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In addition to our own research Second Amendment Check has decided it is worth sharing the work of others.  Therefore, we are sharing the NRA-ILA’s lists of:

“Anti-Gun National Organizations”

“Anti-Gun Corporations/Corporate”

“Anti-Gun Publication and Media Outlets”

“Anti-Gun Individuals & Celebrities”

At Second Amendment Check we always attempt to source our material in our quest to provide objective and credible information.  Again, these lists have been compiled by the NRA-ILA, whom we recognize as a credible source of information.  Having said that, the exact criteria for making it onto the list are unclear, and the claims of being “Anti-Gun” have not been independently verified or validated by Second Amendment Check.

Also, after having had these lists published on their public website for many months, they have been removed after receiving some recent attention in the alternative media.  As noted in the Feb 11, 2013 update in this this Huffington Post article, the NRA-ILA has quietly removed the list from their website, but it can still be found in a web archive from January.  The reason for the removal of this list is not yet known.  Speculation suggests that the NRA ILA didn’t want to call unwanted attention to itself, or perhaps that it is reassessing or updating that list.  Second Amendment Check will attempt to get to the bottom of this mysterious disappearance.

NRA ILA List of Anti’s:



  1. The actors on this list include many who make their millions by acting in violent movies that portray and promote violence, much of the time, with the use of guns. Many of the others, actors, politicians, etc. either carry guns or have armed guards to protect them. They are hypocrites and other things that I don’t need to mention, you all know what they are. “Guns for me, but not for you,” is their message. They are elite, the mere peons who supply them with their money do not have a right to own a gun.


    • I agree with you! If you are anti-gun then don’t do a movie wielding a gun to make millions. It not only makes you look like a hypocrite but and idiot for not standing your ground on what it is you’re against! If I was a vegetarian I would be eating a burger in a fast food commercial!!! Protect our Second Amendment rights!!!! I will always own and carry until the day I die!


  2. Glad to see the list. There are a few disappointments on here.. I will be sure to adjust my movie, music & other business accordingly.


  3. I would rather to be able to defend myself and not have to, than have to and not be able to. A no brainer the way I see it.


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