_t640

In America the overwhelming majority of shopping malls prohibit firearms.  This takes guns from the hands of good guys and leaves them defenseless.  We know it is naive and dangerous to assume that a “no guns allowed” policy will stop a determined killer from carrying out his plan. This is why we boycott every shopping mall with this policy.  To educate yourself on which malls don’t want you to be able to defend yourself, see the list below.

Below are the mall companies we have confirmed as having a policy to render customers defenseless.  They make up the vast majority of American malls, BOYCOTT THESE MALLS:

  1. CBL & Associates Properties
  2. Forest City Enterprises
  3. General Growth Properties
  4. Howard Hughes Corporation
  5. Macerich
  6. Simon Properties

One mall group allows their customers to lawfully possess firearms: Taubman Centers (NYSETCO)

THESE MALLS MAY ALLOW FIREARMS (Simon group does not and since some below are affiliated with them, check those for yourself)