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In addition to our own research Second Amendment Check has decided it is worth sharing the work of others.  Therefore, we are sharing the NRA-ILA’s lists of:

“Anti-Gun National Organizations”

“Anti-Gun Corporations/Corporate”

“Anti-Gun Publication and Media Outlets”

“Anti-Gun Individuals & Celebrities”

At Second Amendment Check we always attempt to source our material in our quest to provide objective and credible information.  Again, these lists have been compiled by the NRA-ILA, whom we recognize as a credible source of information.  Having said that, the exact criteria for making it onto the list are unclear, and the claims of being “Anti-Gun” have not been independently verified or validated by Second Amendment Check.

Also, after having had these lists published on their public website for many months, they have been removed after receiving some recent attention in the alternative media.  As noted in the Feb 11, 2013 update in this this Huffington Post article, the NRA-ILA has quietly removed the list from their website, but it can still be found in a web archive from January.  The reason for the removal of this list is not yet known.  Speculation suggests that the NRA ILA didn’t want to call unwanted attention to itself, or perhaps that it is reassessing or updating that list.  Second Amendment Check will attempt to get to the bottom of this mysterious disappearance.

NRA ILA List of Anti’s:


The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations. In many instances, these organizations lent their name in support of specific campaigns to pass anti-gun legislation such as the March 1995 HCI “Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws.” Many of these organizations were listed as “Campaign Partners,” for having pledged to fight any efforts to repeal the Brady Act and the Clinton “assault weapons” ban. All have officially endorsed anti-gun positions.

Ambulatory Pediatric Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Civil Liberties Union
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
American Medical Women’s Association
American Medical Student Association
American Medical Association
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
American Trauma Society
American Federation of Teachers
American Association of School Administrators
American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities
American Medical Association
American Bar Association
American Counseling Association
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association for World Health
American Ethical Union
American Nurses Association
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
American Firearms Association
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
American Jewish Committee
American Trauma Society
American Psychological Association
American Jewish Congress
American Public Health Association
Americans for Democratic Action
Anti-Defamation League
Black Mental Health Alliance
B’nai B’rith
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Children’s Defense Fund
Church of the Brethren
Coalition for Peace Action
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
College Democrats of America
Committee for the Study of Handgun Misuse & World Peace
Common Cause
Congress of National Black Churches, Inc.
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Consumer Federation of America
Council of the Great City Schools
Council of Chief State School Officers
Dehere Foundation
Disarm Educational Fund
Environmental Action Foundation
Episcopal Church-Washington Office
Florence and John Shumann Foundation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
George Gund Fun
Gray Panthers
H.M. Strong Foundation
Harris Foundation
Hechinger Foundation
Interfaith Neighbors
Int’l Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
Int’l Association of Educators for World Peace
Jewish Labor Committee
Joyce Foundation
Lauder Foundation
Lawrence Foundation
League of Women Voters of the United States*
Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Manhattan Project II
Mennonite Central Committee-Washington Office
National Safe Kids Campaign
National Association of Police Organizations
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Black Nurses’ Association
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Network for Youth
National Assembly of National Voluntary Health & Social Welfare Organizations
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association of School Psychologists
National Association of Counties*
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
National Education Association
National Association of Elementary School Principals*
National Association of Public Hospitals
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Social Workers
National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
National Association of School Psychologists
National Council of La Raza
National Center to Rehabilitate Violent Youth
National Commission for Economic Conversion & Disarmament
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
National Council of Negro Women
National Association of Community Health Centers
National People’s Action
National Education Association*
National League of Cities
National Council on Family Relations
National Council of Jewish Women
National Organization for Women
National Political Congress of Black Women
National Parks and Conservation Association
National Peace Foundation
National Urban League, Inc.
National Parent, Teachers Association*
National Urban Coalition
National SAFE KIDS Campaign
National Organization on Disability
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
Ortenberg Foundation
Peace Action
People for the American Way
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Police Foundation
Project on Demilitarization and Democracy
Public Citizen
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
The Council of the Great City Schools
The Synergetic Society
20/20 Vision
U.S. Catholic Conference, Dept. of Social Development
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Unitarian Universalist Association
United States Catholic Conference
United Methodist Church, General Board & Church Society
United Church of Christ, Office for Church in Society*
United States Conference of Mayors
War and Peace Foundation
Women Strike for Peace
Women’s National Democratic Club
Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)
Women’s Int’l League for Peace and Freedom
World Spiritual Assembly, Inc.
YWCA of the U.S.A.

*The national organization only endorses federal legislation.



The following listing includes the most prominent national corporations that have lent their corporate support to gun control initiatives or taken position supporting gun control.

A & M Records
Al Cafaro, Chrm. & CEO
595 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 826-0477
Record Production, Entertainment

American Century Companies

James E. Stowers, CEO
4500 Main St., 4th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 531-5575
Mutual Fund & Stock Investment Company on NYSE

American Multi Cinemas Entertainment, Inc.

Stanley H. Durwood, Co-Chairman, CEO Peter C. Brown, President, CFO
106 West 14th Street, #1700
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 221-4000
Movie Theater Company

Argosy Casino

H. Steven Norton, President, CEO
777 N.W. Argosy Parkway
Riverside, MO 64150
(816) 746-7711
Gambling Casino Company

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

Bennett R. Cohen Chrm. & CEO
Rte. 100, Box 240
Waterbury, VT 05676
(802) 244-5641
Ice cream and frozen yogurt

BJC Health Systems

Fred L. Brown, President & CEO
4444 Forest Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 747-9322
Healthcare Company

Blue Cross Blue Shield – Kansas City
John P. Mascotte, President
P.O. Box 419169
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 395-2222
Healthcare Company

Brooks Investments-Robert Brooks
Robert Brooks
45 Chesterfield Lakes Road
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Investment Company

Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.
Philip M. Hawley, Chrm. & CEO
444 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 620-0150
Retail clothing and accessories stores

Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
One North Central Street Box 1168
Baltimore, MD 21203
(301) 539-7400
Refiners and marketers of petroleum products, convenience stores

Development Specialists – Chicago
70 W. Madison Street, #2300
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 263-4141

Earthgrains – St. Louis
8400 Maryland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 259-7000
National Bread Company

General American – St. Louis
Richard A. Liddy, CEO
P.O. Box 396
St. Louis, MO 63166
(314) 843-8700
Life Insurance

Hallmark Cards

Irvine O. Hockaday, President & CEO
P.O. Box 418307
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 274-5111
Greeting Card Company

Health Midwest
2316 East Meyer Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64132
(816) 751-3000
National Healthcare Company

ICN Biomedicals
Adam Jerney, Chrm. & CEO
3300 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-0113
Pharmaceutical products

James B. Nutter Co. – Kansas City
James B. Nutter
4153 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 531-2345
Investment Banker

Kansas City Chiefs
One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129
(816) 924-9300
Pro Football Team

Kansas City Royals
David Glass, CEO
P.O. Box 419969
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 921-8000
Pro Baseball Team

Kenneth Cole

152 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(800) 536-2653
Clothing retailer

Lamar Advertising Company
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
5551 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 2-A
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
P. O. Box 66338
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
(225) 926-1000
Fax (225) 926-1005

Levi Strauss & Co.
Robert D. Haas, Chairman
Philip Marineau, CEO
Peter A. Jacobi, President and COO
1155 Battery St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 501-6000
FAX (415) 501-3939

Mallinckrodt, Inc. – St. Louis
C. Ray Holman, President & CEO
675 McDonnell Blvd, Box 5840
St. Louis, MO 63134
(314) 654-2000
Clothing Starch Company

Michael Douglas Foundation
3550 Wilshire
Los Angele, CA 90010

MNC Financial, Inc.
Ten Light Street Box 987
Baltimore, MD 21203
(301) 244-5000
Banking, financial services

Sara Lee Corporation
Sara Lee Foundation
Three First National Plaza
Chicago, IL 60602-4260
Phone: 312-726-2600
Fax: 312-726-3712

Silver Dollar City

Peter Herschend
One Corporate Drive
Branson, MO 65616
800 475-9370
Amusement Parks

Site Oil Company – St. Louis

Alvin J. Siteman, President
50 S. Bemiston
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 725-4321
Oil Company

Southland Corporation

Masatoshi Ito, Chrm.
2711 North Haskell Avenue
Dallas, TX 75221
Convenience stores

Southwestern Bell Telephone- St. Louis

One Bell Center
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 235-9800
Telecommunications Firm

Sport & Health, Inc.

Don Konz, CEO
1800 Old Meadow Rd.
McLean, Virginia 22102
(703) 556-6556
Health clubs and fitness centers

Sprint Corp PAC

William T. Esrey, Chrm., Pres. & CEO 2330 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Westwood, KS 66205
913 624-3000
Telecommunicaitons Firm

SSM Health System – St. Louis

477 N. Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 994-7800
Healthcare Company

St. Louis Rams
One Rams Way
Earth City, MO 63045
(314) 982-7267
Pro Football Team

St. Louis University
Rev. Lawrence Biondi, President
221 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 977-2222
Private Catholic University

Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt

Mr. Gary Hirshberg, CEO
10 Burton Drive
Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 437-7594

Sverdrup Corp.

Richard E. Beumer,
Chairman & CEO
13723 Riverport Drive
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
(314) 436-7600
Engineering Firm

Time Warner Inc.

Gerald M. Levin, Chrm. & CEO
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019
(212) 364-8300
Publishing, film and music recordings

TMP Worldwide/Monster.Com

Andrew McKelvey, CEO
1633 Broadway, 33rd Fl.
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-977-4200
Fax: 212-956-2142
online employment service

Unity Health – St. Louis

1650 Des Peres Road #301
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 909-3300
Healthcare Company

Working Assets

Peter Barnes, Founder
701 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94111
(415) 788-0777


The following publications and media outlets have assisted in the attack on Second Amendment rights. The editorial policies of some of the media sources listed portray firearms in a negative manner in an attempt to generate public support for restrictions on firearms ownership. Others have refused some or all of NRA’s advertisements.
Capital Cities/ABC
Television Network
77 W. 66th Street
New York, NY 10023-6298
(212) 456-7777

Bell Atlantic-D.C.

2055 L Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036
(202) 392-9900

Blue Chip Stamps

15801 S. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90040
(213) 720-4600

The Christian Publishing Society

The Christian Science Monitor
One Norway Street
Boston, MA 02115
(508) 586-6200

Columbia Broadcasting Service

CBS Television Network
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 975-4321

Corporation For Public Broadcasting/ PBS Television

1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, VA 22314-1698
(703) 739-5000
(703) 739-0775 – Fax

Cox Newspapers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Credibank Towers, Suite 400
2800 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576-7678

Gannett News Service

USA Today
1000 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22229
(703) 276-5806

Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.

Ebony Magazine
820 S. Michigan avenue
Chicago, IL 60605-2190
(312) 322-9250

Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Detroit Free-Press
321 W. LaFayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48231
(313) 222-6400

Miami Herald

One Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132-1683
(305) 350-2111

Los Angeles Times

Times Mirror Square
Los Angeles, California 90053
(213) 237-4511
(213) 237-7679 – Fax

McCall’s Magazine

110 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017-5603
(212) 463-1000

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine

Emap PLC
6420 Wilshire Blvd., Floor 17
Los Angeles, California 90048
(323) 782-2000

National Broadcasting Company

NBC Television Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444

Newsweek, Inc.

Newsweek Magazine
444 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-6999
(212) 350-4000

Rolling Stone Magazine

Jann Wenner, Chrm. & CEO
745 5th, Avenue
New York, NY 10151
(212) 758-3800

The New York Times Corporation

The New York Times
229 W. 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 556-1234

Time Magazine

Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
(212) 522-1212

Times-Mirror Corporation

The Los Angeles Times
Times Mirror Square
Los Angeles, CA 90053
(213) 237-3000

The Baltimore Sun

501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21278
(301) 332-6300

The Tribune Company

Chicago Tribune
435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 227-3000

Washington Post

1150 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20071
(202) 334-6000


The following celebrities and national figures have lent their name and notoriety to anti-gun causes, speaking out for anti-gun legislation and providing a voice for anti-gun organizations.  You can add to this anyone who appeared on the “Demand a Plan” anti-gun video telling everyone to demand gun control, most of them appear to be listed at the bottom.  Also add CANADIAN Jim Carrey for stupid his anti-gun video.


Jessica Alba – Actor
Krista Allen – Actor
Suzy Amis – Actor
Louis Anderson – Comedian
Richard Dean Anderson – Actor
Maya Angelou – Poet
David Arquette – Actor
Ed Asner – Actor
Alec Baldwin – Actor
Bob Barker – TV Personality
Carol Bayer Sager – Composer
Drew Barrymore – Actor
Kevin Bacon – Actor
Lauren Bacall – Actor*
Sarah Ban Breathnach – Writer
William Baldwin – Actor
Candice Bergen – Actor
Richard Belzer – Actor
Tony Bennett – Singer
Beyonce – Singer
Jon Bon Jovi – Singer
Peter Bogdonovich – Director
Peter Bonerz – Actor
Albert Brooks – Actor
Beau Bridges – Actor
Benjamin Bratt – Actor
Bonnie Bruckheimer – Movie Producer
Christie Brinkley – Model
Dr. Joyce Brothers – Psychologist/Author
James Brolin – Actor
James Brooks – TV Producer
Mel Brooks – Actor/Director
Betty Buckley – Actor
Ellen Burstyn – Actor
Steve Buscemi – Actor
David Canary – Actor
Kate Capshaw – Actor
Kim Cattrall – Actor
Josh Charles – Actor
Robert Chartloff – Producer
Stockard Channing – Actor
Terri Clark – Singer
George Clooney – Actor
Jennifer Connelly – Actor
Judy Collins – Singer
Kevin Costner – Actor
Sean Connery – Actor
Sheryl Crow – Singer
Billy Crystal – Actor
Julie Cypher – Director
Arlene Dahl – Actor
Clive Davis – Writer
Linda Dano – Actor
Matt Damon – Actor
Pam Dawber – Actor
Patrika Darbo – Actor
Stuart Damon – Actor
Ellen Degeneres – Actor
Gavin de Becker – Writer
Rebecca DeMornay – Actor
Danny DeVito – Actor
Michael Douglas – Actor
Phil Donahue – Talk Show Host
Richard Donner – Director
Fran Drescher – Actor
Richard Dreyfus – Actor
David Duchovny – Actor
Sandy Duncan – Actor
Christine Ebersole – Actor
Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds – Singer
Missy Elliott – Singer
Gloria Estefan – Singer
Melissa Etheridge – Singer
Mia Farrow – Actor
Mike Farrell – Actor
Carrie Fisher – Actor
Sally Field – Actor
Doug Flutie – NFL player
Fannie Flagg – Actor
Jane Fonda – Actor
Jodie Foster – Actor
Rick Fox – NBA Player
Andy Garcia – Actor
Art Garfunkel – Singer
Geraldo – TV personality
Richard Gere – Actor
Kathie Lee Gifford – TV personality
Paul Glaser – TV director
Brad Gooch – Writer
Elliott Gould – Actor
Louis Gossett, Jr. – Actor
Michael Gross – Actor
Nancy Lee Grahn – Actor
Bryant Gumbel – TV Personality
Deidra Hall – Actor
Ethan Hawke – Actor
Mariette Hartley – Actor
Mark Harmon – Actor
Anne Heche – Actor
Howard Hesseman – Actor
Marilu Henner – Actor
Dustin Hoffman – Actor
Hal Holbrook – Actor*
Helen Hunt – Actor
Francesca James – TV Producer
Norman Jewison – Director
Lainie Kazan – Actor
Richard Karn – Actor
Jeffrey Katzenberg – Producer
Barry Kemp – TV Producer
David E. Kelley – TV Producer
Diane Keaton – Actor
Margaret Kemp – Interior Designer
Chaka Khan – Singer

Stephen King – Author (Added by 2ACheck)
Kevin Kline – Actor
Michael E. Knight – Actor
Jonathan Kozol – Writer
Lenny Kravits – Singer
Lisa Kudrow – Actor
Wally Kurth – Actor
Christine Lahti – Actor
k.d. lang – Singer
Ricki Lake – TV personality
Denis Leary – Actor
John Leguizamo – Actor
Norman Lear – TV Producer
Spike Lee – Director
Hal Linden – Actor
Tara Lipinski – Former Olympian
Keyshawn Johnson – NFL player
Rob Lowe – Actor
Amanda Marshall – Singer
Barry Manilow – Singer
Camryn Manheim – Actor
Howie Mandel – Actor
Kyle MacLachlan – Actor
Madonna – Singer
Marla Maples – Actor
Marsha Mason – Actor*
Mase – Singer
Penny Marshall – Director
Prema Mathai-Davis – YWCA Official
John McDaniel – Musician
John McEnroe – Athlete
Brian McKnight – Musician
Natalie Merchant – Singer
Bette Midler – Singer
Mary Tyler Moore – Actor
Michael Moore – Film Maker
Mike Myers – Actor
Kathy Najimy – Actor
Jack Nicholson – Actor
Leonard Nimoy – Actor
Mike Nichols – Director
Stephen Nichols – Actor
Rosie O’Donnell – Actor/Talk Show Host
Jennifer O’Neill – Actor
Julia Ormond – Actor
Jane Pauley – TV Personality
Sarah Jessica Parker – Actor
Mandy Patinkin – Actor
Richard North Patterson – Writer
Rhea Perlman – Actor
Michelle Pfieffer – Actor
Aidan Quinn – Actor
Colin Quinn – Actor
Dennis Quaid – Actor
Elizabeth Bracco Quinn – Actor
Bonnie Raitt – Singer
Debbie Reynolds – Actor
Mary Lou Retton – Former Olympian
Paul Reiser – Actor
Peter Reckell – Actor
Rob Reiner – Actor/Director
Robert Redford – Actor/Director
Anne Rice – Writer
Cathy Rigby – Actor
Julia Roberts – Actor
Marc Rosen – TV Producer
Tim Robbins – Actor
Tim Roth – Actor
Renee Russo – Actor
Robin Ruzan – Wife of Mike Myers
Meg Ryan – Actor
Susan Sarandon – Actor
Jerry Seinfeld – Actor
Kyra Sedgwick – Actor
Martin Sheen – Actor
Russell Simmons – Record Producer
Neil Simon – Playwright*
Louise Sorel – Actor
Mira Sorvino – Actor
Rena Sofer – Actor
Britney Spears – Singer
Bruce Springsteen – Singer
Kevin Spirtas – Actor
Barbra Streisand – Singer
David Steinberg – Director
Sylvester Stallone – Actor
Harry Dean Stanton – Actor
Meryl Streep – Actor
Patrick Stewart – Actor
Sharon Stone – Actor
Sting – Singer
Trudie Styler – Actor
Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Actor
The Temptations – Pop Group
Vinny Testaverde – NFL player
Marlo Thomas – Actor*
Uma Thurman – Actor
Steve Tisch – Producer
Mike Torrez – Former Baseball player
Shania Twain – Singer
Dick Van Dyke – Actoe
Eli Wallach – Actor*
Harvey Weinstein – Producer
Jann Wenner – Publisher
Sigourney Weaver – Actor
Victor Webster – Actor
Andy Williams – Singer*
Kelli Williams – Actor
Henry Winkler – Actor
Oprah Winfrey – Entertainer
Rita Wilson – Actor
Vanessa Williams – Singer
Herman Wouk – Author
Joanne Woodward – Actor*
Peter Yarrow – Singer
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Actor
Ahmet Zappa -Actor
Diva Zappa -Actor
Dweezil Zappa – Musician
Gail Zappa -
Moon Zappa -Actor
Jennifer Aniston – Actor
Elizabeth Banks – Actor
Jason Bateman – Actor
Kristen Bell—Actor
Steve Carrell – Actor
Courtney Cox – Actor
Ellen DeGeneres – Actor
Zooey Deschanel – Actor
Cameron Diaz – Actor
Peter Dinklage – Actor
Will Ferrell – Actor
Jamie Fox – Actor
Jennifer Garner – Actor
Selena Gomez – Actor
Carla Gugino – Actor
Jon Hamm – Actor
Kate Hudson – Actor
John Legend – Actor
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Actor
Debra Messing – Actor
Julianne Moore – Actor
Julianne Moore – Actor
Conan O’Brien – Actor
Gwyneth Paltrow – Actor
Busy Phillips – Actor
Amy Poller – Actor
Jeremy Renner – Actor
Chris Rock – Actor
Paul Rudd – Actor
Mark Ruffalo – Actor
Brooke Shields – Actor
Sarah Silverman – Actor
John Slattery – Actor
Michelle Williams – Actor
Reese Witherspoon – Actor
* Denotes membership on Brady Campaign’s National Committee


Joel J. Alpert M.D. – Pediatrician
Robert Bernstein Ph.D – Pediatrician
Robert E. Brennan – Financier
Bishop Edmond Browning – Espiscopal Leader
James E. Carter – Former President
Marion Wright Edelman – Director, Childrens Defense Fund
Michael Eisner, Former Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company
Amitai Etzioni – Teacher
Tom Freston – MTV President
Dr. Lorraine E. Hale – Social Worker
Della M. Hughes – Activist
Ed Koch – Former Politician
C. Everett Koop – Former Surgeon General
Rev. Wallace Ryan Kuroiwa – Clergyman
Gerald M. Levin – Chairman, Time Warner
Davis S. Liederman – Ex. Dir. Child Welfare League
Paul Rabbi Menitaff – Clergyman
Abner Mikva – Former Judge
Richard Parsons – Pres. Time Warner
Steven Rockefeller – Financier
Ellen Y. Rosenberg – Activist
Rabbi David Saperstein – Clergyman
Herb Scannell – Pres. Nickelodeon
Vincent Schiraldi – Dir. Justice Policy Institute
Lyle Elmer Strom – Federal Judge
Joe Volk – Clergyman
Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie – Clergyman


Steve Benson – Cartoonist
Tony Auth – Cartoonist
Jim Borgman – Cartoonist
Jimmy Breslin – Columnist
Stuart Carlson – Cartoonist
Marie Cocco – Columnist
E.J. Dionne Jr. – Columnist
Bonnie Erbe – Columnist
Tom Fiedler – Columnist
Michael Gartner – Columnist
Mark Genrich – Columnist
James Glassman – Editor
Bob Herbert – Columnist
Bill Johnson – Columnist
Donald Kaul – Columnist
Mike Lane – Cartoonist
Leonard Larson – Columnist
Mike Luckovich – Cartoonist
Jimmy Margulies – Cartoonist
Deborah Mathis – Columnist
Colman McCarthy – Columnist
Jim Morin – Cartoonist
Tom Oliphant- Columnist
Mike Peters – Cartoonist
Robert Reno – Columnist
Frank Rich – Columnist
Cindy Richards – Columnist
Kevin Siers- Cartoonist
Ed Stein – Cartoonist
Tom Teepen – Editor
Tim Toles – Cartoonist
Garry Trudeau – Cartoonist
Cynthia Tucker – Columnist
Steve Twomey – Columnist
Steve Villano – Columnist
Adrienne Washington – Columnist
Don Wright – Cartoonist

Compiled by:
NRA Institute for Legislative Action
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030


  1. Poor Larry. You are so confused. Professing there is no Creator, no necessity for self defense from criminals and believing government officials will protect you. The Utopia you defend does not exist. Without freedom to stand against evil you would not even be writing your rubbish!


  2. We don’t have a gun problem we have a drug and mental health problem! Most if not all mass shooters are on some kind of drug….legal or illegal! Some of the side effects from prescription drugs are so bad that they are worse then what we are trying to treat! The other thing is most of the mass shooters are Democrat and or far left so if we ban all Democrat’s from owning guns mass shootings would drop over 90%. Do your research fools…..taking the guns away from law abiding people will not fix the problem! Criminals do not follow rules if they did we wouldn’t have mass shooting’s …..I think they are illegal! Guns don’t kill people…the Clinton’s do!


  3. Having been unfairly sued by the state when the statute of limitations had long run out on the matter, I will never give up my firearms.


  4. Its ok to kill people with abortions…..just not with guns…hmmm you liberal idiots contradict yourselves everytime you turn around. Hey take our guns away good idea….then only criminals will walk around with guns. They dont care a about your stupid gun laws…their criminals. So take peoples guns who follow the law. Who dont shoot random people and try to to things the right way. That way criminals who will still get there hands on guns can do whatever to who ever when ever they please. Great idea.


    • Cam, I wholeheartedly agree with you! Stupid people who have no clue trying to control our rights to bear arms.


      • Will they have their security turn in their guns? The answer is NO!
        They feel they and their family are too important to be left unprotected
        You hypocrites turn in your guns, your security no longer protecr you with guns, and no more gun violence in movies etc,. Then I might consider turning in a gun.
        Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress who are anti gun should forego their armed security detail.
        I know none of the above will
        happen because they are important and I’m not,
        There will be a cold day in hell when I give up protection for family, myself and protection against a government
        Turned against the people.
        We The People


  5. Ok this was in reply to Anthony asking we we should have poison gases and flamethrowers. I answered him but I think this is important for the forum to read:Ok listen up. Poison gases, flamethrowers, Napalm, non metal land mines, space borne nuclear weapons are all restricted from war by the Geneva convention and are illegal to have or deploy. Yet all first world countries including America has them anyway in case the “enemy” decides to use them we can answer in kind. What does that tell you about how well gun control works even on a global scale? Get educated on what you are talking about because your point disproves itself.

    Gun/weapon control doesn’t even work when countries had a meeting decided on rules of war. Even though illegal for the private person as well, both crazy people and terrorists groups have been able to obtain or synthesize these weapons. Words on paper don’t stop criminal intentions.


    • Exactly! There is no gun control on paper. Invite parents of children currently in school to sit in a classroom for one week not knowing what might happen. Maybe then gun control will begin to take place.


      • Have armed police at each school, or thoroughly vetted armed security who are not afraid to go in and protect the students and teachers. But leave the citizens guns alone. We may need them, and won’t have them.


    • Well stated!!


  6. Studies show that your chances of getting killed go way up when you have a gun, and go up when everyone has one. Also, if you being deprived of your cruel killing machine is such an infringement of your rights(it’s not) how is being required to have one any different?


    • That was supposed to be a reply to another comment


      • No such study exists. If it were true, gunsmiths, NRA members, target shooters, hunters, etc. would be dying from gunshots at high rates. It just ain’t happening. Duh.


    • no verified study exists claiming such.
      however tons of peer reviewed studies show crime with a gun is less common than a self defense incident involving a gun.


    • interesting. Studies show the exact opposite. I live in Arizona where gun owners are aplenty. No problems here. However, the gun laws in Chicago and Detroit are where you should focus you intentions.


      • Also, rethink who breaks the law using guns…. hmmm, it’s criminals, not folks who want to obey and do obey the law.


      • Where does your data come from? It’s sounds a lot like you made this up so you can post something that makes your opinion look valid. I’ll give up my gun “killing machine” if you give up your car killing machine. CDV shows way more people killed by cars than gun. In the case of Teslas, the car actually did the killing. Not the person behind the wheel. Try again. Find a safe place and never come out again please.


      • Amen! I live near Detroit, and it’s a mess! Praise God for our Founding Fathers, their belief in our God-given rights laid out in the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights; the separation of powers among the 3 branches of the government; and the people’s rights to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed! 2nd Amendment to the Constitution that is our God-given right to self-defence, and for the protection of all these other God-given rights, should an evil dictator (Communist/Socialist or Islamist (Sharia Law) attempt to take our God-given rights away!!!


    • This is a joke right? Please give links to the studies you claim prove your point. You are a libitard pushing fake news and fake statistics, go somewhere else and spew your vomit.


      • It must be an interesting life…just calling any realities you don’t want to face “fake news”. Third grade was fun, but most of us move on to adult lives and we take care of things around us to make life better for everyone.


    • IF you had any brains you would check facts instead of Commucratic (Demoncrat) propaganda, need Commucrat control, the idiots that committed recent media feeding frenzy are registered Demoncrats like yourself. YOU should be banned !


      • This actually for Anthony, I’ve owned guns for 25+ years I’m still alive and have never been shot. Everyone I’ve ever trained in marksmanship is still alive and never been shot. What statistics are you referring to? Are they from an agency more thorough than the CDC? Or is it some cockamamie quote from The Sun times or The New York Herald? Many of these liberal news sources also decline to state where the data supporting their statements come from.

        From my personal experience, I’ve had way more dangerous instances fishing than I ever had shooting. Now if you’re a gang member that keeps a barely dependable unit kept gun under the mattress or pillows, then yeah you are probably headed for an accident or a gun failure resulting in your murder by other gang members.


    • Ask the Jews, Russians, and Polish (to name a few) from the 40′s and their offspring about who should control self defense, oh wait, you can’t.
      History ignored is history repeated.


    • No such valid studies. Defend one’s life with less than superior tools than those of attackers is foolish. Our nation’s founders were well aware that we must arm for defense against evil both foreign and domestic. They were well aware of history of nations failing when with authorities acts of tyarnny.


      • Don’t be ignorant…multiple independent studies confirm that gun possession greatly increases the risk of injury or death of the owner or family member by gunshot.


        • Mathematically, if no one has a firearm, then no one can be killed by a gun so the risk is zero. If 53 die accidentally in a country of 350,000,000 then the ‘risk’ increased infinitely compared to zero. The truth is that we have a very tiny risk of injury each year a firearm is in the home but the Obama unpublished CDC study shows defensive gun uses are about 300,000 to a million times per year! The benefit is so much more than the minuscule risk of injury.

          Also the point of the 2A is to keep government in check. No one can become tyrannical if the populace (ie militia) are armed.


  7. I’d like to know what you guys say about abortion and gay rights.


    • Their choice, in both instances.
      Like to know your thoughts on bloomberg, the bank roll behind most citizen control groups, and his racist comments and behavior


    • The Holy Bible (The Creator God’s Inspired and Inerrant Holy Word) calls abortion and the promotion of the LGBT lifestyle, abominations! Promotion of those lifestyles are sinful! God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19:1—–23, 24-25, 26–29, 30-32, 33–38; Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Romans 1:18 For the wrath of God is revealed from Heaven against all unrighteousness of men, who hold (suppress) the truth in unrighteousness. 2 Because that which may be known of God is manifest (revealed) in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. 20 For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, (us humans) even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they (us human beings) are without excuse; 21 Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in theit imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. 22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, 23 And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things. 24 Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the luzts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves; 25 Who changed the Truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, Who is blessed for ever, Amen. 26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature; 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. (right/due) 28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate (debased) mind, (God finally let them have their own way after He pursued them with His love, mercy and grace, and they continually rejected His attempts to win their hearts) to do those things which are not convenient; 29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, coveteousness, (wanting other people’s money, possessions, talents, spouses, etc.), maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, (gossipers), 30 Backbiters, haters of God, (Yahweh/Yeshua haMashiach: Jehoveh/Jesus Christ), despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents. 31 Without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: 32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only due the same, but have pleasure in them that do them! 2 Timothy 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, (only caring about what pleases their fleshly desires, and selfish worldly aspirations) coveteous, (wanting other people’s wealth, spouses, possessions) boasters, proud, blasphemers, (taking the Name of the LORD in vain often, having no fear of God.) disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 Without natural affection, (homosexual lifestyle instead of the natural, God-created and God-ordained sexual fulfilment in holy matrimony between one man and one woman which God hath brought together to have children, and raise them in the fear of the Lord!), trucebrakers, false accusers, (We’ve seen an awful lot of these in recent days and years, particularly by the left convincing women to make false accusations against Conservatives, either those running for Office, or being Appointed by President Donald Trump for any Office.) incontinent, fierce, (mean and downright demonic in their false accusations or threats against those they hate, like a domestic terrorist in nature, so evil and unhinged in their lies and hatred against God, and His followers!) despisers of those that are good. 4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; 5 Having a form of godliness, (man-made religion) but denying the power (The Truth of the Scriptures and the True Gospel of Jesus Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit!) thereof: from such turn away. 12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. 13 But evil men and seducers shall wax (grow over time) worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, (a mature Christian) throughly furnished (supplied/enabled by the Trying and Testing of his faith, as he continues in the Word of God by the Renewing of his mind, proving what is that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Rom. 12:2) unto all good works. Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 23 And the evening and the morning were the fifth day. 24 And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so. 25 And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and everything that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good. 26 And God said, Let Us (God the Father, God The Word, the Logos, before He came to earth as the Son of God: Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God) make man in Our Image, after Our Likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over everything that creepeth upon the earth. 27 So God created man in His Own Image, in the Image of God created He him; male and female created He them. 28 And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish (fill) the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. 31 And God saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were . the sixth day. 2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. 2 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. 3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: (set it apart as holy) because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made. 4 These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made the earth and the heavens, 5 Ant every plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for the LORD God had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. 6 But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. 7 And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. 8 And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there He put the man whom He had formed. 9 And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. 15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. 16 And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: 17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. 18 And the LORD God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet (wife/spouse/helper/life partner) for him. 19 And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet (wife/spouse/female mate and life partner just for him) for him. 21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and He (God) took one of his (Adam’s) ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof. 22 And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man (Adam), made He (God) a woman, and brought her unto the man. (Adam). 23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. 3:1 Now the serpent was more subtle (deceitful, crafty, cunning, slippery) than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, (Did God really say?) Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? 2 And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of fruit of the trees of the garden: 3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die. 4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5 For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. 6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. 7 And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons. 8 And they heard the Voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselvesfrom the presence of the LORD God amongst the trees of the garden. 9 And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou? 10 And he said, I heard Thy Voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself. 11 And He (God) said, Who told thee that thou wast naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat? 12 And the man said, The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat. 13 And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat. 14 And the LORD God said unto the serpent. Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: 15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel. 16 Unto the woman He said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. 17 And unto Adam He said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eated of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life; 18 Thorns and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; 19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return. 20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living. 21 Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, (skins from the animals that were sacrificed as an atonement for their sins) and clothed them. 22 And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever (in his sinful condition) 23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. 24 So He (God) drove out the man; and He (God) placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep (guard/protect) the way of the tree of life. 4:1 And Adam knew (had intimate marital relations with his wife) Eve his wife; and she conceived, (was with child) and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man (child) from the LORD. 2 And she again bare his brother Abel. 25 And Adam knew his wife again; and she bare a son, and called his name Seth: For God, said she, hath appointed me another seed instead of Abel, whom Cain slew. 26 And to Seth, to him also there was born a son; and he called his name Enos: then began men to call upon the Name of the LORD. Jeremiah 1:4 Then the Word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, (separated thee unto Myself for My holy prophet) and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Luke 1:34 Then said Mary (Hebrew: Miriam) unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? (Seeing I am a virgin) 35 And the angel said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy child which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. 36 And, behold, thy relative Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren. 37 For with God nothing shall be impossible. 38 And Mary (Miriam) said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. 39 And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda; 40 And entered into the house of Zacharias, and saluted (greeted) Elisabeth. 41 And it came to pass, that, when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. 42 And she spake out with a loud voice, and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 43 And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me? 44 For, lo, as soon as the voice of thy salutation sounded in mine ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy. 45 And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Praise God! For His Word is True!!


      • Wow…this really demonstrates the complete insanity of jesus freaks


        • Cynthia Jantz

          This was all the Inspired, and Inerrant Word of the Living God! (The Holy Bible) It is all Truth whether you want to accept that Truth or not! Only the True and most high God: (Yahweh, the God of Israel, and His only begotten Son, Yeshua haMashiach: Hebrew for Jehoveh, the God of Israel: and Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son; and the Jewish Messiah! If you don’t want to believe, that’s your unfortunate choice, it just means that you reject God’s only Plan of salvation foretold in the Holy Scriptures, sadly, that means, for you, you are choosing to suffer eternal torment without God!


          • What a bunch of incoherent gibberish. It’s shocking that there are people this deranged out there. We need to invest more in our mental health services.

          • Anthony the internet anti gun gangster

            Hell is not real.

          • Cynthia doesn’t seem to have a clue that she is following beliefs that are completely fictional. Can you imagine being her!

      • Anthony the internet anti gun gangster

        Well, cindy, I’d better not hear you screaming about your “rights.”


      • And what in your Gods name does any of these bible versus have to do with the subject at hand.


      • WOW ! A complete sermon. Are you a preacher ?


    • You believe ONLY homos have rights, I believe everyone has the SAME rights. WHO is the prejudice hypocrite ?


  8. It is a good thing that the constitution doesn’t explicitly protect citizens’ right to own guns.


    • Like you’ve had a personal talk with the founding fathers to understand the definition of their statement. If you were the time traveler that went back to talk to them; I’m sure they would rewrite the document to further clarify the citizens rights because an idiot like you would make them twice as fearful for the future of their newly formed country.


    • Cynthia Jantz

      You don’t know the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights at all, do you? Where did you go to school? In one of the many anti-american, Communist/Marxists schools that taught revisionist and pro-Marxist/Communist lies and disinformation along with Rules for Radicals by Hillary Clinton’s and Barak Hussain Obama’s friend and mentor? 2 Amendment b) the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


      • Actually this is at Anthony’s comment. What version of the constitution are you reading? Is it the Warner brothers version?


  9. Where is the list of politicians pushing for legislation against the 2nd amendment?


    • Look to those on the left, progressive/socialists/Marxists/communists all of whom cloak themselves as Democrats.


      • Once again this list has been abandoned. It hasn’t been updated in a long time. It’s merely a forum now. We’re in a final fight. More and more Republicans are waffling on this issue. The best thing to do is vote and support GOA because this fight is going to be won or lost in court. Judges will enforce the constitution or let it die.


      • …. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, but you need to face up to our stark reality to see that.

        …. It seems all of you have lost sight of what being an American is about. You need to understand History to understand that.

        …. The Neoliberal privatization of Government is Fascism. The objective of Neoliberal Fascism is to destroy or privatize ALL public services, public properties (natural reserves), and public assets.

        …. By eliminating the public, governing apparatus the people are stranded and rendered defenseless against the authoritarianism of private concerns that control the vital sectors of the economy.

        …. The sole purpose of entrenching the economically stratified society is genocide, which hides in plain sight through the deployment of many tactics; the foremost being universal alienation. Mass murder always follows.

        …. National and transnational fascism produce wars of conquest, to rob all natural resources overseas in order to prolong the American diesel based war machine.

        …. You need not wonder what the political climate was like in Germany during the 1930’s. It’s here, now, in our country.

        …. THE PREVAILING ECONOMIC POLITICAL SPECTRUM functions to maintain the economic stratification of society, which is contingent on mass centralist society. The sole purpose of that economic stratification is to rupture the lives of the less powerful (George Orwell). That is precisely what has been happening. Private, economic political powers DOMINATE the subjective lives of Americans.

        …. It is impossible to mitigate the destruction of the natural environment and global climate disorder while maintaining a diesel based ‘civilization’.

        …. Indirectly, renewable energy, as it is generally regarded today, depends on components sourced from diesel based exploration, extraction, production and distribution. Minus diesel, renewable energy can function for local, limited production, but cannot function to support any mass centralist society.

        …. Can human beings exist on biomass alone? Yes, but only in the context of small, mutualistic villages that own their territory and productive facilities.

        …. The Diesel Based ‘Civilization’ and Our Responsibility to Destroy Fascism [Man Made Apocalypse to One Side]

        …. Diminishing returns will halt the diesel industry, soon; sooner than any of us would like to imagine. Absent diesel, huge sectors of population will be stranded and will perish rapidly.

        …. Neoliberal fascism has overtaken the Federal Government, is sacking (robbing) the country, and is allocating all funding slotted for public services to the class of wealth. That occurs at an accelerated rate, because the dead end of the market system has arrived.

        …. The Neoliberal fascist Federal Government is in the process of destroying the representational system and its separation of powers, as well as what remains of the market system. The plan is to force the remaining people into regimented, gradated slavery in order to maintain the diesel based military complex for its own sake.

        …. That setup will vulcanize the subjugation of the people in order to drive them into further wars of conquest (for natural resources) for the purpose of prolonging the diesel based military machine. In that context, civil resistance is murdered.

        …. According to Deep Green Resistance [Google] the destruction of the existing regime is doable and necessary. But, that is only part of the reasonable response to this civilizational crisis. The existing society cannot be transformed, per se. A hugely juxtaposed, biophilic civilization must be there to supplant it in order that the appropriate, existing technology can be used to decommission all nuclear power plants and all nuclear weapons, then, to terminate the production of diesel, and disband all standing armies and central governments.

        …. That is the reasonable, pragmatic response to institutionalized madness.

        …. We have passed the moment in History when mass trauma could have been averted through the deployment of humane reason. The miserable, morbid fates of populations and their mass dislocations are inevitable. It is already occurring, but will, too soon, arrive at our respective doorsteps. Nonetheless, the survival of our species, in the short term, is contingent on the deployment of reasonable responses.

        …. Societal, universal alienation makes us even more vulnerable to the jackboots. To make it short, the only means that we the people have for defending ourselves is real community.

        …. Independence requires the concerted effort by Americans to break away COMPLETELY from the prevailing economic political spectrum. Doing so is inescapably a structured proposition; authentic democracy – constitutionally confederated, respectively sovereign American communities. The purpose of that needed, and yet to be seen, decentralized, economic social structure is to meet the people’s seven existential needs, which is biophilic – the love of life.

        … How obvious does the prevailing civilizational crisis need to be?

        …. The Second Amendment is specifically purposed to provide the means for we the people to defend ourselves from our tyrannical Federal Government and its standing army; WHICH PROPOSITION PRESUPPOSES REAL COMMUNITY.

        …. For whatever reasons, the Second Amendment is among vestiges of the Bill of Rights not entirely trammeled by both political parties. For example, the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act, and the National Security Agency have “hollowed out” the Bill of Rights.

        …. Both parties endeavor to eliminate the enforceability of the Bill of Rights.

        …. Fascism by any other name is the same.

        …. COMMUNITY is a sovereign, structured, civil / civic, and production-based civic-economic organization agreed on by its members through structured, dialogical consensus-based community decision making processes purposed to meet the seven existential needs of its people equitably through trust (primary and contractual), mutual support, and giving; holding to the truth that respective self-realization is contingent on one’s respective support of that greater good. Conviviality is consequent of economic mutualism, people working with each other for each other. Decentralized civilization is composed of constitutionally confederated sovereign communities. That proposition is not too idealistic. That proposition is the basis of Americanism, and it is the only viable option left to us.

        …. There may yet be time for the promulgation of that new ideology, egalitarian community, and for its actualization; real independence. At least, we patriots must continue fighting to make that happen.

        …. You be well.

        …. Reed C. Kinney

        …. See: Chris Hedges, on Truthdig:


      • Unfortunately, that’s the new Democratic Party of today! American voters had better wake up to this reality! If we don’t, we will continue to slide further into the Communist deception that we have allowed ourselves (voters believing the lies propagated to us over years by the Communist Party of America; and here we all thought they were telling us the truth) The prophet Jeremiah spoke the truth about man’s capacity for self-deception and/or self-delusion. Believing what we want to, but rejecting the Truth of God’s Holy Word; Many so-called Christians and religious Jews as well don’t let the Bible interfere with “what they believe: (i.e.) instead of allowing God to totally transform their lives, and actions (lifestyles and life choices, and how they interact with other people, being an example to other believers, and to the unsaved as well); they instead, continue living as a pagan in their personal lives, and, sadly, they bring down the Name of the God they profess to believe in! That was what happened to ancient Isael, when they were no longer living for their God, but went astray with the Canaanites and other people groups God commanded them to drive out of the Land of Israel because of all their abominations which they commited, including child sacrifice to their pagan gods.Similarily, we have seen many in the modern Churches, doing the same, yet they think they are righteous! We all need to heed the Word of the LORD in Jeremiah 1:5 Before I (the Creator God of Israel) formed thee in the belly, I (God) knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified (set thee apart for Myself) thee, and I (the Creator God of Israel) ordainded thee a prophet unto the nations. 17:5 Thus saith the LORD (Yahweh) ; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, (is more concerned or worried about what other people’s opinion of us is, rather than pleasing God, and obeying His Word! (The Holy Bible) The Bible is God’s Inspired and Inerrant Word, not the talmud, nor the Koran, neither the Sunna or the Haddith, nor the Catechesis of the Catholic Church! These are all just the word of man!! So is the Mormon’s unbiblical Pearl of Great Price, and their other “Book of Mormon” None of these books are the Word of the Living God. They are of men, they are demonic in nature, as are all false religion. Now, during the Obama Administration, a demonic, man-made, and wicked law, which should be over-turned by Congress, but the Republicans didn’t have the guts or the courage to do so when they controlled all three branches of government, the wicked and evil act of Judicial Tyranny and Judicial Activism, in the abominable redefining of God’s institution of holy matrimony! Jeremiah 17:5…..trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, (trusts in his own human strength, talents or abilities and not in the LORD) and whose heart departeth from the LORD. 7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, (Yahweh) and whose Hope the LORD is. 9 (human) heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: Who can know it? 10 I the LORD search the heart, I try (test) the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.


        • Lady, your comments demonstrate not just a lack of ignorance, but a complete detachment from reality. First, being a democrat doesn’t make a person a communist. Sure, there are communists in the DNC, but there’s just as many fascists in the GOP. That’s what happens in a two party system, each side attracts people from the center all the way to the fringe. Second, the infection that has currently afflicted both major American political parties is not a lack of Christian morals, it’s the delusion that the parties possess those morals in the first place. Currently each party follows their respective ideology to the point that it is a religion, and the result is the mess D.C. If each party adopted the Bible, there would a war in this country resembling the Irish civil war. Third, the morals espoused by the bible are trivial compared to the nuance and tolerance required to successfully run a country as diverse as the United States. Not everyone is a crazy Christian like yourself, but that doesn’t make those people godless heathens, it makes them normal. Finally, as others have said NOTHING THAT YOU ARE TYPING HERE HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH GUN CONTROL OR THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!!! God didn’t give you the right to own a gun, the founders of this country and generations of dead soldiers gave that to you. You can quote the Bible all you want, but it will never change reality.


  10. In my case the man stealing from me who approached me with a knife in his right hand just kept walking while I demanded him to stop. Finally he stopped and stood still knife still in hand about 15 feet from me and just within my safe firing zone. Of course when the sheriff’s arrived they let him go. I asked why? He’s simple and answered our questions were the sheriff’s exact words. Oh and they let him keep the knife he’d stolen from me.


  11. Victory!! CA’s illegal and unconstitutional magazine ban has been shot down. To bad for everyone who destroyed their property to obey the unlawful laws. 1 down about 200 to go. How’s that feel Larry? Real justice not based in emotional knee jerk reactions. Liberty lives.


  12. “A free people ought not only be only armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Washington

    “No freeman shall ever be debarred the use of arms.” Thomas Jefferson

    The founding father’s assumed local, community sovereignty. Outside the context of real community, the people cannot defend themselves from tyranny. Mass indoctrination, mass deception, universal alienation, and planned scarcity prevent the people from understanding that they are being cruelly subjugated by Neoliberal Fascism.Pining for our birthright, as the humane humans that we are, has long since dwindled into the refuse pile produced by that blind machine owned by anonymous devils who rupture the lives of the less powerful. …. You be well


  13. I wonder what happens when guns are banned and then some brilliant people in congress decide to de-fund the police force to increase their own salaries. I’d imagine it would look something like Nigerian herdsmen vs. Nigerian population. Lawless killing and destroying the lawful.


    • …and pigs will fly across the sky dropping nuclear bombs given to them from beings from outer space. Do you really worry about this stuff you dream up?


      • No. Because we have a second amendment to our constitution that prevents it. If you think its as likely for armed groups of criminals to go around murdering people as it is for pigs to fly across the sky dropping nuclear bombs given to them from beings from outer space, you should check your history books and current events abroad.


    • They already hate police, so why would they be allowed to keep their guns


  14. This is very sad. Many of these actors I once enjoyed watching, Now they are all traitors except for stallone who is a traitor and a hypocrite. We made these low lifes rich and they stab us in the back. They remind me of those good for nothing football players. I’m going to print out this sheet and plaster it on my refrigerator. Everytime I see one of their traitor faces I will change the channel. If it wasn’t for gun owners those idiots would not be rich at all. We protect their right to become rich while their liberal agenda wants to take all their money away, how stupid.


    • Wow. It’s amazing that people like you even exist. Please stay in your cabin in the woods or wherever you hide out.


      • Still here Larry? Amazed that people exist that want to protect the rights that our American fore fathers bled for? The rights that civil rights activists bled and died for? Ensuring those rights were extended to all citizens.

        I can’t believe you exist Larry and idiot that wants to have his own rights stripped away. Move to a communists country. Venezuela has everything you’re looking for. Citizens can’t own guns. But the government and the criminals both have them.

        How’s that working out for those people Larry? They look happy? Robbed and raped by criminals and then shot by government soldiers if they have a problem with it.

        No one with even half a brain wants to live on planet Larry.


        • That makes two paranoid morons. Anyone else what to demonstrate their ignorance and join the Ted Kaczynski club?


          • Derogatory statements Larry? With no supporting facts or arguments? I think it’s you who “what” to demonstrate ignorance. You just demonstrated another reason I should ignore you. You really embody the emotional, immature, knee jerk decision tendencies of the left. Now you propose to govern the entire country with that mentality. I hope this is not what our great nation has come too.

          • Just read your own posts. Evidence enough.

          • Good answer Larry, I knew I could depend on you. Anyway people Liberty and justice for all teamed with the innocent will not be punished for the crimes of the guilty. We should ponder these to very American proverbs before voting on laws. We must protect the entire bill of rights as many anti-gun laws also trample on the 1st and the 4th amendments as well.

            Destroy the bill of rights and the American revolution was for nothing.

          • Exactly right, Shan… Larry makes no “argument” at all… not a rational thought in any of his posts, just childish name-calling. There’s no need to fear enemies such as Larry… they will eventually marginalize themselves because they lack the ability of logical persuasion.

          • Too Right! Sadly New Zealand lost all of their rights today (actually a privilege there) not because 1 of their own countrymen abused their gun rights but, because a foreigner landed on their shores and abused the privilege kindly extended to him. Could you imagine Americans loosing their rights to fly after 9/11?

            Or the English loosing their privilege to rent box trucks after the London bridge attack?

          • New Zealand has demonstrated it has true leadership, people who are sensible enough to make the correct decisions on behalf of all their citizens. Quickly, simply and decisive. We should do the same.

          • Glad you like it so much an island with a rich warrior culture. Now declawed each tooth pulled out with pliers turned to quivering prey. Sounds perfect for you Larry. You should move today. Wait for the next violent immigrant to land and kill you while you wait 30 minutes for police response. They’ll bring their own weapons next time. Ask France.

          • They also have no constitution no undeniable rights. On top of that it’s not one of their countrymen that abused their privileges it was a foreigner who had rights and privileges graciously extended to him. Nationals loose their rights because of actions of someone not of their nation. Perhaps they should allow them to defend themselves and not extend gun rights to foreignfor. Sorry to ruin your paradise Larry.

          • Sorry, Larry…I have no interest in joining you and your friend, Ted the Unibomber in your Fantasy Forest. Pleasant dreams!

        • Can somebody please explain to me how exactly anyone will be able to find a gun if they were illegal? Also, I’ve been hearing these proposals about an invasion or something from another country? Have you ever heard of the goddamn military? The people that are actually tested and trained by the government to posess such ridiculously cruel weapons? Austrailia has about 300 gun murders per year, and we have 30,000. What we are doing now sucks, and countries can change their fucking constitution! Ours used to allow slavery in some states, and women couldn’t vote! We changed that!


          • We had less than 12k firearm murders.
            Also we had a larger rate of reduction of crime and homicide expanding gun rights than any gun control country has had with heavy handed fascist gun laws.
            And the main reason of our second amendment was to keep the government in check.
            Not foreign invasion, not hunting.

          • Also you can buy guns illegally in every gun control country. Australia, Japan, Jamaica, Trinidad, the UK, Germany, Russia, the Philippines, every one has a black market for illegal arms.
            And you aren’t gonna go to a store to buy a gun illegally. You’ll have to deal with people, and know who to talk to.

          • How will anyone get guns if they are illegal? Are you really that misinformed and sheltered? Drugs, prostitution and bombs are illegal here. Yet we have “stop human trafficking”, “Just say no” and we’ve had attempted and successful bombings. Just banning something has never worked. Just look at Prohibition.

            Your comparison doesn’t account for population nor does it account for the thousands unable to defend themselves against violence.

            Your second point. “Leave it to the military.” The military works for the government. If you don’t think government guns can’t turn on you as easily as they turned on Osama then you are a true fool. You don’t have to go back to the civil war. Just look to hurricane Katrina. This is truly the most misinformed statement I’ve heard in a while.

          • It must be nice to view the world through such black and white lenses. “We just make something illegal and people stop.” What do we need police for then?

          • Getting shot is one snap of a finger. Explain to me how having a gun is really much different than carrying a a pillow. Also, the whole idea of banning firearms is based around reducing murder, not getting rid of it without a scrap left. Name 5 gun control countries that had no reduction in their murder rate after employing stricter gun laws.

          • Aching Sulfur

            Of course somehow It’s possible someone could get a gun were it illegal, but it would happen much less, as demonstrated by Australia and Japan.

          • During WWII, the Japanese General Yamamoto said, “We can never attack the American homeland because there’s a gun behind every blade of grass.” That says it all, Anthony.

          • You need to get your facts strait. In 2018, there were 13,054 incidents of gun violence in the U.S., including 3,338 deaths due to mass 51 mass shootings by mentally deranged persons. That 13,054 also includes those killed in the act of committing crimes by law enforcement. Over 30,000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents. Should we ban motor vehicle too.

      • The woods may have far more people in them than you might care to believe.


        • LMAO Larry the king of paranoid delusions.
          21 boot salute, right to his ass.


          • Larry is a funny one. He’ll come here as a troll. So strong in opinion yet, I bet if it came down to revolution he would cower in his living room waiting for the cops and military who don’t seem understand the oath they took to the constitution or what an oath is for that matter.

            Take heart Larry. Maybe they ignore the 3rd amendment for you the way they are ignoring the 2nd and the 5th for us. Then you may have the pleasure of housing and feeding a military squad or 2 in your household so you can be safe. Perhaps they’ll ignore all rules. Better watch out for wife and daughters in that case bro. A militia with no rules takes what they want when they want.

            Just look up a few of the accusations against the Mexican army by it’s own citizens. That’s what your world looks like Larry. Enjoy it. Enjoy living on your knees. I’ll be here fighting for your rights even if you don’t want them.

          • Oooh, Shan is talking tough again. Pathetic.

          • All true warriors try to solve differences with dialogue first. You just don’t want to be on the other side when dialogue fails. Now there’s your tough talk precious. Hope you can feel the difference.

          • “Warriors” Shan? Is that how you see yourself? Thanks for the chuckle.

      • Rob Schmidlkofer

        Larry your as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Maybe less.


      • Larry, how blinded are you? Have you been drinkin’ down that Commie kool-aid? all from the Collusion media that pumps out fake news all day, every day? because they’re all in bed with the Communist/Socialist/NeoMarxist Party of America? aka. The new and modern Democratic-Hate America’s Christian Foundation Party- and We’ll Do Anything and Everything to Remove God and the Bible, and all those who believe in God and the Bible out of America, and we’ll steal everything they have on their way out! Party! The so-called Democrat Party have become terrorists against the Truth! and against all things good and decent. They are terrorists in their evil tactics and behaviour! They will and have stooped to the most hideous, and wicked devices to bring down and destroy anyone who does not agree with their wicked agenda!


        • Someone please put Cindy back in whatever facility she escaped from.


          • Whatever Larry. Way to let people know you’re still here because we all know that you have nothing better to do than to troll this site.

    • And you, John. People are traitors only because they don’t agree with your point of view huh? Honestly, ignorant folks like you don’t deserve to own a gun.


  15. Here’s an idea why don’t you liberals leave America to real Americans and you should all move to liberal France or Sweden. Lots of fires so you liberals can stay warm.

    You all should know. You set them. Lol


  16. Bunch of paranoid delusionals here. Sad!


    • What a massive generalized statement. If you want to make a blanket statement like this you need to list reasons for your grievous accusations or risk being judged yourself as intellectually inept and or simply as a simple Internet troll with no life and nothing better to do.

      So which is it? Or perhaps there’s some grounds for your statement that you forgot to list, making you just sound ignorant.


      • As sad as it may seem, I think Brewster summed it up fairly accurately.


        • As expected Larry. Where’s your safe place Larry? Where’s your apex society you want to remodel America after? Could it be communist China? Or maybe California? No no communist NY. Because you can’t get mugged or shot there.


        • This is fucking culty, and not like kvlt, like cult.


      • Sure Shandu, I can easily back up my statement by simply cutting and pasting your idiotic anti-gun lists. Tell us all again exactly WHY you are singling these people out? Corporations I suppose I can understand since you could stage a useless boycott against them. However, singling individuals simply reeks of paranoid delusion and worse, it appears you are targeting certain people, now doesn’t it? What have they ever done to you that you feel the need to single them out. Why not provide their addresses as well?


        • Ok Brewster I could just jump on your lack of logic but I won’t. I’ll play along.
          A. I didn’t create this list I just use it for reference.
          B. These people as you call them are celebrities and big business icons using their influence to destroy the bill of rights and the constitution resulting in the loss of my rights, my valued property and, my favorite hobby.
          C. Some like Jim Carey are pushing for the end of democracy and the rise of socialism in this country.
          D. Once again not my list but I won’t post anyone’s address even if I had it because, I’m not a stalker. I don’t want to visit them or you. I’m way to busy.

          I just want you all to stop coming after me and my property because someone 2 or more states away decided they want to murder people.

          The innocent shall not be punished for the crimes of the guilty.


          • It’s like saying a drunk driver killed a mother and infant on the freeway. Hey Brewster some drunk driver just killed people so, we’re taking your car away because we’re sad and afraid. (In other words cowardly and pathetic)

          • Maybe you could own mustard gas. Maybe you just loved throwing it at the wall. Maybe the constitution says you have the right to bear it, as it is an arm. It is also extremely dangerous. It is not realistic to expect society to use it well. Shut the hell up.

          • Now it’s shut the hell up! Look at Mr. Fucking tough guy behind his keyboard. Oh no I’d better shut up or Anthony the internet anti gun gangster is coming for me. Thanks for proving you’re against free speech too. Is there any American standards you do agree with? How about you move the duck out of my country if you dislike it’s history and culture so much.

            If you want me to shut the hell up come and make me shut up. Other than that FUCK OFF BITCH!

      • How about the fact you shun every opposing party?


  17. I didn’t see a list of banking institutions .


    • BOA and CHASE are the only ones I know for sure. NRA stopped updating this site a long time ago. Wells Fargo is supposed to be the only non stance bank. I’m not sure it matters both Wells and BOA are owned by the same parent company. They are playing both sides against each other for mutual profit.


      • Capital One, Discover cards. There were a couple of actors that stunned me–Stallone and Lowe who vote Republican–who should shape up! Dollar rent-a-car is part of Hertz so do we have an option in rental cars? I chose AMAC over AARP, for sure.


        • Neoliberal Fascism and authoritarian Socialism are owned by transnational private, economic concerns. The tactic is the deception that political competition exists. At once, both ideologies agree that the people must be denied self-government; must be denied community.

          This is brought out in an article, Militia and the Second Amendment,

          Both the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists believed that a standing army led by the government would function to repress the people, unless the people maintained their public militias to counter that prospect. Public militias presuppose community. …. You be well.


        • Oh my fucking god! How opposed must you be to RESEARCH going into the idea of gun CONTROL, that you can’t buy from companies that support it. Research finds the right answer. By opposing it you don’t want one.


          • ??? I’m sorry but, you may need to revise or expand on your point there. I’m not understanding the point of your comment.

          • Of course they don’t want research…or facts…or common sense. Because all those things so obviously lead to more gun control.

          • Nah, it leads to an expansion of civil rights.
            Like conceal carry in Chicago bringing down crime by over 10% in less than a year.
            Or the fact that rifles like the AR are used in way more self defense situations than any kind of crime.
            Or the vast majority of countries with heavy handed gun control laws have actually gotten worse in terms of crime and homicide, while ours has cut nearly in half.
            Research just shows gun control as a complete and utter failure.

          • The situation is for patriots to fight fascism, as says Chris Hedges, not because we think we can win, but because it is fascism. Fascism is staring you in the face and impoverishing your lives on many levels and you can’t see it anymore than could the German people see it during the 1930s.

            “FDR – The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to the point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in essence, is fascism –ownership of government by an individual, by a group.”(Quote sourced from one of Dr. Edward F. Berger )


          • Gun control is really just some fascist pipe dream.
            It’s been an absolute failure across the board, and even new Yorks weak (by global standards) gun laws are used to deny anyone for any reason possible, the color of their skin or size of their Bank account has been used to deny law abiding citizens their rights.

          • MRM, I appreciate the conversation. Fascism is not allowing the people any voice in government. That older fellow, NRA’s Vice President, or the last one, I saw his speech, was against Anti-Fascism, and sounded like he was against social programs in general. When private power takes rule, then, THEY decide our subjective lives. Patriotic concerted effort is contingent on, depends on fexible, stable, supportive communities of folks establishing their sovereignty. Without that component, resistance is without a destination. But, you do know these things, so I need not elaborate.
            You be well…

          • Oh No. You don’t understand Larry isn’t talking about real world facts verified by the government agencies tasked to collect those numbers and create those statistics.

            Larry’s facts come from bias news sources that collects the facts and then filters them through a looney toons lens like the New York post.

            Then he calls the statistics from the very same government he wants to totally trust with his security bias if those statistics don’t fit his narrative.

            Ask him for a source reference for his “facts”, and see what he post.

            He may just tell you to look around but, if you’re not viewing the world through his filter you won’t see your neighbors murdered in the streets or mass shootings every other day like he does.

          • The cascading damage to the life support systems cannot be mitigated while the existing industrial complex depends on diesel. (Renewable electric energy depends on components produced by diesel based industry.) Military industrialism is unalterably conjoined to diesel.

            The necrophilic class of wealth wields military industrialism solely for persecuting the less powerful, which setup requires a universally alienated mass centralist society, the private monetized authority, and complete control over the vital sectors of the economy for maintaining that military industry. Fascism has slotted the market economy for collapse, as among the means for expanding and entrenching its military power. (Stalin`s destruction of the private farmers, and the contemporary American, tariff initiative to destroy the foreign markets the private farmers had built over the course of several decades.)

          • I would support research into anything. Let me remind you that the same research could turn out in your favor.

          • it actually has, CDC and the like aren’t banned in anyway from researching gun violence.
            Every study blows up in gun controls face, as it really doesn’t support their argument in any way.

          • That’s true they refuse to use CDC data in any of the statistics they release. Usually the data the reference is from a news pole or similar source with a jaded opinion. They’ve even been caught doctoring Q&A tapes to make it look like gun owners are at a loss for words when the actually had plenty to say.

          • Incorrect. The 1995 Dickey Amendment prohibits the CDC from using government funding for gun violence research.


          • Certainly not the ones on the likelihood of firearms used in self defense.

  18. Please create a separate list of the companies, people, products, etc. that still do support the Second Amendment and/or NRA. I think it would be so much easier to just know where I would rather shop or who I would rather support/watch, then it is of who or what to avoid. Thank you very much.


    • I totally agree. Especially since there are only about seven companies left that do.


      • Quite the opposite, many companies who are blatantly anti-gun oftwn suffer and turn either neutral or close down.
        Remember, gun owners are 100 million strong and is the most politically active voting groups in the US. We vote more often and in greater numbers. Including with our wallets.
        Dick’s has been feeling a squeeze since they’re misbehaviour.


      • I have worn Levis most of my lide . Its Wrangler from now on .


      • There are more than 7 gun manufacturers out there alone Larry. I don’t mind opposition but, stop being a troll and get your facts straight. Yeah our backs are against the wall but, we have Kavanaugh playing Umpire. He’s going to have some special feelings about the liberal agenda. Not to mention he actually intends to defend the constitution rather than shred it.


      • Uh, there’s more than 7 gun manufacturers Larry. So, right there wrong again brother.


      • Pathetic how these people will change their traditions or make huge sacrifices because of the company’s political stance. The NRA certainly does much more sketchy donating. How about all the briber.. I mean donations they offer to politicians who in turn make insane proposals such as “everyone at a school should have a gun?”


        • you forget onething.
          Bloomberg by himself outspends all civil rights groups, by himself, thats not counting his pet projects like MDA. Just him.
          He’s done more.. donating and… promising of funding for politicians who back his racist and fascist views.
          Nothing has stopped research for over 20 years, not one law or regulation on the research itself has been signed.
          Pushing one view or the other by the CDC however is banned. That’s it, nothing else, so NIMH, CDC, etc they can all research to their hearts content. (and actually do)
          The data doesn’t appear to be in the favor of gun control either.


          • He’s not forgetting Anthony is just ignorant. He spews out whatever sounds good for his case. He’s an anti-constitution

          • I don’t support Bloomberg. Bribery is un-fucking-constitutional. More so than gun control. “Arms” apply to anything that is used as a weapon, and, if we’re going to live by the constitution, any politician guilty of taking bribes shall be impeached.

    • best idea yet!!!


      • I haven’t looked recently but, I the the NRA has an updated list on their main website. I’ve given up products I care about, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Levi jeans, I don’t use credit cards anymore, I haven’t rented a car in years. I forgive myself in advance if I have to travel. You don’t want to be in a rent a wreck if you don’t know where the bad areas are out of state.

        It sucks that so many companies have taken a stance against law abiding citizens yet they want to take a chance in letting hordes of criminals into the country and the rest will have to be financially supported for an undetermined amount of time.


    • I agree with you 200% David! Although I had no Idea that American Firearms Association Had contributed to gun Control. That one was a shock to me.


    • Yes. I totally agree.


  19. Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty. We’d still be part of the British Empire if the colonists were forbidden to have arms. The Japanese didn’t invade after Pearl Harbor because they didn’t want to have to fight the armed forces and the citizens at the same time. If you do not pay attention to past history it will repeat itself.


  20. Who could possibly remember all these? Would there be a downloadable phone app? An app that we could just scan any product to see if the company is anti-Constitutional? We could put the hurt on them and in the process we could support the good guys. Win, win.


    • I agree. A phone app with a relatively simple database and GPS tracking/mapping could alert you when you’re within a couple hundred feet of an anti-gun business or corporate property.


      • I also agree. I commented today that I would prefer to have a list of the companies and people who still do support the Second Amendment and/or NRA, because it would be so much easier to know where to go or who to see then it would be of what/who to avoid.


    • Probably very few but try this get away from the banks and brands you normally use and slowly weed out the rest you see every day. You know WAL marts on there or should be but I still need cheap stuff.


  21. All these powerful anti-gunners is why we must join the NRA and vote. And merely voting isn’t enough. We must take an active role and contact ALL our elected officials to let them know that pro-gunners do indeed exist. A mere 7% of gun owners belong to the NRA with millions of free-riders enjoying the rights the NRA has fought for, but too damn cheap to chip in the pay for those rights. As if NRA membership costs a fortune (it doesn’t).

    We need to make our voices heard. I almost never see a vehicle with an NRA decal or bumper sticker, as if everyone is too afraid some snowflake will see their car and be offended. I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone wearing an pro-gun or NRA t-shirt to send a message to the entire world that pro-gunners exist. The NRA seems to be a secret that nobody wants to admit belonging to. I guess that is understandable when some view the NRA as a domestic terrorist organization.

    I for one support the NRA and if I were to die today about $2M would go to the NRA and NRA Civil Rights defense fund, providing a legacy even after I am gone. I suggest that others consider remembering gun rights in their own estate plan.

    We can’t allow America to turn into Australia or the UK, where subjects (not citizens) gave up substantially all their gun rights. No, I don’t consider being able to own a shotgun with permission and extensive background checks that holds a maximum of two shells and has at least a 24″ barrel to be gun rights. The mere ability to own a very limited variety of guns under draconian restrictions is not gun rights! CA & NJ & NY already have given up very much in the way of gun rights, so we don’t even have true gun rights in certain large parts of America. It’s time to stand up and make our voices heard. Vote in every election, display your bumper stickers, phone & e-mail your elected officials and make a big NOISE!


    • A more sensible response by gun enthusiasts would be do distance themselves from the NRA which promotes policies which ignore the interests of most of their members who want sensible use of firearms, not blind extremist positions that just piss off 99% of all US citizens.


      • Correction, pisses off a small minority of uneducated and loud hoplophobes who don’t even know what the NRA does not the laws on the books.


      • Sorry Larry, your ship has uncontrolled truth leaks. You are fake news.


      • Dear Larry and Shandu B,
        ….Trump and his cronies pretend to be Americans, but they are liars; just a bunch of swindlers and double-crossers. They can’t be trusted for anything, except allowing private companies to rob Americans of all their public assets and public property, public nature reserves, all the national coasts, and to privatize, or undermine and destroy, all public services. Trump represents the interests of Neoliberalism, which is economic fascism. The Democrats pretend to be something different, but they are liars. Democrats are in cahoots with the same Neoliberal fascists.
        ….Of course, the Democrats would eliminate the Second Amendment. And, the Republicans would eliminate the First Amendment. Both parties claim to uphold the American Constitution, and at the same time they each attack it. Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which ended Habeas Corpus, Due Process, and authorized indefinite detention, smashing the Bill of Rights. George W. Bush authorized the Patriot Act, which authorized unlimited electronic surveillance against Americans, and smashed the Bill of Rights.
        ….Both parties are liars. And both parties are the “lap dogs” of the American class of wealth, and its transnational corporate powers and its central bank, that is out to rob Americas of everything they can. 83% of that “tax cut” went to line the pockets of the class of wealth, at the expense of our entitlements, social programs, and other social services, that’s robbery (!). Rather than go on about these matters, I recommend that you Google, Chris Hedges. “He knows where it’s at.” But, let me end this comment with what is becoming more obvious every day. Both political parties are the dangerous enemies of Americans. They are the two sides of the same diabolical coin. They want to destroy America, and put us all under the boot heel of their police to be dominated by those, insane, class of wealth fascists, and those no good Zionists. Yo’ get yo’ head out of dee bucket, o’ y’uzz be brainwashed!


        • Please buy a larger size of foil hat.


          • The horse has been shot out from under you, but apparently you didn’t notice.

          • Words, empty words. I know gun control is an empty farce as I see the results every day here in Australia. I have no horse to shoot. Nor in this country, do I have amendments, 1,2 or 4. Be careful what you wish for as you may get it.

          • Dear Mark,
            My apology, I thought you were an American. we Americans have got the horse shot out from under us, and many of us have not yet noticed. Despite the Amendments that you mentioned, the private corporate government has undermined them. Yes, we continue having guns, but that is only because, for the moment, the “inverted fascism” (Google, Chris Hedges) allows it. The next national crisis, probably an economic one, will see the private powers overriding our constitutional rights through government and police action taken against organized dissent. I regard myself as an American patriot, Thomas Paine, Common Sense, Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson – yes, Alexander Hamilton – no. I was an American History teacher. But, Mark, the television media is the only view most Americans have of government. The media does not report enough on the significant shifts taking place in domestic policy and is mostly mute on foreign policy. If you Google “Truthdig” (Also, Information Clearing House, ICH, and the Atlantic are good) you have access to more specific reporting in those regards. Chris Hedges does a good job assessing the national condition. For most Americans, things are not as they seem. Too many Americans are grossly misled. (Also, regarding American policy, Trump is a dangerous, spastic gremlin. He is mentally deficient.) Hedges alludes to democratically organized, local independence (sovereignty), which I agree with, but he does not provide the methodology to that end. However, I have a good response to that, which will be making itself apparent, soon enough. You be well.

          • Mark Jackaman I can see you are beating your head agents a brick wall. Some people do not like our President. They are the ones that starts fight in the streets. They are the ones that cry and sling snot after the Voting. They are the one that wants Maxine Waters to run the U.S. They also belong to the origination that has funded the so called Caravan coming up through Mexico now. All you have to do is look at the Growth of the U.S. in the last couple of years. Unemployment here now as to 3 & 4 years ago. Obama is saying sure it is piking up now he was the one that started it. Well funny when he got in office company’s left here in the droves. Now they are coming back. If Obama loves Obama Care so much why does he not have it? Some people watch only CNN and the foliated stations. FOX News will tell it like it is. Every thing you here on Fox News you can verify easily. What you here on other news channels if you only listen to them you think it is facts. Check out any thing you hear. DO NOT take any one person’s word for it. You have a smart phone it only takes a minute. We the People of the United States of America that is TRUE SMERICANS is standing by our Constitution of the United States. The army that is Burning American Flags in there Country and marching toward our Country waving there Flags and throwing rocks. Is going to be surprised when they find out it don’t matter who crosses the border with out the correct papers will be shot! Other countries do it we can and will do it also. Mark God Bless you and Please Be Safe.

          • Carl, not only are you a true believer of propaganda, which is to believe deceit, you would kill undocumented people, because you cannot comprehend the values of American democracy, and by extension the value of human life. You are not thinking, let alone thinking critically. You need to put on your thinking cap. You be well.

          • Really, you’ve seen the results, how about the fact that your violent death rate is 1/100 of ours!

          • Might wanna see the reduction of Australian homicide vs the US in the same time frame.
            Australia hasn’t gotten any better. We’ve dropped 40%. Australia hasn’t
            We have.
            We now know fascist gun laws are a failure at reducing homicide.

          • Check again, mrm. Australia’s death rate has been dropping since the 90’s.

          • Not nearly as fast as ours.

          • You’re using they’re entire death rate Anthony? That drop could possibly be because of health care improvements between now and the 90s. I don’t know. I haven’t seen the statistics to which you are referring. I would invite you to check their violent crime and home invasion rate increases sense they’re imposed gun control measures. You may find more truth in those statistics. Your arguments lack substance.

          • I’ll make a bigger aluminum foil hat if you get your head out of the sand and move to socialists country and experience what you are asking for first hand.

          • It’s raised by 10,000 in the last 20 years.

          • The US goes down over 40%, UK went up by over 20%.
            There is no argument to support gun control.

          • Good job cherry picking misleading stats. The NRA has taught you well. Check your source and let us know the total and per capita comparison and we’ll see which system works best.

          • Look the goddamn thing up.

      • Really Lary? The NRA is the only reason we are still gun enthusiasts and not air soft enthusiasts like in Scotland right now.Distancing ourselves from the NRA is surrender pure and simple. Nice try at a divide and conquer strategy Larry. Some semblance of logic might help you fool some people. Lol


      • Well, it’s been verified that kid Katz AKA the ultimate sore loser. Was a bother depression case on psychotropic drugs. If you ant-gunners want to save lives, try putting some pressure on the medical community to come up with a reference lust of psychological issues and related drugs that may cause someone to react violently.

        Then we put a temporary restrictions through the background check system until they are reassessed by their doctor after a period of treatment. There it is “sensible gun control”.

        Try something that actually makes sense for once.


    • I don’t put any NRA or firearm decals on my vehicles. I am a proud life member of the NRA, but I don’t want my vehicles broken into by someone looking for firearms.


    • We must be bribing, conniving,absolutist extremists.


      • I think you have it wrong there Anthony although I think you’re actually Larry’s alter ego. If not your writing styles are very similar. Anyway story so far is the NRA was Embezzling our money. Not using it for lobbying or ss you call it bribery. Of course when CA gives $10,000,000 tax payer dollars a year to create a firm to track and record gun related fatalities in essence giving their buddy’s 6 figure salaries for doing almost nothing instead of maybe giving that money to updated schools security or counseling for victims or mental health assistance to those who may need counseling to prevent violent actions.

        What do you call that move by the anti gun legislation Anthony? Could it be theft? Could it be that you’ve been duped into thinking they actually care and want to save lives? Or is it only crime when the NRA or other pro gun organization does it?

        Please Anthony enlighten me.


  22. I cannot fathom why people would be so afraid of firearms and be totally okay with giving up their inalienable right to owning a firearm – why on Earth should only government officials have the right to bear arms, and not citizens like you or I?

    Ever since I was a youngin’, I was quite fascinated by firearms and the science behind guns… it’s quite sad I have to live and grow up in a city that is plagued with the Authoritarian socialist zeals that have countlessly denied the right to bear arms or make it on par with mental gymnastics!

    It’s truly strange as to why these corporations happen to fund the infringement of the second amendment – what do they gain by doing such a thing? Is it merely to spite people such as us?


    • So, you are very comfortable with the Neoliberal fascists? Of course, all citizens have the right to bear arms and to organize militias for mutual defense against tyranny. And the authoritarian socialists would overturn the Second Amendment. But, the Neoliberal fascists would overturn the first Amendment. Trump attacks the First Amendment with regularity. He would end the separation of powers for his megalomaniac convenience. He has given away our natural, nature reserves and the coasts to the extraction companies that will ruin them.

      Both political parties eliminate our constitutional protections. The Republicans authorized the Patriot Act that overturns our Bill of Rights. The Democrats authorized the National Security Authorization Act that eliminates Habeas Corpus, Due Process, and authorizes the indefinite detention of American Citizens.

      That’s just the tip of the ice burg. The point is that Americans have fought wars against fascism and against authoritarian socialism, and now, today, in our own country we are caught between both enemies that vie for national power. But the situation is even more complex than that.

      Netanyahu the leader of the Israeli Zionists visited with Putin days before Trump visited Putin in Finland. The Zionists would have the United Sates attacks Iran, which would be an insane thing for Americans to do, because Americans would gain nothing form it, but would pay for the intervention and would fight it, while the Israeli Zionists stand by doing nothing and gaining everything for their insane plan of “greater Israel,” domination of the Mideast. It starts by reinstating Americans sanctions against Iran, which has just started at Trump’s behest, which would begin to ruin the Iran Nuclear Deal still in effect with the Europeans.

      To Make it short, Trump is destroying America under the directives of Putin. Trump and his Republican Party are the enemies of Americans. They are traitors.

      Watch: John Bridevaux


    • Dear NYC Punk, To get a better grasp of where we stand at the moment, it would be helpful for you to check some of the interviews at Resistance Radio, below is a link to get you started. Also, Google, You Tube, Chris Hedges; and Google the internet newspaper, “Truthdig” You be well.
       Derrick Jensen Resistance Radio w/ Guy McPherson


  23. Other people are safer because I carry legally. I’ve carried for over 30 years with permits, and I was trained by the best. But you would never expect me to be carrying. I’m an older woman who doesn’t look threatening but good luck to anyone who tries to mess with me enough that I feel physically threatened. I don’t go to movies that have any of these “stars” in them or do business with any of these companies. The only way to let these people know how we feel is to not give them a dime of our money.


    • Hi Joyce, I’m very happy to have you at my shoulder in this fight. I commend your commitment to being your own first responder and nit subscribing to the illusion that the police will appear like in a Harry Potter movie to come rescue any of us.

      I’ve also stopped watching any movies by anti-gun actors and actresses. It especially irks me when they portray their characters as gun-slinging vigilantes and accept millions for portraying this heroic gun slinging image.

      I’ve stopped watching anything by Disney although I’ve been a starwars fan since 2nd grade.

      I don’t know what these anti-gun people are afraid of. I’ve talked to some of them and most have never been confronted with a gun or even seen 1 up close.

      So they fear something that’s practically the Boogie man to them. They’ve heard of it but never seen it. Because in they’re minds, guns are pure evil chunks of hell with they’re own will to kill and gun owners are the familiars who serve them.

      They’re opinion is straight out of a Twilight novel.


  24. Tim Hargraves

    Yeah, this will change their minds. Ha. We are so beyond lost.


  25. PS: Join the NRA! — I heard that Ted Nugent say there are not enough members and those who are are pulling the weight for the millions who aren’t.


  26. I really do hope you Americans keep your guns. Don’t end up like Australia, New Jersey, parts of California and New York. You will live to regret it.

    I am praying for America lately. I live overseas, and don’t believe in the anti gun stuff. I am well versed in American gun laws. Great how you got freedom of speech too. Don’t let that go. These freedoms you have are unique! If you live in other English speaking countries, there is so much more red tape to owning a gun.

    PLEASE STAY AMERICAN! BELIEVE ME IT’S BETTER THAT WAY! You don’t know how good you guys have it there (in most states.)!


  27. Greetings to all of you. ….You are all in the middle of it, here in the United Sates, and you can’t see it. Worse, you think you can support either one side or the other, and expect the rebirth of a more or less democratic representational government.
    ….Just because the Neoliberal fascists have robbed the Americans of their national, natural reserves of pristine wilderness, which the extracting companies destroy with fracking and off shore drilling, does not mean the fascists will defend the Second Amendment after the people notice the government’s division of powers is usurped by dictatorship. The fascists are destroying the American Constitution, and the authoritarian socialists and the Zionist Israelis (who are in both camps simultaneously) would like to disarm us, destroy the American Constitution. Either way, it amounts to the same thing, Totalitarianism and the end of personal freedom.
    ….Okay Shandu B, the Americans must fight for freedom. Late 1700’s – early 1800’s, the American fur trapping mountain men looked upon cooked buffalo tripe, as a delicacy. The custom was that one man would eat the tripe form his end until they met in the middle and then, cut the remaining strand with the knife to finish up. If one man had thought the other was eating too fast he would holler, “Feed fair!” Each political party is devouring what’s left of the United Sates from their respective ends, and between them, they have devoured most American families’ favorable futures, which make those political parties the enemies of Americans.
    ….So, if we are to fight for our freedom, then we must revisit our American Declaration of Independence and consider building a different constitution, one that cannot be usurped by private powers. That prospect opens the whole new subject of real, modern independence, which would require a volume to address. But, don’t fret, soon, that cat will jump out of the bag (!), and we will see what comes if it. …. looking forward to your responses. You be well.


    • I agree. The only thing I can think of besides another civil war is the conference of states. This is the only non bloody way besides voting out the people in power who seek to shred the constitution and bury it’s meaning.

      Unfortunately this is a near impossible task. The narrow Trump victory is the only sign that we still have some illusion or facsimile of choice. Unfortunately both candidates where safe choices for the globalist. I fear the populace won’t wake up until it’s too late. Those of us who realize this bigger picture will be few and long in the tooth.

      Win or loose I will stand firm with my boots strapped tight.


      • Dear Shandu B, ….However that may be, let me reiterate in this opening paragraph, before I continue. What most Americans don’t see is that former public functions are being usurped and encroached upon by private concerns. Much to our peril, with the explosion of the Trump stink bomb, the EPA has been reversed and damaged. The Department of the Interior is being used by the transnational private extracting companies to facilitate the exploitation of the public reserves and the coasts. National Parks are defunded. (And, the people’s Entitlements are being defunded, and so on.)
        …. The penal system is being privatized, and is funded with public money, which creates the business of catching and not releasing. Jeff Sessions, head of the Department of Justice, is invested in private penal institutions. Consequently, Sessions upholds draconian judicial policies against minority groups.
        ….Ongoing privatization robs Americans of public space and the means to social capital (see Footnote, 1), which is required for sanity. There are levels of social capital 1) familial and having friends over for dinner, 2) contact through public discourse over public production and trade, or coming together over shared interests, 3) local organizations for the greater good, public discourse over public civic organization for the greater good; all within the organizational principles of real community. Do you see much of that level of independence these days?
        ….We are being attacked by the government, and those private concerns that provide the government with its directives. Private companies are not social services. Private companies cannot perform for the people in the manner expected of a functioning, representational government. Trump and his cronies are trying to derail the whole governing apparatus, on the behalf of the private concerns that vie for all public assets and services, and to destroy those services that cannot generate profit for the new owners, and that, my friend, is called Neoliberalism (“savage capitalism”), or as I would call it, neo-fascism. However reluctant I am to admit it; “It’s just a shot away.” (Rolling Stones)
        Keep in mind, that the existing ideologies are dysfunctional. To end this savage fiasco will require the concerted efforts of Americans to establish a real democratic organization; that new ideology which is yet to be actualized.
        We are but a stone’s throw away from pragmatic decentralization. But, the landscape of decentralization does not resemble the landscape of neo-fascism. Those distinct ideologies will resemble distinct species competing over the same ecosystem’s resources. Again, it will require a volume to explain that new ideology of community, decentralized economic social organization, decentralized civilization, authentic democracy. The countdown to that eventuality is in progress.
        …. To what degree the transition will be peaceful I cannot predict, but the new America will see the realization of the Jeffersonian vision of a decentralized economy ad infinitum; that modern, rural, authentic democracy will provide us with the sovereign independence we so richly deserve, or we will be the unhappy recipients of the goose step and the neo-gulag. …. You be well.
        …. Footnote, 1: Bowling Alone, The Collapse and Revival of American Community, by Robert D. Putnam, Copyright 2000 by Robert D. Putnam


        • Believe me reedkinny when I say I know where you are coming from on this. They started this steam engine going about the turn of the century but 1934 with the Federal Reserve act is when America need to start waking up. That’s when the people in power started letting everyone else have the black vs white fight while they started down the road to victory in the rich vs poor fight.

          Big picture. Globalist need 3 things to be rich.
          1. Material wealth.
          2. A populace that is dependent on those materials in a system that does not allow them to live independent of need.
          3. Security. A control on the number and offensive/Defensive capability of said populace.
          3a. Even better a populace that believes the rich in charge are the source of all security.

          We’re only partially dependant on the system in reality. The rest is actually forced on us by rule of law.

          If we the people jump directly to bloodshed to drain the swamp, a lot of people and sheeple will get hurt in the process.

          If the war is lost then history will remember the resistance as crazy rebels put down by a just government.

          If the war is won, win it will be hard to stave off corruption because those who led the charge and survived will want more a bigger cut than those who stood by.


  28. This is an excellent list of companies, groups, and individuals that I will be sure to patronize.


    • Robert Mark Jackaman

      Go and play in traffic troll boy.


    • Good please do. I’ll be there to laugh when the globalist you support put you in slave chains because you burned the document that gives you the rights and the tools to resist. I’ll be there to laugh because I’ll be ouside of the slave prison camps fighting for your freedom. Don’t worry sheeple there are real patriotic men and women around to pick up the pieces after you destroy America and put yourselves in chains.


    • Oh and James, we are all intelligent people here(except for Larry) trying to have an actual debate here. If you have something to add please do but, your passive aggressive statement is nothing more than a waste of space.


  29. The Taking of the Second Amendment
    I am saddened as an American, and as a Viet Nam Veteran, that so many want to take all guns away from all American Law Abiding Citizens.
    Gun grabbers, if you think taking guns away from law abiding people is going to work, let’s look at how well gun laws are working in Chicago, New York, L.A., or Detroit, to name a few. The criminals don’t care about the laws, cause if they did, we wouldn’t have the murders, gun shootings, and the gun violence that we are living with today in America.
    When the FBI knew about the shooter in Florida, they did what? NOTHING! Oh, and where were the brave deputies at? Hiding, like the chickens they were and are!
    Now, let’s look at why the Second Amendment was created. It was in case the Government became tyrannical against “We the People”! Do some history digging, read supporting documents like the Federalist Paper #46. A woman asked one of the Founders, what have you wrought here today? The answer was, A Free Republic, if you can keep it!
    If you take the guns away from law abiding people, you will have tyranny like never before.
    You also will lose your entire Constitutional, and all the other ‘Rights’, in the Bill of Rights, and the Freedoms the Founding Fathers gave us! Who could stand against the new tyranny, or protect you and your family from crime, murder, etc.…? It would only be those brave enough to stand up and somehow triumph over all the New Government that you are basically asking for.
    America! Home of the Free, because of the BRAVE!
    Stand up for your Freedoms America! Otherwise, it may become ameriKa! Welcome, Comrade!
    I’d rather have my gun, and not need it, than to need it, and not have it!
    The more the Lefties talk about more, or not enough gun control, gun sales rocket out of our galaxy.
    The good part of that is more Americans are employed by a great American Companies!
    If you love your freedoms, thank a Veteran!!!!!


  30. Did not see CITI or Delta Air Lines on the list. Why are they not listed?


    • Also Bank of America, Chase, Starbucks, Staples, and Chilly. Admin Please update the list, our way of fighting back is boycotting these companies that support any form of Gun Control.


      • Yea, please just add every successful US company. Or maybe list the company’s that support the NRA. That would be far easier.


      • I mostly just order Black Rifle coffee, but yeah, you’re right. Those oxygen thieves all belong on the list. So does Whataburger, for my money, since they have a snivel fit about open carry, and even told a police detective to leave just because his sidearm was visible (as was his badge).


  31. The Coming Collapse by Chris Hedges

    ….Americans fought against fascism in our American Civil War. WW I was consequent of authoritarian nationalism – both fascist and authoritarian socialist. Americans fought fascism in WW II, and during the Korean War and the Vietnam War Americans fought authoritarian socialism.
    ….In 2018 the American government is contested by Republican Fascists and Democrat authoritarian socialists, equally, both are the primary enemies of Democracy and are the primary enemies of Americans. And, at once, both parties are manipulated by Zionist Israelis, who use Americans to unwittingly fight Israel’s wars of aggression.
    The Second Amendment is targeted by the Zionist Israelis.
    ….The conditions in the United Sates are primed for our citizens, those who can still think, to revisit our American Declaration of Independence. It’s time for the development and the deployment of a new ideology, that being, Authentic Democracy, which is new, because it is yet to be tested – but, it soon will be.


    • The Founding Fathers gave us a Free Republic, to hold this country together by a Democratic system of “We the People”! Wouldn’t that be Sweeeeet?


  32. If The Left Thinks it is correct and 3/4 of American want more gun control. They should drop by Cabelas on any Saturday. Every Time the Left beats the drum for gun control Cabelas sells out of all our
    AR Rifles right now the only Ar’s in stock 5/8/18 cost $2,500. or more. If we could get Ar’s from Ruger, Smith and Wesson, DPMS, Anderson… the $500.-$800. dollars Rifles we would sell everyone ASAP the market is endless right now!!!! So to my Friends on the Left Please Beat Your Drum Louder and Longer.
    I need the Job Security………


  33. Wow. The anti-gun lobby demands that gun owners carry insurance yet you attack Lockton Corp. So they won’t sell gun owners insurance anymore calling them “murder insurance” it’s like letting toddlers run the country. How can you demand we get insurance then intimidate them into not selling insurance to gun owners?

    You are all illogical and contradictory with no clue as to what your talking about or what you want. Sit down and have a meeting then decide what you actually want then try to make it law.

    At this point I can’t listen to your ridiculous debate points anymore. You just have to be stopped before this government goes down like ancient Rome. You are going to financially and socially destroy America. You are a bigger threat to this country than Russia, China, and North Korea combined. I tried to listen to your side. Now hear mine. You will destroy my beloved country over my dead body. The constitution will prevail or real Americans will defend it to the death.



    • Davida Michaele

      introduceing ‘laws’ that go against the constitution are NOT upholding the oath of office . This guy and others like him are a serious danger to our rights and needs remove from office .
      oath of office
      I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God


    • Dear Shandu,
      What we are against is Neoliberal capitalism (fascism) privatizing what’s left of our government, and worse. Trump is their front man. Jesus was the man who went to defeat private banking, and at once, supported everything that was community, social capital. (1) Decentralized civilization, civic organization absent centralized government – that subsequent civilization, is the challenge we must meet; to actualize that cultural revolution, which is the only option open to us, for our survival as sane people. The conservative churches to one side, the message of Jesus was that the universal principles that he upheld can only be lived in the lives of men in the context of real community and authentic democracy. They cannot be lived in the alienated mass centralist society, which is owned by the private bank. The National Treasury is an office of the private, Federal Reserve System. That means that for everything that matters regarding the quality of American lives, the for-profit, private bank rules from the back office, much to our peril. The government is nearly, if not already, a pretend democracy. Too many men in positions of control are deficient, and that wicked mad-hatter gremlin has undermined the Cabinet by appointing neoliberals, and neocons; while he has neglected most everything else that needs tended to, such as appointees to other departments and diplomats. He has cut funds to regulatory agencies and public programs, has opened our natural nature reserves to transnational extracting corporations. Indeed, inadvertently, or by design, that gremlin is the worst enemy of Americans this side of you can guess who. We will see very soon if the separation of powers can defend us. On the bright side is the long shot, that we just might, soon, deploy the proper methodology for our independence from pathological repression. In the meanwhile, defending the Bill of Rights is essential; even more pointedly, the Declaration of Independence will be revisited. Authentic, grassroots democracy must come into the light of day. I’m looking forward to your responses. You be well. Reed

      Note, 1:

      And: what Jesus said about the private bank:


  34. It’s time to take a stand citizens will not tolerate corrupt people in power it is time to act


    • I’m with you! End the corrupt gun lobby! Boycott the NRA!


      • Lol, Larry. As you well know you’re not on Will’s side. Plus if a second civil war did start, we’ll Larry just see how much sheep protection the government will give you when they are worried about protecting themselves. I think you’ll truly find out what it’s like to be defenseless ruled by a government that backed off its promise to protect you after demanding you disarm. It’s ok just keep waiting for that police response time Larry. It worked so well for the victims of the golden gate killer didn’t it?



        Time to end bloomberg spending 5+ times on something the citizens do not want done.
        End the corruption, boycott bloomberg and all his companies.


          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            you got it backwards larry.
            even with millennials its only a third want gun control.

            It is only racists and fascists who want gun control, following in the tradition of nearly all gun control laws.

          • Yeah Larry 2/3 of the nation huh? Only through the photoshop lens of CNN. Why isn’t Hillary in office then Larry? Why couldn’t Dian Finestien get the votes for her total ban? Why won’t CNN or congress allow a fair unbiased debate with pro gun experts present for rebuttal? If you’re the majority why are you so afraid of fair debate?It’s because you bought into the propaganda Larry. You believe this BS even though evidence shows you otherwise. Plus, anti-gun debating points can’t stand up the logic. There don’t allow anyone with a different opinion to speak. This seam more like reality to antone else here?

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            He bought their lies lock, stock and barrel, probably hasn’t done any research of his own, just was spoon fed the lies soaked in sugar.
            Probably doesn’t realize the classist, racist or fascist nonsense he’s supporting could be used to strip every single civil right we have.

          • When they do polls they only ask people who they believe will agree with them and besides all the smart people realize most of the media lies ! Remember Hillary was going to win the presidency. ?

          • Keep burying your head in the sand Mike…it seems to be working for you.

          • Mark Jackaman

            Sorry Larry, your voice is a little muffled. Why don’t you pull your head out of your arse!

          • Larry like most fascist idiots thinks everyone thinks like he does.
            He’s the minority, the rest of the US doesn’t like gun control
            Time to grow up.
            Thankfully, despite out spending civil rights groups by an insane margin, they continue to lose, and their grip on reality falls apart.

          • Carlos Mendez

            Fake News!

          • 2/3 votes would be enough to repeal the 2nd amendment. Has the 2nd amendment been repealed ha, no it has not. Instead people like you in office come up with illegitimate loopholes or enough strait up illegal ways to restrict and control the population. Don’t be a victim Larry. The only one who will always be there to protect yourself is yourself.

          • Mark Jackaman

            Larry is retarded. Don’t feed the troll.

          • You can pass as many laws as you have votes, however there are many million guns in the hands of many million citizens that are unlikely to just lay them down. These same citizens are much more likely to instead pick them up to defend their families and themselves.. These rights that we defend are God given and can not be taken by any other entity.

          • Incorrect. It is only we the people who have the power to set the course for our future. Nothing is given to us and the only rights we have are those we establish for ourselves through laws which ultimately are the will of the people.

          • And the will of the people have said no more gun control, it’s not working.

          • Unfortunately that’s not true. The increasing occurrence of mass shootings, particularly the killings of our children in schools with guns, is waking people up to the insanity of our gun policies.

          • Correction, it is true Larry, your agenda is falling apart
            The people know now the truth, our homicide rate and violent crime is dropping faster than gun control countries rates, while our ownership climbs high and higher

          • An absolute lie on your part Larry.

          • Interesting 3rd grade approach to dealing with realities you don’t like.

          • Yes Larry you’re a moron …..quoting fake news ! If more gun control worked places like Chicago would be the safest place on earth! Do your research !

      • Yeah, Larry. Our current government is pro-gun. Our current murder rate is insanely high. That’s what we should hate.


        • Let’s just end Antigun legislation, tell everyone who hates guns and law abiding citizens owning them to move to the UK and enjoy the rising crime rates, homicide rates, and not even being able to carry a pocket knife while being watched on CCTV.


          • Yes. We could all live in Australia where the violent death rate has dropped in the last twenty years, and not a country where it has raised by 10,000 murders.

  35. Cullen Swanson

    How could you NOT put Dick’s Sporting Goods on here? Huge miss,!


    • Hi Cullen. I’m not sure who the administrator is but, this list hasn’t been updated for a while. I don’t even think Ban of America’s turn coat businesses are included either.


  36. I just let the manager at my local BoA branch know that I’ll be closing all my accounts over the next week or two. I also mentioned how the mob failed to strong-arm Wells Fargo.


    • Glad to see a fellow New Yorker, stay strong friend! <3
      Hopefully, in the near distant future, all of the anti-gun policies abruptly come to a sudden stop or a reversal? Such things would be the epitome of irony.

      The outcome of the Young Vs Hawaii case was quite interesting as the ultra liberal 9th Circuit made a pro-second amendment ruling, which recognized the right to carry! Quite good news for the West Coast, eh?


  37. Bank of America is ONCE AGAIN kissing liberal ass, by not lending to gun manufacturers who sell assault style weapons. This has prompted me to take my banking business elsewhere, effective Monday 4/16/18.

    Any American bank who won’t lend to an AMERICAN company, because of their leftist political views can go out of business as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m tired of liberals blaming conservatives, for the idiotic country liberals created with their enablement.

    Unless you’re a muslim, they took faith out of the classroom. Christians values are no longer allowed in school, federal institutions or ANYWHERE for that matter. Yet, if you wear a burka and are a second class citizen in the eyes of Allah and your muslim husband, it’s cool.

    Standing for the pledge of allegiance is NO LONGER REQUIRED in class.

    Merry Christmas is now considered offensive.

    Hollywood Celebrities are using children as political pawns, PROGRAMMING your naive kids to be proactive in fighting for THEIR CAUSE against conservatives. (Kids would stage a walkout if they don’t get pizza on Friday, so why not guns too?) I’m sure their liberal teachers manipulated their grades in return.

    Take guns out of Hollywood pictures and NOBODY will watch a damn movie…and that’s fine with me.

    THE LEFT IS SLOWLY CHIPPING AWAY AT THE CORE OF AMERICA AND BLURRING THE LINES REGARDING ITS VALUES. It keeps them in office. It helps them to get elected. They pretend to fight for minorities. They pretend to be about WE THE PEOPLE. They’re not. They keep blacks and Hispanics down with welfare, food stamps and a sob story about us being victims.




    • Thank you J.P., for your selfless service to our Country. It’s refreshing to read words written by those who “get it”.

      BTW, we made need to add Wells Fargo to the list of financial institutions; the president of the AFT (American Federation of Teachers?)is scheduled to meet with WF to give them an ultimatum: Either stop working with the firearms industry and the NRA, or the AFT will drop a WF mortgage program offered to members of the AFT. It’s estimated that approximately 20,000 AFT members hold a mortgage through this program. We’ll just have to wait to see what Wells Fargo does.

      Thank you again for your service. Long Live the Republic!


    • Dear J. P.,
      Christian values, Jesus was against charging interest on loans. That is what he was murdered for. Sincerely, Reed Kinney


    • Joseph McCloskey

      Semper Fi’, Brother JP! 0811


    • Amen my friend, Couldn’t have said it better myself!


  38. Pa. says there not getting feed back on anti gun laws heres a suggestion.
    send e mails . permission to copy and paste I am not origional writer of the sample letter add your own comments too . THANK YOU.


    subject bills pending

    Dear Representative

    It has come to my attention that you seek to support legislation that applies onerous firearm and ammunition restrictions onto law abiding Pennsylvania citizens.

    Please be aware that I strongly object to changes in current Pennsylvania firearms laws that are proposed by SB 17, SB 18, SB 383, SB 501, HB 175, HB 671, HB 832, HB 870, HB 1233, HB 1400, HB 1872, HB 2060, HB 2097, HB 2109, HB 2149, HB 2150, and HB 2216.

    Most egregiously, many of these proposed laws are in clear contradiction to, and in violation of, Article 1, Section 20 of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

    Although some Representatives and Senators may not like or appreciate certain sections of our state constitution, they took an oath when assuming office to defend the whole constitution. And, I have every reasonable expectation that all State Representatives and Senators who take the oath of office, will honor it faithfully.



    • We must vote out all anti constitution politicians. All political parties that create constitutionality contradictory laws should be fired. I believe in states rights but, not above the natural rights of the people. I’m sick of these politicians and corporations deciding what’s safe and what’s right


  39. I truly wonder about hyper liberals (socialists) who believe they are virtuous for trying to disarm the world to make it safer. First, that’s crazy to believe. But worse, are they ignorant that enough armed citizens could feel strong enough to start the 2nd civil war should the 2nd amendment be repealed or essentially eviscerated? They can be outraged. We could end this “civil society” should it devolve that far. Pray it not be so.

    I have often wondered when the “million man armed march” on Washington might occur. In my lifetime? With some radicals at the helm, perhaps? Let’s hope these crazy ideas are defeated one at a time until legitimate changes are offered. Like expanding mental health care. Or enforcing current laws prohibiting certain people from firearms access.


    • Either far right (fascism) or far left (centralized socialism) are both counterproductive to Democracy. Democracy presupposes community. In community, civic organization is maintained and is self-managed by structured, dialogical, consensus-based community decision making process; authentic democracy. However, that is contingent on a “production-based” democratized civic-economy. That is the way back to democracy. The decentralization of political economic power is the way back to democracy. In that context, the people would manufacture their quality weapons for their respective use and for the mutual-self-defense of all of their constitutionally confederated sovereign communities; mutual self-defense from either fascism or centralized socialism. Only from a position of real independence, real economic social sovereignty, where in the economic forces are self-managed by the people equally and equitably, can that be accomplished. Fret not, that day too will to come to pass. you be well.



        Actually both are far left, relying on a heavy handed central government with control over most, if not all, of industry, power and authority, but yes neither of those or insanely far left or right of current US politics are good for the country, people or the world at large.


    • It took place on March 24…it was pro-gun control…and it was led by your children and mine.


    • ….Dear Steve L.,
      ….The point is as Chris Hedges points out is that the people of mass centralist society are so dejected that they find a sense of meaning in war, assuming it comes upon them.
      ….The society believes in democracy without realizing that democracy is currently dysfunctional in part, because the society is in mass and under centralist control. The economic political wall prevents people from any meaningful participation in policy decisions. Yet, the drama of competitive political parties is imposed on them as if that was a relevant factor in the people’s “participation.” It’s an exercise in futility, because the national treasures of natural reserves, the coast lines have been opened for transactional extraction corporations, and environmental protection is being waived. We are the inheritors of a former United Sates that created entitlements, which are currently encroached upon by private interests.
      ….All that to one side, the America that fostered protected liberties and social security, and public natural reserves, did so in the presence of community, more so than exists today. The problem is that despite the private monetized organizations, through the eighteen hundreds the workers united, the Knights of Labor, and Farm Cooperative, (history from Noam Chomsky) and were establishing their fiscal cooperatives. By force the government, at the behest f the powers that be destroyed those initiatives.
      ….Today, the people are overwhelmed by nationalism and are generally isolated from each other, which is no accident. Divide and conquer is the tactic. People have little awareness of the mechanisms that operate their society. The culture permeates everyone and it seems unchangeable. There is no reason to fear revolution, because that represents another way of life, a better way of life.
      ….There is a methodology forthcoming that will enable people to shift into the production-based economy of the subsequent civilization. It is too long to explain here. However in brief, rather than exchange-value being the “Exchange Element” of society, the Exchange Element of the subsequent civilization would be self-realization, self-actualization, maturity, the spontaneous concern for the well being of others. In other words, there is only one path that leads to independence and sovereignty, and that path is real community; constitutionally confederated sovereign communities. Genuine democracy is America.
      ….You be well.


  40. The NRA is being blamed by the DimocRATS and the media for mass shootings. Using their logic, we should blame the AAA (American Automobile Association) for the tens of thousand of deaths in automobiles each year!


    • The NRA is being blamed for the mass shootings by most of our nation because the NRA (each of its members) is just as responsible as the shooters for these murders. Can’t stand behind a wall and say “it’s not me” when it’s NRA lobbying and lawsuits that keep semi-automatic and other weapons that are perfect for mass killings in our stores and gun shows.


      • How do you qualify that Larry? Blaming 500,000,000 members of a constitutional advocacy group who hunt and shoot targets for mass killing by a psychopaths. Is just like blaming AAA for drunk driving because they were the insurance carrier. It’s even further gfrom the truth than that because none of these nut bags were members. I’m not a child killer Larry and I’d appreciate if you stopped calling me that, it’s damned insulting and I resent you and your movement for that. Fist and feet kill more people a year than mass shootings. Asking me or any other NRA member to predict and control the actions of others is ridiculous. The police you want to depend on for your security had forewarning about the last 2 shootings and still failed. I am not responsible for the actions of evil people. I just want to protect my home and family. Not to mention yout take away evil people’s tools and they create new ones. Over 300 acid attacks in England, 20,000 rapes an 8% increase. 14,000 stabbings. I can keep going but it will be lost cause talking to sheep who seek to be meat for wolves.


        • Mark Jackaman

          I admire your intelligence and patience Shandu but I feel you are wasting time discussing matters with “Larry” who is just a troll looking to insult. I wish nonsense like “Chold killer” was easily actionable. Perhaps the NRA ought to develop an anti-defamation institution like the ILA to find and prosecute vapid creatures like Larry who write preposterous nonsense.


          • i call for everyone to boycott even engageing Larry here . he has made piss boil .yea new slogan …

            “ When your stupidity boils my piss were gonna have a problem.”

          • Mark Jackaman

            He’s right. We should stop feeding the troll

          • I concur. Larry is closed-minded; unwilling or unable to listen to reason, and will never consider that there is any valid opinion other than his own. He’s not worthy of any additional time or effort, a lost cause if you will; a waste of words. I think actually feel sorry for him… nah, it’s passed.

          • Unarmed victims are an assault to my sense of justice .
            I demand ;
            1. Constitutional carry in all states for home and car .
            2. CCL as shall issue in all states for public and privet places with resiprocity and may be carried any place that does not have metal detecters and armed security in place .
            3. A requirement for an ‘ Unarmed Permit ‘ by state law, that all non gun owners must have . Costing 12$ to @$25.00 a year to pay for free gun training to all who wish to get instruction .
            fee’s for permits for # 2 and 3 to be the same.

            Exemptions to # 3 above ;
            1. if already a gun owner in the state.
            2. under 21
            It’s hi time all have to cover the costs of such .

        • Unfortunately Shandu, as a member of the NRA you are a child killer. But you can do something about that by withdrawing from the NRA or actively lobbying the NRA leaders to revise the NRA’s positions to support sensible gun control laws and influencing other members to do the same.


          • First, Larry, the NRA is actually not “… being blamed by most of the nation …”. It merely fits the narrative of the main-stream-media to make it appear that way by presenting only the side of the argument that supports their liberal agenda. Survivors of the recent Florida shooting who support our 2nd Amendment and who know that the blame for that tragedy lies solely with several government agencies, well they were not given an opportunity to speak nationally. Apparently this MSM deception actually works on some.

            Second, Larry, you really owe it to yourself to become educated on firearms if you wish to support any legislation against them. I don’t care what caliber, what style, what manufacture, a fully loaded firearm left by itself it will NEVER do anything but eventually oxidize. A firearm requires a finger to squeeze the trigger and cause a discharge. Any human being that would do this to purposely harm an innocent human is seriously disturbed and needs to be removed from society.

            You see, Larry, despite the media hype, there is really no such thing as “gun violence”. A gun by its nature cannot commit violence; it can’t think, it has no emotion or intent. Our problem is better described as “human violence” because that’s exactly what it is. Any mind intent upon murder will attempt to do so by any means available. Banning any firearm will never – ever – change that.

            Until we can acknowledge the elephant in the room that is mental disease, and then deal effectively with that, we will not stop mass murders. Why is it that the only inanimate object blamed for human actions is a gun? I don’t hear a call to ban hammers or knives (except now in the UK), or cars or baseball bats; all have been used, and will be used again, by mentally unstable humans to exact violence on other humans. Hmmm, do you think maybe there could be another agenda with regard to firearms?

            Exactly why would you propose to prevent me from purchasing any firearm I wish? I’m a law-abiding, tax paying, natural born citizen of these United States of America. I’ve done nothing wrong or illegal, and I’ve certainly done nothing to offend you, yet you wish to offend me big-time by seeking to restrict my God-given right to defend myself? That’s pretty brazen of you, don’t you think? What logic dictates punishing the law-abiding for the actions of the criminal or the criminally insane? In what other scenario do we do that? Drivers of automobiles kill far more people than lunatics with firearms, but I’ve never heard a cry to take my driving privilege (which is not a God-given right).

            So tell me Larry, do you honestly believe that banning the millions of legally owned semi-automatic firearms – which includes virtually every handgun that is not a revolver – will have any effect on violent crime? Criminals will be emboldened knowing there is less chance for resistance – crime will increase drastically. Do you believe that the criminals and terrorists are going to comply with a ban? I don’t; they will keep their weapons and buy and make more. As a LAW-ABIDING citizen of this country, I have every right to defend me and my loved ones with at least the same firepower as my potential attackers.

            Third, Larry, if the NRA is such a terrible organization, explain why many states that issue concealed carry permits expressly specify that the training required for that permit must be conducted by an NRA certified instructor; yeah, you read that right. Go ahead, read it again. The NRA has always taught and promoted gun safety and gun-owner responsibility. I would wager that no NRA member has ever committed a mass murder – ever.

            Fourth, Larry, regarding lobbying, Planned Parenthood (your actual baby killers) contributed about 3 times more money to political campaigns in 2016 than did the NRA. And Planned Parenthood is a recipient of nearly a half billion tax-paid dollars. This borders on contribution laundering, but that’s a topic for a different discussion. The NRA receives no tax dollars, and in fact helps to make up shortages for public entities that do not receive enough tax dollars.

            Until you know and understand the meaning and purpose of the U.S. Constitution, which includes the Bill of Rights, you will never understand the importance of the 2nd Amendment, or why the NRA supports it so strongly. Our founding fathers fought long and hard to break the control of the tyrannical king. They knew too well that a government of the people, for the people and by the people – free people – cannot be maintained unless the people can defend themselves against such tyranny. “We the people” are the well regulated militia.

            So you see, Larry, the 2nd Amendment is every bit as important to you as it is to me. The only apparent difference is that I know it. I, for one, am grateful to and hold deep respect for any organization that will take up the battle and defend it against those who would further restrict or abolish it.

            Long live the Republic.

          • Blah, blah, blah…same old rhetoric. Let’s do something about this problem like Planned Parenthood does for so many of our disadvantages citizens.

          • yeah, the gun control folks are full of the same BS as always, ‘gun bad, guns bad,’ blah blah blah, wah wah wah, same nonsense we have heard for decades and has been proven time and again to be nothing but BS and lies.
            Grow up larry, you lost.

          • Hey folks, please don’t feed this stupid troll.

          • Really Larry I’m a child killer just because I hold an NRA membership? I’m really happy the US judicial system isn’t under your control Larry. If it were we wouldn’t need gun control because we would be stuck in the dark ages with slings and arrows. You’re a backwards person with logic derived from a backwards time. Your type of logic represents every tyrannical government body known to man. the Dark Ages, the Spanish inquisition, Salem witch hunts, the Natzi Holocaust all started by giving someone like you power Larry. Someone with the balls to burn someone at the steak for a non existent crime. Call me what you want Larry but, you are a potential slayer of the innocent.

        • I laugh when their reply is “well they didn’t die from being stabbed, macheted, bludgeoned with an ax or hammer”.


      • Larry you should be ashamed of your tactics .
        Everyone is tired of the anti gun b/s.
        The fact is anti gun law made the kids sitting ducks because there was no deturrance of good guys with guns. Even with security on hand it was not enough as they were to spread out.


        • The March 25 protest at the U.S. Capital, the largest in the history of this great country, proves that not “everyone” is tired of anti-gun sentiments. An overwhelming majority of our citizens want more gun controls.


          • i call for everyone to boycott even engageing Larry here . he has made piss boil .yea new slogan …
            “ When your stupidity boils my piss were gonna have a problem.”

          • Actually that protest was relatively small, gun control is waning in popularity by the day, and thats not new.

      • No, the minority blames the NRA, very loud, ignorant, and uninformed minority but a minority none the less.
        A semi-automatic weapon is perfect for self defense, a bomb how ever is perfect for mass murder.
        Even the AR fits the DHS description for a personal defense weapon to the letter, and even the CDC has found additional gun control, over what we have at the federal level, is not beneficial for anything.

        Quit trying to use tragedies to push your agenda and let fear lead you to being a very ignorant fool, well more so anyway.


      • People are shot/stabbed in the U.K. everyday. In fact, London murders for 2018 rival those of large American cities such as New York or Chicago. Now tell me… why is that so? They have strict gun control policies there. Of course MOST murders were committed with a knife, but still… guns were in fact, part of the equation. Do Knife murders sit better with you?

        My point is, the cold heart is going to kill.
        With a gun.
        With a knife.
        With a Louisville Slugger.
        With a dumbbell (east coast – 4 dead)

        We need to stop the blame game and get to the root of the gun problem… WHICH IS PEOPLE. We need to be more vigilant in teaching/showing kindness and respect to others. That would be a good start.

        Then no one will pick up a gun, knife, Louisville Slugger or a dumbbell to resolve their issues.


      • So Larry , what you are saying is once all you Anti-Gun People get your wish and all guns to ” Law Abiding Citizens” are taken and the Criminals start use Steel Pipes and Knives, Machetes , Ice Picks, etc. to Kill People you will blame Ginsu for making the Knife and all the Steel Mills for making the Pipes ” because as you said” they also stand behind a wall. Please for the Love of GOD , get your Head out of your …. Well I think you know where !!!


        • No, just read what I wrote. Simple enough and factual.


          • Nah,that’s pretty much what ya said.
            Its fine they die as long as its not a gun it seems.
            Shows a total disconnect from reality and irrational fear of guns and gun owners.
            Years in and you have yet to get treatment.

        • Hi Larry how’s life? If I were to use that same logic then everyone here plus auto manufacturers are responding for every drunk driving death and vehicular assault.

          Every pilot, airplane manufacturer, and the FAA are responsible for 9/11. Also every lumberjack is responsible for every person dismembered by cartels and other criminal organizations. Shall I go on?

          Many babies are killed by drunk drivers. How’s it feel to join the ranks of “baby killers”. You so love calling us the gun owners that but, you forget that you use the same daily tools that kill more children than mass shootings ever have.


          • Life is good…I’m enjoying watching the NRA implode. Happy learning how the NRA board and corporate executives spent your membership fees and member donations on fancy suits and fake consulting contracts?

          • Touche! I’ll give you this 1 Larry. You’re right. I don’t know what the real story is until the investigation is finished but, it appears that the president and vice president has betrayed us the citizens that support them.

            No explanation has been offered just request for more donations. They are the biggest political organization under which the others are supported. If they fold, you win. The citizens who believe in the constitution will fully at the mercy and discretion of the government unchecked.

            Enjoy your smug gloat Larry. I suppose you’ve earned it. Or more like it was handed to you by a couple of greedy pricks within an organization with a good name.

        • You can outrun somebody with a pipe, pipes have many uses other than to inflict damage on others.


          • Thinking guns are only weapons of war or for murder says more about you than the tool in question.
            I suggest you seek professional help

    • Maybe if cars were extremely dangerous and their sole purpose was to kill and inflict damage then yes, James.


      • Yet they can and do massive damage to people and property if misused and cars can and have easily be weaponized with increased weight and or explosives. Next point?


  41. I just want to say as a gun owner speaking for myself and every person I’ve ever been to the range with, we don’t support mass shooters as Larry likes to say. All of my friends and I see them as cowards, nut bags, pathetic excuses for human beings. We don’t care about their motives, problems, personal challenges. When the media puts that information out there, it let’s all the other nuts know how to get the attention they fantasize about. I’m tired of being called a child murder when I’ve never pointed a weapon at another human being even in self defense. Stop attacking me police have to profile these depressed people and keep an eye on them the same way they fallow terrorist and bank robbers.


    • Dear Shandu, Thank you for your kind and thoughtful letters.
      Wayne LaPierre in his speech to CPAC disclosed the “side” that he’s on. I am sure he doesn’t represent the thinking of all NRA folks. Nonetheless, most white Americans believe falsely that the American government functions in their best interest, or if they see the government as overrun by private interests, as you do, they like to think that that problem can be somehow fixed. I think the problem of private, economic political power cannot be fixed in the current context.

      The problem with mass shootings in the United Sates is twofold, there are genuine mad men, and there are artificially planned attacks disguised as arbitrary acts by mad men. But, relative to the actual mad men, rather than community, we live in the context of universal alienation. That societal deficiency is a major cause of severe mental illnesses.

      Trump is going into a “trade war” that will damage the economy and his ‘divine wisdom’ claims that doing so will make the country stronger. In that regard, the man is either mentally deficient (or deranged), or he is working for Putin.

      I am a gun enthusiast, too. I like owning and shooting pistols, rifles, and shotguns. I like groundhog shooting. I like turkey hunting. I like going rabbit and squirrel shooting. Meticulous, accurate target shooting engrosses me. I like reading gun and ammunition tests. I like gun maintenance and ammo selections. I like studying military history. I also like the lay of the land, forests, lakes and rivers, and sweet, clear water streams, fishing, camping with the family, cookouts. Those are among the interests I grew up with, passed on to me from my father and grandfather.

      I’m from Ohio, and I have always lived in the country. However, I have been living years in Mexico for business reasons. In Mexico, guns are illegal. That repression is enforced with draconian law. Mexico is a repressive regime, Federal Government Rule, managed and owned by a small, anonymous group of “Mr. Big Bucks” Universal alienation is as bad here as it is in the States.

      I would hate to see the United States lose its local governments. Countering that would require the people’s advance towards independence, which includes taking back the public domain; by black and white Americans learning to establish local economies to support local civic services, utilities, health care and education, with local democracy (that is a structural challenge that will be realized). Until that happens, the people will continue grievously alienated in a mass centralist society. The powers that be will not be concerned about disarming Americans, because they will present no threat to the status quo, so long as they are kept totally dependent on the system, indoctrinated, ignorant, disorganized, and suspicious of each other. At the exact moment Americans learn to turn to each other, for actualizing their mutual independence, that is when “the ax will fall.” Shandu, thank you for your kind conversation. You be well!


  42. Davida Michaele

    Unarmed victims are an assault to my sense of justice .
    I demand a requirement for an ‘ Unarmed Permit ‘ by state law, that non gun owners must have . costing 12$ a year.
    exemptions ;
    1. if allready a gunowner in the state.
    2. under 21



  43. …. Granted, the NRA is an organization managed by fascists, but a distinction must be made between the NRA and the Second Amendment.
    …. An attack on the Second Amendment is by extension an attack on the First Amendment.
    ….Americans cannot practice democracy, while the American-based class of wealth, and the holy cow, Zion, dictate national legislation and national policy that maim and disable our American Constitution and its Bill of Rights.
    …. Disarming Americans would further entrench that growing repression and subjugation.
    ….No clear thinking American would hold to Abolishing the Second Amendment.
    …Putting teeth into the Second Amendment is contingent on real community. The dominant group has long since omitted the meaning of the word community from the English dictionary. Community means face-to-face people working with each other for each other in order to meet their respective, existential needs equally and equitably.
    ….The arch enemy of any power concentrated beyond the control of the people is independence, is community. The war against Americans, against humanity and by extension against nature, is being fought within our country, and it continues.


    • I agree with the point you are making but, what evidence of fascism have you seen or experienced from the NRA? Do you understand what a fascist is? The NRA has done nothing but advocate for the Second Amendment and the people and businesses that are involved and in support of those rights. People say the NRA gets rich off of gun business. The gun lobby is a tiny dwarf compared to the petroleum Lobby. This lobbing body has been responsible for holding back development of clean energy for it’s own profit and have caused major environmental disasters resulting in death and loss of business. They’re wanting to make everyone dependent on their fossil fuel product is more akin to fascism. The NRA never demanded that everyone be a mandatory gun owner. They just want everyone to have the right to make that choice for themselves. Please look up fascism and get back to me.


      • Dear Shandu ….The fight for power between the fascists and the socialists has been ongoing since WW I and before. When American Knights of Labor and the Farmer’s Cooperative (historic reference by Noam Chomsky) made the way for independent, public, fiscal services, the powers that be destroyed them. The economic masters, the class of wealth has done the public the disservice of making tax payers and benefactors invest in university science and research, the achievements are automatically privatized. Technology is used for profit motive to the exclusion of the human and the natural environment consideration. There is a purpose for private power that outreaches the control of the people, which are domination, repression and subjugation (George Orwell). It has no other function, and that is modern fascism; Neoliberal economics and American/Israeli neocons (neocons, neoconservative, is one who demands American military superiority on the globe.) The National Treasury is interpenetrated with the Federal Reserve System (David Harvey
        …Madness of Economic Reason); together they channel Federal Reserve Notes, “barrowed by the people,” into whatever the government can find to spend it on. The purpose is to keep the money moving despite the interest. They can’t find another means to maintain exchange-value viable.
        Simultaneously, the World Bank and the IMF, which are extensions of the FRS, seek out countries that can be loaned into foreclosure, Greece and Puerto Rico among others. The means to that end is political, by supporting the wiling candidate.
        Opening up the natural reserves in America for the pleasure of the transnational extracting corporations, and by extension for the class of wealth, is an unconscionable act on the part of Trump and his buddies Stephen Miller (fascist, racist) and Steve Bannon (Alt-right –“… intellectual racists and anti-Semites, “neo-reactionaries” who argue against democracy, human rights, and other manifestations of modernist philosophy” (1)
        … a fascist by any other name, and, John Bolton (a neocon), among the others in that bunch, that push Trump to immoral immigration policies for their nefarious reasons, and so on. But, to rob the natural reserves from the people is more than cruel. It robs our best chance to live in harmony with nature as viable communities. The theme of western society is oppression (Paulo Freire). You be well.
        I’ll get to Wayne LaPierre and the NRA in the Next section.
        Note : 1. (


      • Dear Shandu,
        I responded to your question. I would like to know your thoughts on what I wrote for you.
        Thank you. You be well!
        Yours, Reed


      • Dear Shandu, See this: National Defense Authorization Act,


        • Thank you Reed I kind of understand where you are coming from. I just thought of the NRA as getting the pro constitution people’s voice out to Congress the way the big boys do. The opposition loves portraying the NRA as the voice of big gun business from what I’ve seen there isn’t much big gun business in America anymore police and military buy glocks, SIGs, H&K all foreign companies. Making American manufacturers small by comparison. Then I ask why is the fight uphill, why are so many rich corporations concerned with disarming the populace? They’ve never had a concern for public safety before. My only answer is something is going down. And when everyone realizes how the government and big business has robbed us blind it’s better to have a populace in that state of anger disarmed. Or go out like the king of France.


          • And, Shandu, as you say, something is going down. It is the privatization of all public assets, public services, entitlements, public property, and natural nature reserves. If everything public is privatized, it means the end of the last vestige of government for the people. It means, rather than government, the economic monopoly and unmitigated dictatorship of the class of wealth, repressing all the underlings, which would be most Americans. It’s a mad scheme that can become a disaster for Americans, low wages forever, and no essential services unless families can pay for them at retail prices, private schools, private fire departments, private police force, private courts, private military, no protection from arbitrary persecution, for whatever pretext, no human rights, no constitutional protections from search and seizure, arbitrary arrests and detention, no Bill of Bights, and so on. That is what we Americans must learn to prevent. But, since the economic political system is a closed box to us, a new, decentralized, democratic organization must be actualized. You be well!

  44. To the NRA Institute for Legislative Action: I think that you guys are seriously “outgunned”! Based on your list, your detractors are far greater than your list of supporters (in terms of groups). It’s all over except for your crying!


    • Say what you will, as your words lead to more and more frequent donations to the NRA. Your bleating strengthens the NRA. Bleat away.


    • The NRA is really fucked, and rightfully so. People are realizing how much corruption there is within their wretched circle.


  45. Vivian Phillips

    It might be easier for us to remember if it were only the names etc. that support the 2nd amendment :( Definitely needing some heavy prayer and miracles in today’s world.


  46. Florence M Miller

    Thanks for the list! Put my name on there too!


    • Sure! If you’re anti-second amendment with no reasons or thought to matter apparently. Just “Add my name to the list too.” Ok no problem. Plenty of room in the flock of sheeple. Just fallow them and depend on the government to take care of them until it’s slaughter time. Look how well that strategy has worked for the American Indian. Depend on the government for security Florence. Maaaaa there’s a wolf here Maaaaa where’s the shepherd!? Maaaaa he’s coming this way! Maaaa!


  47. Awesome.. now I know who to support/send donations too, shop from etc. etc. very handy.


    • Which is pretty much every business, every movie studio, every actor….



        Like half the b list, hardly any a list, you got about 3/4 the d list though.


      • There were a huge amount of American companies supporting south African apartheid too Lary. Want to jump in with that crowd? Careful they all scattered like roaches when the media turned on the lights.


        • And those same companies are coming to their senses about the modern day Apartheid in our own country and distancing themselves from it. Hint: 3 letters starting with “N” and ending with “A”.


          • Wow! The NRA has 1 scandal and Larry is on fire. How are you equating the NRA with modern apartheid? You talk of facts and logic yet you use neither in your arguments. If any one is displaying apartheid like behaviour it’s your camp Larry. Ask yourself which side is being pushed to extinction? Which side is having all of the legal and safe locations for our activities closed down.

            Which side is asking the government to kick down the other side’s doors and take their property and if they refuse to surrender it take their lives?

            You want to talk about segregation and tyranny I just look in the mirror Larry.

            The only difference is that you want the government to do the work while you hide like a frightened puppy.

          • Such a rational thinker you are! 1 scandal? Keep that head in the sand man. The NRA is one of the most corrupt (financially and morally) organizations in this country and has been for decades.

    • Awsome,now I know who to boycott, and whos movies not to goto records not to buy or listen to. Ah Hell, I’ll just increase my support for the NRA,ILA , proudly wear my NRA,ILA hat, shirt, back pac, and refresh rhe decals on my car.


      • Very good. It’s all too bad really. This list needs updating as well A lot of these companies don’t have a reason to stand against the second amendment IE Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. I will miss Chunky monkey dearly. Ban of America just took a stand against the NRA specifically how can you call yourself Bank of America and then take a stand against the constitution? But I digress. I was going to switch to Wells Fargo because they have not taken a stand 1 way or the other until, I found out that they are business partners. Bank of America just played the Anti-gun camp hardcore. Just like all the other liberal organizations are playing these children and parents who tend to know hardly anything about current gun laws already in place. Or their rights under the Constitution of the United States of America and what they are for. That’s why we call you people sheep. Understand? Live stock doesn’t ask questions or seek truth. They just eat what they’re fed.


        • They stand for the constitution. Against bribery, and for a better interpretation of the second amendment.


          • With historical context and documentation, there is only one meaning of the second amendment.
            The Heller case decided that.

      • That’s about all you can do because you can’t shop anywhere, watch TV or go to the movies.



          Oooo you got us confused with anti-gun folks again larrL.
          They can’t shop anywhere, buy or do anything because there’s law abiding conceal carriers around.
          The guns scare them, remember


        • Or maybe exercise or take a trip to the gun range and get some practice in.


    • Some extreme Anti-gunners have even spoken of of repealing the entire Constitution. I haven’t read the entire document but, I know enough to know with it we may as well put slave chains on in trade for a small cabin and the masters leftovers after a sun up to sun down workday. And no Larry the constitution doesn’t provide the right to kill school children.


      • To your point, if they ever do manage to successfully take the 2nd Amendment away, there will be nothing to stop them from ripping-up the remaining amendments and the entire U.S. Constitution. That’s why the 2nd is so damn important – to both sides.

        The socialists need to get rid of it to complete their total takeover and appoint their dictator. The conservatives need the 2nd Amendment to prevent the socialist takeover and preserve our Republic. Long live the Republic!


        • I agree. Sounds like an end game. Doesn’t make much sense with Russia and China wanting to become the new gold standard. Or maybe it does they would need an un armed populace when the truth comes out about what’s really in the federal reserve and how our value has been gambled and traded away and, spent on military power to maintain the status quo.


        • Important to us as intelligent Patriots. The other side is comprised of sheeple who would prefer slavery over a free nation. As long as they get to be the house slaves.


      • No need to repeal the constitution, as it doesn’t explicitly protect our right to carry guns. Actually read the damn thing you constantly bring up. Look up the defintion of “arms.”


        • Actually it does, arms literally meaning any kind of tool that can be used to defend or attack.


          • Do you support us all having bombs? Poison gas? Flamethrowers? If guns were banned, but knives weren’t, we wouldn’t be disobeying the constitution.

          • You just named things people can own, and actually do bud.
            and yes, you would be violating the second amendment with that plan.

          • Ok listen up. Poison gases, flamethrowers, Napalm, non metal land mines, space borne nuclear weapons are all restricted from war by the Geneva convention and are illegal to have or deploy. Yet all first world countries including America has them anyway in case the “enemy” decides to use them we can answer in kind. What does that tell you about how well gun control works even on a global scale? Get educated on what you are talking about because your point disproves itself.

      • It doesn’t explicitly support the right to own a firearm either.


        • Actually it protects that right.
          second amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
          and yes, SCOTUS has decided thats the meaning, an individuals right to keep and bear arms.


        • Actually it does protect those rights and also the rights of a well regulated Militia. As in arm and organize the implication is that the well organized militia is upholding the people’s rights under the constitution. You see how these statements meld together to protect the people’s rights first. If the militia or the government violate the constitution then it’s up to the people who keep and now have to bear their arms. Rights for the group rights for the individual. And justice for those that would violate those rights.


      • I am not an expert or even a student of the subject, but individuals have proposed replacements for the US Constitution from many decades ago. One that I know of was the president of the University of California System Clark Kerr, 1958-67.

        There is real patriotism for you and a testament to why academia in the US is in the toilet.


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