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In addition to our own research Second Amendment Check has decided it is worth sharing the work of others.  Therefore, we are sharing the NRA-ILA’s lists of:

“Anti-Gun National Organizations”

“Anti-Gun Corporations/Corporate”

“Anti-Gun Publication and Media Outlets”

“Anti-Gun Individuals & Celebrities”

At Second Amendment Check we always attempt to source our material in our quest to provide objective and credible information.  Again, these lists have been compiled by the NRA-ILA, whom we recognize as a credible source of information.  Having said that, the exact criteria for making it onto the list are unclear, and the claims of being “Anti-Gun” have not been independently verified or validated by Second Amendment Check.

Also, after having had these lists published on their public website for many months, they have been removed after receiving some recent attention in the alternative media.  As noted in the Feb 11, 2013 update in this this Huffington Post article, the NRA-ILA has quietly removed the list from their website, but it can still be found in a web archive from January.  The reason for the removal of this list is not yet known.  Speculation suggests that the NRA ILA didn’t want to call unwanted attention to itself, or perhaps that it is reassessing or updating that list.  Second Amendment Check will attempt to get to the bottom of this mysterious disappearance.

NRA ILA List of Anti’s:


The following organizations have lent monetary, grassroots or some other type of direct support to anti-gun organizations. In many instances, these organizations lent their name in support of specific campaigns to pass anti-gun legislation such as the March 1995 HCI “Campaign to Protect Sane Gun Laws.” Many of these organizations were listed as “Campaign Partners,” for having pledged to fight any efforts to repeal the Brady Act and the Clinton “assault weapons” ban. All have officially endorsed anti-gun positions.

Ambulatory Pediatric Association
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Civil Liberties Union
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
American Medical Women’s Association
American Medical Student Association
American Medical Association
American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
American Trauma Society
American Federation of Teachers
American Association of School Administrators
American Alliance for Rights and Responsibilities
American Medical Association
American Bar Association
American Counseling Association
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Association for World Health
American Ethical Union
American Nurses Association
American Association of Neurological Surgeons
American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
American Firearms Association
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
American Jewish Committee
American Trauma Society
American Psychological Association
American Jewish Congress
American Public Health Association
Americans for Democratic Action
Anti-Defamation League
Black Mental Health Alliance
B’nai B’rith
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Children’s Defense Fund
Church of the Brethren
Coalition for Peace Action
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
College Democrats of America
Committee for the Study of Handgun Misuse & World Peace
Common Cause
Congress of National Black Churches, Inc.
Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Consumer Federation of America
Council of the Great City Schools
Council of Chief State School Officers
Dehere Foundation
Disarm Educational Fund
Environmental Action Foundation
Episcopal Church-Washington Office
Florence and John Shumann Foundation
Friends Committee on National Legislation
General Federation of Women’s Clubs
George Gund Fun
Gray Panthers
H.M. Strong Foundation
Harris Foundation
Hechinger Foundation
Interfaith Neighbors
Int’l Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
Int’l Association of Educators for World Peace
Jewish Labor Committee
Joyce Foundation
Lauder Foundation
Lawrence Foundation
League of Women Voters of the United States*
Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Manhattan Project II
Mennonite Central Committee-Washington Office
National Safe Kids Campaign
National Association of Police Organizations
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Black Nurses’ Association
National Association of Chain Drug Stores
National Network for Youth
National Assembly of National Voluntary Health & Social Welfare Organizations
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association of School Psychologists
National Association of Counties*
National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates & Practitioners
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers
National Education Association
National Association of Elementary School Principals*
National Association of Public Hospitals
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Association of Secondary School Principals
National Association of Social Workers
National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
National Association of School Psychologists
National Council of La Raza
National Center to Rehabilitate Violent Youth
National Commission for Economic Conversion & Disarmament
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA
National Council of Negro Women
National Association of Community Health Centers
National People’s Action
National Education Association*
National League of Cities
National Council on Family Relations
National Council of Jewish Women
National Organization for Women
National Political Congress of Black Women
National Parks and Conservation Association
National Peace Foundation
National Urban League, Inc.
National Parent, Teachers Association*
National Urban Coalition
National SAFE KIDS Campaign
National Organization on Disability
National Spinal Cord Injury Association
NETWORK: A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby
Ortenberg Foundation
Peace Action
People for the American Way
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Police Foundation
Project on Demilitarization and Democracy
Public Citizen
Society of Critical Care Medicine
Southern Christian Leadership Conference
The Council of the Great City Schools
The Synergetic Society
20/20 Vision
U.S. Catholic Conference, Dept. of Social Development
Union of American Hebrew Congregations
Unitarian Universalist Association
United States Catholic Conference
United Methodist Church, General Board & Church Society
United Church of Christ, Office for Church in Society*
United States Conference of Mayors
War and Peace Foundation
Women Strike for Peace
Women’s National Democratic Club
Women’s Action for New Directions (WAND)
Women’s Int’l League for Peace and Freedom
World Spiritual Assembly, Inc.
YWCA of the U.S.A.

*The national organization only endorses federal legislation.



The following listing includes the most prominent national corporations that have lent their corporate support to gun control initiatives or taken position supporting gun control.

A & M Records
Al Cafaro, Chrm. & CEO
595 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
(212) 826-0477
Record Production, Entertainment

American Century Companies

James E. Stowers, CEO
4500 Main St., 4th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 531-5575
Mutual Fund & Stock Investment Company on NYSE

American Multi Cinemas Entertainment, Inc.

Stanley H. Durwood, Co-Chairman, CEO Peter C. Brown, President, CFO
106 West 14th Street, #1700
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 221-4000
Movie Theater Company

Argosy Casino

H. Steven Norton, President, CEO
777 N.W. Argosy Parkway
Riverside, MO 64150
(816) 746-7711
Gambling Casino Company

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Inc.

Bennett R. Cohen Chrm. & CEO
Rte. 100, Box 240
Waterbury, VT 05676
(802) 244-5641
Ice cream and frozen yogurt

BJC Health Systems

Fred L. Brown, President & CEO
4444 Forest Park Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 747-9322
Healthcare Company

Blue Cross Blue Shield – Kansas City
John P. Mascotte, President
P.O. Box 419169
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 395-2222
Healthcare Company

Brooks Investments-Robert Brooks
Robert Brooks
45 Chesterfield Lakes Road
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Investment Company

Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc.
Philip M. Hawley, Chrm. & CEO
444 South Flower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 620-0150
Retail clothing and accessories stores

Crown Central Petroleum Corp.
Henry A. Rosenberg, Jr.
One North Central Street Box 1168
Baltimore, MD 21203
(301) 539-7400
Refiners and marketers of petroleum products, convenience stores

Development Specialists – Chicago
70 W. Madison Street, #2300
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 263-4141

Earthgrains – St. Louis
8400 Maryland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 259-7000
National Bread Company

General American – St. Louis
Richard A. Liddy, CEO
P.O. Box 396
St. Louis, MO 63166
(314) 843-8700
Life Insurance

Hallmark Cards

Irvine O. Hockaday, President & CEO
P.O. Box 418307
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 274-5111
Greeting Card Company

Health Midwest
2316 East Meyer Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64132
(816) 751-3000
National Healthcare Company

ICN Biomedicals
Adam Jerney, Chrm. & CEO
3300 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-0113
Pharmaceutical products

James B. Nutter Co. – Kansas City
James B. Nutter
4153 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 531-2345
Investment Banker

Kansas City Chiefs
One Arrowhead Drive
Kansas City, MO 64129
(816) 924-9300
Pro Football Team

Kansas City Royals
David Glass, CEO
P.O. Box 419969
Kansas City, MO 64141
(816) 921-8000
Pro Baseball Team

Kenneth Cole

152 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(800) 536-2653
Clothing retailer

Lamar Advertising Company
Lamar Outdoor Advertising
5551 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 2-A
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
P. O. Box 66338
Baton Rouge, LA 70896
(225) 926-1000
Fax (225) 926-1005

Levi Strauss & Co.
Robert D. Haas, Chairman
Philip Marineau, CEO
Peter A. Jacobi, President and COO
1155 Battery St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 501-6000
FAX (415) 501-3939

Mallinckrodt, Inc. – St. Louis
C. Ray Holman, President & CEO
675 McDonnell Blvd, Box 5840
St. Louis, MO 63134
(314) 654-2000
Clothing Starch Company

Michael Douglas Foundation
3550 Wilshire
Los Angele, CA 90010

MNC Financial, Inc.
Ten Light Street Box 987
Baltimore, MD 21203
(301) 244-5000
Banking, financial services

Sara Lee Corporation
Sara Lee Foundation
Three First National Plaza
Chicago, IL 60602-4260
Phone: 312-726-2600
Fax: 312-726-3712

Silver Dollar City

Peter Herschend
One Corporate Drive
Branson, MO 65616
800 475-9370
Amusement Parks

Site Oil Company – St. Louis

Alvin J. Siteman, President
50 S. Bemiston
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 725-4321
Oil Company

Southland Corporation

Masatoshi Ito, Chrm.
2711 North Haskell Avenue
Dallas, TX 75221
Convenience stores

Southwestern Bell Telephone- St. Louis

One Bell Center
St. Louis, MO 63101
(314) 235-9800
Telecommunications Firm

Sport & Health, Inc.

Don Konz, CEO
1800 Old Meadow Rd.
McLean, Virginia 22102
(703) 556-6556
Health clubs and fitness centers

Sprint Corp PAC

William T. Esrey, Chrm., Pres. & CEO 2330 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Westwood, KS 66205
913 624-3000
Telecommunicaitons Firm

SSM Health System – St. Louis

477 N. Lindbergh
St. Louis, MO 63141
(314) 994-7800
Healthcare Company

St. Louis Rams
One Rams Way
Earth City, MO 63045
(314) 982-7267
Pro Football Team

St. Louis University
Rev. Lawrence Biondi, President
221 N. Grand Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 977-2222
Private Catholic University

Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt

Mr. Gary Hirshberg, CEO
10 Burton Drive
Londonderry, NH 03053
(603) 437-7594

Sverdrup Corp.

Richard E. Beumer,
Chairman & CEO
13723 Riverport Drive
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
(314) 436-7600
Engineering Firm

Time Warner Inc.

Gerald M. Levin, Chrm. & CEO
75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019
(212) 364-8300
Publishing, film and music recordings

TMP Worldwide/Monster.Com

Andrew McKelvey, CEO
1633 Broadway, 33rd Fl.
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-977-4200
Fax: 212-956-2142
online employment service

Unity Health – St. Louis

1650 Des Peres Road #301
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 909-3300
Healthcare Company

Working Assets

Peter Barnes, Founder
701 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, California 94111
(415) 788-0777


The following publications and media outlets have assisted in the attack on Second Amendment rights. The editorial policies of some of the media sources listed portray firearms in a negative manner in an attempt to generate public support for restrictions on firearms ownership. Others have refused some or all of NRA’s advertisements.
Capital Cities/ABC
Television Network
77 W. 66th Street
New York, NY 10023-6298
(212) 456-7777

Bell Atlantic-D.C.

2055 L Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20036
(202) 392-9900

Blue Chip Stamps

15801 S. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90040
(213) 720-4600

The Christian Publishing Society

The Christian Science Monitor
One Norway Street
Boston, MA 02115
(508) 586-6200

Columbia Broadcasting Service

CBS Television Network
51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 975-4321

Corporation For Public Broadcasting/ PBS Television

1320 Braddock Place
Alexandria, VA 22314-1698
(703) 739-5000
(703) 739-0775 – Fax

Cox Newspapers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Credibank Towers, Suite 400
2800 Biscayne Blvd.
Miami, FL 33137
(305) 576-7678

Gannett News Service

USA Today
1000 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22229
(703) 276-5806

Johnson Publishing Company, Inc.

Ebony Magazine
820 S. Michigan avenue
Chicago, IL 60605-2190
(312) 322-9250

Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Detroit Free-Press
321 W. LaFayette Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48231
(313) 222-6400

Miami Herald

One Herald Plaza
Miami, FL 33132-1683
(305) 350-2111

Los Angeles Times

Times Mirror Square
Los Angeles, California 90053
(213) 237-4511
(213) 237-7679 – Fax

McCall’s Magazine

110 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10017-5603
(212) 463-1000

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine

Emap PLC
6420 Wilshire Blvd., Floor 17
Los Angeles, California 90048
(323) 782-2000

National Broadcasting Company

NBC Television Network
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
(212) 664-4444

Newsweek, Inc.

Newsweek Magazine
444 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022-6999
(212) 350-4000

Rolling Stone Magazine

Jann Wenner, Chrm. & CEO
745 5th, Avenue
New York, NY 10151
(212) 758-3800

The New York Times Corporation

The New York Times
229 W. 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 556-1234

Time Magazine

Time & Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
(212) 522-1212

Times-Mirror Corporation

The Los Angeles Times
Times Mirror Square
Los Angeles, CA 90053
(213) 237-3000

The Baltimore Sun

501 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21278
(301) 332-6300

The Tribune Company

Chicago Tribune
435 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 227-3000

Washington Post

1150 15th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20071
(202) 334-6000


The following celebrities and national figures have lent their name and notoriety to anti-gun causes, speaking out for anti-gun legislation and providing a voice for anti-gun organizations.  You can add to this anyone who appeared on the “Demand a Plan” anti-gun video telling everyone to demand gun control, most of them appear to be listed at the bottom.  Also add CANADIAN Jim Carrey for stupid his anti-gun video.


Jessica Alba – Actor
Krista Allen – Actor
Suzy Amis – Actor
Louis Anderson – Comedian
Richard Dean Anderson – Actor
Maya Angelou – Poet
David Arquette – Actor
Ed Asner – Actor
Alec Baldwin – Actor
Bob Barker – TV Personality
Carol Bayer Sager – Composer
Drew Barrymore – Actor
Kevin Bacon – Actor
Lauren Bacall – Actor*
Sarah Ban Breathnach – Writer
William Baldwin – Actor
Candice Bergen – Actor
Richard Belzer – Actor
Tony Bennett – Singer
Beyonce – Singer
Jon Bon Jovi – Singer
Peter Bogdonovich – Director
Peter Bonerz – Actor
Albert Brooks – Actor
Beau Bridges – Actor
Benjamin Bratt – Actor
Bonnie Bruckheimer – Movie Producer
Christie Brinkley – Model
Dr. Joyce Brothers – Psychologist/Author
James Brolin – Actor
James Brooks – TV Producer
Mel Brooks – Actor/Director
Betty Buckley – Actor
Ellen Burstyn – Actor
Steve Buscemi – Actor
David Canary – Actor
Kate Capshaw – Actor
Kim Cattrall – Actor
Josh Charles – Actor
Robert Chartloff – Producer
Stockard Channing – Actor
Terri Clark – Singer
George Clooney – Actor
Jennifer Connelly – Actor
Judy Collins – Singer
Kevin Costner – Actor
Sean Connery – Actor
Sheryl Crow – Singer
Billy Crystal – Actor
Julie Cypher – Director
Arlene Dahl – Actor
Clive Davis – Writer
Linda Dano – Actor
Matt Damon – Actor
Pam Dawber – Actor
Patrika Darbo – Actor
Stuart Damon – Actor
Ellen Degeneres – Actor
Gavin de Becker – Writer
Rebecca DeMornay – Actor
Danny DeVito – Actor
Michael Douglas – Actor
Phil Donahue – Talk Show Host
Richard Donner – Director
Fran Drescher – Actor
Richard Dreyfus – Actor
David Duchovny – Actor
Sandy Duncan – Actor
Christine Ebersole – Actor
Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds – Singer
Missy Elliott – Singer
Gloria Estefan – Singer
Melissa Etheridge – Singer
Mia Farrow – Actor
Mike Farrell – Actor
Carrie Fisher – Actor
Sally Field – Actor
Doug Flutie – NFL player
Fannie Flagg – Actor
Jane Fonda – Actor
Jodie Foster – Actor
Rick Fox – NBA Player
Andy Garcia – Actor
Art Garfunkel – Singer
Geraldo – TV personality
Richard Gere – Actor
Kathie Lee Gifford – TV personality
Paul Glaser – TV director
Brad Gooch – Writer
Elliott Gould – Actor
Louis Gossett, Jr. – Actor
Michael Gross – Actor
Nancy Lee Grahn – Actor
Bryant Gumbel – TV Personality
Deidra Hall – Actor
Ethan Hawke – Actor
Mariette Hartley – Actor
Mark Harmon – Actor
Anne Heche – Actor
Howard Hesseman – Actor
Marilu Henner – Actor
Dustin Hoffman – Actor
Hal Holbrook – Actor*
Helen Hunt – Actor
Francesca James – TV Producer
Norman Jewison – Director
Lainie Kazan – Actor
Richard Karn – Actor
Jeffrey Katzenberg – Producer
Barry Kemp – TV Producer
David E. Kelley – TV Producer
Diane Keaton – Actor
Margaret Kemp – Interior Designer
Chaka Khan – Singer

Stephen King – Author (Added by 2ACheck)
Kevin Kline – Actor
Michael E. Knight – Actor
Jonathan Kozol – Writer
Lenny Kravits – Singer
Lisa Kudrow – Actor
Wally Kurth – Actor
Christine Lahti – Actor
k.d. lang – Singer
Ricki Lake – TV personality
Denis Leary – Actor
John Leguizamo – Actor
Norman Lear – TV Producer
Spike Lee – Director
Hal Linden – Actor
Tara Lipinski – Former Olympian
Keyshawn Johnson – NFL player
Rob Lowe – Actor
Amanda Marshall – Singer
Barry Manilow – Singer
Camryn Manheim – Actor
Howie Mandel – Actor
Kyle MacLachlan – Actor
Madonna – Singer
Marla Maples – Actor
Marsha Mason – Actor*
Mase – Singer
Penny Marshall – Director
Prema Mathai-Davis – YWCA Official
John McDaniel – Musician
John McEnroe – Athlete
Brian McKnight – Musician
Natalie Merchant – Singer
Bette Midler – Singer
Mary Tyler Moore – Actor
Michael Moore – Film Maker
Mike Myers – Actor
Kathy Najimy – Actor
Jack Nicholson – Actor
Leonard Nimoy – Actor
Mike Nichols – Director
Stephen Nichols – Actor
Rosie O’Donnell – Actor/Talk Show Host
Jennifer O’Neill – Actor
Julia Ormond – Actor
Jane Pauley – TV Personality
Sarah Jessica Parker – Actor
Mandy Patinkin – Actor
Richard North Patterson – Writer
Rhea Perlman – Actor
Michelle Pfieffer – Actor
Aidan Quinn – Actor
Colin Quinn – Actor
Dennis Quaid – Actor
Elizabeth Bracco Quinn – Actor
Bonnie Raitt – Singer
Debbie Reynolds – Actor
Mary Lou Retton – Former Olympian
Paul Reiser – Actor
Peter Reckell – Actor
Rob Reiner – Actor/Director
Robert Redford – Actor/Director
Anne Rice – Writer
Cathy Rigby – Actor
Julia Roberts – Actor
Marc Rosen – TV Producer
Tim Robbins – Actor
Tim Roth – Actor
Renee Russo – Actor
Robin Ruzan – Wife of Mike Myers
Meg Ryan – Actor
Susan Sarandon – Actor
Jerry Seinfeld – Actor
Kyra Sedgwick – Actor
Martin Sheen – Actor
Russell Simmons – Record Producer
Neil Simon – Playwright*
Louise Sorel – Actor
Mira Sorvino – Actor
Rena Sofer – Actor
Britney Spears – Singer
Bruce Springsteen – Singer
Kevin Spirtas – Actor
Barbra Streisand – Singer
David Steinberg – Director
Sylvester Stallone – Actor
Harry Dean Stanton – Actor
Meryl Streep – Actor
Patrick Stewart – Actor
Sharon Stone – Actor
Sting – Singer
Trudie Styler – Actor
Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Actor
The Temptations – Pop Group
Vinny Testaverde – NFL player
Marlo Thomas – Actor*
Uma Thurman – Actor
Steve Tisch – Producer
Mike Torrez – Former Baseball player
Shania Twain – Singer
Dick Van Dyke – Actoe
Eli Wallach – Actor*
Harvey Weinstein – Producer
Jann Wenner – Publisher
Sigourney Weaver – Actor
Victor Webster – Actor
Andy Williams – Singer*
Kelli Williams – Actor
Henry Winkler – Actor
Oprah Winfrey – Entertainer
Rita Wilson – Actor
Vanessa Williams – Singer
Herman Wouk – Author
Joanne Woodward – Actor*
Peter Yarrow – Singer
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Actor
Ahmet Zappa -Actor
Diva Zappa -Actor
Dweezil Zappa – Musician
Gail Zappa -
Moon Zappa -Actor
Jennifer Aniston – Actor
Elizabeth Banks – Actor
Jason Bateman – Actor
Kristen Bell—Actor
Steve Carrell – Actor
Courtney Cox – Actor
Ellen DeGeneres – Actor
Zooey Deschanel – Actor
Cameron Diaz – Actor
Peter Dinklage – Actor
Will Ferrell – Actor
Jamie Fox – Actor
Jennifer Garner – Actor
Selena Gomez – Actor
Carla Gugino – Actor
Jon Hamm – Actor
Kate Hudson – Actor
John Legend – Actor
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Actor
Debra Messing – Actor
Julianne Moore – Actor
Julianne Moore – Actor
Conan O’Brien – Actor
Gwyneth Paltrow – Actor
Busy Phillips – Actor
Amy Poller – Actor
Jeremy Renner – Actor
Chris Rock – Actor
Paul Rudd – Actor
Mark Ruffalo – Actor
Brooke Shields – Actor
Sarah Silverman – Actor
John Slattery – Actor
Michelle Williams – Actor
Reese Witherspoon – Actor
* Denotes membership on Brady Campaign’s National Committee


Joel J. Alpert M.D. – Pediatrician
Robert Bernstein Ph.D – Pediatrician
Robert E. Brennan – Financier
Bishop Edmond Browning – Espiscopal Leader
James E. Carter – Former President
Marion Wright Edelman – Director, Childrens Defense Fund
Michael Eisner, Former Chairman and CEO The Walt Disney Company
Amitai Etzioni – Teacher
Tom Freston – MTV President
Dr. Lorraine E. Hale – Social Worker
Della M. Hughes – Activist
Ed Koch – Former Politician
C. Everett Koop – Former Surgeon General
Rev. Wallace Ryan Kuroiwa – Clergyman
Gerald M. Levin – Chairman, Time Warner
Davis S. Liederman – Ex. Dir. Child Welfare League
Paul Rabbi Menitaff – Clergyman
Abner Mikva – Former Judge
Richard Parsons – Pres. Time Warner
Steven Rockefeller – Financier
Ellen Y. Rosenberg – Activist
Rabbi David Saperstein – Clergyman
Herb Scannell – Pres. Nickelodeon
Vincent Schiraldi – Dir. Justice Policy Institute
Lyle Elmer Strom – Federal Judge
Joe Volk – Clergyman
Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie – Clergyman


Steve Benson – Cartoonist
Tony Auth – Cartoonist
Jim Borgman – Cartoonist
Jimmy Breslin – Columnist
Stuart Carlson – Cartoonist
Marie Cocco – Columnist
E.J. Dionne Jr. – Columnist
Bonnie Erbe – Columnist
Tom Fiedler – Columnist
Michael Gartner – Columnist
Mark Genrich – Columnist
James Glassman – Editor
Bob Herbert – Columnist
Bill Johnson – Columnist
Donald Kaul – Columnist
Mike Lane – Cartoonist
Leonard Larson – Columnist
Mike Luckovich – Cartoonist
Jimmy Margulies – Cartoonist
Deborah Mathis – Columnist
Colman McCarthy – Columnist
Jim Morin – Cartoonist
Tom Oliphant- Columnist
Mike Peters – Cartoonist
Robert Reno – Columnist
Frank Rich – Columnist
Cindy Richards – Columnist
Kevin Siers- Cartoonist
Ed Stein – Cartoonist
Tom Teepen – Editor
Tim Toles – Cartoonist
Garry Trudeau – Cartoonist
Cynthia Tucker – Columnist
Steve Twomey – Columnist
Steve Villano – Columnist
Adrienne Washington – Columnist
Don Wright – Cartoonist

Compiled by:
NRA Institute for Legislative Action
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030


  1. I’m going to save this so I can refer back to it… So i know who to support. Thanks!! This will be very useful. So much hate here for you guys.. hard to see how you keep it all straight.. So many people are against the evil you spread.


    • This is the reason why I support the Constitutional 2nd Amendment and the NRA. “The ‘gun control’ issue is all over the world, but the most robust resistance comes from Americans. The 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the ‘right’ to keep and bear arms – and it wasn’t about ‘hunting’ or ‘personal safety’ – it was to protect Americans from a tyrannical and despotic government!! This video gives an historical overview of how ‘gun control’ was used in other countries throughout more recent history e.g. Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China etc., and the results of such policies. Americans and others around the world do not want to repeat that mistake!” –


  2. Hey, thanks, NRA, for the handy list of companies, organizations, and individuals to support.


  3. Larry Chrastil

    In the past the movie Industry made movies in which the good and bad characters had some ethics. You were a coward if you shot an unarmed person. I watched the Movie “John Wick” and it was just mass shooting and no good guy you could cheer for. The movies believe you can solve your problems by eliminating the opposition. The Movie Industry and the actors that make it up are bullying the same way their movies do.
    I have stocked up on books because the shows being produced are not worth my time.


    • So the guy who is seeking revenge for the brutal beating of his dog and theft of his car is a bad guy to you?


    • Ok. I can hear that John Wick was over the top violent but, if you watched the previews before hand you should have at least kind of known it wasn’t going to be a romance flick. No twilight happening there. Also was anyone in John Wick an innocent bystander? As I remember it everyone he killed was trying to collect the price on his head by the Russian mafia king pin. I’m not trying to trash talk here. Just asking.


      • I watched John Wick, It was violent to the extreme and was more realistic than any movie I have seen. However, John made a point of NOT shooting any innocent people in the night club or anywhere else.


  4. Wow, do these idiots commenting about getting rid of guns and taking away our second amendment right really believe the shit they are spewing? Don’t these morons realize that more the more gun control we have, the more shootings we are gonna have. What we really need are teachers trained to use firearms and be allowed to carry them. Tell me how many cowards are gonna go in and try to shoot up a school knowing the teachers all have firearms. How many years has citizens been allowed to own firearms? After you figure that out, tell me how many mass shootings were recorded 20 years ago, 30 years ago and so on. The problem doesn’t isn’t the guns, it’s the lack of discipline in todays youth. I’m 28 years old, I’ve grown up around guns, I have guns of my own but the big difference, i was raised right, to respect people around me and guess what, I have never once contemplated going out and shooting up a school, or a mall, or anywhere for that matter. Get a fuckin grip you leftist pieces of shit and stop trying to blame guns for the actions and very poor choices of some undisciplined little morons who decided shooting up a place was a good idea.


    • I can see you parents instilled respect in you. “Get a fuckin grip you leftist pieces of shit” Yelling into a void against “morons” and “Idiots”, people who’s opinions differ to yours because perhaps they have been in the middle of a mass shooting and may feel that there is room in the 2a for some alteration.


  5. I really wish the mental health option would work but the problem is that 1 of the symptoms of mental instability is that a lot of crazy people don’t think they are crazy. They tend to think others are crazy or useless. The only crazy people that actually seek help ar non-functional IE they can’t hide within society. Those represent a large amount of the homeless population that can be mildly dangerous. This is why they are ignored and denied help. Actual psychopaths believe their intentions are genius or will right a great wrong. They don’t want help. They want to make they’re “greatness” known. The new fad for doing this is mass shootings, bombings, vehicular attacks, anything that gets their name in the headlines. This has to be answered just like any other terrorist threat. I think this may have actually started with September 11th. Osama Bin Laden became the most infamous and wanted person on the planet. I think the new age psychopath learned from this how to make their cowardly non-existence into “greatness”. These people won’t seek help and can only be stopped with deadly force.


  6. Repeal the US Constitution? Then it ceases to be the USA. If you don’t want to live in the USA with it’s constitution, bill of rights and freedoms, I have options for you. Move to England France, China, Sweeden, North Korea or Venezuela. In all of these countries citizens don’t have guns however in these countries like everywhere else life isn’t safe. People kill people with weapons including guns in all of these places. Just look at this bomber in Texas. Are you planning on banning Home Depot and Walmart too? Please tell me 1 place in the world where injuries and death don’t happen to good people? If you want a safe life go live with Barney the purple dinosaur and stop trying to turn America into China.


    • Right. So you’re saying that the Constitution can’t be amended as support for the Second ….. (wait for it)…..Amendment. Thanks. Got it.


  7. Still no details from the anti-gun people. So I’ll ask 1 more time. What kind of stronger background check are you looking for? They check criminal background, which the basic crazy people show up on but the problem is psycopaths who have are hiding waiting to commit an act of violence to get attention. Most don’t even have anything to say. They only seem to want to be seen by the world. The media makes their cowardly plan successful .


    • Integrated national database that includes the “no fly” list, records of all misdemeanor & felony convictions as well as open orders of protection or locally adjudicated “notices of cause”. Psychologists can apply for NoC where they professionally believe danger exists.

      Transfers made within 30 days of purchase result in flagged record.

      Disqualification from the general list requires individual determination by the police authority for the individual’s home address. Results are added to the database.

      Disputes for denial can be appealed to state police and/ or FBI with statutory response process and timeline.

      Applies to all firearm sales (including close family transfers) and must include the serial number of weapon being transferred. Last owner of record is responsible for illegal use, unless proof of loss/ theft prior to commission of bad act. Normalization of serial numbers would take some time, but would be helped by requirement of manufacturers and dealers to provide sales information, which would be matched up with owners. Where original purchaser is known, they may be held liable for bad acts if they have disposed of weapon and not reported who bought it.

      Vast majority of legit purchases would flow through seamlessly. Vast majority of flagged purchases would be cleared after minimal intervention.

      For those concerned that “exposing” this info to the government will result in confiscation, the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution prevents that at least as much as the 1st protects my having this opinion. If you’re really worried, elect a better government.


  8. Larry, your article links gun ownership and murder. So what you’re saying is that the human mind is so weak that once you put a gun in a humans possession it makes using it for murder irresistible. Well Larry I’ve owned a pistol and an AR15 for over 20 years and I’ve never had the urge to murder people or kill school children. In that time I’ve been really mad at a job that let go under questionable pretenses. I’ve been really mad at a person for conning me out of $1500. I’ve been mad at 1 of my friends. Yet I haven’t murdered any one with my guns. I’ve only shot paper in that time. Does that make me super human? Or does that make you a weak minded person that would take illegally liberty from another person just because they had the power? You’re anti-gun movement already answers my question. But, I welcome a rebuttal from you.


    • Your sample of one is meaningless. It has no bearing on the fact that these troubled people are searching out a weapon that will enable them to kill many people at once and the NRA is serving up these weapons on a silver plate. There is no reason for semi-automatic guns to be offered to every single person in our country. There is no reason these guns need to be offered to anyone.


      • Actually,lonely people seek out groups of people to irritate with silly remarks. “Here’s Larry”.


      • Wow Larry you didn’t even attempt to answer any of my questions I was honestly asking how is it that only lest than 1% of 1% of gun owners are murders/mass shooter if your article is true?Logical debate between people without mud slinging is too much to ask? Just as I suspected. But I’ll address your statement. NRA is not serving guns up on a silver plater. There are no free guns unless you win a contest and you still have to go through a background check and receive it through a FFL dealer. The government does what it can vetting criminals is easy psychopaths are a lot harder. Criminals commit crime for personal gain usually getting them a felony record. Psychopaths do what they desire for a crazy emotional fulfilment. In other words they fantasize about the crime for a long time before they even plan it out. You can’t arrest someone for what’s in they’re head. Psychological exams aren’t fool proof. A lot of psychos know how to hide from psychologist. Life isn’t safe. Liberty is precious. Justice can only be served when a crime is threatened or committed.


      • It comes down to this “Larry”. Are you willing to die trying to steal my gun(s); or any of my rights? If not, then just shut the hell up! It’s that simple; you’re just a big mouth cowered like the rest of the leftist. All talk and no do…other wise “Come and take them”!


        • You speak well Tom. Larry will not come to get your gun. Like most of the blustering blowhards of the left he imagines he has the power to send someone. These filth do not do their own work. They are effete’! They make good assassins or bomber pilots. Poor infantry though!


        • You are a good example of someone who should not be allowed to have a gun.


      • And YOU Larry knows nothing on deterrence to crime or how its done .

        The fact you could own one is whats deterring the criminal from breaking into your house to take your stuff.

        Dougt it ?
        Place a sign on your lawn
        ” we are a proudly gun free home. ” …

        ah .. You didn’t do that huh? You do recognize it as ‘stupid ‘.

        Enough said.

        Deterrence Larry deterrence is the name of the game.


      • Thank you Larry. I wanted to carry a weapon so I served this country for 25 years and multiple combat operations. Only a coward needs a semi automatic weapon to hunt and a true loser to feel safe. The 2nd amendment made sense when it was written. It’s an idiot and cowardice argument today. Want your guns. Many patriotic operations are occurring. LOSERS. Thank you Larry. I agree with you 100%


      • This is the reason why I support the Constitutional 2nd Amendment and the NRA. “The ‘gun control’ issue is all over the world, but the most robust resistance comes from Americans. The 2nd amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees Americans the ‘right’ to keep and bear arms – and it wasn’t about ‘hunting’ or ‘personal safety’ – it was to protect Americans from a tyrannical and despotic government!! This video gives an historical overview of how ‘gun control’ was used in other countries throughout more recent history e.g. Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China etc., and the results of such policies. Americans and others around the world do not want to repeat that mistake!” –


  9. I wonder if any of these kids that are walking out for gun control understand that they are being played. By going along with the gun control lobby specifically raising the age to buy a long rifle, they are defacto saying that they can’t be trusted with serious adult responsibility at 18 this could also easily include driving privileges, sex, gender ib, work, voting. They are kids and by definition don’t think through all outcomes of they’re actions. This is a contradiction considering all I hear from teens is, “stop treating me like a kid.”


    • they are getting out of class – they could be protesting canned spinach and would gladly get out of class to do it…yes, they are being conned


      • You have your head in the sand. These youths are smart and they get it. They are your kids and mine.



          Someone had a kid with you?
          I have a hard time believing that.

          These are the same kids who hide from differing views and opinions, cause they were offended… If you have a strong opinion and a spine you can just shrug off just about anything said.
          People get ornery about a differing view because they know their original view is wrong or weak at best.
          That lil bit of common Sense explains your behavior incredibly well.


          • Now you are breathing in sand while you hide from reality. These kids will shape the nation. They are a random sampling of our country’s youth…the ones that just happened to get sprayed by a semi-automatic weapon. All of our kids, and any rational person in fact, would react the same way. We should not wait until all of our schools are shot up to address this problem which is not difficult to solve. Remove the NRA barrier and it gets solved.

          • and yet 1/3 don’t believe in gun control, perhaps its their experience with drug control thats made them realize that its not going to work? Perhaps because they’re smarter than the billionaires paying the others?
            any irrational person blames the tool, a rational person blames the person. Also, theres no spraying with a semi automatic weapon, its one bullet per trigger pull despite what CNN tells you, its that simple one pull of the trigger, one bullet. Like the lions share of hunting rifles now, the majority of handguns and about half the shotguns.

            but you’re right, they will shape the nation, just not in bloomberg’s or pelosi’s image of the world.
            It will be much more educated than that.

          • Blaming the person and blaming the tool are not alternatives. It’s both. We need to work on mental health and other things that will help with the person problem and we need to remove the tool of choice which are guns that can be used to kill rapidly and effectively.

          • No Larry, you want to blame the tool, only the tool. Thats the idea behind a ban.
            ‘You cant use this because it was used wrong by some one else’ y’know mass punishment.
            And guns are used more to stop crime than they are used to commit a crime. Period. The FBI and CDC both acknowledge that simple fact. Even the scary AR is used more in defense than in crime. Homeland defense has called it an excellent self defense weapons.

          • You can kill more people with a gallon of gas and a road flair so let’s ban the f–king gas & road flairs we don’t need them if you can kill with them

          • Actually we need gas and flares and it would be very difficult to kill 17 students with those. It’s semi-automatic guns, which are designed to kill 17 students, that we have no use for. Let’s all walk with our kids today and let our congressmen who have been corrupted by the NRA know that we won’t tolerate them in our great country any longer!

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            I’ll be walking with the majority of people to the gun range and enjoying my civil Rights and ability to defend myself, my property and society.
            You can just leave if you can’t accept this is our civil rights and only a minority wants to change that. A very uneducated minority with mental health issues.

          • Semi automatic guns designed to kill students Larry? Like jet liners are designed to knock down buildings? Like gasoline was formulated to burn people alive? Like trucks and cars were designed to he fitted with bombs and driven into crowds of people. Larry you must hire a nurse to move your jaw for you when you eat who’s also responsible for keeping you from choking or swallowing your tongue. Your level of personal fear is astounding. Move to France they are a no gun country. Oh wait they just had a terrorist attack and the terrorists had guns. How is this possible Larry? France has achieved what you’ve been talking about.

          • And exactly what, genius, is an AR-15 designed for?

          • to be reliable and lightweight, genius.

          • Reliable and lightweight are features Einstein. What’s the function?

          • lmao yes, features, can’t even admit when you’re full of shit.
            Lightweight and reliable, it was designed to be that, exactly that. Not to kill, not to slaughter, not any of your whiny scared of an inanimate object nonsense.

            whats your function? to lose? to cry about losing? no, wait I know, to spread disinformation.

          • The answer of course is the function of the AR-15 is to kill. To kill people. Many people. Not to subdue. Not to injure. To kill people. That is what it is designed to do and it has no other function. It is not a hunting rifle. It is not a toy.

          • Its function is to be reliable and be safe, but nice try.
            You’re no politician and no member of the media, your spin skills are very weak.

            Your function is simply to lie and be scared of everything.

            The AR is a very capable hunting rifle by the way, despite being designed around a round too small for even texas deer. It’s tiny, underpowered, and too light to be much beyond a wounding round in most shots.

          • It was built as a sporting rifle. I know this concept is lost on Larry but, no one who designed, manufactured, or built any firearm, trucks or airplanes had mass destruction of unarmed people in mind. These were built for law abiding citizens who enjoy target practice, being responsible for their own defense and yes hunting. They aren’t demons working in forges of hell. They clock in and out and go home to their families at night just like most of us. Psychos work on and plan destruction with the same intensity that we work everyday for our children and our livelihoods. They’ll use and manufacture whatever tools they need towards that end. The Austin TX mail bomber got most of his goods from Home Depot. How are you going to stop bad intentions with a ban Larry? I’m all ears.

          • Yea, right. The AR-15 was made to be a toy. What are you smoking?

          • Not difficult at all to kill 17 students with gas & a road flair douse them in the classroom & then throw them the flare.

          • Larry, you say you have a nation behind you but, Trump got elected president and Hillary who was toting your anti-gun flag lost. I’m part of this nation and I would say I’m decidedly not with you . However I’m for protecting your first amendment rights .Too bad you stand for fear and not freedom.

  10. TherealworldsaidHI

    I don’t see the big issue? what’s wrong with a stronger backround check that’s all I want. I like guns and will be purchasing my own.


    • Ok, I’ve heard a lot of this stronger background check stuff. And it’s easy and fun to say but, what are you looking for the government to check? They look for criminal history, and restraining order, even unpaid child support and weather or not you have a medical marijuana prescription. Other than those records we have a right to be anonymous before our government. Now if you’re talking about the extreme protection act. I disagree. If anyone can just complain and have your guns taken away and destroyed without due process is bad government practice. It sounds nice but, what if you have a really grumpy neighbor who’s seen you walking to your car with your gun bag on or, vengeful ex girlfriend who’s determined to get back at you. Those days are already here in CA. Anyone can request a restrain order be placed on anyone. The judge will grant on a just because you said you’re afraid and this person owns guns. No wait of evidence is really needed. Your second amendment rights are stripped for how ever many years the order is in effect.

      Please explain what background check you want implemented. Try buying a gun it’s not as easy as buying a carton of milk.


    • No problem buy from an FFL dealer your new gun. Everyone else buys new that way. Maryland even assures you get great stuff right off there approved gun list.
      Not the cheep saturday nite specials sh!t .


  11. we need to amend or repeal the us Constitution the 2nd amendment is out dated even dangerous. It needs to be removed from the Constitution. I fear if we don’t, no public places will be safe (malls, schools, government buildings etc) the common man/woman has proven to careless to own a firearm in their residence. I you need a example just look at the recent gun shooting in schools or other public places they were nothing but massacres. I believe that this nation would be safer if only authorized people were allowed to carry firearms (law enforcement types). we need to stand as a nation for our safety and ask president trump to remove or change the 2nd amendment from the Constitution. It has no place in today civility and I hope others we agree. we can’t allow the gun fanatics to allow this unnecessary and since less murdering of innocent human being to continue. I talking about public shooting this gun thugs called NRA allowing to much gun violence and it can’t continue , etc please stand with me on this and put a end to it.



      Massacres because people were barred from carrying guns.
      Maybe we need to repeal all gun control legislation on the books.


    • Mark Jackaman

      Just get the police to do their jobs and ignore the NAACP. Solved.


      • Apparently NRA = National Racist Association. Wonderful.


        • Mark Jackaman

          If you joined, it would be the National Ratbag Association.



          We’re NRA not the HRC camapign larry lol


        • What makes you think that anyone who is in the NRA is racist? Tired of being labeled as a racist when you really don’t know any of us


          • Read the post I responded to and you will see. I very high percentage of the posts from NRA members have racist elements to them. You can disassociate yourself from the NRA…there is a lot of ugliness there you would leave behind.

          • Did someone upset you Larry. Perhaps if you stopped writing stupid things, they might stop.

          • Well guess that still puts us well ahead of gun control advocates and gun control period… gun control is sexist, classist and racist its also just pissing all over civil rights.


            Looks like men, women, boys, girls, whites, Hispanics, African Americans, Asians to me. These are all faces gun control will protect.

          • all faces you want to deny guns, unless your’re rich, male and old. like Bloomberg or schumer.
            Very few exceptions are made for women or people of color in the gun control scheme. Gifford and Fianstein are the only two I know of.
            Then again gun controls original purpose was exactly to keep poor folks, women and minorities from owning guns. Just where the KKK, and other democrat hate groups wanted them.

          • That last post referenced an article showing the faces of the 17 people killed by gun violence at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

          • and as always larry you missed the mark

          • Well the shooter didn’t miss the mark…he was well armed with a gun that slaughters people…a gun the NRA is fighting for.

          • a gun that isnt even the most common in mass shootings, by a long shot.

          • Thanks for the tip. Please post a list of all the additional guns that we should be banning.

          • You can’t ban anything you idiot. The founding fathers imagined self important little nuisances like you, hence the Bill of Rights.

          • Think again. Or perhaps or the first time in your case. Have you heard of The Federal Assault Weapons Ban? It was passed by Congress in 1994 and was in full effect for 10 years. We can ban whatever we want to ban. And the vast majority of the citizens of this country want to ban semi-automatic guns. And we should. And we will.

          • “We”were anticipated by 2A. “We” will not succeed. The Federal Assault Weapons ban proves that your thinking processes (if thinking they are) do not produce results. “We” are not going to successfully ban anything in the long term. You are nothing but a running dog of groupthink.

          • Unfortunately Larry is right on this 1. There’s people like us who enjoy the outdoors, understand life isn’t safe but step out of our front door anyway without fear but, prepared to take that responsibility. Then there are the others who cower in their house and push out the front door only when necessary. They want the government to make life safe, covering every square foot of the nation with a blanket of surveillance and Draconian laws. They will even accept slave chains if it comes with the illusion of safety.
            Catagory 2 is the majority and just like the German people they will feel safe once Hitler eliminates the jews (America eliminates gun owners). The German people learned a hard lesson when the rest of the world closed in on them and Hitler turned out to be just another ego maniac with an agenda. So will the sheeple of America.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            A loud and obnoxious ill informed minority want things banned and your AWB? It was proven ineffective.

          • Pro rights folks are getting hammered in the press .
            Fight back in mass.
            Make your mark for rights at


            Permission to copy and paste this notice where ever you want.
            Save it as a link to your desk top.
            Spread the word on petitions to pro rights & gun owning friends today.
            Show them they have REALLY awoken the sleeping dog now and were not happy about it.
            Read the rules on petitions at the page. Get involved the right way.
            Its like pre voting on an issue. 100,000 at a time to get noticed.

      • Police are not able to be everywhere at that the same time. You have to be able to protect yourself until the police can get to you.


        • I still think Larry is armed also. He just wants to be the only one armed like Carl Rowan did espousing gun control while armed. But he says he does not own guns and expects us all to be treated like criminals and have law take our guns. I have no qualms if others are voluntarily sitting ducks other then the fact is 6 out of 10 are and that encourages thugs to be more brazen .


    • do five minutes of research on how many kids are murdered every single year. year after year by participating in the utterly unnecessary and completely unregulated “prom”
      kids are being murdered over a dance. where the only point is to see who’s parent can spend more money. last I checked it was like 200 deaths by prom to 1 death by gun. oh but its not about hating guns, its about “safety..” hogwash. if they cared one tiny bit about kids lives there would be no prom, or cell phones before 18 or drivers license before 18. or any number of other “safety” regulations, but no. not one. just “guns bad!!!” over and over


      • You are correct. Guns are bad. Most of them anyway. Let’s start by getting rid of the AR-15 and all other semi-automatic rifles.



          Larry, even potatoes know guns aren’t bad. Are you saying a potato is smarter than you?
          2/3 of millennials are pro gun, hell 2/3 of every generation is now pro gun, a minority believe what you believe.
          Are you so backwards you can’t accept what you want isn’t progressive? That you’re in the past?
          Wouldn’t be surprised if you were ok with segregation and Jim crow nonsense.
          Youre that backwards.


        • I have bin watching this topic(GUN CONTROL ) for 50 years here is the larger picture.
          legislated ‘gun control ‘ is MAINLY to blame for what is now MOST mass shootings. Yea there were some all along before the 60′s. back when civilians could buy oh my gosh, MACHINE GUNS and they get vetted maybe more then cops.
          The cheep solution is to ; Drop all gun laws since 1960 / its fast and near cost free. start reviewing now yea NOW.
          one question is ,
          Can I get a pro-gun conservative’s sincere views on how to stop school shootings in the US? Can it really be done without introducing strict gun laws?
          Answer is;
          Firearms Guide – Identification of Firearms Within the Purview of the National Firearms Act
          above are real machine guns that are ALREADY REGULATED.
          gun control is what has set this school up as a sitting duck for 28 years (gun free school zones ) how long must an attractive nusence exist before it draws tragity?
          Statements of fact.
          ( I can substansciate them all)
          1. Guns are not the problem, gun control is not the answer.
          2, Criminals look for easy targets. Armed people , or there free ability to be , are not easy targets.
          3. Every unjust attack needs to be repelled and have the means to do so.
          4. Basics in gun safety should be returned to school teachings.
          5. The only effective ‘gun control’ is hitting the attacking target and not what is not attacking when a gun is used.
          We need to;
          1. REMOVE anti gunners from office for failure to uphold the constitution and there oaths of office.
          2. Review and remove every gun law that is not effective, when or where, other laws have made the ‘bad action’ a crime. With very few exceptions should any stay.
          3. Look into ways to catch wind of and help distressed individuals .
          4. Find more ways to help criminals to succeed getting gainful work under the rules once freed.
          5. Add additional life skills in schools and jails . Balance check book , open an account , job search, many others .
          6. Mentor your fellow man more .
          7. Be a good parent and supportive .
          8. Add to this list and share it.
          I value my descendants rights as much as my own . It is there for our duty to fight for and protect all rights every day. You have choices your children deserve the same .
          ‘Proper gun control ‘ defined
          The only ‘proper’ “gun control” is
          1. what a gun owner uses and does to be sure they hit the attacking target and NOT some other thing.
          2. Its a skill to strive for then thru practice and training with a gun.
          3. It has nothing to do with regulations s or laws .
          FYI I am and you are, still a member of the unorganized militia because cops have no duty to protect my family or yours .
          So if your still un-armed , How do you protect any thing besides freeload on the benefit that all can be armed for protection? ( like criminals out free are forced to do)
          ( even ex criminals out free on the street needs protection from muggings they will just have to get it from everyone else who might be armed as a benefit . )
          Once law disarms you your in a sitting duck situation WAITING for trouble to find you.
          1. THIS is the problem causing mass shootings anyplace.
          2. ( mmm … why criminals will arm up.)
          3. any gun owner made a paper felon by anti gun laws, would do ,,who had no due process, or did no wrong , would do, from principal. . AKA ignoring illegal laws.
          Anti gun laws and States have made to many easy targets by stifling self defense by making it likely you will run afoul of a gun law that has no care whether the state can prove, your or an, ill intent before charging you.
          This has stifled gun ownership and self defense carry.
          IN effect your screwed for being prepared for defense and no means to be vetted by the state by getting a CCL as a shall issue permit process at costs no more then drivers licences.
          That is obviously ‘infringement’
          Full auto’s are curtailed mostly to govt and police, not banned. (even to civilians) Nor should any lesser arm. So banning is not an answer when involving rights.
          Free speech is a right but can we ban or remove politicians for speaking a lie? Even if in error ?
          But they CAN be removed for failure to oath of office.
          I think gun free zones , banning guns from school zones, was a criminal act on there (anti gun politicians ) part .
          It was a set up. Many unjust gun laws are just that, a set up.Its inherently wrong . It has bin an intentional failure to up hold there oath of office.
          (maybe they thought no one was watching.)
          OWN A GUN OR NOT
          its a choice every one may have to make .
          Anti gunners want to force a choice .
          Pro gunners say its your right to decide for yourself and your situation.
          If your situation changes:
          pro gunners say; YOU can fix that .
          anti gunners ; its to late to fix that.
          Most think it is best to leave options open.
          No one forces you to have a gun
          But some try to force you NOT to have one.
          The fact is:
          Non gun owners gain benefit when thugs know all COULD be armed.
          Everyone loses if there is all sitting ducks
          What is smarter for all?
          BINGO !

          Davida Michaele Buy Initially New Guns Only / BINGO


          • Davida Michaele our rights to guns kept the peace before there were cops, the national guard, a standing military even and it still can anyplace we are at. All you need do is exercise them.

        • Larry, maybe you should do some research. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. More people are killed by cars than by AR’s. More people are killed with kitchen utensils than AR’s. So by your logic, everything we own should be taken away. Wow, guess you’ll have to walk to work, and eat with your hands. Oh, wait, can’t cook, or use electric because both can be used to kill. If a person wants to kill another person they will find a way


          • Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…same old rhetoric handed down from the NRA spokespeople. Of course people kill people…but mostly they use GUNS. Including high power semi-automatic rifles that have no purpose in our society other than mass shootings of people. We use kitchen utensils to eat and cars to get to work..that is what they are designed for and used for nearly 100% of the time. Semi-automatic rifles are designed to kill people and that is exclusively what they are used for. They need to go. Too bad for the gun enthusiast who shoots cans in his/her back yard…a small thing to give up to save the lives of our children and friends.

          • blah blah blah, Larry you havent looked up a fact once. Don’t lie.
            There are no valid studies showing an AR is more popular than a handgun in a mass shooting.
            You just want to ban things that scare you.

    • Howzer you gonna Stop crime

      Maybe, since the Declaration of Independence is out dated, we should be ban freedom is what you’re saying as well. It’s not what you’re saying, is what you will say, but, that is exactly what you are saying. Lets look at some of the other amendments and see which one of them can be outdated as well. Hell, WHY we are at it, lets just BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND, and start all over! Will that make you lunatics happy! Look at Chicago, and tell me, Do CRIMINALS pay attention to gun control? Don’t let the US, be the next Nazi regime. Don’t repeat Hitler’s ideas! Cause thats what youre falling for. First ARs, then shotguns, then semi-automatic anything, and finally all firearms. Then BAM, martial law.


    • Jeffrey T. Cernek

      Martin, I am sure you are well intentioned, but a little naive. Historically, the biggest mass murders have been committed by Governments. Yes, that’s right. The biggest threat to the freedom, life and liberty of human beings has always been their own governments. The founding fathers were acutely aware of this and after penning the First Amendment, immediately set about crafting the second, most important, amendment designed to protect not only the First Amendment, but all other rights guaranteed to man by God, the Second Amendment. History is littered with the evidence of one inescapable fact: Man is evil. To say it another way, people are assholes, they always want your stuff. Do you really think we will vanquish human nature if we ban guns? Impossible. All that will be accomplished is that we the people will be defenseless.

      Jeffrey Cernek


    • Well hell, maybe we should give up the First Amendment as well. Only qualified journalists that only report the truth should be allowed to post on social media…Then we can get rid of rock & roll and rap music, because we all know that’s how the devil communicates.. These things are far more dangerous than guns.
      C’mon man wake up


  12. Please hold these actors to their principles — CALL OUT any anti-gun actor that profits off guns in their movies ….
    Are these “courageous” play actors going to refuse to make anymore shows with guns, lazer swords, arrows, or any other form of violence? No more smashing or bashing ….. NO VIOLENCE in any of Their work? No more profitting off violence?…sources-say-1089937
    Stars to Wear Anti-Gun-Violence Pin at Oscars, Sources Say
    Of course they will be surrounded by ARMED GUARDS as they flaunt their wealth ……
    The pins are being distributed by Michael Bloomberg’s advocacy group. You know Bloomberg …. the dictator who wants your guns also wants to ENSLAVE you … thinks he can dictate what you can have to eat and drink, and how much …. when someone else can tell you what you can have to eat and how much, You are a SLAVE. Why don’t they just wear a sign that says ‘I stand with China and Iran against the 2nd Amendment’?
    YOU , You pious propagandists are the source of the violence …. MEDIA-ASSAULT-THOUGHTS. There is no action that is not preceded by the thought and idea of the action, and MSM has immersed America in violent anti-social thoughts


  13. Before the Natzi ethnic cleansing(genocide) of the Jewish started, Hitler burned down his own campaign headquarters in a false flag attack. This united German people who were on the fence in opinion about their fear of their Jewish niebors. Hitler declared them dangerous as a people not just the alleged attackers. He quickly enacted gun registration targeting the Jewish community. A lot of Jewish wives compelled their husbands to comply hoping to reassure the ethnically German people that they were law abiding citizens and not dangerous. They hoped to avoid conflict that their children would be caught up in.

    Then gun confiscation started. Fallowed by both non-conformist and conformist Jews alike along with their children being toted to the ovens.

    This situation is straight out of Hitler’s play book. I know people are afraid. Life isn’t safe even if the populace is disarmed. 20 out of 1,000,000 gun owners do harm in this country. If you subtract criminals that didn’t obtain their guns legally and police action the number goes down to about 6.

    Try applying that type of blunder bust legislation to any other legal case and it’s easy to see how dangerous of a line of thought that is for any government.


    • far to many pro gunners do not know this story let alone anti gunners one must read history well to be informed.


      • Thank you Divida. I tried to keep it as brief as possible so people might actually read it through. It’s in no was a brief subject or an isolated situation. Libya Hunter Kadafi is another good example. And not an example of open genocide but rampant crime on a disarmed populace is Venezuela and Australia.


        • the start of this mess was in 1990 when gun free school zones was passed by anti gunners

          the real fact is this; it will be a whole lot easier to run the anti gunners ALL out of office with out a shot fired for treasion to the constitution and there oath of office . THAT is the most civilized way to deal with this situation gentlemen. there for …. be sure to let everyone know that is the plan. we are the NRA and we vote.

          it is seriously past time to start reviewing the 20.000 + gun laws and remove tecnical law violations that scare good guys from getting there permits to carry and make them good in every state. bad actors need to know there will be resistance to there thuggery whom ever they are .


    • Davida Michaele our rights to guns kept the peace before there were cops, the national guard, a standing military before 1934 , before all this anti gun drivel even and it still can anyplace we are at. All you need do is exercise them.


  14. The real slippery slope is doing nothing but saying NO to anything to reduce the deaths and injuries from guns. Sooner or later enough people will say NO MORE and then the guns will be gone and is a strange way it will be because of the NRA and others like them.


    • Yes you’re right. And when all the guns are gone from the hands of the law abiding citizens and while you ant-gun people are reveling in your delusional Barney the purple dinosaur reality. XIV, Nortinios’, and any other gang or cartel will move in with their guns. You probably won’t have many mass shootings because you’ll be dealing with the smarter nuts that know how to build bombs. These gangs are very fond of home invasion, rape, racketeering and murder in their home country. They should have no problem importing it here since it will be a nation of sheep. Enjoy! Oh and those big corporations you support will be safe behind their armed guards. Paid for by your support.


    • I hate all anti-gun people. I love guns but hate them.


      • I love the NRA. I gave them money last week. We will never surrender our guns. That is what ur President and leader told us to do. Our leader is Charlton Heston. He is very heroic man and he said to never let them taker guns.


      • The slippery slope is doing nothing? Once again you are blaming inanimate objects. Crazy people are the problem. You can’t take tools away from everyone. If someone wants to do harm they find a way. In my neighborhood we had a school shut down because some nut bag planted an incendiary bomb. It didn’t go off thank goodness. They didn’t catch him. Next time he may build a better device.

        So you take away guns, then fire?, maybe household chemicals? Then what we cut our steaks with dull plastic knives? Nut bags have always been here. Always will be. We used to give them celebrity status. IE John Dillenger, AL Capone. Ect. Also Remember Mexico provides vice to criminals. Create a black market and only criminals will have guns. Destroy American gun industries


  15. Thanks for this list. Now I know which companies are against guns and that I can support.


    • And a rapidly growing list it is fueled by the inflexible, out of touch stance of the NRA. The NRA needs to adjust its policies to better reflect the modern day views of all Americans including the 98.5% who are not members. This organization is fighting against the vast majority of this country’s citizens and is simply un-American.


    • Please donate every penny spend yourself homeless. I’ll be here fighting to keep the constitution and bill of rights intact. I’ll be fighting to keep the freedom and liberty in America. When we win. You can try moving to Russia, China, Sweeden if you want a communist country masquerading as a democracy. Enjoy your life of subservience and oppression. I’ll keep defending my freedom here.


      • When we win what? You seem to have some delusional image of government soldiers coming through your yard in tanks or something. Remember, we are a democracy. We are the government.


        • When we win this fight in Congress and the supreme court. Wow Larry for an anti-gun guy you sure have some war related delusions. Funny how they only apply if you’re not the 1 that has to man up. You would like that wouldn’t you. The gun people forced into civil war with the government. Just as long as you could watch from your couch and not get dirty.


        • Larry, wrong, we are a republic, not a democracy. Democracy says that 50% +1 rules in all cases. If that were true, blacks would still not have the vote, women would not be able to vote and we would be a country of chaos and tyranny. A Republic, on the other hand, is ruled by law and by representation. This reduces the chance of the chaotic ruling on their emotions.

          As for the tanks in the yard, all it would take is for the far left to finally have the majority rule and then deciding to abolish the 2nd amendment, the 1st amendment and the 4th amendment. Then you would be in a world of hurt.


          • Too true. If it were pure democracy slavery would still be in legal effect today. This is what the supreme court is supposed to do. This is where they have failed us simply by avoiding the issue. And letting innocent people remain in jail for non violent gun offences that shouldn’t even be a criminal matter.

        • NOT a de·moc·ra·cy, A FUCKING REPUBLIC.

          a. control of an organization or group by the majority of its members.
          b. a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.


    • My thoughts exactly.


  16. I seem to be the last voice here. Could it be that I’ve won the debate even though the war for freedom is far from over?(war of words and legislation). None of my sincere questions have been answered.? Is there no liberal logic to negate mine?

    If I didn’t have to work during the day, I would gladly defend a school with my fire arms although made inferior by California to those of criminals because, I obey the law to the best of my knowledge and abilities. As a gun owner I would gladly put my life on the line for any child in danger.

    I would even conceal my pistol and disguise myself as the janitor or something so frightened children wouldn’t have to know I was there.

    I would rather teach them about fire arms and the difference between good and evil.

    This is what the majority of gun owners are made of. I’m not special just legally challenged by bad laws.


  17. Yo Larry
    Please move to Australia. Remember when you see an Aboriginal hanging out at the liquor store, walk right up and say “Hi I’m Larry how are you guys doing today?” Don’t worry everything is totally safe there.

    Or maybe go to Singapore where you can watch freedom and liberty die choked out by China’s communist hand. It will be the ultimate sneak preview to your dream.

    China already offered to disarm America for the government. It a great investment for them because if they ever decide to invade it will be an easy slam dunk victory.


    • We have enough dickheads in Australia thank-you. The last thing we need is another dickhead leftwing Yank peddling crap activist ideas here.


  18. On a related subject, what does everyone think of the mental health angle? I personally think we should spend more on school security. Schizophrenic, manic depressive, and especially sociopathic people are famous for not seeking or even believing they need help. Some even think of their state of mind as genius.

    I do think we need a Batman style Arcome asylum to store these nut bags in if they are caught before they do harm.


    • The schools should be protected at least as much as any governor or senators home/mansion. As for the mental health aspect, What mental health will be determined to be ineligible for gun ownership? How about no alcoholic can have a gun? No person diagnosed as ADHD? They deserve their day in court also. AND, if they are too ill to have a gun, shouldn’t they be in a hospital for long term care? If you get admitted to a hospital because you are experiencing extreme anxiety and the doctors or police determine you “might be a threat” to yourself or others, you are automatically admitted as 5150 and cannot purchase/possess a firearm for 3 years. Does this mean that your father/mother/sister/brother/husband/wife also should not be allowed to have a firearm?

      This is the slippery slope that so concerns us.

      Real progress would be made by having true security in place in those “safe havens” that are gun free.


  19. We have to add Bank of America to the list. I’ve been a customer for 20yrs. This sucks. I will clear my accounts by end of next week.

    Happy Larry?


  20. Larry you are load that should have been swallowed. Just like all the snowflakes should have been.


  21. In reference to Lary’s comment on February 15; The shooter wasn’t an NRA member, Therefore he didn’t get any benefit from the NRA. The NRA hasn’t provided a lawyer or bail to a single mass shooter, they didn’t supply ammo. This guy had no criminal record, so the only chance to stop him was through warnings and tips.

    Law enforcement had that and they dropped the ball. So Larry how about you leave the constitution alone for a little while and go run and nag the police that droped the ball.

    That psycho was coming weather it was guns or bombs or fire he had intention to do harm in a big way.


    • No, the key problem is the easy access to guns by anyone. Fix that and the problem gets much smaller.


      • Now it’s access Lary?, I don’t know about anyone else but, for me it took a background check and a waiting period. Now CA wants us to register Rifles again after they’ve been purchased or built.

        When I was in high school the criminals with money purchased MAC10s from the back of a trunk. No background check because (probably couldn’t pass 1 anyway), No waiting period and all Assault features included. Ready to do a drive by on the day of purchase.

        While I went to school in my old car that kept breaking down. Now I’m the 1 you want to give 15yrs in prison for my standard capacity magazines that came with my pistol over 20yrs ago.


        • Yes, that’s how laws work. We need to outlaw guns that we don’t want people to have and prosecute them if they harbor these guns against the laws.


          • I guess I’ll leave that at a we’ll see. My AR is staying put doing no harm to anyone the way it has for over 5 years. All I can say Larry is draconian gun laws have never gained wide support in the USA. It may be because of something we like to call freedom, liberty and justice for all.

            So there’s a criminal in custody for the Florida shooting. Make sure the justice part is imposed on HIM for HIS actions. My actions with my weapons have never been criminal. Why then Larry do you want to seize my property without compensation and, put me in jail when I worked and paid taxes for everything I own? Why do you want to bankrupt my family for my legal defense? After hurting 3,000,000 people you may stop 1 psychopath. Only if they are not smart enough to do harm another way.

          • *the draconian gun laws you have in mind.

            Sorry everyone this chat is a bit klunky on my phone.

          • the real fact is this; it will be a whole lot easier to run the anti gunners ALL out of office with out a shot fired for treasion to the constitution and there oath of office . THAT is the most civilized way to deal with this situation gentlemen. there for …. be sure to let everyone know that is the plan. we are the NRA and we vote.

  22. I’ve been hearing a lot of people claim to be anti-gun moderates. I would like to ask how can we believe you when democrats have formed the second amendment repeal committee?

    Get your party to act moderately like you claim and maybe we’ll think about believing you. Maybe…….


  23. Understand just like Isis, and Al queda. Mass shootings are relatively new threat to American people. It’s home grown terrorism. It has to be answered in the same manner. Try and find theses people before they do harm, defend vulnerable areas before they become targets.

    The fame of the Columbine tragedy has attracted all of the simular nuts because they all succeed in becoming famous and being remembered in history.

    In effect going from being Joe Nobody to being known by the nation. Teamed with committing suicide and dieing on their own terms, it’s just pure psychopath candy. This has been shown to be 0.000001% of gun owners. Less if you subtract those who have their guns illegally.


    • the real fact is this; it will be a whole lot easier to run the anti gunners ALL out of office with out a shot fired for treasion to the constitution and there oath of office . THAT is the most civilized way to deal with this situation gentlemen. there for …. be sure to let everyone know that is the plan. we are the NRA and we vote.


  24. I think that every actor and actress on this list should give all their money to charity that was in a film that used a rifle or pistol. They should never make another movie that has a rifle or pistol used in it if. If they want to support the issue of no more firearms they should not make their money by using them in their movies. These men and women make their money in movies and in songs and they don’t care as long as they get paid. While they get to fly and drive around the country being protected by their bodyguards that have a firearm. Hippocrates each and everyone of them.


    • What juvenile commentary. You don’t know the difference between make believe and arming mentally ill underage kids with actual AR-15s?


      • Really Larry? You are actually trying to defend them? How many use armed guards for their personal safety? Hell Lar, I’ll betcha some of these hypocrites own Semi-automatic weapons. Todays American snowflake. Ewwwww Guns Yuck!


        • Rick E, Many of the hypocrites DO own semi autos. Diane Fienstein carries one in her purse. (It was shown in public when she was campaigning against the “Assault Weapons”.


      • How can you be an anti-gun celebrity yet, take millions of dollars to glorify guns on the big screen and be protected by gun toting body guards.

        By glorifying I mean most of these stars play a gun using heros. Part of the blame goes to parents bringing under age children to the theater.

        I’m saying if you’re anti-gun then, turn down those action movie millions, stop surrounding yourself with armed security while you’re asking the common citizen to not be able to secure themselves and their families.

        They should wait the same 20min for the police when 1 of their stalkers shows up to their mansion and jumps the fence.


        • There is a big difference between being anti gun and anti gun nut.


          • What’s the difference. You are all sticking your noses where they don’t belong. You all seeks to take away the rights and hobbies of law abiding citizens and criminalize people, some of which have never been in trouble with the law and seek to obey it.

            You both seek to crucify us all for the actions of some psychopath cowards we don’t even know or support.

            Please explain the difference, you all sound like Larrys to me.


          While Scott is bad-mouthing Hippocrates, and Rick thinks celebrities give a damn what he thinks, Shandu thinks common sense means confiscating ALL the guns. Back off a bit, folks and realize that NO ONE is suggesting a ban on guns. Common sense would like to see a 10 round clip maximum. You can keep your derringers, your revolvers, your 9mm, all pistols, keep your hunting rifles, shotguns, but that’s not enough to fight off an intruder? So you need the AR-15? And that’s not enough? You need a 30-round clip and a bump stock. Bullcrap. That won’t save your butt. So you can’t hit a target 30 feet away with 10 rounds? You don’t deserve to own a weapon.


          • Really? That’s not what you’re trying to do? And common sense? That’s what you call it? Well if that not what you’re to do then what’s up with the 2018 assault weapons ban? Huh? Answer that your likE liberal prosac bro.

            Oh no gun owners just go to sleep. That nasty old constitution will be all gone when you wake up. No! Never! And over my dead body. I won’t let you Kill America.

            Won’t let you tread on me!

          • Police firing their weapons under duress and the stress of a real combat situation tend to miss 65% of shots fired.
            Those are the highly trained professionals.

            You should really stop talking about what you don’t know about bro.
            It makes you look dense.

          • George Boatright

            To the best of my knowledge no firearm has utilized and “clip” since the M1 Garand

          • Good catch George! I missed that, once again stop talking about what you don’t know about. Almost everyone that wants bump stocks banned don’t even know what a bump stock does.

            They don’t even know they were designed to help older people operate their rifles.

            You anti-gun people are full of opinions but no real information. Meanwhile you Democrat representatives are blowing smoke up your ass with regulations that change very little but cost law abiding gun owners extra money.

            Do you think any criminals bother to buy a magazine locking system before a bank robbery? Do you think any of them swap out their 30 round magazines for legal 10 round ones before a mass shooting? This is why we see you as dim wits.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            ever shoot under stress Mhenne? I have. people empty mags under stress, even soldiers, and the police.
            Capacity laws have shown to have zero effect on crime or mass shootings.
            and yes ARs have been used to fend off home invaders, and even used to defend businesses, even in california! (the LA riots)

            and yes to many ‘common sense’ gun legislation is exactly that, take all the guns lol, which isn’t common sense. but the anti-gun, citizen control idiots are after exactly that and have stated as much before.

  25. Larry, you’re a loser! You don’t need a gun to harm someone. Take a trip to the Middle East and you will see how creative these people are at killing innocent people without using guns. If all guns are banned the only people that will have them will be law enforcement officers and criminals. The criminals are very good at stealing firearms from police cars, homes and other places. Hundreds of firearms are stolen each year from law enforcement (police) vehicles. The FBI in Miami had numerous automatic firearms stolen from one of their unsecured vehicles years ago. So, if you think that you will be safe if all guns are outlawed then you are in my opinion delusional. Lastly, I will be boycotting all businesses that are anti NRA.


    • I have visited the Middle East…many times. The problem in the USA however is guns and it needs to be dealt with.


      • Really? My guns never do anything bad. They must be defective. What i think you mean is the problem lies in law enforcement doing what it should and the medical fraternity not over subscribing SSRI’s and possibly a few other factors.


        • Another case of uneducated fantasy. No research has shown that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are associated with mass shootings. Even if your uncle’s friend’s step-son said they do. Read the research.


          • Who know what the deal is. All I know is every not job in the country is wise to the fact that if they kill a bunch of innocent people no mater if it’s guns, trucks or bombs they get their name up in lights and gain the recognition they think they deserve even though they are inferior to the average man or woman. They get to be great even though they are truly the opposite. We need to stop highlighting their pathetic life and problems and just make it a now frills public execution. Neutralize the fantasy of greatness and fame and then they won’t be attracted to the act.


        lmao if you’ve been to the middle east you’ll have seen how many people have actual automatic weapons despite the laws, same with even decently off Caribbean Islands like Trinidad and Jamaica. They’re everywhere, despite their ownership being banned, and the crime is insane.

        if anything Larry you need to stay where the guns are illegal, take your naive juvenile desire to be in a gun free country to one where they barely exist.


    • With you Ross. The anti- gun people denying the right of honest law abiding citizens to own a gun to protect their family makes me sick and scares the heck out of me.
      Disarm American law abiding citizens and see how long it takes for North Korea or Russia to attack our country. Think about that you morons!! I want my grandkids to be safe and free! I am not saying there will not be the mentally disturbed people or terrorist who will continue to be a threat to our own country, however why does our government, who have suspected people who may be a threat to people and our country wait until they execute their plan to take action, which is always too late. How about we hold them accountable for their lack of action!!!


    • Remember, the gun that was used to kill the young lady in San Francisco was stolen from the FBI.


  26. Don’t believe all the crap about Australia’s tough gun laws. People are stabbed, shot and assaulted around this country on a weekly basis. It’s plain and simple that when guns are outlawed only criminals, psychopaths, terrorists and a government officials will have access to them. Of course that suits the elites just fine while they live high on the hog in their ivory towers enforcing their criminally insane globalist agenda on the sheeple.


    • Incorrect. Australia banned semi-automatic weapons and there has not been a mass shooting in 22 years. They did it overnight and we can do the same. There is no downside.


      • Larry they had 5.
        its a 50% reduction, impressive with a optimistic 20% compliance rate.

        but their sexual assaults are up, while crime and over all homicide stayed the same.


        • So you are the authority rather than the free press? That article was published by Fortune Magazine…not exactly a liberal organization. Show me the 5.


      • William M Collins

        Considering that victims of mass shootings are a teensy weensy percent of murder victims compared to other means of murder belies your “There is no downside” argument. Finding justification for your flawed argument by ignoring the much larger group of non mass shooting murder victims is very convenient. Perhaps you feel better that these other victims weren’t killed in mass shootings but they’re still dead whether by gun, knife, beatings, bombings, etc. I understand that for people like you that mass shootings give you a better chance to politicize people’s deaths for your agenda of misrepresentation and ignoring of other statistics, and other lies and deceit. The anti Bill of Rights fanatics descended on Parkland, Florida, like a bunch of vultures picking at the corpses of these young kids. Their arguments were so weak they had to resort to manipulating young impressionable minds with scripted questions and answers, and shouting down the opposition. Hardly a position of strength.


      • When the buyback was completed in Australia approximately 640,000 guns were handed in. Many of those guns were not semi-autos because under the new laws many licence holders could not comply with the draconian laws affecting other types of guns they owned. Today Australia has approximately over three million guns and over one million license holders. Gun ownership rates been steadily rising here in recent years. The USA on the other hand has approximately 310 million guns with approximately ten million of those guns being semi-autos. Adopting Australian style gun laws would not work in your country. It would only arm your criminal gangs and terrorists to the teeth and cause a massive crime problem. Dont forget in order to make these laws effective you would have to turn your nation into a massive police surveillance state to make it work. I’m sure that’s something that most Americans like yourself would oppose.


        • Spot on. The other point that I will add to John’s words is that New Zealand suffered the same problem at the same time and have solved it without draconian laws. NZ have had no mass shootings since the ’90′s and no thought control. Australia also has stop and search without reasonable cause and no free speech. As an Australian, I object to these elements of tyranny. Australia is NOT an example for the US to follow.



            Of course, New Zealand has less than 5 million people. The restrictions on military-style semi-auto weapons are what you would call “extreme”, and expensive to get a permit. We could try that, but I doubt that you’d like it.

      • Larry, let me provide you the data, we have had mass shootings since 1996 and to make it easy for you, let me give you a video of a subject matter expert with references. This guy is a bonafide expert in firearms, I can’t reveal his occupation for security reasons but he is a personal friend.

        Next thing is guns are not all banned, just heavily controlled and ridiculously so. Yes there are many hundreds of thousands of banned guns still out there, and the criminals have some of them. The rest are illegally owned by people who other than those laws, do not do criminal acts.

        So tell me how our laws worked so well, when, our gun death rate declined at the same rate 20 years prior to and 20 years after the 1996 NFA was introduced? Then explain to me how this same trend occurred in New Zealand and Canada over the same time period? Was it our NFA doing all that, in other countries and retrospectively? And when you are done explaining that to me, explain why the USA had the same trend over the same 40 year period. John Howards NFA laws really were awesome hey :-)

        Ohh….yeah, I am a little bit involved and do know what I am talking about. Just in case you are wondering.


    • Boy you missed the boat on this article


  27. How About We Ban Psych Meds for kids, 40 years ago we had less strict gun laws and no shootings, the difference is we weren’t pumping kids with meds for every lil ” growing pains ” or ” feelings hurt ” issue they have !!! … we could order a rifle from Sears Catalog with No ID 40 years ago, we bought rifles to school and Boys Club shooting ranges walking or taking a bus there…. Stop giving your kids a pill for every lil insecurity they have, be a freaking parent, teach them yourself, teach them to respect life, authority, guns, themselves !!! .. He was 19 yrs old, he wasn’t a child, besides, i got my 1st. shotgun at 12 yrs old, i haven’t shot anyone, my grandaughter just got her 1 st rifle at 13 yrs old and her small game license. teach your kids and raise them instead of handing them pills and expecting the schools, television and internet to teach them and raise them. Parenting is a job, not a popularity contest !!!


    • William M Collins

      In their zeal to find any excuse to disarm law abiding citizens the Democratic Party and the mainstream press ignore the role of our failed mental health system that relies too much on chemical “confinement” rather than physical incarceration. Starting in the 60′s the rise in mass shootings was preceded by the change from institutionalizing people deemed a threat to public safety to over reliance on drugs. Psychiatrists are doping people who are free to be among us and we’re paying the price in lives lost.
      October 30, 1984, New York Times: “The policy that led to the release of most of the nation’s mentally ill patients from the hospital to the community is now widely regarded as a major failure.” This policy also meant people who should have been institutionalized were left to dwell free within our communities.
      “Many of the psychiatrists involved as practitioners and policy makers in the 1950′s and 1960′s said in…interviews that heavy responsibility lay on a sometimes neglected aspect of the problem: THE OVER RELIANCE ON DRUGS to do the work of society.”
      “Dr. John A. Talbott, president of the American Psychiatric Association, said, ‘The psychiatrists involved in the policy making at that time certainly oversold community treatment, and our credibility today is probably damaged because of it.’”
      “One of the most influential groups in bringing about the new national policy was the Joint Commission on Mental Illness and Health, …set up by Congress in 1955. …Dr. M. Brewster Smith, a University of California psychologist who served as vice president, said the commission took the direction it did because of ‘the sort of overselling that happens in almost every interchange between science and government.’”
      ‘”Extravagant claims were made for the benefits of shifting from state hospitals to community clinics,’ Dr. Smith said. ‘The professional community made mistakes and was overly optimistic, but the political community wanted to save money.’” How many lives and how much money are we losing now!?
      “Charles Schlaifer, …who served as secretary-treasurer of the group, said he was now disgusted with the advice presented by leading psychiatrists of that day. ‘Tranquilizers became the panacea for the mentally ill,’ he said. ‘The state programs were buying them by the carload, sending the drugged patients back to the community and the psychiatrists never tried to stop this. Local mental health centers were going to be the greatest thing going, but no one wanted to think it through.””
      Dr. Bertram S. Brown, “then an executive of the National Institute of Mental Health…, stated…: ‘…doctors were overpromising for the politicians. The doctors did not believe that community care would cure schizophrenia, and we did allow ourselves to be somewhat misrepresented.’”
      Most mass shootings have involved people who are part of this over reliance on drugs. Look at the effect these psychotic drugs have. Side effects of ritalin: nervousness, agitation, anxiety, sleep problems, headache, increased blood pressure, and psychosis. Here’s more: Thorazine – anxiety, sleep problems; Prolixin – unusual mental/mood changes (depression, worsening psychosis), confusion, unusual dreams; Haloperidol Decanoate – trouble sleeping, headache, anxiety, restlessness; Perphenazine – restlessness, jittery, or agitated, confusion, unusual thoughts or behavior, sleep problems, strange dreams; 2nd generation drug Aripiprazole – severe agitation, distress, or restless feeling, thoughts about suicide or hurting yourself, headache, anxiety, feeling restless, sleep problems.
      In summation these psychotic drugs cause emotional effects, suicidal feelings and behaviour, and possible new symptoms just from taking the drugs. Generally these drugs have side effects that affect the mood of a person who does or may have a condition with the following symptoms:
      *Behavioral: social isolation, disorganized behavior, aggression, agitation, compulsiveness, excitability, hostility, self-harm, lack of restraint
      **Cognitive: thought disorder, delusion, belief that an ordinary event has special and personal meaning, belief that thoughts aren’t one’s own, disorientation, memory loss, mental confusion, false belief of superiority
      *Mood: anger, anxiety, apathy, feeling detached from self, general discontent, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, elevated mood, or inappropriate emotional response
      *Psychological: hallucination, paranoia, hearing voices, depression, fear, persecutory delusion, or religious delusion.
      Finally, there are the effects of suddenly quit taking these psychotic drugs: anxiety, feeling withdrawn socially, headaches, mood disturbances, restlessness, agitation and irritability, inability to sleep, and Tardive psychosis, a medical term that describes new psychotic symptoms which arise after you have been taking antipsychotics for a while.


      • No, it’s both. And fixing the gun problem is fairly easy to do compared to fixing all mental health problems. So, like Australia did so swiftly and effectively…let’s get started!!!


      • This scapegoating, irrational argument is without any factual evidence. It is the old blame game for complex problems. Complex problems have multiple root causes. Mental illness is only one part of this complex problem. Blaming the mental health system for gun violence is crazy. The logical extension of this argument is to ban psychotropic drugs. Our mental health system is not the savior for a violent culture. Mental health services can only treat the symptoms, and not the deep root causes. US homicide rates were 7.0 times higher than in other high-income countries, driven by a gun homicide rate that was 25.2 times higher. “America First.”


  28. How About We Ban Psych Meds for kids, 40 years ago we had less strict gun laws and no shootings, the difference is we weren’t pumping kids with meds for every lil ” growing pains ” or ” feelings hurt ” issue they have !!! … we could order a rifle from Sears Catalog with No ID 40 years ago, we bought rifles to school and Boys Club shooting ranges walking or taking a bus there…. Stop giving your kids a pill for every lil insecurity they have, be a freaking parent, teach them yourself, teach them to respect life, authority, guns, themselves !!! .. He was 19 yrs old, he wasn’t a child, besides, i got my 1st. shotgun at 12 yrs old, i haven’t shot anyone, my grandaughter just got her 1 st rifle at 13 yrs old and her small game license. teach your kids and raise them instead of handing them pills and expecting the schools, television and internet to teach them and raise them. Parenting is a job, not a popularity contest !!!


    • It is so refreshing to read something that makes sense. Thank you James you’ve given me hope for humanity just now.

      You may have the answer. The trend Having the TV parent children along with all the medication we strated giving them started a few years before Columbine happened.

      You may be on to something.


  29. Look at all of the Jewish organizations on that list. How can you be anti-gun when you support Isreal. I have nothing against Jewish people but, how can you want to regulate my second ammendment right here when their country will never disarm. That’s hippocrittical.


  30. No rebuttal from, Morris, Phil, Quackenbush(LMFAO), even Larry. You anti-gun people have no complete facts to debate with.

    Just partial facts that support your rhetoric. When it comes to logic you have no come back besides insults. Resorting to verbal violence because you have no point to stand on is the 1st indication that you’ve lost a debate.

    You all basically want to put all the house cats to sleep because there might be a tiger on the loose. Libtards are way to scared to hunt the tiger. You want the government to handle that.

    They did such a great job with Nicolas Cruz. How many warnings to how many agencies?

    Keep waiting libtards, the police will show up eventually, and draw a chalk line around you


    • Shandu, you defeat yourself in this post. You claim that name-calling and verbal violence is an indication that you have lost the debate. Yet, in the next three sentences you use insults twice and threaten death. You speak a great deal about hypocrisy but allow yourself a double standard. A note on the Jewish organizations. Jews who are residents of the United States are predominantly citizens of the US. Therefore, their country is the US. Have you given any thought to why they don’t live in Israel. Have you ever talked to an Israeli Jew and asked them why they, or their parents more likely, moved here? You may find that they do not wish to live in a country where every person serves in the military, there is constant unrest between people groups, and guns are a way of life. You may find that they were seeking more freedoms and, like yourself, wanted a government that would not squelch those freedoms. The most important point I want you take from this is that US Jews are US citizens. They pay no taxes, do not vote, and ofer little more than verbal support to Israel.


      • Whoa! I have never physically threatened anyone here or ever. My chalk line reference was related to waiting 20min for police to arrive when criminals are at your door or already in the house.

        On the insult side was it the use of libtards? Can’t apologize for the Quackenbush one. It wasn’t an insult that’s just a funny screen name.


        • Don’t worry Shandu, you are not arguing with a person but a provocateur. The deliberate assumption that your reference to a chalk line was a threat is typical of them. Teenage thought process is exposed. Hopefully the brain will mature.


      • I’m going to begrudgingly digress on the American Israel debate. It’s been waged for decades by much smarter people than myself and most of us here.


  31. Spoons made me fat……..
    Think about it…


    • Yes! And California does. McDonald’s has to have caloric counts on the menu here. If you go to McDonald’s thinking it’s health food then, you need WAY more help than a calorie count can give.

      The lintards love blaming everything and everyone but the person or people responsible.


  32. I haven’t read all of the comments but does anyone remember Australia 1999??? The had a mass shooting and then they banned semi-automatic/automatic long guns and also had a buyback program, very successful, that has resulted in ZERO mass shootings since then!!!!!!!!! What the F##k are we arguing about??? Get rid of all the AR and all similar weapons of war!!!!!!


    • You’re omitting important facts. Like the fact that Australian gun related homicides have increased. Aboriginal gangs have access to Black Market guns. The Australian Libtarded don’t publish these facts mainstream. If you think it’s sooo much safer now in Australia travel there go to Northern Sydney and do your libtard safety dance around any group of aborigines hanging in front of a liquor store.

      Then send me pictures of your face.


    • Where’s the rest of the facts Phil? Oh I get it you read that 1 piece of info and entered this debate like you actually know something. I’m looking forward to your rebuttal. I’ll bet you have no other info in that thick head.


    • Chuck Norris is a legal assault weapon as well as a whole lot of other people ! You can kill a person with a ROCK and get charged assault with a deadly weapon ! Morons who don’t like American and the Constitution & Bill of rights can move to CANADA OR AUSTRALIA OR ENGLAND and BOW to the fxcking QUEEN ! & absolutely No offense to Mr Norris !


  33. I must have a sixth sense! I am a loyal NRA member and have never done business with any of these companies or corporations, and obviously never will.


    • Never taking your child to a pediatrician and never seeing a doctor may not be the wisest decisions. Also, you may have no choice whether or not to be operated on by a trauma surgeon. Just remember that “Never” is a long time. You may need the services of members of the above organizations.


    • So many of you see something terrible happen and think you need to call to action. Think you need to make changes that are going to fix everything. You hate the NRA because they aren’t letting you make changes.

      Let me spell it out to you like this. Your light bulb burned out in your kitchen. You are trying to rip the wall apart to rewire the electricity in order to find a way to keep light bulbs from ever burning out again. The NRA changes the light bulb and takes the sledge hammer out of your hands. But somehow they are the bad guy.

      Light bulbs unfortunately burn out. Need proof? Grab a history book. Not even 200 years ago we were killing each other in the streets and cheering at executions. Less than 80 years ago local police officers were involved in hate crimes against African American families. Thinking guns don’t have an honest purpose is a delusion.


  34. There is no logic in arguining with the uneducated. Anti gun owners will never understand the importance of responsible gun ownership to include the AR. They would however once it was taken away as many have in the past. Giving anti gunners an inch they will take a mile. There are already limitations in place. We have restrictions but unfortunately some slip through the cracks. FIGHT TO KEEP OUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS!


    • Thank you Darren. They will only understand if they got their way and something happened simular to Venezuela. Where the government pulls back because of funding or because they have to handle other problems.

      What happens when the government that’s supposed to come to the rescue decidedly doesn’t. Even our rich government failed us with Nicolas Cruz. Sheriff’s and the FBI where warned that he could be a problem.

      Both agencies obviously had better things to do.

      Sane with the ex air force guy that shot up the Texas church. Airforce failed to report his criminal record which would have prevented legal firearm purchases.

      Do think the government is going to protect you with words on paper? Do you really think someone who holds a murderous grudge for over 2 years who get turned down for legal gun ownership is just going to throw up his hands and give up his destructive quest?

      I can’t even remember who I was mad at 2 years ago.


    • We’ve reached a paradox here. People are flinging insults instead of actually debating the actual subject at hand.

      I apologize for dropping down to that level but, I don’t apologize for defending my character and intelligence.

      Now how about we fallow the gun banning path to the end. You’ll have to excuse my 3rd grad logic here Larry.


  35. I haven’t heard 1 of you anti-gun people even mention Nicolas Cruz. You all say the NRA supports the mass shooter, but its like you all don’t blame him for the heinous act that he planned and carried out.

    By putting the blame squarely on guns and gun owners you have defacto absolved him of blame. Why? NRA, the Republican party, gun owners all don’t want mass shootings to happen but this is what it’s come to.

    You feed the mass shooter by removing blame and responsibility yet they still get their fantasy of going from being nobody to infamous celebrity in 1 day. I think that’s encouraged more mass shootings than any NRA action. No 1 in the NRA has said “good job man” to abut any criminal or mass shooter.

    You anti-gun people are pretty much saying it’s not the mass shooter that’s crazy.


    • Besides sounding illiterate, you also sound like the typical NRA puppet. What anti-gun activists are saying is that if guns weren’t so accessible to the insane (including Cruz), we wouldn’t have these shootings every month. Also, you “gun people” are so obsessed with your penis extensions that you don’t see clearly to facts like: NO ONE NEEDS AN ASSAULT RIFLE except for the military. The NRA and Trump are relics from the past, and as with most relics, they will soon find themselves no longer wanted or tolerated.


      • You are so full of shit Joe it stinks to high heaven. How do you intend to separate crazy people from sane ones? Crazy people usually don’t think they are crazy first off most think everyone else is and they are out to get them.

        Second don’t tell me what I need or don’t need I’m a grown adult and I’ll decide that for myself thank you.

        Third you want to have the government take away people’s property and hobbies who have not committed a crime.

        Forth. I use my gun and my pens for unrelated activities. I don’t know what kind of shit you’re into Joe.

        Fifth who the fuck are you calling illiterate? Mr. I don’t make paragraphs. Mr. I refer to my opinion as facts.

        I moved out of my parents house 27 years ago Joe. I don’t need a new dad and if I did I shore as fuck wouldn’t pick a chicken shit coward like you!


      • At least we have penises! Wink wink nod nod!


      • Number 1: the ar-15 is not an assualt rifle. It is a sport rifle. 2. The AR-15 designation is copyright by Colt. No other manufacturer can use it. 3. The semi-automatic sport rifle (ar-15 for those lacking brain cells) has been around for civilian use for over 50 years. As to the military use only reasoning, the 2nd Amendment was put in place to help prevent a totalitarian government from stripping citizens of their rights. If an unlawful government starts to send military soldiers after me for being a free citizen, I will be very happy having as many semi-automatic sports rifles as I can stack. (and no, I do not believe this will happen in my lifetime, but with the left loonies increasing in numbers, anything can happen).


      • i’m waiting for anti gunners to be such a good example that i’m convinced to follow there lead but a-lass , no go yet.


        • Wow. Joe was right about illiteracy. Just read that. There does appear to be a strong correlation between illiteracy and the NRA. This could help explain why NRA members blindly follow the instructions of the leaders of the NRA…people who are wined and dined by gun manufacturers. Sadly, many NRA members are unknowing puppets of gun money and are simply not be educated enough to research the issues, evaluate the facts and reach sensible conclusions on their own.


          • theres a connection between illiteracy and being anti-gun… considering most just accept spoon fed answers.

          • it does not take the NRA to tell the masses if your unarmed your screwed when crime strickes you.
            see now thats common sence..
            even alarms may not stop the event happening .
            criminals are not worrying of alarms catching then on the spot.
            i’d say they ARE worried being stopped by guns in the hands of good people.

    • Don’t forget about the fbi who KNEW about Cruz and the dire threat he posed- and did nothing. Think they share any blame?


      • Glad to hear you acknowledge that then NRA shares the blame with the shooter and failed law enforcement…as it should.


        • That’s Larry logic right there. Commenting on the FBI’s failures is not saying anything about the NRA. We also need to acknowledge the fact that a good guy with a gun is not enough. He needs to have a bit if guts as well. Time to sack a certain mealy mouthed sheriff.


          • Sacking the NRA’s deadly gun positions will have a much more lasting effect.

          • “Sacking positions”. Is that a known language? The NRA and its membership will not surrender their rights to the powerful, you semi-literate are not a threat.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            remember Larry lacks a brain, so any thing that requires thinking is beyond his abilities.
            He just takes his answers right off his favorite people, no original thoughts, no common sense, and zero investigative ability.
            We must talk to him like he’s a mentally challenged kindergartner, wait thats not giving the kindergartner enough credit.

  36. i am a gun owner i always have been for 70 years but now i am ashamed of my guns and the nra and all the propgander they put out ,,lies lies just like adolf hitler no dam better, i am ashamed that my service so long ago and these fool with there assault weapons that are made for killing children and anyone with high capicity magazines. j own several which i never have any use for, these weapons are dangerous i have seen first hand what they can do kill humans, every person who belongs to this horrible gun makers backers nra they should have these murdered children names tatooed on there foreheads.


    • Then you’re falling for the anti-gun propaganda.
      You know the AR isn’t an assault weapon and never was, its a semi-automatic rifle that was designed exclusively for the civilian market first, then they wanted an automatic for the military and reworked it to be automatic.
      Funny how its the most popular rifle in the US for over 50 years and is just recently becoming a problem, now isn’t it.


    • I have a really hard time believing you Morris. You are the first ex servicemen/gun owner I’ve ever herd that had an opinion like that. Most that I know have had to use their service weapons to protect innocent people and understand the lengths that evil people will go to do harm IEDs and VIEDs those weapons kill indiscriminately anyone who’s in the area for example.

      On top of that your history is wrong. Hitler imposed gun control on the Jewish people who obeyed the law and complied. Then Natzi’s with guns came and took them to slaughter.

      Get your facts right if you want to debate like a logical human being.

      Did you take on another ID Larry?


    • Should you and all CEO of car manufacturers have thever names of all the children killed by drunk drivers or while drunk driving tattooed on their heads as well? That’s how it would be using your logic.


      • Sensimilla, Lady Quackenbush

        Cars aren’t manufactured with the intent to kill; guns are you stupid fuck.


        • Guns are manufactured with the intent to be reliable you foolish soul.
          Except smart guns, theyre manufactured to fail.


        • Wow! You sound professional. Yes guns can kill so can cars. No 1 sells anyone a gun and says go out and make sure you get a high kill count. 90 of guns in this country have only shot paper.

          Like any other tool. Chainsaws weren’t manufactured to dismember people. But hand 1 to a Mexican drug cartel member and watch what a job it will do.

          As a matter of fact the only people that hand out guns directly for the purpose of killing people are 3rd world War lords or criminal organizations. Guess they get the real military grade assault rifles that you all are so afraid of.

          The reason I use cars as an example is because, you all want to disarm 300,000 responsible gun owners for the actions of around 30 people with guns.

          That’s the same as me taking away a thousand driver’s licenses in the general area for one drunk driving fatality that happened.

          Who’s the dumb fuck now? You stupid illogical Libtarded uninformed bitch.


        • The second amendment was established so citizens could defend themselves against a tyrannical government, which is quickly approaching. We can defend ourselves with sticks when the government has a mass arsenal. So Lady Quakenbush, who’s the stupid fuck? Snowflake!


    • I have to also ask you Morris, why are you ashamed of your guns? Did they disobey your wishes and sneak out of the house, killed some people then snuck back into their cases acting like it never happened?

      The only thing to be ashamed of is your personal intent. Do you fantasize about killing kids or taking people’s liberty away using your guns for intimidation? Where’s the shame Morris?


    • Hey Morris, I would happily take those guns for you. I can guarantee that none of them will ever be fired at a human, only wild game will need to fear them. I’m a Marine veteran who’s very familiar with safety regarding firearms and would find a hunting trip for all-natural, grass-fed, organic game and some game birds as well, very therapeutic. And thanks ahead of time, Mr Morris.


      • I feel the same way Ringo, I have a feeling you’ll get nowhere with this. I think Morris is lying to us. I’ve never hears that opinion from an ex service member. And to those that call the NRA a terrorist organization; yout have no clue what your talking about.

        I’ve been face to face with people that will televise your beheading for the entertainment of their friends just because you’re from the US or UK.

        Don’t talk to me about terrorist until you’ve left the comfort of your living room couch to fight them.


  37. We should focus on the psychology of the mass shooter and figure out how to defuse it. There’s a difference between them and your basic gun wielding criminal or murder.

    First off they always pick soft targets never police stations or Army bases or even a neighborhood for fear someone will respond in kind.

    So basically they are cowards with something to prove. What that is I haven’t figured out yet.

    What I do know when it comes to sheep and I mean no insult to our children but, we sensible people are like shepherds and most would look out for any child in danger or distress.

    Nothing messes up a coyotes day worst than finding out some of those delicious sheep sudden have fangs just like his.


  38. It was an AR15 legal age for a rifle in most states is 18. Regardless he held a serious grudge against the school for expelling him 2 years ago. He held onto a murderous grudge for 2 years. Do you think if he couldn’t get a gun traditionally he wouldn’t go to the black market or figure out some other way to do harm?

    I can’t even recall who I may have been mad at 2 years ago. This psycho let that incident consume his life for 2 years and then tried to sneak out as a victim when the reality didn’t live up to his fantasy.

    Now what your saying Larry is we all should be judged and regulated as if we all share his decrepit mental state.

    That’s like me saying your driving privilege is dependent upon how many drunk and wreckless drivers have been observed in your area.


    • I’m saying there is no reason to have that kind of gun in our society. You don’t go duck hunting with and AR15. So there is no downside to eliminating them and others like them.


      • Yes Larry, we know you are wrong. 2A is not about hunting. It is about a militia. An AR15 is a beaut weapon for a militia. There are obviously better but they are all that the law allows. Can you give Moe and Curly a turn for a while Larry. You are not our favourite Stooge.


      • Actually yes I could use an AR to hunt ducks or pheasants if I so chose (I’ve actually gone pheasant hunting with a pistol and done quite well)
        But thats not why the second amendment exists. Completely ignorant of why it was written arent you?


      • Ok You Eliminate The Civilian Sporting Rifle. Your criminals can get and import Assault rifles Larry and I’m talking the real thing with fully automatic selector switch. Now your mass shooter nut job can’t get his watered down civilian gun so, he starts combing the black market.

        We can only hope that the criminals see this guy as a dweeb, rob and kill him on site and not sell him some hand grenades to go with his assault rifle. Remember Larry thus kid held his grudge for 2 years. Eliminating sporting rifles would have just delayed him.


      • I use my AR15 for deer, coyote, ground hog, and bear hunting, as well as just enjoying shooting. You are either willfully ignorant of guns or are intentionally spreading false info. Which is it?


  39. Why is everyone blaming the guns for this Florida shooting? When the news talks about the murderer because that’s who we should be demonizing, he a troubled boy, he’s confused and feels remorse. Hers a question for the Libtarded.

    Who cares about how he feels or how hard his life is. How about we talk about these chicken shit mass shooters using these terms. Socially inept, cowardly act, introverted control freak, delusional egotist, no body, worthless, human scum.

    If we start using these terms maybe mass shooting won’t be so appealing to this socially inept freaks.

    No 1 has even said anything bad about Cruz just Trump, the NRA and guns. The retard wasn’t even an NRA member. Just a psycho kid that couldn’t find enough motivation and self esteem to find value in himself. So he had to become infamous by taking it out on everyone else.

    Fuck that kid Cruz and fuck how he feels. He should die by firing squad. Only using 22LR on a 50 yard range with him running loose so he can feel the fear he made everyone in that school fear.

    Go after the evil criminal not law abiding citizens. It’s that simple people. Ruin the fantasy of being great by being infamous. And mass shootings will stop.


    • The problem is this kid was able to just walk into a gun store and buy an AK-47. That’s just stupid.


    • And I foolishly thought victims in mass shootings were killed by bullets


      • Yes bullets, they just jump out of the box and start killing people like a swarm of angry bee’s. Those kids in Florida shouldn’t have kicked over that box of bullets and made them angry.

        That’s similar to the Boston Marathon, those runners and observers there shouldn’t have made pressure cookers angry. Those hot headed pressure cookers have bad attitudes.

        In London they talked to much crap about moving trucks and look what happened the bad cargo trucks got revenge.

        No people are to blame just the objects.

        So Lou what’s it like living in a Bugs bunny cartoon world?


      • Like every other inanimate object, they do not kill except by the actions of a human being. How low info can you go?


    • Please… when you use inflammatory language as you just did, you’ve sunk to their level and have defeated yourself. William F. Buckley Jr. once said that “vulgarity is the last refuge of the ignorant.” It makes the opposition look superior when you call names. You,don’t need to do that, to tell us how impassioned you are. It’s better to present actual statistical facts, to oppose the NRA, which cannot be refuted by opponents. Stay calm, use courtesy, use actual facts. Let them do the name-calling and screaming.


  40. This is really helpful, thank you! I know exactly where to donate and spend my money now thanks to this list. I knew Ben & Jerry’s was a great company for reasons other than their delightful fudge core pints.


    • They’ll need your donation when people start unplugging their freezers. Keep eating their crap as a heart attack will take your mind off your plan to interfere with other peoples’ recreation.


      • I find your response comical Mark. It seems that all the organizations of physician groups who save the lives of heart attack patients, or gun shot wound patients, are included in this anti-nra list. In fact, most of the enemies of the NRA are educated, like doctors, nurses, lawyers, business CEO’s, OR they are clergy members, or Jewish, or black, or even Latino. We also cannot forget the women.

        In fact it appears that the only people who are not opposed to the actions of the NRA are uneducated Caucasian people and mostly the men at that. Come to think of it, those are the same demographics who elected Trump into office. Zelda simply offers to support those businesses who agree with her ideals. She should not be berated for that. I imagine you support businesses that you find agree with your own ideals and nobody is making light of your very life because of it.


        • I find your response supercilious and prissy. Consumer boycotts and sabotage are not the sole province of the left. You lefties refuse to recognise anyone’s rules but want to play devonshire tea party when others use your methods. I think those days are ending.


          • Admittedly, the metaphor choice of your post confuses me. How is it that you doubt a person recognizes rules but is striving to impose rules on you. Certainly if a person were anarchic in their own mind they would care little about creating rules for others.

          • Not surprised by your confusion on this as I am sure much else. There is nothing that upsets a burglar as much as having his home robbed. You do not own the rules. The left have ignored them for years and screamed foul when others break them. VC OK, US No. 10. Give it up. You tactics are well known.


          I find your response Hilarious JLeas because its the exact opposite of that, many doctors groups, lawyers, engineers, judges, and university professors and even the clergy of all races and sexes (theres even a LGBT+ group that the NRA endorses and they endorse the NRA) back the NRA
          Its poorly educated inner city folk with liberal arts degrees who fight the NRA


          • The list above begs to differ Matthew.

            Ambulatory Pediatric Association
            American Academy of Pediatrics
            American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing
            American Medical Student Association
            American Medical Association
            American Association for the Surgery of Trauma
            American Trauma Society
            American Medical Association
            American Bar Association
            American Association for World Health
            American Nurses Association
            American Association of Neurological Surgeons
            (all taken directly from the list above)

            These groups are made up of Doctors and lawyers, and nurses who then make the decisions of the organizations.

    • Donate all your money. Every last penny until you’re homeless. Then just come to California. We take care of the worthless, and the lazy, just not the crazy, we let them roam around. We even take care of people with no citizenship who have no right to share the benefits. But if you work and are responsible, better learn to fend for yourself.


    • yeah, they have had this list for a long time, don’t see any of those companies hurting for business, but their pro nra companies are starting to abandon them this time. a generation of kids that have had shooter drills at school, and seen their friends die, are now becoming voting adults and consumers. these times they are a changing.


    • and i notice all the religious organizations on the list, but the baptist are missing. what gun would Jesus shoot someone with? the link between guns and evangelical ‘christians’ disturbs me greatly.



        remind me which companies tthat are pro gun are hurting?
        Its usually the companies who say ‘no guns’ that feel their wallet slim down.
        also ‘if you have a cloak, but no sword, sell the cloak and buy a sword’
        Even jesus and god knew self defense was a right.


  41. When there is a car accident people blame the driver. When there is a bombing people blame the terrorist. When there is a stabbing people blame the stabber. But, when there is a shooting libtards blame the gun. Millions of Americans own guns, IT IS OUR RIGHT! Just because one mentally ill person decides to use the gun to kill people, it doesn’t mean that our Second Amendment right should be taken away. Only those like Larry who are mentally ill should not have guns.


    • The original constitutional right to bear arms was about being able to defend citizens with a militia against the British. The expansion we now see has nothing to do with that, and more to do with being in an era where personal rights supersede community welfare. I wish all of you would stop using the word “libtard.” I’d never even seen that word until I got to this website. It’s hurtful. Using the word “retarded” as an insult is inappropriate. Being angry doesn’t give you the right to insult the disabled.


    • And when people send death threats to families who go public asking for gun control, they use terrorist tactics. A terrorist is a person who uses fear as the weapon to move forward their own agenda. Given the NRA’s militant opposition to families and children who just witnessed mass shootings, it seems likely that it was a supporter of the NRA who would have issued such death threats. Therefore, it can be deduced that there are terrorists among the NRA supporters.


      • Supporter of lawless ANTIFA scum cries foul when others do not follow the rules. The 60′s are over buster.



        what about the anti-gun folks who threaten gun owners?
        I’ve gotten 12 death threats, today, just today, from anti-gun groups and people because I spoke at a pro-civil rights rally and made pro gun comments in a discussion.
        Including a threat to shoot all of my family.


        • I agree with you on this Matthew. It is equally villainous to use death threats against someone for supporting gun ownership. You should not have to suffer this disrespect. A discussion at a civil rights rally should strive to educate and point out the inequality between oppressed groups and the unoppressed. They should not attempt to oppress another person.


          • I agree that the death threats are childish and inappropriate. But take note of why they feel so hostile towards you. If you say and do things so offensive to others to cause this reaction then you might want to think twice about your positions.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Or I could double down on my position because I deal in facts, not fantasy Larry.
            If facts are offensive, its not my fault.

  42. What kind of name is “Larry”? Who names their kid something that sounds like gargling mouthwash?


    • Gun Control is nonsense!

      The 1996-97 National Firearms Agreement (NFA) in Australia introduced strict gun laws, primarily as a reaction to the mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania in 1996,where 35 people were killed. Despite the fact that several researchers using the same data have examined the impact of the NFA on firearm deaths, a consensus does not appear to have been reached. In this paper, we re-analyze the same data on firearm deaths used in previous research, using tests for unknown structural breaks as a means to identifying impacts of the NFA. The results of these tests suggest that the NFA did not have any large effects on reducing firearm homicide or suicide rates.”


      • I live in Spain. Bad guys/girls here have knifes and sticks because they cannot get a gun so easily. The result is they can cause less harm. Last year, for example, a kid stabbed his teacher in a school in Barcelona: 1 death. Another example. There was a fight in a discotheque last summer. A group of angry Russian guys kicked an Italian man until he died: 1 death. Its clear. Forget about research.


        • Interesting, mass stabbings are common and are often just as deadly.
          Sides, easier to survive being shot than stabbed, less to patch up with a bullet wound, less chance of infection.
          Take it from one whos been both shot and stabbed.


          • one of the good guys

            but you can’t get stabbed from a long distance either. Your point is invalid.

          • Forget knives. Anyone listening in High School Chemistry could do better than a knife. Let’s just ban murder and be done with it? Let’s enforce the laws we have and hire lawmen who will do their job, not run our lives for us!

    • And that is a perfect example of a “non sequitur.” A comment entirely unrelated to the issue at-hand. If name-calling made you feel better, great… but it won’t influence people’s opinions. It’s just an emotional outburst.


  43. Problem I see is if the guns are taken away the black market will get rich.The bad guys will have them and the good people will not.Taking our guns will not stop the shootings.If the bad people want guns they will get them anyway they can.the only I see that slowed them down is that we (the good guys) also have them I am all far getting the guns away from the people that use or will use them in a bad way.when someone comes up with the answer I will keep my guns.


    • Exactly what’s happening in Venezuela now. The people trusted the government and gave up their guns. The government tan low on money and pulled back to protect the cities. Criminals are in touch with the black market from Columbia.

      Now the government has guns and the criminals have guns. The citizens who gave up their gun rights are now getting a daily serving of robbery, rape, and murder.

      I was reading an article with a interview with a Venezuelan farmer. He said the criminals are so bold they will butcher your live stock right on your land.


  44. Larry ” There is no great public movement to limit cars”. Times change fast don’t they buddy.


  45. I am an active NRA member and will always be !!! Guns don’t kill people , PEOPLE DO!!!!!!! . I will give my gun when they pry my cold dead fingers off of IT.


    • …and that may well be how you die…or you son or daughter or wife dies…with you hand wrapped around your gun.


      • Wouldn’t have it any other way my family would gladly die standing up for the 2nd Amendment


        • uh huh…I’m sure that’s what you wife would say standing over you dead son with you standing by repeating “I swear it wasn’t loaded”


          • My family and I are smarter then that

          • Sigh, larry you’re hopeless, let it go.

          • Great day for that comment…17 more dead at the hands of the NRA. NRA…stop standing in the way of progress to outlaw semi-automatic guns.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Funny Larry, corpses aren’t even cold yet, and you blame the NRA instead of the Antifa clown who pulled the trigger, or the FBI for not investigating him.
            Go stick a live salmon up your hole, you disrespectful lil twat, learn to show some respect.

          • Well said! He is an idiot.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Thank you, and yes he is.

          • Larry writes a lot of nonsense. I am surprised Moe and Curly are letting him write this nonsense!

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            I think they disowned his useless ass.

          • I blame only those who actively participated or supported the attack…the shooter and the NRA. The FBI is at least trying to prevent this unlike the NRA which spends millions making sure shooters like this have unabated access to guns that are useful only for mass killings of people.

          • Larry, how much glue have you sniffed to suggest that the NRA support the attack or the attacker in any way? Let Moe and Curly talk. THhe things you say, you should be Harpo Marx.

          • If you don’t understand how the NRA spends its money you are clearly lost in denial. The NRA is probably the only organization/agency that can put an end to these mass shootings. Yet they do the opposite. The blood of these children is on the hands of every NRA member.

          • Your remarks show just how stupid and prejudiced you are. The NRA spends its money on a wide range of ways, one of which is making sure that people who have committed no crime are not punished for the actions of people who have committed crimes. All you are doing is engaging in childish identity politics. You have an idea (which is neither intelligent nor effective) and when people reject it (without noticing you), you scream your hate around the thumb planted firmly in your five year old mouth. The members of the NRA are pro-freedom, not crime. Stop libelling people.

          • Incorrect. The NRA provides massive funding via lobbyists to thwart efforts to keep weapons out of the hands of these killers and anyone else who wants them regardless of what they intend to do with them. Every single NRA member is an active accomplice to these horrific rimes.

          • Nothing will keep weapons out of the hands of criminals. The NRA would love to see weapons out of the hands of criminals. It would quiet down dills like you. The fact is you confuse the NRA’s objectives with your own prejudices.

          • Wow. You really drank the NRA Kool-Aid. I hope you wake up from your zombie sleep someday.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Larry, pro gun groups spend pennies compared to citizen control groups. Bloomberg by himself, out spent all progun groups about 7:1.
            Really loving that Kool aid I see, it’s laced with BS and empty calories, I’d find something a bit more honest to drink down.

          • Oh Matt. Don’t embarrass yourself. In 2016 the NRA spent $54.3 million vs. $1.7M by all gun control groups combined. That’s 32 times more.


          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Funny, because he says openly he spends 50 million a year, plus matches every donation to his organizations, which is most gun control groups.
            While gun rights only spent 10 million and some change last year,and the year before.

          • Is this what you hear on the playground? I noticed you referenced no sources.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Feel free to look, I’m at the range enjoying the sound of freedom ringing steel plates. Open secrets and Bloomberg’s own words are freely available.

            Now, until you get shot, you don’t get a vote, or you can do what everyone suggests and get out.
            I have been, where I couldnt carry legally.

          • The crony capitalists who fund gun control have much more money than the NRA!

          • Not much of a response Larry.

          • What’s in the NRA Kool aid Larry? Come to think of it what’s in your Kool aid? It sounds to me that because you don’t like a certain activity, then no 1 should be allowed to do that activity .
            You cool aid smells like Hitler fascist Kool-Aid.

            Or if someone miss uses a tool then no 1 should be allowed to use that tool. At this point I don’t even think you care about gun rights or gun violence. I just think you like being the loudest person in the room. Much like Hitler.

          • With enough Larrys this country is lost! I bet he is pro abortion too.

          • MATTHEW R MUNSON

            Larry the FBI, the local PD, and his shrink all fucked up and blew off the laws, they didn’t try to do anything, they ignored his situation, even when he called the police on himself.


        That’d only make you too happy Larry, except nearly every crime committed or homicide with a firearm was done by those who were already barred legal ownership. People like you.


  46. Oh I forgot to mention I’m from California and I’m going to fight for my 2nd ammendment right and we need to all come together and win this battle of anti gun lobbyists.


  47. To all the anti gun people out there I’m a lifetime NRA member and I’ve been around guns my whole life. I got my hunting license at 10 years old and I hate punk ass people that don’t know or have a clue what the hell their talking about leave are guns alone we are not the ones killing people so that being said kiss my ass we will win this battle.


    • Thanks for confirming that NRA members are precisely the people who should not be allowed to own guns.


      • Larry, you’ve done nothing but prove you have no credentials when it comes to guns or public policy.
        Exactly the type of person even a potato should disregard


  48. On top of that if you’re going to say screw the NRA then list your reasons. I believe in background checks I’m even starting to concede on CA ammo background check. The bump stock debate is a circle jerk. The only thing bump stocks do is relieve finger cramps if you happen to have that problem.


  49. Ok so you don’t like the NRA. Do you like the constitution or the founding principles that America was built on? True this country isn’t perfect, it’s history isn’t perfect, but, taking away people’s rights and property on the basis that if they happen to be or become phsyco they’re more dangerous is wrong.

    The innocent shall not be punished for the crimes of the guilty.

    People don’t even loose their driver’s license forever after killing someone drunk or wreckless driving.

    Driving is a privilege not a right.


    • Umm, yes, they do lose their licenses after a vehicular manslaughter conviction. At least here in the People’s Republic of California they do.


      • I know they loose they’re license. My point was it’s not forever. I live in California. If you pick up even a minor Felony (even no violent), some misdemeanors, you loose your 2nd ammendment rights forever.

        If you get a restraining order you loose your rights for the life of the restraining order maybe forever.

        If you drive drunk and hurt or kill someone. You may get your license to drive back in 4 years. Sooner if it includes a restriction.

        Have I made my point clearer now?

        Gun owners are being discriminated against. Just like racism. Difference is we are not of 1 race, religion, or creed.


        • then why in hell do you live there. MOVE!


          • I was born here. I was taught gun safety and how to shoot at age 10. I’ve never even pointed a gun at anyone in all that time. Why wouldn’t I fight for the freedoms I use to have in the place of my birth?

            That being said. I have considered moving since the politics here seem to want to reshape life to resemble an episode of Barney the purple dinosaur or Dora the explorer.

        • It’s ‘lose’ not ‘loose’. ‘Loose’ is what your morals are.


          • Oh look at that I made a typo and Rita was good enough to find it and point it out. Thank you so much Rita.

            It’s kind of funny how the only 2 things you know about me is that I misspelled loose once and that I’m pro constitution. Yet this was enough information for you to make a judgment call on my morality.

            Well Rita that makes you either the greatest psychic ever or the biggest idiot ever.

            If I where to take a guess as to which 1, my money would be on column B.

            Anyone want to see what a total gun control socialist agenda ends up looking like, have a look at what’s happening in Venezuela right now.

      • To John Q

        How about you leave this forum and go find a safe place full of stuffed animals and a large supply of bubble wrap for you to protect yourself with.


    • Actually, read your Constitution. They mention “Travelling” on our roadways is actually a right. Driving a car is not. Therefore, freedom of movement, unemcumbered is a RIGHT>


  50. Thanks for this list, it makes it easy for me to support ant-NRA organizations. Screw the NRA, and all that support it.


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