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1995 video of Barack Obama discussing his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, as well as his views on race. Where was this video during his campaigns???


The Truth About Gun Control by Chris Duane

Biased ABC hit job on concealed carry

Robber with a BB gun gets a surprise

Black Panther veteran condemns Obama and the globalist parasites

The New World Order Is HERE, In America, Right NOW

Ted Nugent on the Trayvon Martin attack on George Zimmerman

Dashcam proof that cops are above the law

Actor Shia Labeouf talks about the US Government’s domestic spying

Watch candidate Obama debate President Obama on domestic spying

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lies to Congress about collecting data on Americans

Build your own AK from spare parts

Woman shoots at armed attackers attempting to enter her home while her husband was away

Great Wolf Lodge bans guns

Leaked government document describes interment camps for American citizens

Rand Paul explains how the government can use NDAA to imprison ordinary Americans

Obama wants to be a dictator

“Jesus never said to surrender your guns.” (Starts at the 11 minute mark)

NJ lawmakers overheard, “Confiscate! Confiscate! Confiscate!”

Man wrongfully arrested for lawful possession of a firearm – sues PD for $3.6M (dashboard camera)

Gun rights advocate in NJ removed from a public hearing by police for calmly speaking the truth

Bad guy opens fire on cops with an AR (graphic dashboard camera)

(Legal) Oil Filter Suppressor – Hickok45

Boston on lockdown, warrantless searches at gun point

Boston citizens terrorized – by warrantless police raids

Liberties lost in the last few decades

Department of Homeland Security training video (against patriots #1)

Department of Homeland Security training video (against patriots #2)

Dad legally open carries in his kid’s school to make a point

Charlotte, NC neighborhood patrolled by armed citizen with rifle

Survivor of communist revolution testifies about the value of gun rights for citizens

MSNBC host says your kids belong to the collective

Anti-gun Hollywood hypocrites tell you to “Demand a Plan” for gun control (original)

“Demand a Plan” parody video exposes Hollywood hypocrisy (graphic)

Obama’s experts recommend full gun registration

February 28, 2013 Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) meeting, guest speakers


Hickok45 demonstrates 8 non-Glocks for people who are not sure which handgun is right for them.

The 21 foot rule for close combat pistol defense

The science of the draw; reducing draw time while increasing accuracy

Techniques to control handgun recoil

AR-15 Trigger Job

Here’s how you deal with an ill-informed person who challenges your right to carry (audio)


Airsoft Toothbrush.

Dwight Schrute has an AD in “The Office.”

DEA agent shoots himself in the foot while giving a gun safety lecture

I Just Shot Myself!

Parody of “gun free zones”

Watch a top-notch FBI agent hop this fence

Conan O’Brien exposes media using the exact same talking points #1

Conan O’Brien exposes media using the exact same talking points #2

Conan O’Brien exposes media using the exact same talking points #3

George Carlin on the owners of America and the education system (very profane)

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